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Make a sandwich and eat it. Sandwiches are well known by their feeling-killing skills.

ID DO THIS IF EVERYONE WERENT ASLEEP. it’s impossible for me to do anything in the kitchen without being loud. I drop shit. and usually hurt myself on accident. 

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the gayest, nerdiest, mavin highschool au u can find pls. ily u guys, thanks

Part of me is worried that your version of ‘gayest and nerdiest’ might be different from mine but…. I hope you enjoy! I would definitely check out these two posts though.


Slip of Paper



Summary: “Are these hearts around Gavin’s name?” the teacher asked and Michael looked confused for a moment until the teacher showed him the slip of paper again and his eyes widened in horror and realisation that the random heart designs he’d just been drawing happened to all sit around the name ‘Gavin’…

WC: 550

Detention by grapenight

Summary: Since Gavin has been in America, he’s never got a detention. He avoids getting in trouble as best he can, in attempts to show his new family that he’s good. He hasn’t played a funny prank on anyone at school, as tempting as it had been sometimes. He never said anything inappropriate to a teacher. Gavin was proud of his behavior. On the other hand, Michael went to detention like it was his job.

WC: 2,799

May I Have This Dance? by SasseriaDavies

Summary: Prom is only two weeks away, and when Gavin finds out that Michael doesn’t know how to waltz, he takes it on himself to teach the Jersey boy a few moves.

WC: 1,031

- Ave

Okay so I distinctly remember making a post where I was like “okay so, if the swords seen in the Lotr/Hobbit movies were forged in Gondolin, shouldn’t the inscriptions be in tengwar and not cirth? Because the most obvious assumption would be that they were forged by someone of Noldorin descent.

I remember some people arguing for the possibility of Sindar smiths ect. but its turns out that Gondolin actually had it’s own set of runes that, while similar, are not exactly the same as Cirth. 

Apparently Tolkien had scribbled these on a slip of paper which Christopher Tolkien later found , and while little else was written about them, they do exist!

Whether or not they took this information into account for Glamdring and Orchrist in the movies I do not know, but I think it’s really interesting and I totally stand corrected.

Would anyone be interested in winning this Michonne drawing? I used a normal #2 pencil, a Crayola Black colored pencil and a White one, a Fine Pointed Black Sharpie, and a Kleenex tissue and a Q-tip for shading.
I’m still working on it, but I’m sure I’ll have it finished by the middle of next week.. And I’d really like to give it to another Walking Dead fan so if your interested, just like and reblog this post. Once I see you’ve done one of the two, I’ll write your name on a slip of paper and put it in a Mason Jar. When I’ve decided, I’ll pick one of you as the winner.
And if I picked you as the winner and you don’t like this drawing, just tell me so. I’ll draw whichever character you do like. :) Drawing is a passion of mine, and I want people to see that. So please participate, and good luck to everyone!

Lomadia pencil sketches! Drew these while watching Hannah’s playthrough of The Last of Us. It’s nice to draw something after a longish period of not being able to draw anything that looks good.

And as you can see, I clearly know how to perfectly draw owls

If you ever notice that I’ve accidentally reblogged a repost, I 150% appreciate people who point it out! This blog is pretty much built around crediting artists; if something I reblog is uncredited or a repost, it’s not at all intentional.

Overdue PART 3 -Jack Gilinsky Imagine-

✨Thank you officialomahalane for the idea it only makes sense 💝✨

Someone tapping your car window woke you from your slumber. You rubbed your eyes to see a police officer motioning you to step out the car.

"Excuse me ma’am you know sleeping on the side of the road is illegal here in California?"

You leaned up against the car and let out a huge sigh. As if this week couldn’t get any worse.

"What’s the fine?"

"Excuse me?"

"How much do I have to fucking pay Mr. Officer!"

The police officer looked taken back but he cleared his throat and went back to his car to pull up your license and bill you the fine.

After about 20 minutes he came back with a yellow slip of paper and went back to his car and drove off. $850?!! You covered your hands with your face and again just let out another sigh. You were all cried out. You were all screamed out. All your feelings were just out. You got into your car and started to finally drive home.

You decided to take the long way back to your loft. Instead of taking the highway and the busy city streets, you took the surface streets that had all the vineyards, suburban homes, and farms. It was relaxing considering the past events that had happened.

You couldn’t get the ring of Jack’s laugh out of your head. You could forget the hurtful words he said but honestly you were starting not to care. You were actually getting over it.

Maybe Jack wasn’t meant to be a constant in your life like you hoped he be. Maybe he was one of those experiences God put in your life to learn something. But you hadn’t learned anything new that you didn’t already know. The only thing you learned was that when the people who you love and care about the most could end up hurting you the worst.

"Oh my god you’re in love with me!"

Those words were on replay. You in love with Jack! That wasn’t even possible…was it? You never thought of Jack like that and until now you were thinking it was for the best. No! You can’t love Jack hell you can’t even like Jack for all the shit that he’s done to you in the past 31 hours.

You jumped as you saw your phone ringing. You ignored it and continued driving down the empty road, but it kept beeping and you finally saw all the notifications from your friends. Text messages, Facetime calls, voicemails, Twitter mentions, and snapchats from all of the boys.


Y/N?!! Where are you??!! We all came to check on you after dinner and you’re not here! Please call us!


@Y/T/N: Babygirl please pick up your phone!


Y/N! YOUNG LADY IF YOU DONT COME HOME RIGHT NOW I’m going to cry please pick up your phone.

