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My cleric half-elf dnd character, Roux Estaire.  ╰(・∇・╰)

Roux is a follower of the Church of Gallus, a religion that recognizes chickens as our rightful Gods and Masters. She’s a traveling acolyte on a pilgrimage to spread her faith.

  ‘ ‘ Imagine Echo threatening your life and Bellamy trying to save you. ‘ ‘ 

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It had been a matter of seconds. You felt Echo’s cold blade on your throat and her hands holding you roughly against her body. They wanted Polis, now that King Roan was injured and Commander Lexa was dead, Azgeda wanted to take the power. 

“ Bellamy! ” you screamed, and you saw Bellamy stepping ahead, screaming your name in response. He wasn’t angry, he was furious, and if it wasn’t for Kane, who was holding him back, he would have killed cold blooded Echo.

“ Let her go, Echo. Let her go! ” Bellamy was almost… desperate. He was always like that when it was about about you, he felt overprotective, he felt like he needed to protect you from this cruel world you landed on. 

“ Back off, Bellamy. ” there was a hint of a cruel smile on Echo’s lips. “ You don’t want me to kill her, don’t you? You should teach your girlfriend some respect. ”

“ You won’t rule Polis on your own. Polis should be leaded by the ambassadors until there is a new Commander. ” as you spoke, you felt Echo’s blade pressing further on your skin and her laugh rumble in your ear. All around you, you heard hums of consent. A woman with icy blue eyes stepped ahead, a stern look on her eyes.

“ She is right, let her go. Azgeda won’t rule Polis on it’s own. ” she said, and at this point you felt your throat free from the blade. In a second you were pushed away from Echo. Bellamy took you istantly in his strong arms, holding you against his chest. Just now you realised how your heart was beating rapidly and that you had held your breath. 

“ Are you okay? ” he asked you softly, his calloused fingers grazing on your face. Before you could say anything, you heard a metallic sound and a thump. You turned around and you saw the woman that defended you at the ground, her throat slitted. Bellamy’s arms held you closer, and you watched horrified Echo. Kane was trying to discuss with Echo but it was worthless.

In the name of King Roan and as rightful caretaker to the throne of the Commanders, Polis is now under Azgeda rule.

Your hand found Bellamy’s, and you squeezed it, arching your brows and trying to look brave as Echo placed her gaze on yours. 

“ No Skaikru leaves this city. And if you try to defy me again, you will be crashed. ”

For the nights of sleepless dreams,
I’ll be here as a pillow, as a blanket.
For the cuts of crimson wrists,
I’ll be here as a hug and warmth.
For the terrors in their eyes,
I’ll be here as a reminder to live.
For the smoke and steam,
I’ll be here as a heavenly trinket.
For the lips that didn’t kiss,
I’ll be here, you’re not only this month.
For the mornings of obvious lies,
I’ll be here, your truth I’ll give.
For the shallowness you’ve endured,
I’ll be here, a stranger with a cure.
For the poetry you can’t write,
I’ll be here and it’ll be alright.
—  To the razor blades,
don’t touch her wrists.

can you guys do something for me?

the Instagram account @/ has posted a really offensive and triggering photo where someone painted their arm to replicate the cover of carve the mark. the arm is painted all blue and theres slits on their inner arm/wrist painted gold. it undeniably is mimicking self harm. if you have instagram, can you please report this photo? its been up for 2 days, it still hasn’t been removed despite a bunch of people reporting it and asking the poster to take it down. this photo is really messing with a lot of people, me included, in dangerous ways. i just want it to be taken down. i keep going back to the account to check up on it and every time its still there. looking at it over and over again is not good for me but I’m compelled to do it anyway because i genuinely can’t believe this is being defended as “art” and people are throwing around the accusation that the people being triggered by it are “too sensitive”. 


allo it is i, your friendly neighborhood trashy fanfic writer. my favorite things are run in sentences and commas so if those ain’t ur jam  u shld prolly click away ANYWAYS this is me falling headfirst into the jimon hole and rewriting the evolution of their relationship through jace’s eyes. its not great but i really like it hope u do too.

Jace had officially had it with all of them.

4 months ago, he was just a regular Shadowhunter with a killjoy brother and annoying sister that really liked killing demons together. It was comfortable, accountable, dependable. Jace knew that every day, he’d wake up, he’d train with Alec, he’d make fun of whatever skintight leather outfit Izzy was wearing that day, they’d go out on a mission, come back, fall asleep, rise and repeat. The inanity of it all was starting to get a little monotonous, but a little Downworld revolt would’ve spiced it up just enough.

But of course, Clary fucking Fray had to come in and take his perfect little bubble and pop it as violently as she could.

Now the Circle is back in action, the Mortal Cup is lost but for real this time, Alec is dating a warlock, Izzy is acting really weird, and the whole Institute has basically gone to shit.

And don’t even get him started on the calamity that is Simon Lewis.

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Melanie Goes to Church

Melanie got up as her alarm went off for the third time that Sunday. She pulled the sheets over her head, trying to block out the sun and remember her dream. She was horny, and rightfully so after John, the music director at her church, had thoroughly fucked her in dream land. Her hands began to wander, feeling her skin and imagining his large hands grabbing her, caressing her. 

She had seduced him in her dream, her attractive body and desire forcing him to give in to his lust. It felt so wrong to her, but so right! She had developed a crush on him when she was just a teenager, his strong jaw, and dark hair making him incredibly attractive. Now she was 21, home from college, and he was just as sexy as she remembered. If anything, he looked even hotter, she thought, as her fingers reached her lips and clitoris. She gently rubbed herself, sliding a finger in and out of her tight hole, imaging his mouth on her, her legs wrapping around his head. “Oh John, yes!” She moaned quietly as she came, shoving three fingers inside of herself to reach her orgasm.

Melanie came downstairs after showering, and found her parents had already left for church. “I guess I’ll have to go to the last service,” she said to herself. She grabbed her keys and left, heading to a small cafe to grab breakfast before heading to church. After finishing a small plate of pancakes, she found herself in the church parking lot, which was unusually empty for a final service. Melanie went in, find a seat to the left, so she could get a better view of band. John’s son was one of the singer’s, and he was the sitting image if his dad, although a bit younger, and not as built. Yet. She cold feel naughty thighs rise the surface of her mind as church began, the band opening the sermon, her fantasies getting the better of her.

