slime kingdom


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rpg au is great cause instead of spirits, slimes are now attracted to watanuki

It is highly probable that the Slime Kingdom and its inhabitants are descendants of the mutants from the early days after the Mushroom War.

There are obviously comparisons like their similarities to the mutants (green slime, duh). Their kingdom lies in the middle of a vast desert, which was likely a city before a nuke rendered most life in the area unsustainable. The slime kingdom is the only kingdom (that we know of) that has its own pope, which so far is the only modern religious symbol we’ve seen in the show (further cementing the theory that they are descendants of humanity, and retained some semblance of religion).

Another joint-theory I have is that different surviving sects of humans mutated into different people. People who survived the nuclear bombings and lived in the fallout evolved into the citizens of the slime kingdom, while people who lived underground in shelters became Hyoomans. Some humans set off to live on their own or in very small groups (the business men from “Business Time”, Moe, Simon Petrikov, Betty?…). This would explain why so many different races of people exist in Ooo who all share distinct similarities between themselves and humans.

What do you guys think?