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Sirius & Kreacher

Yes, Sirius treated Kreacher terribly. But Sirius is back in the childhood home where he was almost certainly abused, and Kreacher is wandering around repeating everything Sirius’s parents ever said about him. He says that Sirius was an “nasty ungrateful brat” who “wasn’t fit to lick the slime from his mother’s boots.” That he’s a “traitor” who associates with “scum.” That his parents “hated” him and his mother “swore he was no son of hers.”

Imagine if Harry was stuck back in Privet Drive with a house elf that wandered around talking about how Vernon/Petunia/Dudley were amazing and saying that Harry was a rebellious good-for-nothing freak who deserved everything he got from his aunt/uncle.

No wonder Sirius couldn’t stand being around Kreacher.

Learning Curve: Chap 1

Ok so @my-fire-dragon-breath requested that I post the first chapter of my batdad story Learning Curve. I searched in my archives and only found it once I realized I only published an untitled, first draft version. So I’m just reposting the first chapter and the rest if anyone is interested.

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Chapter 4

Chapter 5

“So Dick, what’s your favorite kind of bird?” Bruce Wayne asked hesitantly. Inwardly he was grimacing at the childish question but he supposed he could be excused as he was talking to an actual child. His new ward didn’t say anything and instead walked silently behind Bruce in a manner that was eerie even for the Batman. He’d found in his meager experience with children that they tended to be loud, but seven year old Dick Grayson had hardly made a sound since he came to Wayne Manor a week before. Of course he didn’t expect the child to be completely well after getting a front row seat to his parents’ murder but his behavior was becoming worrisome. Bruce frowned as he took in Dick’s blank face and wondered if everyone was right. Alfred, Leslie, Lucius, even the damned tabloids, all questioned his sanity when he decided to take in the traumatized orphan. He thought he could offer some kind of help to the boy, or least offer him something better than the local boy’s detention center. But watching Dick’s sallow face now, Bruce couldn’t help but wonder if Dick would’ve been better off in a more open home.

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hi, could you tell me why people think sirius was in an abusive home please? it's been awhile since i read the books i don't remember anything about that

Of course.
The subject of Sirius’ past abuse rises in Order of the Phoenix and it’s canon that he was at least verbally and emotionally abused by his family til he left home.
I’m just gonna do a quick search and pull some quotes from OOTP. 

“Yoooou!” she howled, her eyes popping at the sight of the man. “Blood traitor, abomination, shame of my flesh!” (Portrait of Walburga Black to Sirius, OOTP Chapter 4)

This is Walburga’s portrait so it’s only a glimpse of her, i can’t imagine the things Sirius heard before he could finally leave Grimmauld Place.
Now, the books are told from Harry’s POV so the hints of Sirius’ abuse are somewhat subtle. Sirius doesn’t speak of his past home life explicitly, maybe because he didn’t have time to deal with it himself either or maybe because he doesn’t want to burden his 15 year old godson with his problems, but it’s all there in the books.

Kreacher bowed again and said, “Whatever Master says,” then muttered furiously, “Master is not fit to wipe slime from his mother’s boots, oh my poor Mistress, what would she say if she saw Kreacher serving him, how she hated him, what a disappointment he was —” (OOTP Chapter 6)
“Leave?” Sirius smiled bitterly and ran a hand through his long, unkempt hair. “Because I hated the whole lot of them: my parents, with their pure-blood mania, convinced that to be a Black made you practically royal … my idiot brother, soft enough to believe them … that’s him.”
“He was younger than me,” said Sirius, “and a much better son, as I was constantly reminded.” (Sirius about his family, OOTP Chapter 6)

Another example of both verbal and emotional abuse Sirius suffered.
We don’t know much about Sirius’ father, but this quote makes me believe that he wasn’t quiet involved with his family’s home life as his wife was.

“It was my father’s,” said Sirius, throwing the ring into the sack. “Kreacher wasn’t quite as devoted to him as to my mother, but I still caught him snogging a pair of my father’s old trousers last week.” (OOTP Chapter 4)

Whether he himself abused Sirius or not, he had not qualms about disowning his own son or the abuse his wife inflicted on him. That’s negligent at best (which still counts as abuse in my book.), though i do think that he also verbally and emotionally abused Sirius at some time.

Then, there’s also Kreacher, who Sirius absolutely loathes.
This is just my own reading, but i think Kreacher also took part in the abuse Sirius suffered, maybe directly or indirectly. This quote, in my opinion, supports my theory.

 “He’s been alone too long,” said Sirius, “taking mad orders from my mother’s portrait and talking to himself, but he was always a foul little —” (Sirius about Kreacher, OOTP Chapter 6) 

Sirius is also uncomfortable and resentful of having to stay alone in the house with Kreacher, no matter how invisible he is.