After the sermon was over, and she had sexually frustrated herself, the few prime that had shown up had left, and to her surprise, John came out alone to clean up.

“Hi, Mr. John!” She said, eager to have any conversation with him.

“Melanie! Good to see you. Are you back from school?” John asked as he started to rearrange the instruments.

“Yeah, I’m back for the summer.  I just finished my junior year,” Melanie replied, moving to help him.

“That’s great to hear.  You’ve certainly become a wonderful young woman.  Study hard and I am sure you’ll succeed at whatever you do.”  At that moment, they both reached for the one of the music stands, and his hand wrapped around hers.  “Oh, sorry.  Can you bring that over here?” he asked, quickly letting go to grab another one and walking to the storage room.  

The touch was electrifying to Melanie, his hands warmer than she imagined, and she felt his touch surge right to her groin, after fantasizing about him the whole sermon.  She picked up the stand and followed him.  “Do you still give lessons?”  she asked, beckoning to the piano that is stored in the back of the room.  

“No, not as much any more.  I haven’t played in a while, actually.”  

“Oh?  Why don’t you play something for me now?  No one is here.”  Melanie gave the best doe eyed look she could, hoping to spend as much time alone with him as possible.  This was the most she had spent with him in a while, and she was sure to make it last.  

“Sure, I could play a quick one,” John said as he placed the stand down, before pulling up a bench and lifting the lid to the keys.  He sat and started softly, a gentle, melodious tune that brought a peace to one’s mind.  She set her stand down and listened, before joining him on the bench.  Feeling empowered by him not scooting away, she lay her head on his shoulder.  John glanced at her, but seemed not to mind.  

He actually kept glancing at her, or more accurately, at her chest, down her shirt.  She had not intended to, but her shirt was loose, and gave him a wonderful view of her cleavage.  He could just barely see the tan lines of her bikini around her bra.  Melanie leaned closer, turning her head ever so slightly, and exhaled, gently blowing on his neck.  

John’s fingers stuttered with surprise, and the song ended abruptly.  Neither one of them moved.  

“Mr. John?  What’s wrong?,” she asked quietly, her breathe tickling his ears.  To her delight, she could see a bulge in his pants move as she did this, his erection visible now that he twitched.  

It was then that she decided to go for it.  “Oh, I’m sorry.  Did I cause that?” she followed up quietly, placing her hand on his thigh and slowly moving it up to his groin over his slacks.   

“M-m-Melanie, I…”  he began, but stopped as Melanie leaned over in front of him, looking him directly in the eyes.  

“It’s okay.  I want to help.  I want this.”  And she bent forward slightly and kissed him.  It was not a long kiss, or an erotic one.  Just a simple kiss to express her feelings.

John, stunned, was struggling inside.  “Melanie, you can’t, I mean, we can’t do this.  You’re young enough to be my daughter.  I have a wife.  We shouldn’t… this place…”  his argument trailed off as Melanie stood up, grabbing her shirt, and pulling it overhead, exposing a cute blue bra that cupped her breasts nicely.  

“I know.  And honestly…” she paused as she got closer to him, reaching behind her and leaning in. “… that’s the best part, Daddy.”  With that, she unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the ground, and wrapped her arms around him, pulling his face into the cleavage he had been eyeing.  

John’s resistance washed away as he took one of her nipples in his mouth, tasting her skin, and wrapping his arms around her waist.  They held each other for a moment, before he pushed her gently away.  He stood up, and looked at her.  “Alright,” he said quietly, before leaning in to kiss her.  

His lips met hers, and they kissed, longer than the first time, with more need than before.  He kissed her passionately, eagerly, and soon their tongues intertwined.  His hands explored her back, before moving down to her ass, grabbing her cheeks firmly and rubbing them, enjoying how tight her ass felt.

Melanie’s hands moved to the front, and found his belt buckle, deftly removing it and unbuttoning his pants.  She reached inside his boxers, and found what she was looking for, his penis already erect.  She grabbed him and stroked him a few times, her hands sliding over his skin, before pulling his pants down, and breaking her kiss with him.  She fell to her knees, his cock eye level with her, and she grabbed him firmly, watching as she grabbed him at the base and jerked him.  John moaned at the motion, and she locked eyes with him as she pumped her hand faster and faster, his erection becoming harder at the sight of her topless, stroking his cock.

She reached for his balls, and played with them gently for a bit, before moving up and kissing his stomach, his cock touching her shoulder, and working her way down to the base of his shaft, wear she looked at him and kissed it gently, before extending her tongue and licking it from base to tip.

She began to swirl her tongue around the tip, making a big show of making his head shiny with spit, before wrapping her lips around him, starting with his head, then slowly pressing forward.  He moaned the further she went, until he was groaning with surprise as she pressed her face against his pelvis, deepthroating him completely.  She held there for a moment, before backing off, grabbing his base and beginning to stroke him in time with her lips.  

“Fuck Melanie.  When’d you learn to do that?” John asked in disbelief.

“she slowly pulled off of him, and while stroking him responded.  “You’re actually my first, but I like to practice on my dildo.  I usually imagine it’s your cock.  Today it really is.”  With a smile, she returned to his cock, a woman on a  mission.  

She began to speed up, sucking hard on his head while stroking him with her hand.  He started moaning more vigorously, and she grabbed his ass, pulling him deep into her throat.  She rapidly throated him, and he grabbed her by the hair, controlling her strokes.  

John groaned feeling his orgasm coming on.  “Oh Melanie.  I’m gonna cum,” he grunted, and Melanie pulled him deep, urging him to cum in her throat.  “Oh, God, yes!”  He moaned as his orgasm hit, spurt after spurt of hot semen shooting out from him.  Melanie swallowed the first few shots, before pulling out to the tip, licking his head and cum as he continued to pulse.  

She swallowed what she could, with the rest landing on her face and chest.  “Oh Melanie.  That was amazing.”

“Thanks Mr. John,” she replied sweetly, using her finger to wipe off the cum and place it in her mouth.

“How about I return the favor,” he suggested, quickly pulling her up to her feet, and laying her gently on the bench.  He stripped his pants off, before pulling hers down, revealing her shaven pussy.  He kissed her thighs, working his way inwards, and she could feel his breath on her pussy.  She moaned as his lips brushed hers, gently kissing her labia, sucking and licking her folds.  

