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Monday, Feb 2-

Good morning from S’s place. I can’t sleep. He startled awake around midnight to a text coming in. I never consider who else is in anyone’s life and what they might mean to them. Which is a good thing I think. What two people share is what two people share. We are infinite beings who are in and of ourselves.

The end of my yesterday so interesting. Yoga was amazing. Always what I need. Came home showered, laundried, got ready quickly. Was messaging with Ze on the phone. He is a writer. A video game programmer. From Portugal. Seems creatively the same and from his OKC profile pics we are similar beings. I told him about my tumblr site. I’ve decided fuck it, I’m sharing my life. and so did with him as well. He said he didn’t know if he’d read it or not before we met and talked. I suggested we talk on the phone for a minute. So much quicker than waiting to meet. And yeah sure. let’s shoot the shit without the need for physicality and shared energies in the way. This is friend level shit. And it’s all it ever will be. So we did. Chatted for 20ish minutes. Back and forth. This is my story this is his. He told me ABC Bartending. He’s always wanted to be one and this seems the perfect place. he’s been back in town for a month after being in Portugal for 3. Joe rang in. His flight must have landed early. I excused myself from the call telling Ze exactly this. it was perfect. We, do in fact, share the same energy. And will have to do this and that together here and there. Be buddies. A little later he texted. Plans to get a truck to lay in the back and star gaze. Go camping. Hiking. Be active. Needs to join a gym, maybe one with a yoga studio, wants to find trails for running. I said count me out of that one… my knees have been finicky with all the hot pilates and boot camp things I’ve been doing. Makes me worried. But everything in moderation. And the yin classes are perfect.

Ze messaged, saying my blog reads like we’re laying in bed together whispering in the dark. I love it! that’s exactly it. Alicia tells all. “Refreshing and free” he continued to text more. My responses were short. I’d picked joe up. but yes, for sure, we will be creative friends, adventure buddies, sounding boards very shortly. The world is working.

Joe and I drove around. Him guiding me through town. Exploring what he already knew and me not absorbing. Listening to, taking directions as always. Will I ever learn to turn on my brain’s navigation?

What do I continue to do over and over and over and over again that isn’t serving me anymore was the question of Angela’s yoga class Sunday morning. My first thought. Sleeping with acquaintences too quickly who then I realize are only friends. So then it’s backtracking to friendship which is totally cool with me. In a way I like to know that I know people intimately but it becomes tricky when the dude is too into you. Can’t see it any other way. This is what happened to Tommy and me only reverse. Everything in life is playing itself out and that I’ve been exposed to so much allows me to deal with it all with grace. Which is the point. Thinking of tommy, suicide girls flipping through his screen saver constantly. Because he was my roommate for that little bit, exposing me. I am becoming.

Bar&Bistro is where we ended up. of course it is. the arts district. So comfortable and cozy. Probably the only place in town where wearing a red checkered bikini top and pink tank with a denim shirt over yoga pants looks appropriate. This is me. what can I say. We looked around a bit. I introduced joe to jana of jana’s red room. of course this place isn’t enough for him. Joe sells $4K paintings of cows in texas… went to bar and bistro. Chatted with tina. Ordered a margarita. It was happy hour. Starting at 4. She gave it to us 30 minutes early, buy one get one free drinks. Perfect. Chatted a bit, ordered a whiskey on the rocks next and nachos tapas on plantain chips. Headed outside where there was music. Caught the last song before they wrapped up. bluegrassy. The curse of the musician. Nobody ever goes and talks to them after it seems. These are people too. only shooting the shit with each other after they’ve just entertained. Of course they could come up and talk to the audience just as easily.. I’ll have to do it more. Just go say hey. Like your music guys and girls. Cool. Networking. Anyway. Sitting there we met FiFi. She in fact did come up to us, asked us how we’re doing. Office manager at B&B for 30 years. Phyllis is her name. from Dallas and OK originally. A Bible belt lady is home to her but after losing her fiancé came back to vegas. It takes you in and keeps you busy for sure. she seemed genuinely happy. I’d mentioned I want to bartend. She said I’d have to start as a barback more than likely. That’s fine I said. I just want to help out. she said to look around. I said I only want to work there. Otherwise no big deal. She said it’s slow season. That march/april is when it picks up. I said I’ll be back. and on our way out I rubbed her back and said goodbye as she was sitting at the bar. Tina’d brought us our bill outside. $30 for 6 drinks and nachos. This is what loved about vegas so much last time I was here. I paid in cash $41. She asked if I had my resume. I’ll have to bring one back asap. And then too sign up for bartending school. ABC with Ze. We get a discount for it being the two of us. put yourself out there and the world opens up. global connectivity. We’re all in this together people. Not getting any younger.

Drove back to the house. Showed joe around. He loved it. put on music with my new bose aqua colored system. I readied myself for this date of which now I’ve invited joe to partake. All S said was Ok. Ok. “that’s fine” maybe. it worked out perfectly. He’d been waiting in the car for us when we arrived. Wonder why he didn’t get a table. Doesn’t matter. I hugged him and they shook hands. I’d worn a pretty pink vintage slip nightgown with a slim fitting blue sweater over, gold and neon chartruse sandals. No compliments initially, but that’s ok. One eventually back at S’s place. dinner was good. too much as all eating out experiences tend to be. Especially with joe. We shared a gyro platter. Shane got eggplant parmesan. Dips for appetizer. Drinks- mojito for joe, classic and I would have gotten it too just because but didn’t want to copy everything he does. So got a pink grapefruit martini instead. Classy. S got jack and coke. Conversation was good. so thankful for joe to be there because what would we have talked about otherwise. Who knows.

