slimy creatures

Suppose humans were the only ones to release bodily fluids— at all. Like all other species excrete waste by breathing it out as a gas, or just burn it up inside their bodies or something.

Imagine the unlucky humans on the first interspecies crew who have to explain what toilets are to the aliens.

“So, you guys can’t use all the nutrients you injest?”


“So you just… release them. Only they’re a biohazard now?”



Imagine the first time the humans and aliens play sports together and the aliens are shocked when their crewmates are suddenly all wet.

“Crewman Jeff? Are you okay? You appear to be… leaking.”

Not to mention the possibility that we could actually be dangerous to aliens. 

Maybe we’d have to wear special suits so that the aliens wouldn’t have to worriy about touching us and being burned by the salt in our sweat or the oils secreted by our skin. Maybe humans who were ill, even if it was just a cold, would have to be confined to sickbay and quarantined because the human body’s main way of fighting disease is to spray germs absolutely everywhere and not all aliens have our robust immune systems.

We’d just be these weird slimy, sticky creatures that everyone was slightly grossed ut by and afraid of.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Pairing: Jonathan x Reader (If you squint real hard)

Warnings: Demagorgon, Weapon use, So many interruptions ;-; (and as usual) mediocre writing.

Words: 1,325

A/n: This is just a random reader-insert of what would happen if they were in it too. Like going along with Jonny Boi and Nan Wheels, chasing and being chased by the demagorgon.

Summary: You end up at Jon’s house with Steve at the wrong time and trouble comes-a-knocking’.

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song of the day for 11/4/17:

Demilich- And The Slimy Flying Creatures Reproduced In Your Brains

like we’re still dead

After the war, the King in the North travels to the Vale and takes a wife. 

dedicated to: @zip00198704​ for the first round of the @jonsaexchange. I tried to include as many of the  things you said you liked in the fic: wistful tenderness, a bit of angst, fierceness, false identity and [very light] smut. 

tags: jon pov, jon snow/alayne stone, trauma induced memory loss, sex wearing only stark furs, foreplay, threatening littlefinger with bodily harm, implied past baelish/sansa dubcon, jon thinks sansa is alayne, sansa thinks she’s alayne

3.5k words, title from  still by the japanese house. 

notes: 1) baeless’ motivations are not made explicit for the political marriage of his “daughter” to the kitn. he basically just doesn’t care that sansa and jon are brother and sister and is a creep who gets off on telling her to do stuff. basically all you need to know is he’s a creep. he plays only a minor plot role in this story i think he has two lines? 2) shoutout to jade_masquarade on a03 for inspiring this. i have talked to you only in the comment sections of our various fics but you seem great <3

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The “Princess” and The “Frog”

For @i-dont-know-how-to-write ‘s meet-cute challenge. 



“Oh, my God!” Charlie squealed. “You look so hot!”

You laughed. “Thanks? I wasn’t really sure what to wear, so I just grabbed my old prom dress and, uh, I guess I’m a… princess?”

“Love it!” Charlie pulled you into her home, leading you into the crowd. “And we don’t have one here yet.”

You looked around at the party guests. You saw a lot of typical costumes—skeletons, ghosts, Frankenstein’s monsters, vampires. You saw some ‘pop culture’ costumes—comic book characters, movie and TV characters. You recognized some of the people underneath their costumes, but there were a lot of faces you didn’t know.

You tried to enjoy the party but after a while, you grew overwhelmed. You made sure no one was watching before slipping out the patio door.

You took a few deep breaths, inhaling the crisp autumn air. The air was cool but it felt good on your skin. You looked down at the dress; you’d had to do some altering to make it fit, but you still liked how it looked on you.

“Now if only I had my Prince Charming,” you said with a slight twirl of your skirt.

“Prince Charming, eh?”

You turned back towards the house, expecting to see one of the guests.

You were alone.

“Must be the Halloween spirits,” you said to yourself, sitting on the bench in Charlie’s backyard.

“No spirits,” the voice said again.

You looked around; still alone. “Okay, seriously, Charlie, what’s going on?”

“Name’s Dean, not Charlie.”

You felt something brush against your skirt. Looking down, you saw a green blob rustle against your dress before hopping up to the bench next to you.

A frog.

“Okay, that Jungle Juice must’ve been stronger than I thought,” you said, looking at the frog. “It’s got me thinking frogs can talk.”

“I can, Princess.”

You jumped up in surprise, nearly tripping on your skirt. “What the hell?!”

“Easy, Princess. I can explain.”

“Nope,” you said, gathering your skirt and heading for the door. “Nope, nope, nope.”

“Wait!” The frog hopped over to you, stopping in front of you. “Please, let me explain.”

You looked through the patio door; the party was still in full swing, but you didn’t need someone looking up and seeing you talking to a frog. You headed back to the bench, turning your back to the house.

The frog hopped up on the bench next to you, peering up at you with those weird yellowish eyes. “Okay,” the frog said. “So. My name is Dean.”


“I wasn’t always a frog. I used to be human. An important one, if I do say so myself.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah. My dad, brother and I own a law firm. Winchester—heard of it?”

“God, of course, you’re a lawyer. Gone from one slimy creature to another.”

“It’s not slime, it’s mucus,” Dean said indignantly.


Dean huffed. “Anyway. I was this high-power lawyer, right? And apparently one of my clients was a witch and she didn’t think we won the case correctly and she…” The frog indicated at its body, a surprisingly human gesture. “Did this to me.”

“So, what you’re saying is that witches exist and one turned you into a frog on Halloween because you didn’t win her a big enough settlement?”


You shook your head; how had you gotten to this point where you were listening to a frog?

“Look, I think we can help each other.”

You peered down at the amphibian. “How?”

“You remember that old fairy tale? The Frog Prince?”

You didn’t like where this was going. “Uh-huh…”

“So… you kiss me, I’ll turn back into a human.”

“What’s in it for me?”

“My brother’s single.”

You rolled your eyes.

“Hey, you’re the one who said you wanted a Prince Charming. He’s the closest you’ll get.” Dean paused. “I can also pay you.”

“I’m not a prostitute.”

“I didn’t…”

You sighed. “This… won’t get out, will it? You won’t tell anyone?”

“Sweetheart, I don’t want to tell anyone about any part of this. It could ruin me.”