He starts licking up and down her slit, wrapping his arms around her legs to hold her in place, while he eats her out.  She can feel his tongue caressing her, loving her, as he buries his tongue in her, and licks all over her clitoris.  She moans louder and louder as her fantasy becomes reality, and he increases the pressure on her, his face pressed against her and his tongue and lips working wonders all over her pussy.  She moans as she feels her orgasm approach, her body beginning to convulse under him, and her orgasm rips through her body, tendrils of pleasure shooting to her extremities.  She can feel her body tingle as he pulls her up and bends her over the piano, his face buried in her crotch as he continues to please her pussy.  

He eats her from behind, his tongue making long flat strokes against her, going through her folds, and teasing her hole.  He sucks on her clit hard, licking it intensely as a second orgasm approaches.  He opens his moth to cover her lips completely and shoves his tongue inside her, probing her, and licking her clitoris.

“Oh Mr. John,” she moaned as he pleases her.

“Call me Daddy,” he growls from behind, the vibrations of his voice doing wonderful things to her groin.

“Oh Daddy, I’m gonna cum again!” She screams loudly as another orgasm, even larger than the first ripples through her.  He continues to lick her clitoris throughout her trembling until her orgasm subsides, turning her around and kissing her hard.  She can taste herself on him, and is happy to find his erection returning.

“Mmm, Daddy.  That was wonderful.  How about you take this hard cock of yours and show me what else you can do with it?”

“Happily,” John says as he presses her against the piano.  He gently lifts her leg and presses himself against her entrance.  He begins slowly, thrusting himself gently into her as he fills her hot, wet hole.  After a few seconds, he’s completely inside of her, his hard cock inside her tight snatch.  Melanie moans at how full she feels, the sensations different from when she uses her dildo.  She can feel his warmth, his skin pressed against her.  “Are you ready, Melanie?”

“Mmm, yes Daddy.  Please fuck me.”

John slides himself back, then thrusts forward, his cock entering and exiting her slowly. he leans forward and kisses her as he fucks her, his balls slapping her thigh as he begins to speed up.  

“Oh, Melanie.  You’re so hot and tight,” John moans, unable to control his voice.  He thrust hard and fast, pounding into her pussy, pulling groans from her lips with every stroke of his hips.  He goes faster and faster, before pulling out and turning her around, getting her into doggy position.  He enters her from behind, shoving himself balls deep on the first stroke, and she moans as she’s quickly filled with his hard cock.  They fuck like this for a while, his hands slapping her ass and grabbing her breasts as she moans and pushes back against him.  She reaches back and rubs her clitoris while he pounds her from behind, and he grabs her hair and pulls her head back to control her as he slams himself into her repeatedly.  They get rough and faster, the sounds of their fucking making beautiful music.

“Melanie, I’m getting close,”  John groans, clearly straining to hold himself back.

“I want you to cum in me while I ride you.  Lay down.” She responds, pushing him onto the bench while she straddles him.  She grabs his cock and lowers herself onto his erection, pleased by the way she can rub her clit against him when he’s buried inside her.  She grinds herself furiously on him, both moaning at their approaching orgasms.  

“Cum for me.  I want you to cum inside me!!!” Melanie gasps as her orgasm washes over her, her pussy pulsing as John slams himself repeatedly in her.  Her words set him off, and he unloads his hot cum into her waiting pussy, the white fluid spilling out the sides of her lips with every thrust.

They lay their together a while, his cock still buried in her, both of them panting heavily.

“Mmm, thank you Daddy.  I could feel you cum inside me.  I think you’ll have to do this again.”

— Credit to @musicalkats-blog for the idea.
. Obsessive Impulsive . 11

Full Summary: “‘I’ve been trying to find you alone for weeks, but you’ve been avoiding me.’  He clicked his tongue, as if scolding her.  'I tried approaching, but you always had someone with you to give me nasty words and looks.  They turned you against me, Miss Levy.’"

Pairings: Gajeel x Levy

Warnings: I strode for a darker fic again.  This is not for sensitive readers.  Violence, stalking, etc.  

Author’s Note: This is a very, very twisted gift for Bubbles, who has not been allowed to so much as read a single chapter.  This will update every other day.

Levy eyed herself in the mirror in her apartment in Fairy Hills, criticizing every detail to make sure she looked like she wanted to. She nodded firmly to herself, fixed her headband one last time, and then smirked.

A pink dress tied with black lace around her throat and down her chest. The lace lined the edges of the skirt, the part where it cut off into sleeveless slits for her arms. On each arm she wore a sleeve that had been tied on to match, her feet clad in black shoes, and a black headband in her hair. She nodded.

Surely this would do for whatever Gajeel had planned?

Her hazel eyes glowed as she checked the time and grabbed her purse.

She paused to contemplate.

To ask for an escort or to not… She struggled before furrowing her brow. Gajeel knew she would be there and it wasn’t too far…it was a busy time and there were people everywhere on the way back to Fairy Tail’s guildhall…

Alone it was. She’d just hurry.

Levy headed out, tugging her door shut and locking it behind her. Just in case, she told herself, even as she realized with a sinking stomach that she never used to lock her door. Elroy had entirely ruined everything for her.

Well…not everything.

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I want to motivate everyone around me and I try my best to help them but I’m so tired, I could sleep for weeks, and at the same time my mind never shuts up. Kinda just want to slit my arms lol

Title: Anyone But You, Pt 1

Author: mylittleACobsession

A/N: This is another one shot for @imakemyownblog who requested the following:

“Could I pretty please get a Jacob oneshot where the reader is a high-ranking member of the Blighters and one day they have to face down with each other, not realizing that they were childhood friends until the actual fight? To make it interesting, Jacob had a huge crush on them? XD Pretty please & thank you! <3”

Given the amount here that I want to play with, I’m actually breaking this one into multiple parts.

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To burn the devil out

I’m a little behind with posting, but real-life caught me :/

Day 3: Middle Age

Summary: Alec hunts for witches as the member of the Conclave. When he meets Magnus, he decides to save him from burning in the local square. 

Alexander Lightwood, was considered intellectual among his comrades. Some of them saw him as rebellious, some as disrespectful. But many of them saw him as breaker the rules of the Conclave. His father, Robert Lightwood, was from the most noble family of knights dedicated to the New York Conclave. Alec was determined to follow his lead, same as his brother Jonathan Christopher, who was secretly called Jace by his siblings.

