slinky cats

The Signs as Things My Best Friend Has Said
  • Capricorn: That’s a long cat. It’s a slinky cat. It’s a weiner cat.
  • Aquarius: *flings noodle across table* Fucking Shit!
  • Pisces: I want animals in heaven. Except for ducks. Ducks are fucked up.
  • Aries: Thank God for negligent cops!
  • Taurus: *looks at our faceswap* Let's have kids
  • Gemini: oh shit I’m at a gay ass party
  • Cancer: you're number one, cause you're wearing yellow and pee is number one. everyone else is number two: they're poo
  • Leo: *at anything* me!
  • Virgo: you could be a comedian and use me as your material! what, are you writing that one down?
  • Libra: I too get my drugs in the mail. It’s anthrax. They’re out to get me.
  • Scorpio: My vocabulary consists of “gay” and “you are”.
  • Sagittarius: That’s the gayest little fruit car I’ve ever seen.

I’ve been seeing a few mini-fics floating around involving Thor and Loki as dogs/cats and… I just wanted to write them as kitties too.

But I was writing for a few hours before this so it’s like…. nothing.

Hit by one of those damn cars the night before, Loki had spent hours howling out in pain, his hope dwindling as the night moved in to day. Until a blessed woman pulled over.

She spoke softly, cooing and making kissy noises at him as she crouched down and carefully reached out to pet him. Loki liked her voice and the fact that she wasn’t in those ugly pants or wielding a net like those infernal animal catchers. He dragged himself closer, yowling pitifully as one of his hind legs dragged behind him.

She had scooped him up at once, taking him away from that wretched patch of dirt and gravel - only to take him somewhere that smelled like death and medicine. He hated her for that. Well, for the few moments before he was poked with something and fell in to a very heavy nap.

He woke sometime later with his mind in a fog and his face buried in fluff. The fluff was purring, he realized as the fog lifted a bit. The fluff was also licking him.

“Augh!” He shoved himself back, blinking as his vision doubled. Another cat was  stretched out beside him, a big orange thing with blue eyes, pink tongue hanging from his mouth.

“What do you think you’re doing? Who are you?” He glanced around the room. It was, well, a room. He couldn’t remember if he’d been in one before. “Where am I?”

“Home,” the other cat purred, “and you smelled like the vet, so I’d thought I give you a bath.”

Loki looked down at himself, finding that his hurt leg had been put in something hard and bright green. At least it didn’t hurt so much anymore.

“What’s this on my neck?” He asked next, giving his head a shake and feeling something around his throat.

“A collar!” The other cat chirped. “I have one too,” he added, lifting his chin so Loki could catch a glimpse of red that parted the thick fur on his neck.

“So, what’s your name?” the other cat asked when he brought his chin back down.

“Loki,” he said, suddenly feeling exhausted. “You never told me your name.”

“Oh, I’m Thor,” he said as he sat up. “I always wanted a brother.”

Loki let out a hmmph, letting his head drop down. “Lovely.”

Two baby and one awkward teenage manticore(s)! I never draw them with wings because I hate ruining the lines of slinky cat monsters with bulky old wings. Plus the wings are a late addition to the lore, so if anyone asks, I can pretend that I REALLY REALLY CARE about maintaining Pliny the Elder’s grand vision.

Slinky update: Just went to see him at the hospital and he is still having seizures, just less severe. They are trying to get it so we can take him home soon but it turns out that to drop his meds he is getting for assisting with the high red blood cells and the low sugar it has to be done slowly and the soonest he could come home is likely to be Friday night and will all the medication they have given him the cost to take him home Friday (tomorrow) night is now close to $5,000. 😰

I will draw anyone anything for any cost.

I have no idea how else to come up with enough to bring him home safely.

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