TITLE: That’s Not How the Game Works


AUTHOR: SassyShoulderAngel319

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine having a party with Loki and the Avengers. Loki keeps trying to hit on you all night and you can’t stand it. Tony eventually suggests playing seven minutes in heaven and you are the first to pick a name. You see Loki smirk out of the corner of your eye as you read his name off the slip of paper.The two of you are shoved in the closet and the next seven minutes are spent with you and Loki cuddling after he admits his feelings for you.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Kissing (lots-ish). Slightly off the prompt but close enough.


You glance around at the assorted Avengers—and Loki. Thor had dragged him down to lowly Midgard from on high to learn important lessons. He’d been there for around three months. Thor thought it was working wonders on his younger brother’s soul. Loki obviously didn’t agree as he’d spent most of his time here in a cloud of doom and gloom, glaring at everyone.

                And then he noticed you.

                You weren’t sure if he was trying to torment you or what, but he’d been flirting with you all night—and as a silver tongue, he was doing quite a good job. You weren’t sure why he chose you, either, but he had and there was no shaking him off.

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Writing Prompt Jar

Since school is almost here and my motivation to write has yet to dwindle (unlike my ever decreasing inspiration), I want to start up this jar challenge for myself. To keep myself writing, regardless of the little ideas I currently have. While I have found some sources of writing prompts, I would very much love to have people submit there own ideas. I will put them on slips of paper and into a jar. And whenever I have an urge to write, I will fish one out and write whatever prompt I get. I am unsure if I will publish any here, seeing as this is just a method to keep me preoccupied. 

It can basically be anything. 

A starter sentence: “You’re surrounded by endless towers fabricated from chocolate, yet as the sun rises they begin to melt. Before you know it, an ocean of sticky chocolate is coming straight towards you…”  

Or “Describe your [x] without mentionining it directly.”

Anything at all. 

But please no smut! I don’t roll like that.

Send me a writing prompt for the jar!

~ How to Use a Pendulum ~

Pendulums are wonderful little tools used to determine the answer to a simply phrased question. They typically answer yes, no, maybe, and don’t want to answer, but can also be used in determining numbers, dates, and letters/words. It all depends on the board you have.

So, the first step in using a pendulum is getting a ‘board’ to use.

This can be made out of a slip of paper, a nice piece of wood, or any other material you have lying around. For the sake of this post, I will direct you how to make a paper one.

Get a piece of paper, a pen, and your pendulum.

Draw a half-circle on the middle of the page. and break it into even sections of four or five. This board will only have the responses of yes, no, maybe, and don’t want to answer, plus ask again later if desired. You can add anything else if you would like. after you get the hang of using your pendulum for the first time :)

Now lean your elbow on a steady surface and hold your pendulum above the paper, directly on top of  the center of your half-circle. Take a few deep breaths, and then begin asking your pendulum questions.

First, ask the pendulum something like “Is my birthday (add birthday here)?” And record where it moved towards as ‘Yes’. Do this a couple times to get the most accurate response, and then repeat similar questions to fill in the rest.

For ’DWA’ and ‘Ask Again Later’, you may want to just direct the pendulum to show it to you, and write it down after it responds.

Alright, so after you make the board, your ready to use your pendulum! 

Formulate a question that can be answered by your pendulum, steady it above the paper, and ask away. The pendulum will swing towards the answer as long as you don’t interfere with its motion, providing an accurate response most of the time :) 

Record the answer, and do it a few more times to ensure that you receive the best answer ^_^

If you feel like the reading isn’t going well, you might want to cleanse your pendulum.

Salt water is okay for most pendulums, but if yours is made out of a crystal or stone, research if it is water/salt safe :)

If it’s not, passing it over the flame of a candle (not into it) or through the smoke of burning herbs with cleansing properties, are both ways that you can cleanse it. Just be safe and go with your gut :)

And of course, there are other ways to use a pendulum, this is just one of them! :D Find a way you like and enjoy doing, and try it out whenever you have to answer a question, find something that’s lost, etc.

