slime dress


OKay I know its not the attire of La Muerte and Xibalba but I wanted to switch it up a bit to give Bog and Marianne their own attire based off the dead gods.

Since La Muerte is the ruler of the Land of the Remembered where everything is vibrant and happy and full of festivals, I wanted Marianne to be the fairy queen goddess of the Light Fields. Spring and summer are her strongest/more lively seasons and she has powers over all the plants and flowers. For La Muerte’s hUGE hat I gave Marianne a bigger than average flower crown and the rest of her dress is nothing but vines and flowers and tulips.

For Bog, I just made a grey, brown and moss colored KISS fan let’s just leave at that! Oh and he has a moss beard that dangles to this chest. His strongest seasons are winter and fall and like Xibalba, Bog governs the darker colder side of the Dark Forest. Yet unlike Xibalba’s kingdom, Bog’s subjects just stalk the bushes and cause mischief in their domain. And Bog also has a dress that extends as slime leaving a trail of goop wherever he walks.