Alec’s rebellious side often showed itself, when the Conclave chose to set some new, wrong decision. Just like the latest one, to burn all of witches in the town. Alec somehow agreed with Conclave. Women should not worship the devil and use his language when casting curses at the people. But on the other hand, no one deserved to be publicly burnt or drown, to purity their blood from the devil’s power.

That, and Alec heard the story about male’s witch, a warlock, who possibly was living in the Brooklyn, a village on the border of New York. Alec was dying to meet him. When the Conclave started to hunt for witches, he secretly hoped that they will capture the great Magnus Bane. They did, his father led the invasion on his home.

When they brought him to the dungeons of the Conclave’s Institute, Alec asked to be tasked with watching over him and other witches. Conclave’s members agreed easily, letting Alec to get familiar with the famous Magnus Bane. When he was told, that the man is over hundred years old, he expected a white-haired man with a long beard, a long hat and some white clothes like druids used to wear in Gallia. Alec went there once, when he was younger. He met some of the druids there. For their people, they were sacred beings, some of them were even worshiped. This changed Alec’s vision about magical beings a bit. Maybe they weren’t evil, sons and daughters of the devil, like the Conclave painted them to be.

Alec met Magnus Bane precisely three weeks ago and he had fallen under his enchantment ever since. The man was beautiful. His skin was sun kissed, his golden green cat eyes were a sight to behold. His skin was warm, when you touched it. His long, black silk hair was inviting to stroke them. He wore green and black clothes, long tunic and leather pants. Some golden chains were decorating his chest.

“Alexander,” he greeted him, as the knight stepped into the dungeons this night. “How wonderful that you decided to come visit me this night. As far as I know, this is my last night. The Conclave decided to burn me out in public for being a heretic. Idiots.”

“I know.” The young man admitted sadly, as he sat down on the ground before the cell. He opened his sack and took out a half of bread and the bottle made of goatskin. Today he had stolen the fine wine, the Conclave kept for the big occasions, mainly when the Pope was visiting cities. “They put red drapes all over the city’s square. I heard that the great Inquisitor will kill you.”

“Oh, I’m honored.” Magnus joked with a fake smile. Alec didn’t want to laugh at all. In the past three weeks, he and Magnus got to know each other. The older man spoke about his magical powers, showing Alec a few simple spells. Alec asked him one night, if he can’t escape, but the warlock told that the Institute was built with the material that blocks the great magic. So every night, he came to his new friend, to talk, to laugh. And last night…to kiss him.

Alec always knew that he isn’t into women. None of the fine ladies his father tried to set him up with were good for him. Alec wasn’t interested in female’s beauty, but he was very interested in male’s. With Magnus, he could test his theory about liking men. When they kissed, the sparks flew out. Literally. Magnus’s magic burst from his fingers, when they were slowly kissing through the bars of the dungeons.

Since last night, Alec couldn’t calm his hammering heart. He didn’t know what was happening to him, but it was wonderful.

“Don’t be sad, my angel. Even we, warlocks, have to die one day.” Magnus bumped his shoulder through the bars. “Will you be there? I rather die with something pleasant before my eyes.”

“I will.”

Alec did as promised. The next day, when Magnus was tied to the wooden pile, he watched him from afar. His heart was yearning for the man, but he his body seemed to be frozen in place. The Great Inquisitor Herondale lit up the torch and smiled to the audience before he spoke.

“My locals, today is the day, when the great Magnus Bane, a witch will be burn along with his comadres, Catarina Loss and Ragnor Fell. They have committed a crime against our people, by practicing the dark, evil magic.” He explained, gesturing at the three warlocks behind him. “They will be burn, so the flames of this fire could clear their blood. Let us pray to God and Angels above to burn out the devil from their soul. Let’s begin.”

Before he had a chance to put the fire by Magnus’s feet, an arrow stuck in his heart. The Great Inquisitor gasped and dropped down to his knees. A great chaos began, as people started to scream and look around for the shooter.

Alec quickly dropped his bow and ran towards the square. He pulled out his sword and cut through the first three soldiers of the Conclave. He didn’t want to kill any of them, but he needed to buy himself some time. So he slit their thighs and arms, making them cry out in pain. Once everyone was distracted, Alec quickly released Magnus and his friends.

The three warlocks were stunned by the actions of the young knight. Magnus the most.

“Magnus, run! Go now.” Alec ordered him, fighting with Jonathan Morgenstern, the son of Valentine Morgenstern, one of the best of hunters. “Go!”

Magnus’s friends dragged him away from the square. Before Alec realized, the three of them disappeared in a flash of a dark smoke. Alec dropped the sword to the ground and yelled.

“I surrender to the power of the Conclave!” Alec didn’t hope for this to work, but he hoped to buy himself some time. Maybe enough to say goodbye to his family, before the Conclave will execute him for a betrayal of the country.

“Alexander Lightwood,” Valentine Morgenstern, the great Consul of the Conclave, directed his sword at Alec. “For the kill of the Great Inquisitor and the members of the Conclave, for releasing witches, by the power given me by the Conclave, I sentence you with an immediate death. Hold him down!” He ordered to his companions. “You stupid, stupid boy. The warlock enchanted you and now you will pay for your idiocy.”

Alec felt the coldness of the blade on his neck. He closed his eyes and his mind popped up the memory of the cat eyes of Magnus. The young man smiled involuntarily at the vision, feeling warmth in his heart and stomach.

Suddenly there was heard the sound of the snap, followed by the loud cry of Valentine. Alec opened his eyes and saw that Valentine is burning alive in front of him. For the first time in his life, Alec was frightened to death, as he didn’t know what was happening. Some of the local people were helping save Valentine, but it was pointless. The moment they was able to stop the fire, it started all over again, stronger.

Dark smoke surrounded Alec’s body, before Magnus materialized himself in front of him. He had his hands up in the air with flames dancing on them.

“Leave him, or you’ll die.” He threatened the members of the Conclave, sending flames in their direction. Magnus turned his head to Alec and winked at him.


“You saved me,” he whispered, burning Jonathan down, same as his father. “Now let me be your knight in shining armor.”

People of New York were scared of Magnus’s dark powers, same as the remaining members of the Conclave. The warlock released Alec and drew him into his arms.

“Hold on, darling.” Alec closed his eyes and squeezed Magnus’s body in his. “We’re going to disappear.”