 “I don’t know,” said Sirius, “I haven’t seen anyone from the Order all weekend, they’re all busy. It’s just been Kreacher and me here…” 
There was a definite note of bitterness in Sirius’s voice. (OOTP Chapter 14) 

There’s also the fact that Sirius was incredibly unhappy because he was back at his childhood home and having to spend time around anything remind him of his family.

Hasn’t anyone told you? This was my parents’ house,” said Sirius. “But I’m the last Black left, so it’s mine now. I offered it to Dumbledore for headquarters — about the only useful thing I’ve been able to do.” 
Harry, who had expected a better welcome, noted how hard and bitter Sirius’s voice sounded. (OOTP Chapter 5)

Sirius heaved another great sigh, cast a dark look at the tapestry, and he and Harry went to join the others. (OOTP Chapter 6) 

 “I don’t like being back here,” he said, staring across the drawing room. “I never thought I’d be stuck in this house again.” (Sirius, OOTP Chapter 6)

Sirius’ mental state during the time he spends in Grimmauld makes me wonder the severity of his abuse. After all, his parents were proud of Regulus for joining the Death Eaters, were they really above physically abusing their children who they “hated” that much? Even if they did, i think the only person Sirius would share it with would have been James so it’s normal that we don’t get a confirmation of this.

Speaking of Sirius’ mental state, all through OOTP Sirius shows clear signs of PTSD and chronic depression, this always gets discarded as Sirius being moody, immature, emotionally unstable or just bored. He tries to repress his feelings which leads to explosive arguments later (Molly, Snape). Sirius already can’t deal with his feelings and he’s constantly getting scorned for his behavior. Wiizarding world is so uneducated on mental health that instead of helping Sirius; they provoke, knowingly trigger and further shut him in a house he was abused in. (I don’t buy for a second that Dumbledore didn’t know what Sirius went through in that house.)
Now look what you’ve made me do, i made myself sad again thinking of my favorite star prince.

TOME 2009 Original Concept Art (Part 3)

The dynamic duo of the D-Bug Org! Rockoon originally had a bit of a scarier and more-realistic look going on; looks more like a dog or something. The expressions show him as a bit more “lol teh random” before he was refined and fleshed out to the adorable little troublemaker we know and love him as now. Doubling’s design remained the same; simple and easy to draw. The ends of his fingers and feet were a bit blockier and he used to have a fat form instead of a big beefy form like in Episode 01. Sadly the twisty tornado attack to repel projectiles never got used, while the “Gel Dragon” move was given to his sister instead.

Ravenfreak was too fabulous to change, other than his diamond-shaped mouth. Demonking was mostly the same as well, other than his ears and hair being expanded a little. His wings look a bit different here, but that might’ve just been due to the lack of room on the page.

Splat was as crass as ever. I added eyes to her helmet and took away from the slime wrapped around her boots, but I kept the intention of making her kinda gross. I think the veins forming on her were for some sort of napalm-esque attack, while the other sketches were just random ideas. Dustbunny went through a few more revisions after this, but I wanted to make sure the bunny ears were her actual ears and not a decoration, I kept the little buck-tooth for her but took away the weird-looking marbles on the end of her eyebrows. Her dagger also had a bit of a smoke-plume design to the guard.

Only major revisions to Neomutant’s design messing with the pointy angles on his legs, giving his head more of its own shape and finalizing the shapes of the eye-holes on his mask. I remember Mike Luckas really liking the sort of “crappy Halloween costume” motif. You can see a test of his electric beam attack up at the top as well.

Finally, the lost character of Torchure (based on “Torben” from TTA) revealed! He was meant to be like a flamethrower cross-bred with a robot. I gave him three legs with rockets on them and two intimidating-looking gun hands. If he were to’ve survived being in the series, I probably would’ve given him different eyes, though. Thorment, then known as “Tormentros” like his TTA counterpart, remained relatively the same all throughout. Only minor changes were the top of his cloak, his pupils were removed and the pattern on the ends of the cloak were simplified. You can also spot “Demon Thorment” from the scrapped episode idea, sporting the infected Drain Edge from after Nylocke tossed it away to the ;sanctuary region.

Two of the moderators: an unused character named Anidoug (who would’ve been a lazy and grumpy mod for ;lavendera) as well as “PaperAceChase”, who eventually became ;sanctuary moderator ChaseAce. Anidoug was considered for use in Episode 04, but lost to Triplebeard the quest-giver. ChaseAce went through a major design change to fit the designs of the other robotic mods seen in the show. We can also see Pawneeko, back when he was still “Nico”, originally meant to be a merchant…a legal one, not a rip-off artist.