You held your hand out, letting the frog hop into it. You took a deep breath, shut your eyes, pursed your lips, and…

Your body felt cold once your lips met the frog’s. It also felt like someone was squeezing you in a giant hug. When you opened your eyes, you found yourself shrouded in darkness.

And… cloth.

You managed to scramble out of whatever was trapping you, finding yourself on the bench. Everything seemed normal.

But Dean the frog still sat in front of you.

“Oh, shit,” he said.

“What?” You looked around.

And then down.

“What the hell?!”

“Calm down,” Dean said, hopping over to you.

“Don’t touch me! You did this to me!” You looked down at your webbed fingers, your green skin. “God, and here I was worried about getting warts. But no, I turned into a fucking frog!”

“It’s okay. We can work this out,” Dean said.


At that moment, the patio door opened. “Y/N?” Charlie called. “You out here?”

“We need to go,” Dean said, hopping off towards the bushes.

“But… what about Charlie?”

“She can’t help us. The fewer people involved, the better.”

You followed after Dean. “But what about my dress? What if she sees it laying there and thinks I was abducted or dragged off and raped?”

“She’ll probably just think you had too much to drink and decided to streak through the neighborhood.”

“Please. She’d never think that about me.”

Dean looked back at you. “No?”

You opened your mouth to argue but closed it. “College was a weird time, okay? And it only happened once or twice.”


“I don’t need any judgment from you, Froggy.” You looked around; Dean was leading you through a residential neighborhood. “Where are we going?”

“I, uh… have a friend who may be able to help us.”

“A friend?”

“Yeah, he’s, uh… well, he’s kind of this voodoo guy.”


“He swears by it.”

“You know a voodoo guy and instead of going to him in the first place, you made me kiss you and turned me into a frog?”

“Can you blame me? Would you go to a friend in frog form? It’s embarrassing. Besides, you…”

“What about me?”

Dean quickly turned away. “Nothing.”


“All right, this is his place.”

The two of you sat on the porch, staring up at the door. It looked like a completely normal house (even though it stuck out by not being decorated for the holiday), not at all what you thought a voodoo… person would live in.

“Okay, I’m gonna hop up and ring the doorbell and then we’ll be fixed.”

You watched as Dean jumped in vain, constantly missing the doorbell.

“What the hell is this?” a scruffy faced man said, opening the door. He peered down at the two of you. “Frogs? Well, I’m not exactly craving frog legs, but how can you deny a meal when it shows up at your doorstep?”

You started to jump away in fear, but Dean stood his ground. “Crowley! It’s me. Dean.”

“Dean? Dean Winchester?”

“Look, man, I need your help.” Dean glanced over at you. “We need your help.”

Crowley crouched down, picking Dean up. “What have you gotten yourself into?”

“It’s a long story. Can you change us back?”

“We can try.” Crowley’s other hand darted out, grabbing you around your midsection. He carried the two of you into his house, setting you on his kitchen table.

“Um… are you sure we can trust this guy?” you asked, looking around at all the weird and slightly dangerous items strewn around Crowley’s kitchen.

“Best voodoo man I know.” Dean paused. “Well, he’s the only voodoo man I know, but still.”

“So,” Crowley said from the stove, throwing unsavory looking (and smelling) ingredients into a pot. “What happened, Winchester?”


“A witch turned him into a frog because he didn’t win her case the way she wanted,” you interjected. “And then this slime-ball said if I kissed him, he’d turn back. But instead, I got roped into this bullshit.”

“Mucus, not slime,” Dean argued.

Crowley turned back, staring at Dean. “Since when did your dad let you back into the firm?”

Dean croaked slightly. “I…”

“What do you mean, let you back in?” you asked. “You said you were a lawyer.”

Dean sighed. “I was. But…”


“I was never in the law game, all right? I never got the thrill of winning a case. My dad did, my brother did. But I… I wanted something different. So I stopped putting in effort and my dad let me leave.”

“More like he fired you,” Crowley said with a smirk.

“Shut up, Crowley.”

“You son of a bitch!” You lunged at him, fingers dying to wrap around his slimy throat.

“Hey, whoa, easy!” Dean hopped backward, nearly falling off the table. “Look, I’m sorry I lied, but if you remember, I told you I’d introduce you to my brother. He’s the high-powered lawyer, not me. I’ll still introduce you, I promise.”

“She’s not mad about the introduction,” Crowley said, stirring the pot. “She’s mad that you lied.”

Dean looked over at you, sheepishly. “Sorry.”

You gave a slight nod. “I just want this to be done with.” You glanced at the man at the stove. “Are you sure this will work?”

“Well, usually I’m doing the opposite, turning people into less than desirable creatures, but I don’t see why it won’t work.”

That was less than comforting but you really had nothing else to cling to. Crowley finished up his potion before bringing two shot glasses over to the table.

“All right, you two. Drink up.”

The smell was unholy but you were already sick and tired of the slime (ahem, mucus) on your skin. You grabbed the glass with both hands and tipped the potion back into your throat.

“Whoa,” Dean said. “You sure you only streaked a few times?”


Crowley bid you two adieu (after rubbing a balm on your backs that would allow you to slip into your homes under the door). He said that the potion should kick in by morning; Crowley would send one of his shadow friends to check in on you. If you weren’t back to normal, he’d swing by and try option B.

You and Dean sat on the sidewalk in front of Crowley’s house. “Well… this is certainly a Halloween I’ll remember.”

“Look, I’m sorry. Really. For… everything.”

“It’s… fine. But you better pray that Crowley knows what he’s doing. If we’re not back to normal in the morning, I will hunt you down and plop you in the fryer myself.”

Dean chuckled. “Deal.”

As you hopped away, he called after you.

“Look, for what it’s worth… you looked really pretty in that dress earlier.”


In the morning, you woke up in your bed and in your human body.

For whatever reason, you felt the need to check in on Dean. You hoped he was back to normal. So you pulled on some clothes and drove to a location you’d never imagined you’d be at.

“Welcome to Winchester Law,” the secretary said when you walked in. “How can I help you?”

“Um, I need to see Dean.”

“Dean? Dean Winchester?”


“He no longer works here.”

“Well, yeah, I’d heard that, but I was hoping you could tell me where he lives?”