“All right.”

When Alec opened his eyes again, he was in some mysterious chamber. Intense red curtains were blocking the sunlight from coming inside. Candles were put on the chests standing around the room. A big bed stood in the middle, covered in king’s red covers.

“Hope you like the decor.” Magnus said, pulling away from Alec’s hard grip. “Welcome to my night chamber, Alexander. Feel yourself at home.”

“I have no home anymore.” He said dryly. “I don’t believe I could ever go back to New York, or the Conclave.”

“Thank you, for saving us, you didn’t have to do it.” Magnus admitted, kissing Alec softly. “I know that I cannot promise you anything worthy of a noble knight, but I can promise you a peaceful life, far away from the Conclave, that will haunt us.”

“Where are we?”

“This is Edom, the home of the warlocks and witches.” Alec nodded to this. “And if you want, it can be also a home for you. Alexander Lightwood the saviour of the warlocks and witches.”

“I would like that.”

Forever Yours - Andy Biersack Imagine

Originally posted by emobananas

Anonymous asked: “Can you please please do an imagine where Y/N and Andy B. are dating an he finds out she self harms and almost commited suicide while he was on tour?”

Word Count: 1,174 | Warnings: Trigger warning?

I waited patiently at the airport for one particular figure to show up. He should be here any minute, I thought to myself, glancing occasionally at my watch. Thinking of him, I smiled to myself. How I got so lucky to have a man like him, I do not know. All I know is that I’m more than thankful of having found such a lovely person who loves and cares for me, who never fails to give me stomach butterflies, who can magically transform my storms into rainbows.


I jolted awake from my daydream and saw the face of Andy, smiling down at me. I was too busy thinking about him I didn’t realize he was already here. I let out an excited screech and wrapped my arms around him tightly. Tears nearly streamed down my cheeks since I was just so happy to meet him. He just finished his Europe tour and I thought it’s about time; our apartment is really getting lonely without him around.

“How’s my baby been?” Andy looked down upon me whilst stroking my hair.

“Terrible. I’ve missed you so much it kills me,” I said as I nuzzled his chest. He had no idea how I long to be in his comforting presence; to indulge his sweet scent and to feel him on my skin.

“I’ve missed you so much too,” he pulled off and gave me a long, warm kiss. After what feels like forever, we broke the kiss and he said, “C’mon let’s get home.”

When we reached home, he immediately dropped his luggage and picked me up. “Oh, how I miss being home with my favorite person in the world,” he sang as he spun me around, making me giggle. He’s such a dork I love him. When he put me down, I pulled him to me to give him another kiss. It’s so good to have him home again, and getting to kiss him whenever I want to.

“Why don’t you relax and I’ll prepare us dinner?” I spoke softly, our faces only an inch from each other. He nodded, and then placed a little peck on my nose.

I went to the kitchen to get cooking and he went to the bathroom to get himself cleaned up. What I have completely forgotten about was a razor blade that I had left sitting on the sink, on its sharp end was a crimson-tainted liquid. Once Andy took notice of it, he immediately stormed right out the bathroom.

I stopped from cutting some vegetables when I saw him come to me. “Hey babe, what’s—“

My sentence was abruptly cut off when Andy grabbed my left arm and yanked the sleeve upwards, revealing a line of fresh, new scars. I stood frozen, unable to speak whilst he examined each and every one of the slits upon my arm. He then lifted his head to look at me; his eyes a mixture of confusion, disappointment, slight anger and sadness. I opened my mouth to try and say something but the words seemed to have stuck on my throat. Tears started welling up in my eyes and before I could cry, Andy pulled me into a massive hug. I started to cry aloud but Andy didn’t try to silence me; instead he hugged me tighter, gently stroking my back, allowing me to cry as much as I needed into his shirt. He didn’t say anything at all, he just wrapped me firmly in his arms whilst I cry a river. Once my tears have subsided and my cries turned to sobs, he sat us down on the couch.

“(Y/N)…” He began, his voice so smooth and soothing like an angel. “You are the most beautiful girl I have ever met. Ever since I laid eyes upon you I can’t seem to take them off, and once I got to know you I know that all I want is to have you as mine. Now that I do, I will never waste this precious opportunity and I will treasure you and treat you as my queen. It is my job to always make you feel happy, safe and contented. Seeing this,” he gestured at my scars, “I feel like I have failed to do my job. What’s wrong, baby? Why didn’t you tell me?”

He waited patiently until I was actually able to speak. “I… I just feel really sad sometimes… I feel like I’m not worth it, that I’m not good enough for anyone,” I sobbed, “I really needed you to comfort me as usual but you were so far away and I’m not strong enough on my own. I like to think that I am but I’m not.” My head dropped as I was trying hard to prevent myself from crying again. Andy put two fingers beneath my chin to lift my head up.

“What else have you done while I’m gone, babe?” he stared deep into my eyes so tenderly, assuring me that everything is going to be fine, that he is not going to be mad at me for what I’ve done.

“I just… got to my old habit of cutting,” I told him. There was a short pause before I continued, “I… also tried to… kill myself… by drinking bleach.” I wasn’t going to tell him this, but I thought it’s only fair that he knows. Upon hearing this Andy pulled me into another hug again and I just lost it; tears started streaming down my cheeks again, followed with agitated sobs. He planted multiple kisses on my forehead and then lifted my arm to put kisses onto my scars as well. He then pressed his lips onto my forehead once more before wrapping me in his arms again.

“(Y/N)… I’m sorry…. I’m really sorry,” he said softly, “I’m sorry I had to be away when you were in your hard times… I’m sorry I couldn’t be here for you when you needed me the most.”

“It’s not your fault,” I said inbetween sobs, “It’s mine, Andy.”

“Sshh,” he silenced me, his thumb rubbing circles on my arm. “From now on, every time you feel like you need to go for the blade, think of me. Every scar you create on yourself, will appear on me too. Every time you slit your wrist, you slit mine too. When you hurt, I hurt, (Y/N). I want you to remember that. You’re far too precious to do this to yourself. Please baby, please stop hurting yourself. I love you so much I can’t live with myself if I let you get hurt. I’m always here baby, I’ll always be here for you.”

My sobs started to soften and my breathing started to relax, “I’m sorry, baby. I love you.”

