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Luck Be A Daisy

Characters- Sam x Reader

Summary- A fall picnic with your dog ends up being more eventful than originally expected. 

Word Count- 1,003

Warnings- None. Just utter, devastating Sam fluff.

A/N- This is part of @idreamofhazel‘s Traits of Sam Challenge! The prompt was Sam + Dogs, so how could I pass up the adorableness of Sammy with a doggy? This is also dedicated to @jpadjackles for being the best smol a girl could ask for. She’s such a blessing in my life and a ray of sunshine. Really though, she’s the best and you really should give her a follow if you haven’t already. x

Really, it could have only happened to you.

An early fall picnic with your dog sounded like such a great idea when you had it earlier that morning, before you’d even had your coffee. Though the reality was much harsher than your 8 am brain had anticipated. Your golden retriever Daisy was very well-mannered despite her youth, making taking her out so easy. The trouble was that she was like a live-wire for some reason today.

The entire way to the park, she pulled at her leash and whacked you repeatedly with her overexcited tail. Prancing excitedly at your feet, she waited for you to settle down in a nice spot on the grass. Smoothing out the plaid blanket, you sank to your knees and sat cross-legged as you started pulling food out of your bag. Daisy waited none-too-patiently as you pulled out her bowl and food, excited to eat.

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“style” is my favorite song off 1989 and my a cappella group mashed it with “boom clap” and taylorswift if u ever watched this i would cry for approx. 6 days and then probably die?