Not that I’m speaking from experience (😂), but fucking Slimfast is ridiculous and they expect you to have shake for breakfast and one for lunch and then a low calorie dinner. One bottle is 180 cals and like, I can’t even? And it says it controls your hunger for four hours? LMFAO. By noon you’ll be starving to death and by night you’ll be dying because you’ve basically had no calories all day. Even if you added in their 100 calorie snacks.

The bottle should just say “Really just starve yourself.”

You know what pisses me the fuck off?

When I see posts about how people lost weight with no “shorts cuts”.  They pride themselves on never taking fat burners, supplements, or (and this is really annoying) shakes.  Like people who do take supplements and drink shakes are being lazy and trying to find a quick fix.

Shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down.  I’m so sick of people being judgmental like that.  

Now, I don’t condone “fat burning” pills, or the pills that say “lose up to 10 pounds in 3 days” shit.  Those are bad for you.  But let me tell you guys something.  I take Green Tea extract, Hoodia, Fish oil, and milk thistle.  I drink a Slim Fast shake for breakfast along with eating a banana or some other kind of fruit.  Sometimes I even have a shake for lunch.  Most of the time I have a shake for breakfast, and then after I workout because protein. Rebuilding muscle. You know, shit you’re supposed to do.  And guess what?  I STILL FUCKING WORK OUT 6 DAYS A FUCKING WEEK AND PLAN OUT MY FUCKING MEALS EVERY SINGLE GODDAMN DAY!  IT’S A PAIN IN MY MOTHERFUCKING ASS BUT I STILL DO IT!

So don’t EVER say that someone who takes supplements and drinks shakes is lazy.  For me, I found a quick, delicious breakfast that doesn’t have fat or carbs oozing out it.  THERE IS NOTHING FUCKING WRONG WITH THAT.  At least I’m having something for breakfast.  And it’s not a fucking McGriddle from McDonald’s.  

We are the fitblr/healthblr community.  We are supposed to be supportive of each other.  Not fucking judge each other.  That’s all I seem to see lately.  Judgment everywhere.  

If you drink shakes as one or two meals in your day, THAT’S OK.  If you take supplements that are meant to naturally help your body and you don’t over do it, THAT’S OK.  If you don’t exercise for a couple days, a week, maybe two, THAT’S OK.  If you don’t eat clean 100% of the time, maybe even give no fucks one week, THAT’S OK.  Do NOT let this community intimidate you, I don’t care if you are a beginner, have been this for a while, or are a fucking expert.  DO NOT let anyone intimidate you.  And on the flip side, DO NOT BE JUDGMENTAL OF OTHERS FOR DOING SOMETHING DIFFERENTLY THAN YOU!  PRACTICE WHAT YOU MOTHERFUCKING PREACH AND ACCEPT PEOPLE’S DIFFERENCES AND DON’T BE A DICK ABOUT IT.

…I’m done with my rant… 

Unpopular opinion but “clean eating” itself is not the problem and is a step in a right direction- getting away from foods our bodies don’t recognize and the effects of which we haven’t really bothered to study, getting back to food that can be cooked and grown and therefore reduce our reliance on mega corporations and manufacturing and therefore is more sustainable and frankly the kind of food you would hopefully eat in a social collapse/the kind of food a community could create on its own, getting away from the convenience foods that are not only full of trash but which were developed specifically to increase time in the workplace and decrease time spent in the home cooking, eating more plants, all that stuff is good. The problem is that most women either have moderately disordered eating patterns or used to, and that therefore any food movement or food ideology would be incorporated into the existing misogynist structures guiding food, nutrition, and health science and especially food, nutrition, and health cultures. So of course you get “eat more salads without prepackaged salad dressings chock full of corn syrup not to take care of your body but to not be a fatass anymore” because that is literally the only frame of reference a lot of women have for food consumption and nutrition. When people figured out that calories in/calories out was a decent way to understand weight loss for people with “average” metabolisms (which, for many reasons including sedentary lifestyles, lots of people do not have) diets became popular that were chock full of just shit, nutritionally empty food packed with vitamins (like SlimFast shakes, or prepackaged food stuffed with preservatives and low quality, overcooked veggies drained of nutritional value) and before that, scientists obsessing over certain kinds of fat as the cause of poor dietary health and related issues is how we got low-fat foods stuffed with other oils and sugars, and 100 calorie packs of unrecognizable fake food.

