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Mycroft rarely frequented any type of party - let alone one that involved getting dressed up. In his opinion, they were nothing more than excuses to get deliriously drunk and shag whichever person caught your eye. Nevertheless, he was roped into going and had done his part in showing up in costume.

Luckily for him, he wasn’t the only ridiculously dressed person here. Then again coming as Javert, from Victor Hugo’s classic Les Miserables, was probably not the best plan. It wasn’t that he would be recognized, either as Javert or himself that he was worried about, or even being seen by someone he’d much rather not be seen by, it was that he was so out of context here that he hardly knew what to do.

Someone, also in costume, bumped into him rather roughly, and if Mycroft didn’t notice him by his rather short stature and his gait he would have mistaken him for someone else. “Keep your eyes out.” He warned with a slight smile.


Mini scrolls for private meditation.

Bridwell Library, Perkins Theological Seminary, Southern Methodist University.

Promise, Prayer, Poetry. London: A. P. S., [ca. 1890].

This is a printed hinged box filled with 147 small rolled slips of paper bearing printed texts for Christian meditation. Other sets that are known have two hundred slips kept in a similarly printed box with a drawer containing tweezers for extracting the rolled slips. Each slip provides three quotations. The first is always a Bible verse. The second quotation, printed in italics, is frequently a Psalm. The third text quotes a verse from a nineteenth-century English hymn, the title of which is not provided.

I was tagged by the beautiful ladies that are paellego buttermybooks and readaroundtherosie to do the “What’s in your bag’ tag :)

I tend to not carry a lot of stuff with me, so here’s what I have: 

* my current read: The Retribution of Mara Dyer
* a Hobbit notebook/planner/whatever it’s called + a pen
* office keys
* headphones, my ancient phone (I used my fancy one to take this photo)
* allergy medicine
* a lipstick 
* my ancient wallet that has more paper slips in it than actual money

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That’s an Order

Title: That’s an Order
Rating: T (for language)
Word count: 2,718
Fanfiction link: Click here
Description: While in the North, Ed decides to write a letter to the Colonel to keep himself occupied.
Author’s note: This takes place during the events of Brotherhood, during the time that the Elric brother’s were up in the North. 

“Sir, I have a letter, from Edward.” 

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Title: The Noble Game of the Swan
Date: 1821
Origin: Britain
Size: Height: 390 millimetres Width: 484 millimetres
Description: “Game-board with nineteen compartments, including (no. 3) the British Museum, arranged on the body of a swan; with blue-paper covered rule book in slip-case covered with marbled paper with a hand-coloured etching of swans in a landscape; publisher’s labels on verso of game-board and slip-case. 1821 Hand-coloured etching backed on linen.“
Source: British Museum

I Love You, I Just Have to Say it in Greek


Cas stood in the doorway to Dean’s room in the bunker, nervous. He was invisible to humans, a trick that Cas used more often than he should (mostly to people watch). Now he was using it because it made himself feel better.

He held a sticky note in his hand, his grip on the yellow slip of paper tight. The angel was very careful to not rip the sticky note, so as not to mar the words written in ancient Greek. He knew Dean would figure out their meaning soon enough.

Cas rolled his eyes at his own nervousness. He was an angel, and no human was going to “freak him out.”

Well. Look at him now. Invisible. To prevent himself from backing down from what he was about to do. All because of a simple human.

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Self-Help Pills

Healthy habits and self-care activities can enhance or substitute medication to aid recovery from mental illness. These self-help pills are a nice visual reminder to be kind to yourself. 

Each pill contains a message with a self-care activity written on a slip of paper. Once you read the slip of paper, do the activity. No exceptions! These pills should be taken at least once a day, and maybe more if you need it. If you are feeling down for a while, consider prescribing a “higher dosage” to yourself for a week or two. 


  • Jar
  • Message Pills (if you don’t want to use those, slips of paper are just fine)
  • Paper + double sided tape for labels (optional)


  1. Make a list of self-care activities. (Examples include: meditation, yoga, exercise, draw, get sunlight, listen to music, creative write, play music, read, journal, organize things, etc.)
  2. Try to fill in the message slip inside each pill with a different self-care activity. If you don’t have that many activities, split the pills into groups (one for each of your self-care activities) and assign each of the groups to a different activity. 
  3. Put all of the pills into the jar and shake it to mix the pills.
  4. Keep the jar somewhere you can see it every day to remind yourself to take your pill for the day. 
...In Bed

“Passion is necessary to all creative endeavors…in bed.”