The secretary gave you a strange look. “I’m sorry, ma’am. I can’t divulge that information.”

“What information?” A tall man with dark hair stepped up.

“She’s looking for Dean.”

“What do you want with my brother?” the man asked. His tone wasn’t accusatory but you could tell he was wary of what your answer might be.

“I just… need to see him. We had a mishap last night and I–”

“Mishap? What happened?”

“It’s not that big of a deal. But I just want to make sure he’s okay.”

The man studied you for a few moments before nodding. He reached over and grabbed a post-it from the secretary’s desk, scribbling an address and a phone number on it. “If he’s not home, please call me. He’s got a few hideouts; I’ll help you search for him.”

“Thank you, Mr. Winchester.”

“Please. Call me Sam.”


You pulled up in front of the address Sam had given you. It was a decent home, the lawn was well kept. You stepped up to the front door, ringing the bell. You were about to ring it again when the door opened.


“Well, I see the potion worked.”

The man in front of you was… tall, well-built, muscular. His eyes were the same green his skin had been last night. His sandy hair was sleep-tousled, sticking up at odd angles. It was an odd contrast to the well-dressed brother you’d met earlier.

“How’d you find me?”

“I went to your law firm. Well, your family’s law firm. Your brother gave me your address.”

Dean nodded. “So much for my promise to introduce you to your Prince Charming.”

You shook your head. “It’s… he’s not my type.”

The air between the two of you was still, awkward.

“Well,” you said, taking a step back. “I just wanted to see if you were still slimy, and now I see you’re not, so… I’ll be on my way.”

As you stepped down the porch, something occurred to you. Turning, you saw Dean still watching you. “Hey, you never did tell me what exactly happened.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you said a client turned you into a frog because you didn’t get the settlement. But Crowley said you got fired. So how exactly did you get turned into a frog?”

The corner of Dean’s mouth rose slightly, his green eyes sparkling. “Can I tell you over a cup of coffee?”

Your heart fluttered slightly. Was this a date? “So long as it tastes better than whatever it was that Crowley gave us last night.”


The Bestiary: Hagfish

There is just something about prehistoric ages that is flat out terrifying. For some reason the days of yore were teeming with the most repulsive, frightening creatures ever culled from the worst nightmares of a thousand horror game devs. From 2.5-meters-long centipede Arthropleura to Parapuzosia, an ammonite that measured two meters across at least, the olden days were not user friendly to modern-day humans.


Now consider that all these horrifying fucks have died out - from the tiniest trilobite to the most enormous Godzilla-tier ground sloth. But some of them remained, unchanging despite millenia of geological and meteorological change patiently trying to fuck them over. They remained, watching, loathing. (Except for the velvet worms. Velvet worms are adorable.)

And we’re going to look at a prime example of this kind of terror today. Ladies and gentlesquids: the hagfish.

No, before you ask, Eptatretus stoutii is not some kind of throwback nematodan worm that gets a kick out of living in whales’ guts. This is, against all odds, really a fish. It is, however, from a more ancient time, and thus doesn’t yet know how to properly fish.

How ancient it is? Well, it still has no jaw.

Oh, you thought that big round opening on its head that definitely looks like a closable jaw is its mouth? Tough luck, slugger;that’s actually its nose. The mouth, on the other hand, is a horrid mix of the dreaded Vagina Dentata and sandpaper. Seriously, the lamprey has nothing on this shit.

*inhumane screaming*

Holy disturbing imagery, Batman!

but if you think this is the most disgusting thing about the hagfish, think a-fucking-gain. There’s yet more to come.

First of all, the hagfish is known for one of the most revolting, yet effective defense mechanisms in the animal world. If having an enormous vagina for a face wasn’t enough of an allusion to Hedorah already, it protects itself from the big asshole predators by flooding the surrounding water with shitloads of slime. And when I say shitloads, I mean shitloads.

These are things man was not meant to see

The hagfish’s slime is one of the best biofilaments in the entire world, being able to clog up state-of-the-art diving equipment and suffocate even the most pants-shittingly terrifying predatory animals that are more or less the Mega Evolutions of ordinary sea life. What’s even better, the hagfish can produce more or less infinite amounts of it, so if it wanted to drown human civilization in a tidal wave of slime and then feast on our souls for all eternity, it could have done it already, with relative ease.

Thankfully, it’s not interested in puny mortals. What it’s interested in is eating, eating, and then eating some more; it’s every chef’s dream client, if said chef has a stomach made of adamantium and thus he doesn’t vomit his stomach out at the way in which the hagfish eats.

This little slimy fuck is an opportunistic scavenger, which means that if it happens upon a sufficiently tasty-looking corpse, it will immediately dig in. Literally.

In order to eat, the hagfish first tears its way to the corpse’s innards. However, since it’s physically puny, it needs to boost its momentum… which it does by literally tying a knot onto itself.


After it breaks in, the hagfish nestles itself in the body cavity, and starts reenacting the Alien movies.

The hagfish will eat the corpse from the inside out, some parts with its eldritch, jawess mouth, but most of it with its bare skin. Oh, yeah, did I forget to mention the fact that they can eat through their skin? Silly me.


A glimpse into how everyone’s favourite trashman, Aaron, turned green….
Written by the fabulous @lamarcodon!      
-   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -
           A brown haired human male in his thirties peered into an experiment chamber through bespectacled eyes. “Alright two-eighty-five, where’s my… Wow lil buddy, lookit you! You’re gettin’ so big! Look at you!”

            Inside, behind a clearsteel screen, a translucent green blob roughly the size of a basketball trundled around the chamber. It noticed him through the screen and approached, making happy little gurgles.


Some things were KNOWN: the darkening leaving the chamber meant it was time to stop SLEEPING and the sound of the door outside opening meant AARON was coming and AARON was the large SAFE creature who brought THINGS TO EAT and FUN GAMES and gentle touches and which all felt GOOD and AARON was a GOOD THING to KNOW.


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The Hagfish Is the Slimy Sea Creature of Your Nightmares   

The hagfish is a slime-emitting ocean-dweller that’s remained unchanged for 300 million years–and it shows. It has a skull (but no spine), velvet smooth skin, and a terrifying pit of a mouth that’s lined with rows of razor-sharp teeth.