Lonely Doll Spell

A Spell to Reduce Loneliness

Items Needed:

  • Either a pre-made stuffed toy or sewing pattern for a stuffed doll and stuffing
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • A Crystal/Stone you connect with
  • Lavender or similiar aromatic herb that you enjoy
  • A slip of paper and a pen


  1. Either create a stuffed doll or buy one. It can be an animal, a person, or whatever stuffed toy you personally connect with. It can even be modeled after your familiar.
  2. Cut a small hole in the stuffed toy’s back and begin stuffing it with lavender. As you do this step, feel the doll become purified of any outside energies that may have previously clung to it. Visualize the toy becoming a completely blank slate that will soon be charged with the protective and loving powers of the lavender. You have now given the doll a purpose.
  3. Take the crystal and charge it with your intent. This doll will serve as your companion in times of need, in times when you feel there is no one else there for you. Once the crystal is charged to your liking, place the crystal inside the doll. You have now given the doll a “soul.”
  4. Take a slip of paper and write down whatever name you wish to give your new Lonely Doll. Write down any other traits you wish the doll to have on slips of paper. Stuff these into the doll. You have now given the doll an identity.
  5. Sew up the doll with the thread.
  6. Whenever you feel sad or lonely, talk to your Lonely Doll. Hug your Lonely Doll and feel its comforting energy. Do not abuse or berate your Lonely Doll. Cleanse your Lonely Doll with clear quartz or blessed water from time to time to avoid a build up of sad energies.

How ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ Changed Sci-Fi Forever

Madeleine L'Engle sat in front of her typewriter in the Tower, her private workspace in her family’s isolated, 200-year-old Connecticut farmhouse. It was her 40th birthday—November 29, 1958—and she was at a crossroads. Though she had published five novels since her mid-twenties, she was far from a household name, and lately she was having trouble selling her work. She considered her thirties a “total failure” professionally. “Every rejection slip—and you could paper walls with my rejection slips—was like the rejection of me, myself, and certainly of my amour-propre,” she wrote. While her career floundered, her husband had temporarily given up his acting career and started running the local general store.


Ichiban Kuji Mini: Tales of Series 20th Anniversary Bottle Keychain

Each bottle you receive from the kuji will include a slip of paper with an ID Ticket inside. Log in with your Banpresto ID and use the ID Ticket on the Mobile Kuji site for a chance to win an A2 size tapestry, or 1 of 10 Kyun Tenpu (downloadable images).

Please note that this Ichiban Kuji is exclusive to the Tales of Museum event in Akihabara. It is not available online or through other stores in Japan. Only the paper you receive from the Bottle Keychains can be used to enter the follow-up Mobile Kuji. You will need an account on Banpresto’s mobile website to enter the Mobile Kuji.

tofixtheshadows: #BetterUseOf14Minutes

  1. Scott picks up his backpack to leave the classroom. He winces and grabs his arm, we see that the pain from the boy at the hospital is still inside him. The black veins shoot between his arm and his hand. Scott makes a fist and deals with it. He walks away, End Scene.
  2. As they approach Eichen House, Scott discretely turns on his Alpha eyes to look at Kira, the fox turns its head, it saw him.
  3. Melissa gets home from a graveyard shift, she hears muttering in the dining room. She finds Scott there, half asleep, finishing his assigned reading. She asks “Scott? What are you doing up.” He answers, “I have to finish this passage on DNA replication, or I might have to…” He can’t finish, tears in his eyes, he glances over to the slip of paper set above the book. Melissa picks it up, it reads CLASS DROP FORM, Melissa looks, heartbroken, at Scott and immediately hugs him.
Hex Your Ex! May Your Future Relationships End In Misery

A spell for an Ex who wronged you, or put you down or hurt you in any way

What you’ll need:

  • Black Lipstick (Although I suppose any color will do)
  • (Optional) A face of makeup to remind yourself of your beauty that they tore down. If you feel you are most beautiful with no makeup on then gladly do this spell make-up free!
  • A slip of paper
  • A Red Marker
  • A needle or push pin (Any sharp object, even your hands will do)


  1. Write your ex’s name on the slip of paper with the red marker. Do so with contempt and anger that they made you feel. Let it out through your hand.
  2. Put on the black lipstick. Smile at yourself in the mirror to reassure yourself of your power.
  3. Kiss the slip of paper. Once should do the trick but do so how every many times you wish. Let out your anger and rage through the kiss. Breathe out the negative energy into their name.
  4. Destroy the slip of paper with the needle, pushpin, or anything else you can think of. Pierce their name, rip it in half, crumple it up, step on it, just keep letting out your negative emotions onto it.
  5. Say these words aloud, or any variation of them. Feel free to ad-lib 
    May your future loves end in such misery you have put me through.”
  6. Burn it to ashes. Be careful while doing this, keep your hair and clothes out of range of the fire. 
  7. Throw the ashes into the garbage where they belong.
Liam Dunbar - I’ll Take Care of You

Request: “Y/N is dating Garrett. He sees her talking to Liam and then punishes her bc he gets jealous. Liam comes out and saves Y/N and she discovers he likes her.”

trigger warning: some verbal/physical abuse & fighting

    send requests here :)


“And the last partnership will be… Liam and Y/N,” your Spanish teacher announced, pulling out the final two slips of paper from a bowl. You glanced over and met Liam’s cheerful gaze. He sent you a reassuring smile and a little wave from across the room, both of which you returned. You heard a throat clear next to you and turned towards your boyfriend, Garrett, who was radiating disapproval.