Veronica laughs at Logan as he waggles his eyebrows at her suggestively while reading his fortune.

“That’s a pretty good one,” Logan says when her laughter dies down, “You must be very passionate then, because you are exceptionally creative in bed.”

“Oh you,” she says and swats playfully at his arm. “All righty. My turn.”

Veronica snaps her fortune cookie open and reads the tiny slip of paper. For a moment, she just smirks and then she leans over close to Logan and looks up at him from under her eyelashes. “You will be fortunate,” she says in a sultry whisper, “if you accept the next proposition you hear…in bed.”

Logan laughs loudly. “Well, that’s certainly been true in our bed in the past.”

“Yeah, it has,” Veronica says tilts her head up. Logan leans down and presses a kiss to her lips. They’re interrupted when a crumpled napkin flies across the table and bounces off their faces.

“Come on now,” Wallace complains, “there are other people at this table. People who are still eating. People who would prefer to keep their dinner down if it’s all the same to you.”

Veronica just sticks her tongue out at her best friend and snuggles closer to Logan on their side of the booth.

“You know, it’s hard to believe you two are actual real life adults,” Mac comments from her seat next to Wallace, “and not middle schoolers when you get this worked up over ‘in bed’ jokes.”

“You know,” Logan says, “I don’t think I want to live in a world where ‘in bed’ jokes aren’t considered funny.”

“Me neither,” Veronica agrees, “Just another reason we are such a delightfully well-matched couple.”

“Yeah, we are,” Logan says and leans down to kiss Veronica again.

10 childhood facts

THAnks for the tag girl imthepigeonqueen <3

1) When I was a kid, I used to get lost often in shopping centres. So my mum told me to go to the checkout desk and tell them I was lost and they’d announce it over the intercom for me. I used to do it everytime I got lost, I’d go up to them and ask if I could use the intercom lolol.

2) I used to think they’d lock you in the shopping centre if you stayed after it was closed, so i’d cry if we stayed a bit later than usual.\

3) I got some weird sickness in Pakistan one time after drinking unfiltered water and I had to go to the hospital and get a drip and such

4) idk if this is childhood but it happened when i was 15, i was on a flight and an indian guy walked past me and dropped a slip of paper he’d ripped from the in flight magazine w his name, number and facebook on it lmao

5) i cried on a flight once because i thought we were going to crash, so mum had to call the flight attendant to assure me we’d be ok (i was 12)

6) i read so many books as a kid, the librarian extended my loan limit (i was like 8)

7) i had a weird love for Joe jonas when i was 11

8) i never understood how animations were formed until i was around 9/10

9) i was rly insecure up till i was 12 now i’m a vain hoe lmao

10) i’ve been told i was an intimidating kid

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you to get someone to think about you spell?

taken from

This spell is best done on a Wednesday during the waxing moon. If the full moon falls on a Wednesday this spell will be even more potent and effective.

Spell to Make Someone Think of You

What You’ll Need:

  • red candle (if you don’t have a red candle a white one will do)
  • cherry incense blend
  • picture of the person (if you don’t have a picture of the person and can’t get access to one, write the persons name on a white slip of paper and while looking at the paper visualize the person with clarity, and intense focus.

On Wednesday night at 11pm charge your candle with your intentions. Imagine the person thinking of you non stop, during the day, and at night. Imagine them seeing you in their dreams (you might want to send them a message). Imagine them thinking of you while at school and work. See them noticeably distracted. See their thoughts of you swimming in their heads. Tell them what you want them to think.

Light the incense and the red candle. 

Lie on the floor and imagine yourself going into their brain. Imagine yourself as them thinking the thoughts. You are placing these thoughts into their head. 

If you are doing this correctly you will feel a tingling sensation in your head. This is your connection. Hold the picture of the person and say the following:

“Lady and Love, Hand in Hand

Your thoughts are in my command

In all you do and all you see

Only and Always think of me”

Place the picture of the person under the burning red candle. Afterwards spend sometime meditating on the thoughts you want in there head playing over and over like a recorder. If you can do this until the candle burns out then fine. You may want to sit the candle by your bed and meditate on the persons thoughts until you fall asleep.

The person should not only start to think of you constantly but will also dream of you!