“Quite average, Mr. Bond.”

Hey there :)

I finally did it and finished my first contribution to the awesome 00Silva fandom (I really love you, guys!)

Franky and me watched Skyfall in theatres last year and we were overwhelmed by feelings for Bond and especially Silva <3 (we’re also gonna cosplay them at the bookfair in Leipzig next month, btw :D)

Well, hope you like it! link for the bigger version ;)

“This has been your last fight for the users… Rinzler.”

Finally: the coloured version of our first cheap excuse of PRON! :D

- took us long enough but we got sidetracked along the way by the glorious stuff of so many other bloggers out there òó

Oh and there are more pictures to come. We were sidetracked by those, too. But as I’m writing here, Slime’s already coloring one of hers… so yeah.
(unfair, because I can’t do mine right now)

*runs off to find more mindblowing art and finish more pics*


I tried to draw some Dead Space 2 fanart…and I realized that it’s more difficult than I thought. This armor is killing me…for sure… 8D’ (But I guess, I’m over the most complicated part) 
This needs more work. 

Nevertheless … Isaac I love u T^T <3 Can’t stop playing this excellent game!


PS: WTF… nothing TRON related.