“What was that about?” His eyes were slightly narrowed as he looked back and forth between you and Liam. You rolled your eyes at him, a sigh escaping from your lips.

“I’m just trying to be friendly with my partner, Garrett.”

“Yeah, well don’t get too friendly.” The blonde warned, lowering his voice.

The two of you had been dating for a couple months and everything had been fine in the beginning. Garrett had been a little jealous sometimes but it was cute and made you feel like he cared about you. Lately, however, he had been veering from jealous boyfriend into possessive handler territory and you were getting more tired of it everyday.

“Okay class, move together with your partner and begin discussing the vocab words I’ve given you,” the teacher directed with a dismissive wave of the hand. Gathering your things, you walked over to the empty desk next to Liam, plopping into the seat without a backwards glance at your boyfriend. After placing your handout neatly onto the desk you looked up and were greeted by a smiley face.

“Hey , Y/N. I’m really glad you’re my partner because I suck at this,” Liam said gesturing to the list of words. It was common knowledge amongst your classmates that your mother had immigrated from Mexico and that you spoke fluent Spanish. You gave a little chuckle, nodding your head.

“I’ll have you whipped into shape in no time, Dunbar.”

The rest of the class period was spent tutoring Liam in correct pronunciation and trying, unsuccessfully, to teach him to roll his R’s. It would have been frustrating if the dirty blonde’s face wasn’t so cute as he tried to make his tongue contort in ways that were completely foreign to him. There was a lot of laughter and friendly teasing and before you knew it, the shrill cry of the bell alerted you that it was time to go home.

“Well, I think that’s enough torment for one day,” you told him, still laughing at how hard he had tried and how little result it had yielded. Liam gave a little chuckle as he helped you gather your things into your bag.

“If you thought that was bad, imagine how terrible I would’ve been without your help!”

You laughed again and just as you opened your mouth to respond, a hand reached out and grabbed your forearm, a little too tight for comfort. Both your’s and Liam’s head turned to look up at Garrett who had a tight smile on his face. “I see you two had a good time today.”  

Your mouth turned downed, slightly wincing at both Garrett’s grip and his reaction. Liam seemed to notice the atmosphere and looked between you and Garrett. “We were justing making the best of our partnership. I’m sure anyone else would try and be friendly too,” Liam said a little stiffly, trying to diffuse the situation.

Garrett’s eyebrow twitched upwards, “Whatever. Come on Y/N.” He ordered, tugging your arm as he brusquely walked out the door.

“Ow! Garrett! Hey, Garrett!” You raised your voice at him as he continued to pull you down the hall, only stopping after you’d both exited through the back entrance. “What are you do-“ you started to ask but were cut off as Garrett swiveled around with his hand raised, a sharp slap seeming to echo off the surrounding brick.

You held your stinging cheek in shock, head still jerked to the right from the impact. Your eyes shot upwards at a seething Garrett, glaring at you with cold blue eyes. “You’re worthless,” he spit out, the words stinging in your chest. “I’m the only one who would ever date a slut like you, and here you are trying to mess that up too.”

You’re mouth was still slightly ajar in surprise of what was happening, but you quickly shut it as your lips trembled and tears began to spring to your eyes. “What are you gonna do, cry?” he mocked condescendingly. You cast your gaze down and willed with everything you had for the tears in your eyes not to fall.

“This is your own fault Y/N. If you hadn’t have been whoring around so much lately, I wouldn’t have had to punish you.” At that, your head shot back up and you met his icy gaze with an indignant one of your own.

“I was never anything but loyal to you,” you had tried to say confidently but ended up mumbling. Garrett’s lip drew up in disgust at your comment.

“Shut up you ugly slut!” He raised his hand to strike you again, but just as you flinched and squeezed your eyes shut waiting for the impact, you heard a hard thump and a grunt of pain. Your eyes shot open to find that the thud you had heard had been the sound of Liam tackling Garrett onto the concrete.

Liam took Garrett’s momentary surprise as an opportunity to draw his arm back and punch him square in the jaw. Garrett’s head snapped over, but his arm seemed to fly forward on its own, hitting Liam in the nose with a nasty crack and knocking him from on top of the blonde. They both quickly rolled over and sprung up, facing one another with fists raised.