From: CRAZY MONSTERS: Sea Creatures 

(via: Smithsonian Channel)

run! (a tdbm, jean/lucien fic)

a doctor who au prompted by @marcuskaen and @lucienblakes); almost 3000 words. i’d be delighted to write more of this if y’all want.

The first time they meet it’s in a darkened greenhouse, the air thick with the scent of earth and humidity. She’s snipping and pruning and watering as any diligent gardener would. Here, in the quiet of her greenhouse, Jean Beazley can escape the noise of a mundane life. A perfectly fine life, certainly. But not the one she dreamed of once upon a time; no adventures, nothing exciting, nothing out of the ordinary. 

And then, just as she’s rounding the corner, ready to check on her newest addition–a thick, green pod she had come across in the market from a mysterious seller–he’s there. 

The man before her is tall and broad-shouldered, wearing a three-piece suit and a thick, heavy patchwork coat. There’s a manic grin on his face and a screwdriver-like device in his hand and before she can ask what on earth he thinks he’s doing in her greenhouse, he’s grabbing her hand and leaning in close and he whispers one word: Run.

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Summary: [based on the book/film ‘Tuck Everlasting’ with a few major changes] 
Set in 1914. After finding out she’s going to be sent away to boarding school, sixteen year old Riley Matthews runs away into the forest where she meets a young man who warns her about drinking from the spring water. 
Word Count: 3,860

❀   ❀   ❀   ❀

“Why do I not hear any music?” Riley’s mother called from the other room. With a slight roll of the eye she sits herself at the bench of the piano, allowing her fingers to delicately dance around the ivory keys. She was never one for playing instruments.  

That all started with her mother. She was set on her children having musical knowledge, since she never had the opportunity to take lessons when she was growing up.  

So, when Riley was 6, she started playing violin. However, she spent more time trying to plunk out the violin sheet music on the old piano in their living room than she did actually practicing the violin. Her mother then decided piano would be a more suitable fit for the rambunctious child.  

Riley certainly liked the sound of music, it was the tedious, unimaginative lessons she hated the most. Her instructor would make her play the same melancholy songs over and over again, which by now she was sure she could play those songs in her sleep.  

A half an hour goes by and she reaches the point in her playing where her mother usually tells her to ‘start over’ or to 'play like you love it’ but there’s nothing but silence as the tune comes to an end.  

Curious as to what is going on, the brunette rises from her seat, slowly inching her way out of the room to find an empty kitchen. She walks further in and sees her parents whispering to each other on the other side of the hallway. When her mother notices her hovering by the doorway, she shoots Riley a glare and points in the direction of the piano room, instructing her to leave.

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BTS Jungkook| Shadowhunter AU

This AU is based off of The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. I highly suggest that any of you who have not read this series pick up the first book The City of Bones as soon as possible! THIS IS NOT based off of the movie or Shadowhunters tv show, and any references to the subject matter of the series is true to what it is in the original books.