“I love you too, angel,” he said and kissed the top of my head, “Can you promise me that this won’t happen again?”

I paused for a while and nodded, “I promise. As long as I have you.”

“I’m forever yours, baby. I’ll never leave.”

(I gotta say that I feel like this is one of the best imagines I’ve ever written! I’m starting to put more details into my stories to give it more feels ya know :p I’ve been learning a lot by reading other people’s fanfics and realize I have a lot to catch up. Anyways, let me know what you think!)

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A New Friend

Warning/ suicide mentions

You walked into your last class of the day, thankful that the hell you’ve been through today would be over soon. As if you didn’t feel bad enough, you could hear a group of girls gasp and giggle at you as you made your way to your seat at the back of the class. They could see the cuts on your neck, you couldn’t hide them. You tugged at your shirt sleeves and tried not to cry in your seat.

You thought of the shithead ex that had led you on and dumped you for no reason, how bad he hurt you and made you feel so shitty you slit your arms and neck. After 12 days in a mental ward and another week staying at home, healing, you still felt no better, and even more stressed out, if possible. Your teacher walked in and started class, bringing you to attention of your surroundings.

Your lab partner whom you shared a table with showed up. “Oh, God. I bet he’s heard the gossip. Now there’s no chance in hell he’ll ever talk to me.”, You thought. Gerard was silent and he hadn’t ever said a word to you that wasn’t class required, besides muttering a sorry when he was in your way. You watched him doodle in his notebook instead of taking notes. He seemed like such a talented artist, but you’d never tell him so, considering you were as shy as he was.

As the teacher grew more boring, you found your thoughts drifting, and caught the eye of more than a few people looking your way. “Psychoooo” you saw one mouth to another. You propped your elbows on the table and buried your face in your hands, beginning to cry. A few minutes later, you heard Gerard’s soft voice.

“Y/n? Hey, Mr. Smith wants us to start our worksheet now. Are you okay?” He touched your shoulder softly and you wiped away the tears.

“No, but I’m trying”, you choked out, looking into his eyes. God, they were beautiful, especially compared to what you thought yours probably looked like at this point, red from the crying.

“Hey, listen. You don’t have to do this now. I- If you’re not alright, then… Um, we better fix that first.” A light smile lit his face as you made eye contact for probably the third time all year.

“No, no, Gerard, I really don’t matter, trust me. You don’t have to worry. We can do this, I don’t want either of us failing.” In reality, You were already failing and your cheeks were burning hot.

He shifted his eyes around the class and dropped his voice even lower, “Y/n, I don’t know what you’re thinking, but I can tell your head isn’t straight… I’ve seen the look that was on your face a few minutes ago. I’ve seen it in the mirror when I’ve thought of dying. I know what it’s like to not want to be here, trust me… I- I don’t know if it’s something you’d want, but-” he paused here, shifting nervously and swallowing hard, avoiding my gaze- “you could come over to my house or something. I- I know you walk home and I don’t like the idea of you walking alone with all those wackos out there who think you’re crazy, and I’m not sure when your parents get home, but I just really don’t like the idea of leaving you alone.”

His eyes met yours at this last sentence, and a tear ran down your face as you accepted, forcing a smile to please him. You knew what you really wanted to do- jump off the bridge that you passed on your way home onto the rocks and freezing water below- but you knew in the back of your mind that you should really keep going for another day. The two of you (Gerard, mainly) completed the worksheet as the bell rang and school was dismissed.

He met you at your locker. “You ready?”, Gerard grinned at you as you put your coat and beanie on. “I guess.”

The two of you walked out of school to the student parking lot where his friend sat with his car running, looking slightly impatient as the two of you hopped in.

“Sorry Ray, I had to wait for y/n.” He muttered quickly as we settled into the backseat. “It’s alright, I just hope Mikey doesn’t chew you out.” He laughed as he looked to the boy in the passenger seat, who stayed mute and turned a slightly darker shade.

After a few minutes of an only slightly awkward ride, you arrived at Gerard’s house, thanking Ray for the ride as Gerard scampered to the front door and fumbled to unlock it. You strode in after him, dropping your bag next to his and placing your coat on top.

“What do you, um- what do you wanna do?”, he blushed, and deepened as he realized something. “Oh, oh shit I’m supposed to offer you a drink or something first aren’t I?” Mikey coughed as he passed us, going into the kitchen. “Oh yeah, that’s Mikey. He’s my brother. Um, let me get you a soda? I- Is Coke okay?” He asked nervously. You smiled and nodded, taking your shoes off and strolling deeper into the house and admiring the baby photos on the wall.

Gerard found you and laughed awkwardly. “Heh, I guess you’ve found the world’s worst photos.” He blushed and handed you the drink. “No, Gee, not at all. Somehow you’ve managed to get even cuter.” You smiled, genuinely this time as his mouth dropped and his complexion turned bright red. He just shook his head vigorously and stuttered.

“D-Do you, um…”, he looked around desperately, “do you wanna come to my room? I- I really don’t mean anything weird by it it’s just that that’s where, um, it’s where all the movies are and I thought maybe we could watch one.”

You sipped your Coke and gazed at him with your large y/e/c eyes, admiring how cute he was when he was flustered, in awe that you had never noticed it before.

You followed him down to a dingy basement, where he quickly scurried around, picking dirty clothes up off the floor and throwing them into the closet.

“You can just, uh- have a seat on the bed. I’ll put in a movie. I hope horror movies are okay. They’re all I have.” He looked back at you nervously as you nodded and smiled. He popped in Psycho before nervously asking if he could sit next to you.

“Gerard, it’s your house. Don’t let me be in control.” You smiled weakly. Within half an hour your Cokes were gone and you had your head rested on Gerard’s shoulder, making his muscles rigid at the initial contact.

Without looking away from the TV, you spoke softly. “Gerard, Thank you so so much for this.” Tears leaked from your eyes as you continued, “I’m really just having such a hard time and you have to be one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and this is just too much, really.” You looked up to see Gerard shocked, with furrowed brows, looking down at you. “You know, Gerard… I’ve wanted to talk to you for the longest time. I really do love your art. Every time I would look over at you doodling in your notes, and every time I still do it, it just brightens up my day.” You smiled and looked down, suddenly finding yourself being very bashful.