Bright red blood streamed from Liam’s nose, making his enraged expression even more fierce. He lunged first, striking Garrett in the temple and causing him stagger back. Liam seemed to be driven by some greater power and continued to land blow after blow, brushing off Garrett’s punches like he didn’t even feel them. After what felt like an eternity, Liam finally grabbed Garrett by the front of his jacket, and with what could only be described as super human strength, pick him up into the air and slammed him down onto the pavement.

He stood over Garrett’s groaning body, chest heaving, for a moment, making sure the jerk wasn’t going to be getting back up anytime soon. With a satisfied grunt, Liam turned towards you. You had been cowering in the corner, praying for the fight to be over as soon as possible. Liam took in the tears streaming down your face and the look of fear in your eyes and his expression immediately softened.

You watched as he slowly made his way over to you, wiping the worst of the blood off his face with the hem of his shirt before putting his hands in the air in a sign of good will. After witnessing such a horrific scene, you weren’t sure if you should be scared of him or not and you pushed your crouched body further into the corner of the building as the boy approached you.

Liam crouched down in front of you and took your trembling hand in his own. “Don’t worry Y/N, everything’s gonna be okay now. I’m never gonna let anything happen to you again, okay?” You took in his sincere expression and kind ocean eyes and nodded your head Liam ran a warm thumb over your hand.

“Whatever that douchebag told you, I want you to forget. You’re beautiful, and wonderful, and kind, and anyone would be lucky to have you.” The tears started flowing even harder and, embarrassed, you tried to hide your face from Liam. His hand gently lifted your chin upwards and he wrapped his arms around you, letting you bury your face in his chest and release the rest of your pent up emotions as he stroked your back.

After you finally, mercifully, ran out of tears, you leaned back and brushed the remaining moisture from your face. “Thank you Liam. If you didn’t show up I don’t know… anyways thank you.” You cut yourself off, not wanting to get overemotional again. Liam gave a you soft smile as he ghosted his thumb across your already bruising cheek.

“I meant what I said earlier about protecting you,” He replied meeting your gaze shyly. “I promise I’ll take care of you from now on. If you’ll let me.” You looked over his sincere expression again. Although you were definitely going to need a while before you began a new relationship, you felt like you could trust Liam to keep you and your heart safe until you were ready.

Finally, you answered his requests with a nod, the corner of your lips turning up ever so slightly. “Yeah, I think I’ll take you up on that.”

whatsaslytherclaw asked:

What's your opinion on witch's salt, particularly black salt. I'm going to have a house guest that I want out as soon as possible and thought I'd try this to speed up the process. Any other suggestions?

Black salt can help, if you want some peace and a quick but congenial exit.

If you want that troublemaker out of your house post-haste, try this:

Take a medium-sized whole onion and cut a plug out of the size. Sprinkle a little cayenne pepper into the hole.

Write the person’s name on a small slip of paper. Tuck the paper into the hole and replace the plug.

Take the onion out of your home and discard it somewhere far away. A dumpster or someone else’s trashcan will do just fine. The point is to get the onion out of your house and off you property as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Blue moon celebration!

So I’m going to do a cute wish jar for the blue moon. So if you guys want to participate, send me a wish! Only one per person, please. I’ll be writing them on slips of paper and folding them into lucky stars and filling them with glitter, and stamp them with wax to seal it up. So send your wishes!

calum on his wedding day...
  • nervously and obsessively fixing his hair
  • taking a little shot of jack daniels to ease his nerves
  • rereading the wrinkled slip of paper he wrote his vows on
  • “i’m not nervous, what are you talking about? you’re nervous!”
  • ass looking fine af in his suit 
  • classy as hell venue
  • nerves disappearing as soon as he sees his bride-to-be walking toward him
  • unabashed smiling throughout the rest of the ceremony
  • slipping in a cheeky ass grab 
  • slow dancing with his new wife to RnB
  • taking advantage of the open bar
  • leonardo dicaprio/gatsby aesthetic 
  • dance off between the groomsmen (spoiler: michael wins)
  • “we’re not playing YMCA ashton”
  • “we’re not playing the electric slide either”
  • leaving the ballroom for a quick bathroom break and when he returns, calum hears the speakers blasting “it’s fun to stay aT THE YMCA”
  • more cheeky ass grabs
  • taking the mother-son dancing very seriously
  • drunken karaoke toward the end of the night
  • savoring how it feels to say “mrs. calum hood”
  • lots of clingy affection while going back to the hotel room
  • being too tired for some sexy times so he opts for a post-wedding cuddle