slime monster


Gathered up all the pictures I have of Gilmore changing colors! Gilmore changes colors depending on a lot of things, like mood, solidity, and for camouflage.

~Top pic you can see him going into a dark blue when slipping into a furious state of mind.

~Middle pic you can see the types of green he can be when changing his slime’s state, going between a lime green to an evergreen when more firm.

~And lastly, you can see him getting damn thirsty for some action (teal and light blue being his flustered colors) but when icy blue, the teasing has gone too far and he can’t much more before getting irritated.

I love my color changing slime man~

I guess you could call this a glorified sketch, since it still is a pretty big mess, but I don’t really want to work it anymore and lose more textures.  
My first crack at this guy, and it might not be the last, since he’s super easy to sketch up.
Of course the first undertale character I draw is one that has 0 relevance to the plot. But I love this lonely slime man, soooo.