You giggled at Nash’s voicemail and closed your phone. It was nice to know that they were worried about you but they couldn’t make you feel any better. You also noted that Jack didn’t send you anything. Did he know? Or more importantly did he care?

Your phone beeped again. Probably another voicemail from the boys when you noticed Jack’s contact name.

"Boys said you didn’t make it home"

You shook your head. Everyone else was worried but he texted you like someone made him do it. Like the boys knew “Oh if Jack texts her then she’s sure to answer!”

You reached for your phone and opened your contacts blocking Jack’s number, Twitter, Instagram, and deleting his Snapchat. If he didn’t want you in his life then fine you were going to make it easy for him…

When you finally got home you walked in to an empty loft. Thank God you didn’t want to deal with anyone you just wanted more sleep. As you climbed the steps someone rang the doorbell. You were really contemplating just walking up to your room but you went to answer the door.

When you looked to see who was here at your house at 9 in the morning you saw Madison?

She let herself in and walked into your living room turning around to face you.

"Look Madison I don’t wanna fight with you so if you want me to apologize then fine I’ll do it."

"I don’t want your weak ass apology that I know you won’t even mean it."

You shook your head. You can’t be nice to her. Even when you tried being reasonable with her she was the one who would act like a bitch but too bad Jack couldn’t see that.

"Then get out of my house!"

"Jack told me how you confessed your love for him last night, when the boys said you didn’t make it home I was happy I thought you drove off a cliff."

"I never confessed my love to your boyfriend. You can have him. ALL OF HIM I DON’T CARE ABOUT HIM ANYMORE!"

"Sweetie I do have all of him I mean did you honestly think he’d go for someone like you, like girl look at yourself. You’re a "singer" who’s going no where in life and your EP isn’t even going to chart. You only hang out with the boys because they have more success than you and you want to be known as "That Girl Who Hangs Out With Nash Grier!" It’s really pathetic baby! You’re a self-righteous, talentless, classless, childish bitch and that’s why Jack will always pick me over you because like we’ve all been saying I’m better than you."

"No you’re not…"

Madison’s face twisted into horror as you turned around to see Jack standing behind you. You hadn’t realized you had been crying.

"Jack I told you to stay in the car!"

"You were taking too long and I wanted to see if everything was okay but I see it’s not!" He said while walking up behind you.

"How much did you hear?" You said barely audible but since Jack was so close to you he could hear it perfectly clear.

"Enough to know that you were right."

"Jack! Baby I di-"

"How dare you come and insult her like that in her house! I asked you to knock on the door to see if she made it back and when she answered we were supposed to drive away and go get food but you came in here and proved everything that all my friends and fans said about you was true so get the fuck out here and walk home bitch it’s over."

You watched as Madison stormed past you and Jack and to your front door before turning and yelling,”You! It’s always been fucking you!”

You let out the breath you had been holding in as you felt Jack’s arm wrap around your waist and him nuzzle his face into your neck.

"I’m sorry" he whispered as he planted a kiss on your neck.

You turned around and slapped him so hard he almost fell to the ground. He looked at you with wide eyes while placing a hand on his throbbing cheek.

"What was that for?!"

"You think you can come here and and and do this?!" You screamed while throwing your hands up in the air. You were confused all your feelings and emotions were rushing back and you honestly felt like you were going to blackout.

"I don’t understand Y/N we’re not together anymore!! What’s the problem?"

"The problem is…I don’t know the problem is you! Why are you being so confusing! Yesterday you were so mean to me!The words you say are forever in my heart and etched into my memory and you coming here today as if everything is okay and you break up with your girlfriend in front of me and then expect me to be fine?!!"

"Y/N I was up-"


"These past two days have been hell! My "best friend" let’s his girlfriend disrespect me and then you basically killed me with everything you said yesterday and now you want every thing to be fine huh? You just want to say this all never happened!!"

"Yeah kinda!"

"I can’t believe you Jack! You’re such a fucking di-"

Your sentence was cut off by Jack pressing his lips to yours. He held your face in his large hands and kissed you. Your eyes wide and you weren’t kissing back. You were in shock.

"Kiss me Y/N I know you want to," he said in a raspy voice as he took your bottom lip in between his teeth.

"No I don’t" you said as you gently pushed him back and began walking up the stairs to your room.

"Really Y/N! You want me to believe that! Can you even believe that?"

You ignored Jack and continued up to your room, you thought you were going to pass out from either the lack of sleep or the tingly feeling all over your body.

Jack grabbed your hand and pushed you gently up against the wall trapping you with his arms.

"You love me you know you do." He said while smirking.

"No I don’t why can’t you get that through your thick skull." You said while glaring and poking his forehead.

"Fine then….but I want you to know that I love you…. a lot and no one else has ever been truly down for me like you have. No one can make me laugh like you can. No one can make me smile randomly like you can because I’m thinking about you. No one turns me on like you can. This outfit damn," he whispered while tracing his fingertips up you thigh until got to the small amount of skin that was peeking through your tank top.

"No one does it better than you do Y/N."

He looked at you and smiled and you smiled back. You slapped him again but this time not as hard.

"That’s for saying that Cabbage Patch was better than me."

Jack laughed and stared down at you as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

"And this is for coming back," you whispered as you kissed him. His hands traveled down your ass and to the back of your thighs as he signaled you to jump and he carried you to your bedroom.

"I love you Jack Finnegan Gilinsky."

"I love you too Y/F/N," he said while lacing your fingers and kissing your neck…

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