“Well, y/n… You know, I feel the same way. Not about your art, I don’t know what it looks like- but about talking to you. I’ve really always wanted to, I just couldn’t get the nerve to, I mean- you’re so pretty and cute and gorgeous and all… I never thought you’d want to.” He choked out, cheeks deepening every second, you could hear his heart beating faster.

You grinned up at him, feeling the smile in your eyes as you shut them tight and collided your lips against his. You pulled away a few moments later and apologized wholeheartedly, flustered and blushing.

“Wow… I just- that was amazing.” He whispered, and you crashed your lips to his again, this time with Gerard joining in.

“You know, I’ve always really had a tiny crush you.”, you admitted.

“Me too.” Gee smiled, holding you close.

Let the games begin - Ch. 1

Photo created and gifted by the amazing: @wonders-of-the-enterprise

You, Bones and Jim all work together on the Enterprise. When shore leave comes around, Joanna comes to visit. Although, shes not the only one who shows up for a visit. Its all up to you to keep it together.

I suck at summaries. Anyways, this is a story that has been in my head for a while and had to write it to get it out, so I thought I would share it with you all as well. This is my second fic, and my first fic to be this long. Its going to be at least 6 chapters, so if you wanted to be tagged for the rest, yay! just shoot me a message. If you don’t want to be tagged, then shoot me a message and I will try to keep my tears from falling on you and staining your shirt. Again, be gentle. I am a delicate flower.

Adding in a link to the epilogue here that has all the chapters linked in case people randomly find this story.

5,009 word(s) of some fluffy goodness. Enjoy it while it lasts :D. The chapters to follow won’t be quite as long. Eventual bonesXreader, just going to take a while.

I don’t know who all wants to be tagged so: @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse @darlinleonard @outside-the-government @imoutofmyvulcanmind @feelmyroarrrr @bkwrm523 @yourtropegirl @fandomheadrush @mayonakatenshi @theanishimori

You and Bones laid on the couch, legs stacked on top of one another groaning.

“Oh come on Bones, Y/N” it can’t be that bad Jim stated as he looked at the two of you. You lifted your head and glared at Jim.

“Not that bad? You don’t have half the crew up in the bridge puking on you and all over everything else, not to mention more than half the staff have it too! It’s a miracle that Bones and I aren’t sick as well”. You countered.

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anonymous asked:

I know it's a horror movie but I could really use a warning for if someone's gonna accidentally slit their wrist, my arms hurt now I know I'm fine but I didn't need to see that.

hey i’m sure you’re a nice person and you’re just having an emotional reaction right now and i understand it, but perhaps think before you send messages like this! i have five reasons why this message is absolutely infuriating and not okay:

1. i don’t know what you’re talking about…the last movie metioned to me on here was the babadook so i’m assuming it’s that, and tbh i completely forgot that even happened. i don’t have photographic memory of a movie plot, i don’t even remember what i ate for breakfast lmao

2. i don’t have an obligation to protect you from triggers i don’t even know you have. that’s not my job and you didn’t even ask me to, you’re just here after the fact to blame me. i tag content on my blog, but that’s different from warning you about a movie that i only mentioned is pretty good. i didn’t show it to you, you watched it. 

3. even if i remembered the scene, and i still don’t, how am i supposed to know that unintentional wrist-slitting, not even intentional self-harm, would trigger you? you didn’t ask me about potential triggers, either, how am i supposed to know if you even needed a warning? am i supposed to read your mind? do you think i exist to protect your well-being? i am not obligated to. that is not my job. i CHOOSE to tag triggers on my blog because it’s mine and i’m a source of content on my followers’ dashboard, but i’m not injecting the babadook into your dash. the babadook is not my personal movie lol.

4. furthermore, it’s a popular mainstream movie. information about it is not hard to find. a simple google search would have lead you to the imdb parents’ guide,, or any of the numerous tumblr blogs dedicated to listing potential triggers in movies. i understand being vulnerable to things that maybe other people wouldn’t predict, because i am too. but it’s my responsibility to be aware of what i’m getting into with books, movies, and games. and it’s your resposibility to do the same for yourself. the resources to check for triggers are abundant and they exist to help you avoid triggers. I DO NOT. 

5. sure you didn’t need to see that, but that’s not my fault. i  personally didn’t need to get this self-entitled message blaming me for something i only tangentially was involved in.

"You Heard Me. Take. It. Off" ~ Donovan

*Your POV*

He had left me once again, alone. I wasn’t surprised… I mean he had been staying with me all week and had always disappeared before 5pm inly after arriving at 2pm. The latest he stayed was tonight when I feel asleep on the couch while we were watching a movie.

Stretching, I stood up and looked at the clock on the wall.


Groaning, I walked over to the kitchen to get a drink when I noticed a note on the fridge.

My dearest Y/N,

I apologize that I didn’t wake you. You had just finally gotten to sleep and I couldn’t bring myself to wake you…. Elizabeth called me out to go to dinner. I will be home by 11. Please don’t leave the room and just try to go back to sleep. I promise. And my darling sunshine…. Don’t you dare go to the bathroom and touch your stach or razor.  Don’t even think about it

Yours, Donovan

I laughed and took the note and set it on the counter. Oh if only he knew how I loved so, but he wasn’t here long enough for me to share my feelings. Besides, he has his darling Elizabeth.

All I was was his dumbass best friend whose depression had been acting up.

Forgetting the thought of getting water, I stood up and went to explore the guest room where Donovan is staying.

He had requested the room that was the darkest, but the only thing that was in there was his suitcase. He usually spent the night snuggling me on the couch or with Elizabeth. Usually the second.

Shivering, I looked around the empty apartment. I knew that I should have an appetite, but I wasn’t hungry. Not one bit. Nor had I been for around a month.

You see, for whatever reason, my depression had sparked up very severely. I didn’t understand it…. But I was trying to live with it. That’s why Donovan came. As my best friend. He saw my suffering and saw that I needed help… Or he saw the scars and didn’t want another person to pass in his life.

Never-the-less, I appreciated him more than anything.

To be completely honest, over the years I had fallen head over heels for him and his blue eyes. I had liked him since I was 15….  We were best friends then. Inseparable. Now he had her and I was his burden and though he would deny it, it was clear in his eyes.

I laughed as he had made my guest room a complete mess. His clothes were scatted everywhere, hiding the dark gray carpeted flooring. The only thing neat, in fact, was his nightstand where there was a dark gray cup and a book right next to his lamp and this… this thing I found lying on his drawer.