this is something i have never tried during a diet before although i have been aware of the slimfast range for some time, i was very sceptical about how filling replacing breakfast and lunch with a milkshake would be. however this time i’m all up for trying new things so i decided to give it a go, whilst doing my weekly healthy shop i popped a box of these in the trolley. they are tescos own version, but come in a lot more flavours than slimfast and are considerably cheaper. (at the moment they are on offer for 3 for £10 or one box for £4). i opted for just the one box as i wasn’t convinced i would like them. each box contains 10 sachets that you are advised to use to replace two meals each day. because i’d already had breakfast at this point, i prepared one for my lunch to test it out. i went for ‘sweet caramel’ because i am always drawn to anything involving the words 'caramel’. you add 250ml of skimmed milk, whisk it all together and then drink. it’s pretty simple and it actually tasted much nicer than i expected! although very very sweet so probably best to avoid this flavour if sweetness isn’t your thing! i drank it about two hours ago and am yet to feel too hungry or deprived. obviously it’s early days so i’ll keep you updated on how i get on!

do any of you use slimfast or any other brands? how did you get on with them? any tips or advice?

Yay for me!

So since I’ve started my diet I’ve lost like 27 pounds in less than 3 months. Feeling like a winner winner chicken dinner over hurrr. Lawlz.

All I do is eat slimfasts for two meals, have one healthy meal, maybe an apple or two for a snack, and jog for 25 minutes. I also drink like 3 liters of water a day and have completely cut out soda and juice. I recently started letting myself have coffee and lattes again since the semester has started up and I have an 8 am French III course four days a week.. >X0… but I usually don’t add sugar, use fatfree creamer in moderation, and order the skinny version at Starbucks for lattes.

I’m a little worried b/c with classes, homework, and work I haven’t been jogging as much as I did over the summer, but I am walking to class instead of driving and it’s uphill and pretty far so I think I’ doing okay.

Yay me. I am soo stoked I hope I can keep this up for a whole year!

Slim-Fast Diet

Alright I’m gonna start logging my diet on here cause it will not only motivate me to stick to it, but other people. It’ll only be a post a day so bare with me here people.
Basically I started the diet yesterday and after looking up the extreme success people have had with this diet, I am really excited.
For those of you that don’t know what it is, it’s a product diet based on a 3-2-1 plan for calorie control while still getting all the nutrients your body needs.
3-2-1 is:
3 snacks a day (healthy fruits/veggies or a slimfast snack bar… Yum)
2 slimfast shakes or meal bars (these are actually super delicious, keep me full and have more nutrients than most meals)
1 500 calorie meal of my choice (this is the best part. Actual food every day)
This is finally a plan that I know I can stick to with my schedule without going overboard and starving myself again. It’s healthy and effective.
Although it’s a long term thing, most people (REAL users) has lost around 20-35 pounds.
The only problem is maintaining the weight once you stop the diet.
Well, that’s drum corps season!! So it all works out, really(:
I am really really excited about this diet and I’d love to talk to anyone who has tried it/is doing it.
I’ll be updating my progress every day!
Today is day two and I’m already starting out great.
Weight loss leggggooooo.

Fat Arse

So, the 10k is out of the way, and I know I’ve put on some weight because while training I upped my calorie content… so, therefore, the SlimFast equivalent is in the cupboard and ready to go; dreading the weigh-in in the morning, but you have to start with the truth to know which way to go and how far to take it.  

8/10 pounds in two weeks?  Is it do-able?