Man, I am on a slime kick lately.  Slime everywhere! Slime for everyone!  Here’s some 3D slime (that also glows in the dark, but I can’t get a decent pic of that so you’ll have to take my word on it).


Monstergirl Challenge number 3: Slime.

In a small city on the edge of an active volcano, every year a young woman was thrown into the crater to appease the deity the people thought lived within. After decades of sacrifices, the spirits of the victims coalesced and gave life to the molten rock they were trapped in. Her mind was shaped by the final thoughts of the victims though, and their fear, pain and anger drover her to seek revenge on the city below.

All of them would tremble before their vengeful goddess and all would burn.



Banana Slugs: Secret of the Slime | Deep Look

YOU’VE BEEN SLIMED. Beneath the towering redwoods lives one of the most peculiar creatures in California: the banana slug. They’re coated with a liquid crystal ooze that solves many problems slugs face in the forest – and maybe some of our own. Watch our new “Deep Look” video: