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The Bestiary: Hagfish

There is just something about prehistoric ages that is flat out terrifying. For some reason the days of yore were teeming with the most repulsive, frightening creatures ever culled from the worst nightmares of a thousand horror game devs. From 2.5-meters-long centipede Arthropleura to Parapuzosia, an ammonite that measured two meters across at least, the olden days were not user friendly to modern-day humans.


Now consider that all these horrifying fucks have died out - from the tiniest trilobite to the most enormous Godzilla-tier ground sloth. But some of them remained, unchanging despite millenia of geological and meteorological change patiently trying to fuck them over. They remained, watching, loathing. (Except for the velvet worms. Velvet worms are adorable.)

And we’re going to look at a prime example of this kind of terror today. Ladies and gentlesquids: the hagfish.

No, before you ask, Eptatretus stoutii is not some kind of throwback nematodan worm that gets a kick out of living in whales’ guts. This is, against all odds, really a fish. It is, however, from a more ancient time, and thus doesn’t yet know how to properly fish.

How ancient it is? Well, it still has no jaw.

Oh, you thought that big round opening on its head that definitely looks like a closable jaw is its mouth? Tough luck, slugger;that’s actually its nose. The mouth, on the other hand, is a horrid mix of the dreaded Vagina Dentata and sandpaper. Seriously, the lamprey has nothing on this shit.

*inhumane screaming*

Holy disturbing imagery, Batman!

but if you think this is the most disgusting thing about the hagfish, think a-fucking-gain. There’s yet more to come.

First of all, the hagfish is known for one of the most revolting, yet effective defense mechanisms in the animal world. If having an enormous vagina for a face wasn’t enough of an allusion to Hedorah already, it protects itself from the big asshole predators by flooding the surrounding water with shitloads of slime. And when I say shitloads, I mean shitloads.

These are things man was not meant to see

The hagfish’s slime is one of the best biofilaments in the entire world, being able to clog up state-of-the-art diving equipment and suffocate even the most pants-shittingly terrifying predatory animals that are more or less the Mega Evolutions of ordinary sea life. What’s even better, the hagfish can produce more or less infinite amounts of it, so if it wanted to drown human civilization in a tidal wave of slime and then feast on our souls for all eternity, it could have done it already, with relative ease.

Thankfully, it’s not interested in puny mortals. What it’s interested in is eating, eating, and then eating some more; it’s every chef’s dream client, if said chef has a stomach made of adamantium and thus he doesn’t vomit his stomach out at the way in which the hagfish eats.

This little slimy fuck is an opportunistic scavenger, which means that if it happens upon a sufficiently tasty-looking corpse, it will immediately dig in. Literally.

In order to eat, the hagfish first tears its way to the corpse’s innards. However, since it’s physically puny, it needs to boost its momentum… which it does by literally tying a knot onto itself.


After it breaks in, the hagfish nestles itself in the body cavity, and starts reenacting the Alien movies.

The hagfish will eat the corpse from the inside out, some parts with its eldritch, jawess mouth, but most of it with its bare skin. Oh, yeah, did I forget to mention the fact that they can eat through their skin? Silly me.

WIP of a painting I might finish? The reason I’m not finishing stuff is because I’m trying to learn new techniques very quickly. I’m trying to catch up on like a decade of fundamental art skillz.

The red eyed OC is Sriyn, a Yairik [9 ft tall semi aquatic beings]. Belongs to @vincealvarino

The yellow eyed OC is Voil, a Codeling [5 ft organic calculators with hilariously exaggerated facial features on purpose]

Sriyn thought he could put the moves on Voil by getting him to stand on a furniture item or something, so that they could be eye-level while he tells him something gay. Voil is usually very reserved and probably won’t reciprocate directly. He’s one of -those- characters 9 < 9


The Hagfish Is the Slimy Sea Creature of Your Nightmares   

The hagfish is a slime-emitting ocean-dweller that’s remained unchanged for 300 million years–and it shows. It has a skull (but no spine), velvet smooth skin, and a terrifying pit of a mouth that’s lined with rows of razor-sharp teeth.

From: CRAZY MONSTERS: Sea Creatures 

(via: Smithsonian Channel)



Little Jekyll would probably share his candy with you [peppermints, most likely] while rambling about how cool mad science is in his wee little Scottish accent.

Young Hyde couldn’t and shouldn’t exist bUT if he did he’d sneak out of his well off parents place all the time and pretend to be a street urchin, beats up kids twice his size, and constantly has some slimy creature or various insects in various pockets.

anonymous asked:

Investigate: The sewers. Maybe there are some clues to help you find the Crew's hidden lair!

