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Thermal Slime - Oobleck stressball - Kinetic Sand

The Beginning 

My second #septicart!
I drew young Jack! This is a little thing where I imagined Sean finding Sam. He said it in a video before, imagining finding Sam in a cave. Ye I did too. :3c

I honestly like my first art I did for septicart than this one. It was Antisepticeye:

This was also my first attempt at drawing slime. Jack is making me try new things when drawing. Thank you for that! I enjoy doing this~
I also had to go back to Jack’s older videos and I looked at his old blogs and Skate 3 game play. I kept laughing and remembering his old videos. I think Little Inferno was what really got me to keep watching his videos. It is one of my favorite series from Jacksepticeye. ;w;
Hope you like the drawing and have a great day!
Oooo~ Shinyyy~ 

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Art belongs to myself:


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mastiffs also drool a lot so like... Hugo's gotta be covered in slobber

1) gross, but adorable 2) thank u for giving me an excuse to draw more dog content 3) i had a friend in elementary school who had a huge old saint bernard that loved to come up behind people sitting on the floor and rest his big head gently against the top of your head and it was like getting sneak attacked by a water fountain