A shirt to correct your posture? Fashion Technology at its Finest!!!

Poor Posture? Might not have an “App for That” but there is a wonderful company, AlignMed, who have designed Form Fitting & Stylish Shirts to help correct this issue!!!

For starters, poor posture can inhibit athletic performance by making you prone to injury & by inhibiting lung function as your lungs may not be able to fully expand. A posture correction shirts utilizes a posture control Compression Blueprint, which aligns the muscles of the upper back, core & shoulders to increase core support, brace the back & overall, Correct Posture!!!

The Compression Blueprint is incorporated within the compression shirt as a posture corrector. It uses medical grade compression to act as an Exo-Skeletal Support System. In the upper body, posture correcting shirts target the trapezius muscles & scapular bones of the upper back for natural posture support. In the lower trunk, the Compression Blueprint supports your core (abs & lower back) to provide more protection against injury and optimal performance. If used regularly, it has been observed to help correct bad posture within only a few weeks!!!

Looking for some Posture Support for the office? Want to relieve the stress that sitting at a desk for long hours puts on your body, especially for those long days in the office? Of course you do!!! Once again why we are recommending this amazing Fashion Technology… When away from the desk, Stand Taller & Look Slimmer while wearing this to work under your clothes. This shirt is your new secret weapon to Success & Confidence!!!