Word Count: 4100+


  • Young Shadowhunter Jeon Jungkook is the best Shadowhunter that the Clave has seen since the Great War.  Growing up, not a single one of the other Shadowhunter children similar to his age showed even a hint of as much skill when it came to wielding a weapon or in his demon studies.
  • He has even earned himself the title of the “Golden Nephilim” because he excelled in all areas of the field.
  • Though he is not the tallest or the biggest Shadowhunter he is certainly the most determined and competitive… (and he does have super wide shoulders but I digress),,,
  • once when they received their first runes he and another Shadowhunter at the Seoul Institute, Kim Taehyung, made a bet on who could kill the most demons in a week’s time.  Clearly Jungkook won by a long shot, but he hadn’t expected the other boy to come in at the end of the week with a still rather high number of kills.
  •   As the weeks went by Jungkook paid more attention to this boy Taehyung during lessons.  Out of the seven boys Taehyung was the first person to master wielding a two handed axe (not that using an axe was that effective when fighting demons or that Jungkook was far behind, in fact he had mastered the same weapon within only a matter of hours because of the fact that Taehyung proved to be better, but it was impressive to Jungkook nonetheless).
  • Jungkook never thought that he would want a Parabatai because he had always preferred to be a lone wolf, but as soon as he saw this boy kill a demon for the first time in front of him with nothing but his armor and his wits, Jungkook was in awe at the other Nephilim’s grace and swiftness when it came to smashing in the Kuri demon’s head, he knew that he wanted this boy to be his brother. 
  •  His Parabatai.  And with little convincing the other boy agreed to the partnership.  They were fourteen.
  • tbh Jungkook is kind of paranoid when it comes to things, and he always carries some kind of weapon on his person at all times.  even when he sleeps Jungkook keeps one hand on a dagger underneath his pillows.
  • , has several scars on his body from the many years of fighting demons.  The most notable is one on his cheek which he got from a conflict with a rather pesky Ravener when the demon’s tail caught a lucky hit on Jungkook’s face.
  • An adrenaline junkie and covers his body in agility and endurance marks.
  • , but rarely strength runes because he believes that a person’s strength shouldn’t be artificial and come from a rune, so he spends a significant part of his day working out his entire body to become just as strong as another Nephilim bearing a strength rune.
  • At this time I would like to describe in detail just how GOOD Jungkook looks in his Shadowhunter gear.
  • So first, his upper gear is fitted, so it hugs him in all the right places and it is sleeveless because there are more weapon sheaths on the inside under the shoulder blades so it serves as an easy access to reach those, but his shoulders are all out for the whole world to view and they look so strong and muscular.  
  •  , His arms are also super fine and his skin is covered vastly with all the runes and scars from all of his previous marks.
  • (Kim Taehyung is the best of the Shadowhunters in the Institute at drawing runes, and his are always the most powerful)
  • Doesn’t really care about trying to blend into mundane society and very, Very rarely attends mundane events unless he is there tracking a demon.
  • Like, his Parabatai Taehyung loves to sneak out of the Institute in the late hours of the night to go visit one of the many mundane night clubs and have a good time partying and blending in with the humans, and it isn’t just Taehyung that does it, he is often joined by Jimin and Hoseok (all other shadowhunters at the Seoul Institute).
  • Jungkook knows that he is always invited to those things, but he never has the interest in glamouring up to blend in with a bunch of fools who can’t even tell the difference between a Seelie Knight and a Pixie… so he stays at home, mostly doing some target practice (upside down of course, rightside up is too easy nowadays) or reading up on demon languages (that was the only subject he struggled in and is now even more determined to master as many demon languages as he can).
  • The only time he ever finds himself encountering mundanes is when he occasionally stops by to grab coffee from Starbucks on his way back to the Institute with Taehyung after a long day of tracking down (and killing) some demons.  They have coffee at the Institute but the coffee maker is kinda shit and doesn’t cut it anymore, and he likes the occasional frape so boohoo shoot him.
  • Now onto the fun part… YOU!
  • You were gifted with the sight, and you never knew that what you could see was different from other people until you were entering your later years of elementary school.  It was then that you pushed all those strange and amazing things that you could see to the back of your head, and you were able to actually forget about all those little sprite-looking-things you could see catching rides on people’s shoulders and backpacks, and how some people you passed on the street had antelope horns growing out of the top of their head.
  • The last thing you wanted to be seen as was crazy, especially in Korea where it is always best to try and follow along with the trends and not stand out because of the closed mindedness of some of the older generations.  Especially in the smaller towns.
  • You had gotten so good at pushing all these things back that you were able to walk right by a faerie or warlock on the street and not even register that they weren’t even human until you were back home that evening.
  • And you thought that maybe you would be able to have a normal life just ignoring all of these… things, but then on one of your first days at a University in the middle of Seoul you see a,,., demon for the first time.
  • You were looking out your window of your dorm and outside, across the street, you saw it.  A large, slimy looking creature with teeth the length of kitchen knives and legs short like an alligator.
  • Frozen, from the pure shock of the sight below you, you stayed quiet about the incident and didn’t tell a living soul about what you saw.  You knew that whatever you saw down there was evil, it was just a feeling like a chill shooting up through your spine, and that it was different from the other things you’ve seen.
  • See, demons tend to flock towards heavily populated areas and you had grown up way out in the countryside where there were very few people to bump into at all.  Demons usually didn’t care about those kinds of places and never even bothered to visit them.
  • Basically if there was light pollution, there were demons.
  • The next night you stay up to watch out your window and see if the creature shows it’s face again, and it isn’t long till you see it’s gross body crawl across the pavement.  This time you stay quiet and listen, even from several floors off the ground you can hear the deep grunts and snarls made by the thing below.
  • For the next few days you watch the creature pass by your small dorm building like clockwork, and you can’t help but wonder what it is doing.  The fear you had previously experienced still presided but there was now also something that left you curious about the odd monster. 
  • Never had you grown the courage to approach it though, something told you it was better to stay far away while it made its rounds.
  • One night you are looking out your window as usual when you notice something strange over the building across from yours,,, on the balcony right above where the creature passes is a glittery haze, something that you usually notice covering the beings that you sometimes pass.
  • However, nothing is there, and you are slumped.  Taking a closer look, you strain your eyes a little bit to see if you can look past the glamour, and you are about to give up when you finally see it.
  • Two young men, around your age, dressed head to toe in black and covered in swirled tattoos, are waiting on the fire escape.
  • Now that you can see the two men, it is impossible to unsee them.  They are more beautiful than any other man or boy alike that you have see before in your entire life.
  • Their faces are more angelic than you could have perceived as possible, completely clear skin with smooth noses and large eyes.  Their hair looks effortlessly flawless long and covering their foreheads.
  • You watch as they wait on the balcony, one of them focused on the sidewalk below with his arms rested on the iron railing, the other, more carefree and sitting atop of the railing, swinging one of his legs.
  • You can see the more focused one with a shiny sword sheathed across his back.
  • Normally, seeing a stranger with a particularly large weapon would be a good initiative for you to call the police, but there is something that tells you that the police won’t be able to stop these guys.  That whoever they are, they are above the police.
  • You are too distracted in watching the boys that you don’t see the grotesque creature start to make its way past your building, but the boys certainly notice.
  • The first one jumps down from the fire escape, nearly an entire twenty feet above the ground! and pulls out a long white blade similar to the one the other guy has, and aims it directly towards the monster.
  • For a second you think that this man is going to kill the creature just by dropping to the ground, but the monster’s reacts much faster than you thought possible with it’s awkwardly shaped body and hits the boy with it’s massive tall.
  • The Angel boy crashes into trash cans several feet away, and it takes a moment for him to stand up.
  • in that time the other boy, the darker haired one jumps down onto the monster’s back, two of the glowing white swords in hand he swings at the creature’s neck,,, right at that moment the monster bucks up and throws the boy in a similar direction as the other, however this time the boy lands on his feet.  Looking back at the monster his face is pure anger.
  • the darker haired boy sprints towards the monster with speed that you have never seen even an olympic athlete reach, right up to the creature and plunges his sword right into the thing’s skull (if it even had one).
  • What you see then is something that you can never forget.  The sword starts to glow, like it was just taken out of a forge and the metal was searing.  
  • The monster begins to shake violently like it was having a seizure for a few seconds and then, when the boy pulled out his weapon, stopped and turned to dust.
  • The thing TURNED TO D U S T.
  • It looked like one of those old vampire movies, when one of the vampires walked into the sunlight they disintegrated, except this wasn’t a movie, this was real and right in front of your window.
  • you’re stunned speechless, the only sound coming from you is your breathing and a low whistling noise.
  • Quickly, almost too quickly, the boys down below recollect themselves, the darker haired one checking up on his counterpart.
  • And it’s strange just how quickly they disappear away too fast and you wish that they would have stayed long enough for you to muster up the courage to say something.
  • Days,,, weeks pass by and you don’t see anymore monsters or any hint of the handsome boys in all black, but know you can’t help but see all of the things that you’ve tried so hard for so many years to forget.
