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how would RiD15 Slipstream and jetstorm react if their S/O was kidnapped by Fracture's mini cons. And if you don't mind doing this vice versa where Airazor and Divebomb's s/o is captured?

The poor babies oh my gosh 

Jetstorm, Slipstream, and s/o (poly) RID2015


They would be incredibly panicked for a bit, but once they found their heads again, they would do whatever it took to get you back (the whole Bee team would be rolling out to rescue you honestly)

Once they got you back, there would be lots of hugging and they wouldn’t want to leave your side. They check you all over for injuries despite you saying you’re fine over and over again

Airrazor, Divebomb, and s/o (poly) RID2015

They’re angry and scared when they find out, and immediately go to Fracture for help 

If he’s willing to help, they go out for you immediately. If not, they’re willing to disobey orders this once for you

They get to you as quickly as they can, avoiding confrontation until you’re safe. Once they get you back to where they’re camped, they refuse to leave your side and fuss over you for the rest of the day (they’re still pretty agitated)