Clearly he was trying to hide it and I should have stopped snooping as he had hid it behind his desk lamp. But as it glistened in the light and I couldn’t resist it.

Laughing slightly, I reached out to grab the object only to pull back and yelp in pain. Drops of blood fell onto his white sheets and I looked closed at the object.

A sharp metal finger attacted to silver glove. That’s what was there.

Originally, I found myself in shock but then I couldn’t help but smile.

Who needed a razor to draw blood when I had this.

I didn’t hesitated to slip the glove onto my hand and make a deep slit across my right arm. Closing my eyes and groaning in satisfaction of the pain, I continued moving the blade up and down until something clicked in me.

What the heck was I thinking?!?!

Running out of the room I grabbed my phone, tears flowing from my eyes and dialed Donovan.

“Y/N I…..”

“Donny I-”

“I’m sorry Y/N. I have to go. I’ll be home soon okay. Just stay inside.”

“But Donny I-”

Beep Beep Beep

Setting my phone down with shaking hands, I looked behind me, to see drops of blood leading to my spot and I smiled and laughed, looking at the glove on my hand. Moving it from the left to the right, I made more slits, not sitting down till I felt dizzy. Then I stroked gently up and down my legs.

Nausea filled my bones as I finished and I quickly made my way over the bathroom and, not to my surprise, began to throw up a mixture of blood and water.

So much so that I passed out.


*Donovan’s POV*

You could smell the blood from Europe and I was a mere two stories bellow her.

My sweet Y/N had a very distinct scent. I had always had to fight the urge to crack and drain her, especially when she had to cut herself. But all I could think was of how much she needed me and as we got to know each other more…. How much I depended on her. How much I cared for her.

I didn’t care how pissed Rowena would be. I needed my girl alive and safe.

“Y/N!!!” I hollered, breaking down the door and looking for blood. I could smell it, but it was no where to be seen.

Turn my head I looked to see that my bedroom door was cracked and without hesitation I enter and ran to my shelf.

Just as I feared, my glove was gone.

“Dammit Y/N!” I yelled, knocking the whole shelf down in anger and roaming around following my nose, “TAKE IT OFF! YOU HEARD ME TAKE IT-” I stopped and slowly turned and looked to where my senses were leading me.

Slowly creeping up to the bathroom door I pushed it open slowly, partially because I was scared to see the scene and also because I feared scaring her.

I couldn’t bear to look inside the door after a few seconds. The once white bathroom was now stained red.

Cursing, I ran into the place, holding my breath as I slipped the glove off her hand and onto mine, pulling her cold, pale body into my lap. Slowly, I could feel my body shaking as though I was an addict again. Try hard as I could to block out the smell of her… her blood, I couldn’t find myself able to focus. Grabbing her wrist, I kissed one of the marks and closed my eyes.

I will not kill her

I will not kill her





















I will NOT kill her


Setting her arm down I made a cut across my arm and pried open her lips, forcing drops of my blood to fall into her mouth.

“C'mon…. C'mon….. Please work…… Please…… C'mon!” I muttered, sighing, tears pricking at my eyes, “Y/N I’m so so sorry…. I am sorry I left you…. I’m sorry I hurt you…. But you need to Wake up sunshine… Please for me. Wake up… please…. please. I need you to wake up.  Lemme see your eyes. Your beautiful eyes. Please just… Please….. Breathe again. Sunshine, please.” Stroking her hair, I kissed her forehead, “Please.”

In a moment I could feel her cold breath on my bleeding wrist and she began coughing , blood spewing out the side of her mouth. I gently sat her up, rubbing small circles into her back, shhing her gently as she began to whimper. As she stopped, a small groan came from her lips and she looked in my eyes, shocking over coming her.


“Shh…. Save your voice sunshine.” I stroked her hair, “You must be in a lot of pain…. Wanna fix that?” I asked and she nodded. Standing up, I offered her my hand and pulled her up, smiling softly at her. Not dropping her hand, I began to drag her slowly out of the room but she started limping after me until she fell onto the ground.

Attempting to get up, she merely fell again. And again. Until I picked her up and wrapped my arms around her waist. “There’s time for fixing things in the morning. Let’s get you to bed.” She shook her head and put herself down onto the ground.

“Donovan… I can’t…. I can’t. It hurts. Really bad.” She clutched her head, “What did you do- Wh-Wh-Why did you save me? I’m your burden. I wanted to die… I wanted to die.”

Kneeling down next to her I cupped her cheeks in my hands, “Don’t you ever say that. You are not my burden. You are my angle. My light.” I kissed her forehead and hugged her tightly, pressing her forehead against mine, “I love you. I always have. I don’t think I’ll ever stop.” Sighing, she looked down, tears falling from her eyes. Kissing her tears away, I then moved my lips to hers and I could feel her hesitations as she remained still for a bit before easing into my kiss. Then she broke it off, tears in her eyes.

“Don you’re so-”

“I know… Cold.” I laughed, a smirk leaving my lips.

“No….” She smiled, kissing my cheek then leaning into my ear, “ Warm.”


(Weird… Ending and I know… Probably not what you expected…. Hope you enjoyed it anyways. Sorry.. I feel like it’s crap though. Love you all.)

yoongi; nothing to worry about, bad boy

❝choker, leather jacket, mint hair; yoongi’s known to be the badboy around uni who’s smitten by you. 
►2573 words // scenario, badboy!yoongi

“Hyung, you’re going on a date, not ask for her hand in marriage. The fuck are we doing here for almost an hour looking through flowers?”

Jimin only winces when he feels a harsh smack on his back despite Yoongi not looking where he’s aiming. The younger pouts, trying to rub on the spot but he can’t reach it.

“Shut up unless you plan on being helpful. Mind you, I bought you lunch today and yesterday. Be grateful,”

“Only because you said you were going to take a while. This isn’t a while,” Jimin grumbles, yet, his eyes looking around for the perfect flower that Yoongi claims to describe. Nothing too fancy, nothing too plain but something in between to suit the taste of the apple of Yoongi’s eyes. Jimin scoffs a laugh at the thought, wondering why the hell out of everyone, Yoongi chose him. He could’ve went for Seokjin, the eldest and one who fawns over flowers everyday. Or Namjoon, who has read many, many books that could last him for a lifetime.

Why Jimin out of all people?

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