  • Everyday it seems you see another person on your way to classes with purple skin or bat wings.  On your way home one night you pass by this alley and you’re pretty sure you saw fangs on one of the gang members hanging out inside.
  • There’s even a girl in your Literature class that has tiny purple and blue scales growing behind her ears.
  • All you want to do is talk to somebody about what you saw, what you’re seeing, but you remember back all those years ago about how everybody thought you were crazy and you were still just a little kid, now what would they say?  Would they even say anything or would they just throw you into the nearest nut house?
  • You figure if worst comes to worst you could always try and ask that girl in your lecture about all of this weirdness after all she sits only a few seats in front of you, 
  • , but it’s not like you are friends or anything.  In fact how strange of a first impression would it be for you to just ask her about her scales in your lecture hall?
  • So for now you are just suffering in silence about what you are seeing, and tbh it’s starting to be consuming, it’s all you can think about, you are even starting to slack off in some of your classes because every time you sit down to study, every time you close your eyes you see HIM again.  That gorgeous boy with the tattoos and dark hair that killed that creature on the street right in front of your window.
  • It keeps replaying in your mind.
  • How the thing turned to dust,
  • how his blade glowed brighter than the moon.
  •   And after a long and sleepless night, yet again, you find yourself waiting in line at a local starbucks on your way to your morning classes because you know that if you do not get any sort of caffeine in your system you’ll just end up passing out in your lectures.
  • you get your coffee and sit down at one of the many tables in the shop to start working on this absurd essay when you see him walk inside.
  • You can tell it’s him without even looking up from your laptop, the atmosphere in the coffee shop changes almost immediately once he walks in through the doors.  
  • Nobody else seems to notice the shift though, all except you.
  • The boy has all the control in the room, he stands tall and a little too confident with his arms crossed over his chest.
  • He isn’t wearing the same black gear that he was last time, this time he is dressed simply and commonly in a plain white shirt, jeans and timbs, but his face is even more handsome up close than what you can remember.
  • Even from across the room you notice how tight his shirt is on him, his bicep muscles bulging when he isn’t even flexing.  His thighs look just delicious in his jeans.  
  • And it’s not just you that notices this, all throughout the shop girls stare at the boy like he is a piece of meat and their wolves.  The only problem is that the boy doesn’t seem interested in anything other than the menu.
  • Despite his now ‘normal’ appearance, you can’t help but notice the faint white lines of the tattoos that have seemed to disappear across his skin, he’s cloaked with them from head to toe, some larger ones spread across his back and up his neck, while tiny ones are scribbled across the flesh of his arms.
  • there are only two marks that are still inked in black.  The first above his heart which you can see outlined underneath his clothes, and the second an eye on the back of his hand.
  • It makes no sense to you how this boy can clearly have so many BLACK tattoos across his skin one day and then a few weeks later have them all disappear.
  • By this point he is up at the front of the line.  The server at the cash register is clearly trying to flirt with him, and at first you think that he is flirting back for once, after all the girl is very pretty and he seems to be leaning against the counter looking right in her eyes, but then you notice that the way he is looking at her is a little weird…
  • and you notice that once he tells her his order he doesn’t hand over any money.  Now, as a poor college student this just seems unfair, like yes of course this guy is clearly hot, but then again is he hot enough to give a free coffee?  Again yes, but the whole exchange just seemed a little off to you.
  • He waits by the counter to receive his… free… drink, and you finally break out of your slump watching him to quickly pack away your things into your backpack.
  • The boy quickly gets his drink and immediately leaves the shop, you stumble some distance behind him trying to shove everything into your pack and zip it closed.
  • … he is almost half a block in front of you, and for a moment you actually lose sight of him, there’s many people out on the street today, and when you rush around the corner you almost throw a little tantrum because he is completely out of sight.
  • How could it be that you actually finally was able to coincidentally see this boy again and then he just falls right through your fingers…
  • You catch a glimpse of him again further up the street, but there is something different about him now that wasn’t there when he was in the Starbucks.
  • almost instantly recognize it from the night he killed the creature!  surrounding the boy is an almost glittery haze, and if you don’t focus hard enough he actually seems to DISAPPEAR from view, and not like the disappear cause someone blocked your view but more like he isn’t there anymore???
  •   Watching him like a hawk you follow the handsome boy for a few more blocks, making sure that you don’t look away for any reason, but also that you are at a far enough distance away 
  • but then it hits you,,, why are you even following him?  What do you plan on even doing? Do you really plan on asking him about all these crazy things that you’ve been seeing all your life?  What if he isn’t related to any of those things?  The you will have just made a huge fool of yourself to a stupid attractive stranger.  Do you even have the guts to actually speak to him???
  • You are about to turn around and head back to campus when the boy quickly changes his direction and turns down a twisted alleyway.  this,,, spikes your interest again and you quietly follow him into the alley.
  • He turns a corner and you follow, but then he vanishes.
  • The alleyway is completely empty except for a few bags of trash and a lingering stench.
  • A strong hand on your shoulder pulls you back and pushes you up against the brick wall.  The unexpected movement stuns you and it takes you a second to refocus.  Holding you up against the wall is,,
  • , the handsome stranger.
  • He looks angry, and confused, and his face is so incredibly close to yours that your noses are almost touching.
  • “What are you doing?” His voice is commanding and loud.  You shrink back into the wall as far as you can, but the boy doesn’t care for games and steps forward, filling the space that you had just made for yourself.
  • “I don’t want to say it again!” he says, “what are you doing?  You were following me correct?  I saw you back in the shop,”
  • You are struck with an unsettling wave of nervousness and can’t get yourself to even spill out a single word, so you just nod instead.
  • “Can you even speak?”  He shouts, you nod.  “Then answer when I’m asking you a question!”
  • He’s spitting he’s so angry and loud.
  • “How did you even follow me here?!” He spits.
  • “I-ah,, I d…,d..don’t even know what to s,,s,ay.” You make out.  “I just, followed you here I guess.”
  • “You followed me?  You saw me leave the store and watched me walk down the street?”
  • “Y,,yes.” You answer.
  • “IMPOSSIBLE!” he roars, “A mundane like you shouldn’t even be able to see me,” his laugh is almost sinister.  He draws back a little and gives you some more space.
  •   You see the opportunity present itself for the first time in your entire life and you jump on it… “I’ve always seen things I’m not supposed to see!”
  • He stares at you, confused.  “What are you saying?”
  • You spill everything that you can as quickly as possible to this stranger in a dark alley.
  • “Ever since I was born I’ve been seeing things, things like the man working the deli counter growing horns out of the top of his head, or someone maybe having fairy wings, but they’re never a part of a costume like on Halloween , they’re always real and beating and everyone has always told me that I’m crazy so I tried to ignore it, but then a saw…”
  • You hesitate.
  • “Saw what?” He instigates, “Saw me in the shop?  How do you know that I’m not one of the other people who will just say that you’re crazy,”
  • “Because I saw you kill something!” Your voice takes you by surprise.
  •  Looking you up and down, the boy in front of you doesn’t look so angry anymore.  “You saw me kill something?  A demon I presume?”  His voice is quieter now, laced with caution as if he’s being careful about his words.
  • “Yes, a demon I suppose you can call it that.  You stabbed some kind of monster in front of my window the other night.  You and your friend.”
  • “I was glamoured that night you couldn’t have seen me, I am glamoured right now!  What are you on?  Did one of those Fair Folk offer you anything to eat?  to drink?”
  • “No nothing I swear!  It’s like I’ve told you!  I have always been able to see things that I wasn’t supposed to.”
  • He stands back and looks you up and down for a moment, his stare is long and cold, he is completely silent and you refuse to speak.
  •  After some time, “You know,” he says, “if you were born with the sight like you said you were that means that according to how our ancestors dealt with things you would be a slave to the Shadowhunters.  You would serve them and die for them.  I’m sure that someone in your family must have had the sight, it is usually genetic.  A great grandparent perhaps.”
  • “I never even met my grandparents,” you tell him, “my parents thought I was crazy as well.  And I am a college student, I have no time to be any fool’s slave.”
  • “A Shadowhunter is no fool.”
  • “Is that what you are?  You may look more human than the other strange people I see, but you are certainly not human.”  
  • “The Nephilim serve to protect your world, the mundane world, from evil forces outside our domain.  Demons can breach through, it is our job to protect those you cannot see.”  He looks in your eyes, “You can see, therefore you, though you should not be able to.  You need even more protection than others.”
  • “I’ve taken care of myself all these years, I should be able to do fine on my own.”
  • “Ah-ha, but that’s where you’re wrong.  Demons will follow you everywhere now, I bet you just reek of Shadowhunter now don’t you.  What’s your name darling?”
  • “Y/N.”
  • “Y/N, your world just changed for good.  I guess you shouldn’t follow strangers into alleys now should you?”
  • “Hey–”
  • “tsk tsk,”  He waves his finger in your face.  “I need to take you back to the Institute now.  You have no choice in this matter.”
  • From his pocket he draws a long silver device, it almost looks like a pen covered in the many symbols that also stretch across his skin.  In a smooth, fluid motion, he draws another symbol into the empty air right in front of you two, and to your amazement the symbol burns alive in the air.
  • Around the symbol the scenery changes, and the boy grabs onto you, pulling you into a rushed embrace.
  • “Nice to meet you, Y/N.  My name is Jungkook, now hold onto me, this is about to get weird.”
  • And without any chance to brace yourself, Jungkook jumps through the portal.

