So, I went to the best concert I have ever attended on Tuesday. At Slim’s in SF I saw Hank Green and the Perfect Strangers, Driftless Pony Club, Harry and the Potters, Rob Scallon and Andrew Huang and it was AMAZING. Such great energy, and I made like 5 instant friends at the concert (but, alas, I forgot to get their contact info! Sadness! 

But at the concert they had awesome merch, including this poster by hugscream! I loved it so much I went and framed it, and now it has a proud place on my wall! 

Looking for bloggers...

Music bloggers!  I need to find a few locals that want to blog about music for the Slim’s Presents site and our little Tumblr page here.  If you’re interested, PM me here, tell me about yourself, where you live, why you want to blog for us and what kind of angle you’d want to cover with your posts.  Link to some of your writing, if available.  We’ll hook you up with free tickets to shows, exposure for your writing, access to interviews and other cool stuff.  

Feel free to pass it on!


From Indian Lakes, Blondfire, and Relient K were absolutely astounding. General admission concerts are always the best.