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Wtf am i doing with my life? Okay so i got a sample of some random korean beauty products the last time i ordered something online…like you always do, you know those little things. And there was this one packet of something with this long ass description of super vague korean trendy words translated into english that all make sense but like…what is this stuff? It said essence and i see the word moisture and so i put it on my face one night before bed because whats the worst that can happen right?

and i swear to god i woke up with my fucking FACE FEELING LIKE MAGIC holy shit it made my skin so nice.
So i tried it the second night and i swear to god ive gone BACK IN YEARS with only two days of using this stuff, what the actual fuck.
So i look at it again and its, hilariously called Snail 96. And im like okay so it has the souls of 96 snails in it, thats cool.

Well i bought a bottle today on amazon and AFTER i paid for it im reading and it says 96% Snail mucin….mucin sounds…kinda…

So i googled “what is snail mucin” and guys…its the slime.

Its 96% snail SLIME and im willingly rubbing it all over my face and ive never felt more alive.

I didnt even cancel the order. Im gonna let these fuckers slime me, i dont care.

okay the brand is Cosrx and its called Advanced Snail 96 mucin power essence and i got it for less than $15 bucks on amazon. Someone just said something about horse spit in the replies and im….man i love korean cosmetics, theyre so brave hahaha

The ultimate stage of my procrastination is cleaning, I’ve discovered. Need to finish a drawing? How about I do the dishes! Gotta finish a fic? I’ll make a fruit fly trap! Have to do the multitude of other tasks on my to-do list? LET’S GO CLEAN THE ENTIRE FRIDGE

glacey-poo  asked:

Didn't Papyrus say in a phone call that Sans emitted slime or something like that? Is there any clue how and/or why that would be happening?

(undertale spoilers)

Yes, Papyrus did. When Frisk calls Papyrus at Napstablook’s snail farm (and without having Undyne on the phone), he will say the following.


It’s possible that Papyrus ran out of things to compare Sans with snails, so he just adds “emitting slime”, questioningly. If Frisk calls him a second time, Papyrus tries to reaffirm his comparison.

Interestingly, Papyrus does mention Sans and slime again in another call, which (once again) only happens if Undyne has not been befriended.


These are the only two instances in which slime and Sans are mentioned together. However, in this case, it sounds like a prank Sans would pull because of the pasta’s shape. Perhaps Sans used this prank before.

In any case, the only other mentions of slime in-game include:

  • Slime monsters, such as Moldsmal and Moldbygg
  • Snails
  • MTT-Brand Attraction Slime

Sans is clearly not a slime monster nor a snail. It’s doubtful that Sans wears the MTT-brand product. The slime could just be referring to Sans’ sweat, as he does sweat quite a bit during his fight in genocide. However, Papyrus also sweats, and the choice of words is odd.

There is just not enough in-game content to explain why Sans would be emitting slime. It seems more like Papyrus was just trying to come up with a third comparison and stuck with it.

my stardew valley farmers!! one has yet to be created but she’ll get her save spot soon

Trear Polin who owns a farm with varying resources (cows, goats, chickens, veggies, fruit, lumber) and his S/O being Shane.

Cayle Yuta’i who owns a farm based solely on fruits and veggies (the best fruits and veggies Pelican Town’s ever gotten) and his S/O being Elliott.

Jacinda Adneiro who owns a farm based solely on animal/monster products (milks, cheeses, eggs and slime-based products) and her S/O being Haley.

and jsyk trear and jacinda can pick up their baes, cayle tried once and got squished by elliotts butt.

he’s fine tho his pudge cushioned him

If you grew up in the ‘90s, you likely drank a lot of Ecto Cooler. First hitting shelves in 1989, the citrus-flavored juice from Hi-C was colored green and featured Slimer from The Real Ghostbusters on the package.

After a 15 year hiatus, the drink is finally returning in celebration of the new Ghostbusters movie! Coca-Cola promises Ecto Cooler will be in stores by May 30, ahead of the film’s July 15 theatrical date.

Hi-C Ecto Cooler will be sold in 10-packs of 6-ounce juice boxes and in 6- and 12-packs of 11.5-ounce aluminum cans. The cans are specially printed using thermal ink that turns slime green when the product inside is cold.

Rancher's Rundown: Rad Slimes

It’s ain’t clear if rad slimes, sometimes called ‘raddies,’ are a naturally evolved slime or simply the product of exposure to radioactive waste products. Rad slimes’ radiation is so potent that they got this eerie aura about them and even glow in the dark! This makes a rad slime mighty interesting to look at, but best to keep your gawking at a safe distance. If you get caught inside their auras for too long you’ll get rad sickness, and that ain’t no fun for no one.

Rad slimes eat only veggies, favoring a delicious tuber known as the ‘oca oca’ most of all. While not the most common veggie found on the range, the oca oca is not only great for getting the most plorts out of your rad slimes, but is also the key ingredient for rancher’s hashbrowns. Nothing beats a breakfast of delicious rancher’s hashbrowns and black coffee… mmmm.

But let’s get back to raddies: given that these little slimes are basically mobile batteries, it’s no surprise that big corporations value rad plorts for their incredible energy-producing capabilities. Most rad plorts get turned into plortonium and everything these days seems to run on that stuff, like the latest holophone in your pocket and the radwave microcooker that heats your chow. And if you didn’t have to toss it for this season’s latest, those darn devices would probably run forever! Plortonium really is amazing.

Largos formed from rad plorts inherit the rad slime’s radioactive aura. So if you plan on wrangling up some rad slimes you best learn what we rancher’s call the ‘rad dance.’ That’s where you bob and weave between rad slimes, never staying in one spot for more than a moment, like you got hot feet. Might look a little silly, but it sure beats a lack of brain function and glow-in-the-dark skin.