Ok so wow, that was a lot in a short amount of time lol.  Sorry if that was a lot for you to absorb.  Now I am DEFINITELY NOT PROMISING a part two,,, but if I get enough notes on this one then I might consider either making a part two or doing a Shadowhunter AU for either another member or another idol, who knows.  But I actually did really enjoy writing this AU.

<><> do not edit/remove anything from the original post <><> this AU belongs to me <><>

Does Love Really Conquer All? - Part 3

Note: So here is the third part to the fic that helped me set up this entire blog. I ave the majority of the storyline figured out on my head but not sure just how long it will be yet. As usual all feedback is welcome! <3 I apologise for any spelling mistakes but unfortunately at this time of night there is only so much my eyes will allow me to notice and correct! :)

Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier x Reader

Words: 2,113

Warnings: Violence, flashbacks, death….think that’s it for this chapter!

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine. All credit goes to their wonderful creators <3

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

“Come on in doll, the water’s nice and cool!”

A half-naked Bucky stood waist deep in the water of the lake you had settled by for the day, a cocky little smirk making its way onto his lips as he tried to entice you in from the bank.

“Besides you Bucky, of which you are quite questionable yourself, I have no idea what could be lurking in that rather murky looking water….so I am quite happy right here thank you.”

He pulled out his bottom lip in an over-exaggerated pout before shrugging his shoulders and lowering himself into the water a little more so that it now covered his shoulders. Steve was further down the bank searching for frogs or some other slimy water creature and genuinely being the geekier one out of the three of you. Even on a beautiful summer day such as this one he was far more interested in studying than he was having fun….you and Bucky were going to need to have some serious words with him when he was done.

“Hey [y/n]?”

Speak of the devil…..

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aflookie  asked:

The news paper clippings on Snickets wall in the miserable mill, what do they all say?

Hello! I’ve broken them down just to make it easier to read:

Noted Scientist Dies of Snake Allergies- Dr Montgomery Montgomery Hated the Slimy Creatures

  • There has been much speculation in the media this week as world renowned herpetologist Dr. Montgomery Montgomery was found dead in his Reptile Atrium in the late afternoon. Police and a coroner did confirm that he died from a snake bite that contained very deadly venom. It has been speculated that Montgomery died from snake allergies
  • … being allergic to the snake. It is due from the deadly venom that is injected by the snake and into the blood stream that causes death. Many believe that ‘allergies’ however he said if that was the case then everyone in the universe would then be ‘allergic’ to snakes. He claims many are confused by this and he isn’t sure why. The herpetologist refused to try and explain it
  • … investigating the fire even though they are sure it was nothing more than just a terrible fire leading to a series of unfortunate events for the children. It has been a short time since the Baudelaire’s parents tragically perished in a blazing fire that took their lives and also their home. 
  • Veronica, Klyde and Susie still remain orphans. Mr Poe the husband of the great Eleanor Poe our Editor-In-Chief here at the Daily Punctilio is currently looking after the children till their closest living relative is found for them to live with. The children were seen standing in the ruins of their home. Sifting through ash and rubble looking for their belongings they can take with them on their new adventure as orphans. It looks like the children are trying to find reminders of their past life and parents.