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah…I’m going to pass on this one. Tromping around in the cities aqueducts and sewage canals is not an activity I foresee bearing much fruit or leads.

Not to mention, do you even know what kind of things live down there? Horrible slimy scaled creatures of urban legend and lore that were likely flushed down respective toilets after they were no longer considered cute and adorable by would be pet owners.  Who then grew to full size and now roam the sewers.  Full of nasty teeth and nastier dispositions.

…but enough about Mister Slick! I hear there are also alligators down there too!

Strange reports of “slimy” creature in woods actually describe local scientist’s son

By Shandra Jimenez

GRAVITY FALLS, Ore. — Strange reports from local residents have come forth regarding sightings of a creature described in anonymous tips as “slimy” and “maggot-like,” near the local tourist trap, The Mystery Shack.

Other witness reports, though rare, describe the subject as having pasty skin and a misshapen appearance.

Gravity Falls News reached out to Mystery Shack resident, Stanford “Ford” Pines, currently on an expedition in the arctic region of the Atlantic Ocean with his brother, Stanley.

“That’s my son,” Pines remarked, upon hearing some of the wording of the anonymous reports, calling the statements “rude,” despite conceding that the subject, a shape-shifter, can indeed be described as slimy and maggot-like.

“My son is now in Dimension 52 with my good friend Jheselbraum, training to be her apprentice,” Pines said. “He will not cause any problems in Gravity Falls.”

He then said, with finality, “Also, they (meaning the people of Gravity Falls) can mind their own business.”




Although Morning Star is the most powerful angel in Heaven and he rarely ever shows his true form unlike most angels, if he’s faced with death, he has an emergency defense mechanism that allows him to have a burst of power to sustain himself in near death situations.

When Morning is “defeated”, he feigns death by stopping his breathing and staying perfectly still. He can stay this way for as long as three hours. At any given moment, he can reveal that his humanoid form is nothing more than an empty vessel for his true form; a large, winged, slimy cyclops-like creature that claws its way out of his “body” to viciously attack his enemies. Lucifer is greatly ashamed of his true form, which he finds his true self revolting and uses a vessel to hide it.

Thoughts on this fandom!

I never understood how some people live with themselves. Like honestly how doesn’t your inner evil eat you up from the inside? Who are you? Where the fuck did you grow up? What made you like this? Who hurt you? And most importantly are you really that weak that you must opt for hurting and abusing others just to survive that? Do you even see what that makes you now? 

Of course you don’t. You don’t want to, you tell yourself you’re righteous, a hero. Oh no, no you’re not. You’re a slimy, low creature, reveling in your own pain, feeding on your hate. 

But do you want to hear what’s the most ironic thing of all. You send out hate to the world hoping it  would make you relevant. A kind of attitude that says: “if you don’t love me at least now you’ll hate me. You will notice me! You will feel something for me!” But my poor, delusional soul. We do not even hate you. No, that would require actual energy.  We simply pity you. And even that for a short period of time.. because you can’t touch us, you never could. ‘Cause we know love and you, blind creature, you do not. And with this attitude you likely never truly will. And that’s just sad.


I had LOTS of ideas for villains OCs long before the WOY Villain Leaderboard thing came along, so i couldn’t wait to make my very own villain once i heard about it! It was hard to choose which villain to make first, but i thought this one would be perfect!

Jellupatoxians are a tribe of slimy little creatures that eat, drink and breath poison. Though they are very small and adorable, they are also quite cruel. For a while now they have took over and enslaved a forest full of innocent spiders so that they can extract the poison from their bodies and make they do all of their dirty work. General Jellupa (Their leader)’s goal is to spread poisonous gases all through out the galaxy, by using their intelligent minds to create an army of indestructible spider bots! They only speak in their own native language (Which is mostly just gibberish) and they can be quite short tempered and bossy. So just imagine an army full of Commander Peepers.


Kai had just finished releasing the final few Lusii back into their habitats. It was mainly just a couple dogs. Now he had to do the task of dragging Oscar back into the ocean “Come on! You have to go home!” He had gathered the slimy creature in his arms trying to bring it out the door, but it wasn’t working all to well.

Finally he managed to bring the octopus to the crashing waves a few feet from his hive “There. Now get going, you have to go back home OK?” The octopus grabbed onto his arm and tried to drag him with it “No Oscar, you have to go by yourself this time.” He went out to about waist deep water and pried the other off of him, then pushed him off “OK, see ya when it gets colder!” He waved the other off then walked back to shallower water and sat down. He breathed in with the gills on his waist and sighed, he hadent been out in the actual ocean for quite a long while.