Kitty is crying now. I should go back to bed. I don’t know about us being roommates. We’ll have to see how the month plays out. things work naturally if you don’t become brain crazy and freak the fuck out. Alicia.

Simply everyone needs affection. Someone to care about. Finding your match. An equal who’s balanced yet challenging. Brilliant and beautiful. Who are they? And where?


Quick video of Melanie Talkington from @laceembrace tightening up her corset before the second day of shooting. This was a very light, eyelet summer style, and looked amazing paired with her slipdress. #corset #corsets #lingeries #lingerieaddict #tightlacing #waisttraining #intimates #fashion #handmade #luxury #pink


Interview by Will Beeker

The multitalented Aussie is most known for her role on the History Channel’s first scripted series, Vikings, but her career was incepted long before as a teenager in the opposite corner of the world. Born in Brisbane, Sutherland’s modeling career took flight at the age of fifteen. She quickly landed her first shoot with Vogue Australia, sparking a supermodel career as the face of Chanel and Bvlgari. Soon thereafter, Sutherland booked several roles in films and television shows such as The Devil Wears Prada, Day on Fire, and New Amsterdam. We say she is just getting started.

What do you miss the most about Australia?
My family. All of my family is there. So they’re definitely number 1 on the list and secondly the food. I love our meat pies, and sausage rolls, and I think we actually have really decent junk food.

Are you getting acclimated to LA food?
Sure, yeah. I’ve been spending time now in LA for a while, for about three years. So I think I’m pretty acclimated. I drink green juice. [Laughs]

In ‘n out?
I prefer Umami. I love Umami burgers. It’s definitely my favorite burger place.

You started modeling as a teenager. Did you get into acting at the same time, or was that something that came later?
The acting itself came a little bit later, but when I was younger, I was really interested in acting. But then I dropped Drama in high school to take chemistry, of all things, because acting didn’t seem like a sure thing. But when I started traveling and modeling, I realized that acting can be a next step for a lot of girls and it sort of came my way. I studied with coaches and thought, “All right, I really love this.”

And your character wasn’t exactly warmly received by the fans.
Yeah, I know there was a little bit of annoyance out there, but I tried to stay away from their comments because that can inform how I feel about my character. I liked to come in with fresh eyes and let her fly, and let her do her thing, without being colored by other people’s opinions. I adore her, and hey, if people love to hate me, great! Then I’ve done my job to entertain people.

I think they’re starting to warm up to you.
I don’t really mind if they don’t. If you like everybody on a TV show or film, where’s the story? I love my role. I really adore her.

Do you get to make decisions about your character such as her wardrobe?
Yeah, I mean [writer] Michael [Hirst] will call me when he has some ideas every now and then. There was a moment in season 3, he had written a line for me and then he took it out but I had fallen in love with it. So I took him to dinner over a line. [Laughs] We’re invested. We all care a lot and I was like, “You know what, I don’t even care. Let’s push it. I don’t mind saying this.” And he put it back that. I’m not going to tell you what line it was, but it was a very human realistic thing to me and I felt pretty strongly about it and he was receptive which is awesome. When I first read it I was like, “Wow,that’s pretty cool.” I’m sure one line doesn’t matter in the great scheme of things but when you’re on a show you’re thinking about every single word that comes out of your mouth and why it comes out of your mouth and yeah, I had loved it. He’s really great and receptive to our ideas but you have to trust Michael Hirst, I mean, he’s Michael Hirst. I’m thrilled with the stuff that he writes. It’s so exciting to me. And I mean, with the costumes, Joan Bergin is incredible. The stuff that she makes is amazing. I think it’s really exciting that Aslaug is a queen now. That’s a really cool thing. And Joan Bergin has done a really great job with everything.

What’s the most interesting fact you’ve learned about Viking culture?
Being a female, I love the fact that we’re showing the comparison of females in Viking society to females in England and other parts of the world. I love that we’re giving that very direct comparison about the way females were treated, be it fairly or poorly, and it’s fascinating to me that Viking societies were really quite democratic in terms of land. I had no idea. Me, being a female, I love that we show that on the show and give these comparisons about the paganism and Christianity, which is a big issue that’s going on in season three.

Vikings shoots on location in Ireland. What was it like shooting there?
It’s so stunning. It’s so beautiful; it’s kind of ridiculous. [Laughs] I can’t believe we filmed there. We have one exterior location on a lake and it’s stunning with the sunshine. My iPhone is filled with pictures of green [laughs]. Everything’s so green, and lush, and gorgeous.

Do you have any advice for young girls about surviving in the working world?
Females are still, in certain cases, brought up to be a little bit submissive, and I think trusting your gut and standing up for yourself is a really good skill to have. I’m not saying go out and be demanding and a diva, there’s a difference and a line and you shouldn’t cross that. But listening to your gut and standing up for yourself is an incredible skill for females to possess. Unfortunately, a lot of us women learn this later. If your gut is telling you something, trust it. That’s what I think.








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