Lakeside Home Destroyed- Authorities Blame Cabal of Real Estate Agents: 

  • Reported by Special Correspondent Bo Wilch. 
  • However we are finally not reporting about another house fire instead many are speculating that this disaster was much worse. Josephine Anwhistle and her house tore apart and crashed into the jagged cliff rocks below into Lake Lachrymose where the leeches were waiting and ate Josephine alive. Perishing in a fire would have been much better compared to being eaten alive by deadly leeches. She succumbed to the same death as her husband who also died by the leeches. 
  • Again another caretaker of the Baudelaire children has died. Somehow these children seem to be in the middle of a series of unfortunate events. Many speculate that somehow Count Olaf is also involved, police have yet to confirm this. Josephine was an Aunt to the Baudelaire children and now she is a distant memory just like her house. Police have now started to investigate the children seeing as they are always involved in their guardians death. They keep insisting that Count Olaf is the one to kill their guardian in order to kill them in order to kill them in order to steal their fortune. 
  • Perhaps the children killed their parents, killed Dr Montgomery Montgomery, and now killed their Aunt Josephine to protect their fortune from anyone trying to steal it.

Snicket, Author and Fugitive, Dead!

  • … And eventually turned to murder. Though there has not been enough evidence to support these claims police are more than sure like pretty sure it was Snicket.
  •  … this afternoon” - Klyde. 
  • “Our mother Beatrice has suggested we go to Briny Beach to enjoy the sunshine as if she knew we shouldn’t be in the house. I would never have thought that those would be our last words spoken to each other. I wish I could have hugged her for just a moment longer before letting go of her”- Veronica
  • We are not sure … Susie the children’s in a very exciting night has occurred at the Grand Theatre this evening. Count Olaf a local performer at the Grand Theatre staged the Marvelous Marriage. The play featured Count Omar as the Groom, Veronica as the bride, and some other folks as extras! What seemed to be a very boring play at the beginnign it sure sure turned out to be more exciting in the end in the final act, Count Locations where Snicket has been hiding out had been found with an alarming amount  of research on the Baudelaire children. It is unclear at the time what his research…

Accident At Lucky Smells

  • One of Paltryville’s ctizen has gone missing inside Lumbermill believe to have been an accident
  • One of Paltryville’s citizen has gone missing inside the Lucky Smells Lumbermill detectives believe foul play may have been involved. 
  • Due to circumstances surrounding the incident the victim’s name cannot be released at this time. Trouble in Paltryville began when three orphaned children Baudelaire showed up in town young may guessed it the Baudelaire children. After countless troubles with the children they were given an opportunity of a life time and were given the chance to work alongside Sir at world renowned Lucky Smells Lumbermill. Lucky Smells has received praise all around the world for the quality of lumber they supply and the outstanding customer service…
  • … Indeed if a snake killed him however another popular theory are the Baudelaire children were somehow involved. 
  • They were later taken and given to their Aunt Josephine who also has perished due to her falling off a cliff she had lived on with her late husband that succumbed to the Lake Lachrymose leeches. as you can guess the…

So I suppose the real question is what don’t they say? 

Mythical Slav (+ Balkan) Creatures

Or however you spell it…

Hello. My name’s Wichumix and I am a Slav. As a Slav, I want to see some Slavic content on this website, but truth be told… There is not much. Only a handful of active Slav witches. This only means one thing - creating original content. (dun dun dunn)

Let’s get to it!

Suđenice (“Judges”)

Three “goddesses” (I view them more like spirits) that decide your fate three days upon your birth. Two of them decide what good comes into your life while the third one decides all your troubles. They can get angered, so try serving bread, butter, wine, honey, and cheese to avoid that. My grandmother used to tell me how no one, no matter how hard they tried, could escape the fate they’ve been assigned to.

Domovi (”Homes”)

Good house spirits. They protect your home and keep everything in order. Domovi often appear as small, hairy creatures with horns and tails. They can also shapeshift into the form of the old house owner, or even you.

Karakondžula (”Tentacle-claw”)

Ugly, hag-like creature with huge eyes and long arms. It’s small and bald. It preys upon people that find themselves outside during the dark - children, too. What I find curious is that it attacks men, women, and children differently. Karakondžula jumps on man’s back and makes him carry her around until dawn - when the ride’s over, the creature dumps their tired victims into ditches. Those who refuse get the same treatment as women - clawed-out eyes and a watery death. Kids, on the other hand, get the worst kind of deal. They are kidnapped and dragged into the forest only to be eaten alive. Brrr.

Drekavac (”Screamer”)

A small, humanoid shape-shifter that’s also a demon who has long claws and long hair all over his body which he constantly steps on. That causes him pain, so he screams. He screams and screams and screams, from midnight til dawn (sometimes, it continues til late morning if the fog’s dense). People say that he can make a person deaf by his horrible, horrible scream (which sounds like screaming, howling and crying). Fret not, tho. Drekavac is afraid of light and dogs, so when you’re on a morning walk with your doggo, you won’t come across this loud humanoid shape-shifter that’s also a demon.

Bukavac (”Noiser”)

Sounds familiar? Well, kind of. Bukavac is a small, six-legged creature with slimy skin and a big mouth. Aslo, he has curved horns and a tail. Honestly speaking, he looks nothing like Drekavac… The sound he makes, in the other hand, is very similar. He lives in the ponds, lakes and other still-waters. Just don’t come too close, he’ll drown both you and your dog.

Peteroroščić (”Five horners”)

No matter how hard I searched the Internet for more info, I failed to find more than three (3) articles about them. Whatever. Time for my grandma’s stories. So, Peteroroščići’s are small humans that live in caves. They have five horns on their heads and their skin is red (maybe because they live in red dirt). They often scare young children, but the most of them avoid eating any children.

- Ztibxrjmvdgj imagine Saigenos but like in an AU where heroes have secret identifies and are more of vigilantes and local legends rather than popular celebrities
- And anyway Saitama has no powers in this one, he’s just a normal salesclerk doing his thing when out the cut nowhere some giant freakish lizard smashes into the walls followed by a raging whirlwind of metal and fire
- After running around a supermarket and hunting down the slimy creature, the legendary Demon Cyborg turns to the citizen only to realize it’s that handsome bald neighbor that lives right next door
- Actually talking to him for the first time that day, he becomes infatuated and meets with him several times as Genos the Neighbor, whether coincidentally ending up in the same shelter as him or randomly stopping over with extra dinner - he’s sold and desperately wants a relationship, tho fearing his part-time job as a hero may get in the way
- Saitama on the other hand doesn’t recognize him as Demon Cyborg since he never quite got a good look at him, however he has to admit it’s strange that whenever there’s a monster attack, the mysterious hero will show up and get him to safety