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Wings and Embers

Fellow acomaf fans,

Because I love Wings and Embers (for those who don’t know, Wings and Embers is the bonus nessian story found in the target edition of acomaf) I turned the pics I found — taken by @bookofademigod (@this post) HUGE THANKS btw. Without you, we would’ve been missing a lot!— into text so I can easily reread it. And I thought why not share it?? So here it is!

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According to what the Creators of Ducktales 2017 said at D23, they’re hoping to present more characters of different ethnicities in Ducktales 2017, especially by reintroducing the beloved Gizmo Duck, as Cuban!

So…could that mean that there is a chance José and Panchito (The Three Caballero’s), who are Brazilian and Mexican respectively, will make an appearance or at the very least a small cameo? I guess only time will tell.


One of my favorite trends in fashion history is when, in the early 70s, women started dressing like their demure Victorian and Edwardian grandmothers. These “prairie” dresses featured high necklines, long skirts, and slim sleeves in calico, gingham, and patchwork, liberally trimmed in lace and ribbon.

At one point, Ralph Lauren sent these prairie dresses down the runway, but the Gunne Sax brand name has almost become synonymous with the prairie style.

If you went to high school in the 80s or 90s, you may remember dreaming over those ultra-classy ads for Jessica McClintock formal dresses.  You may even have worn a Jessica McClintock to prom or homecoming.

McClintock first made her mark when she invested in the Gunne Sax company, and eventually took over as head.  She popularized the prairie look (some say she’s responsible for the revival of the leg-o-mutton sleeve) stating that the mini skirt look from the 60s was over. The trend was a reaction to the more revealing styles of the mod and Haight Ashbury years, and the popularity of Little House on the Prairie helped fuel the romantic trend. McClintock’s company is still going strong almost fifty years later, creating contemporary formal wear.

Personally, I love to think about how these organic, dreamy, often muted dresses existed alongside plaid polyester knit leisure suits.

The dresses above were just listed, and you can check out my other prairie dresses and vintage goodies at


filtered water
organic cucumber slices
fresh mint
juice from 2 limes

Put all the ingredients in a glass pitcher.
Infuse for 1-2 hours at room temperature or in the fridge for 3-4 hours.
Keep refrigerated (cold) and sip throughout the day.

Fabulous for your skin, hair, nails!
You will glow ;-))

And - chapter one of the Evanstan awesomeness with @boopifer up now! In which FBI Agent Chris Evans encounters a very attractive street magician for the first time…

Read at AO3 here! Teaser below. Enjoy!


 He’s found himself right beside the boy’s table without noticing the movement. Pale eyes glance up, assessing–Chris could swear they evaluate everything from his coat to his hips, and sparkle flirtatiously. “Feel like trying your luck, sir?”

 Sir. In that voice, an enchanted voice, low and lazy and rich as dark molasses, spiced with some undefinable faintest wildness: New York taking a stroll with a fairy-creature. Dressed up in black leather and black boots and a sinful clinging green-blue shirt.

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Coat worn by Prince in the movie Purple Rain, 1984. Regency-style, it is made of shiny purple moire fabric. There is a notched collar with the collar folded high and closely fitted to the neck. There are shoulder epaulets and partial sleeve straps at the wrist of long, slim set-in sleeves. The coat is double-breasted with flat silver buttons and buttonholes for closure. There are silver-colored studs on a flap covering the right front shoulder area. The coat also has side front and upper left breast diagonal welt pockets, center back slit, and silver-buckled self-fabric belt held in place by belt loops. The coat is completely lined with a black shiny fabric and has hidden thick shoulder pads.

Made by: Wells, Louis, Vaughn Terry.  Designer: France, Marie

 Not for sale

Because so many of you are so lovely, and because we’ve got it about 90% done, @boopifer and I will most likely start posting the longer Epic Evanstan Fic we’re been working on…probably sometime later this week, maybe Thursday…

Here, have a preview! We might’ve shared some of this before, but it’s been a while, so, here:


The magician’s too attractive.

That’s Chris’s first thought, watching him.

Okay, maybe that’s not Chris’s first thought. The first thought contains a lot more incoherent stunned images involving possible future nudity and long legs and those quicksilver hands playing tricks across bare skin.

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Cursed (pt 13)

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Cat!Yoongi x Reader AU

Warning: Implied smut, implied don’t toot your horn LOL

(A/n): Yooo, so I’m sorry if you’re waiting for Interference, I wanted to finish off Cursed first. Slowly writing it atm if you were wondering^^  

Everything was perfect, way too perfect that you even pinched yourself to see if you were dreaming. You felt boneless, legs jelly as you stirred awake the next morning. A smile spreads across your face as soon as you notice Yoongi curled up beside you, his arm slung around your waist. His expression is so serene and ethereal, you couldn’t help but smile wider. Sooty lashes brushing over his cheeks, pink lips parted ever so slightly, and his hair magically swept perfectly across his forehead. Suddenly, you’re reminded of the day he’d first transformed into a human, bare and snuggled up with you. Both shocked and entranced by the extremely good-looking stranger sleeping in your bed.

The longer you stared at his features, you finally noticed the disappearance of the chain-link that was usually around his neck. Your stomach flipped and you prayed, that this meant that he was free from his curse. God only knows why, but as long as he was finally free.

He doesn’t stir, even as you lean over and press a tender kiss on his lips before peeling off his arm to get out of bed.

The first step off the bed and right away you lose balance and strength, just barely catching yourself and forcing yourself to stand with the help of the nightstand. In all honesty, you’d rather crawl back into bed and spend the rest of the day cuddled up with your slumbering boyfriend, but work calls and you can’t miss work - even if you had an extremely attractive and naked boyfriend knocked out on your bed.

After a much needed shower, you stop in front of the mirror to only notice the purplish-red blotches that scatter all over your neck and chest. Shoulders drooping, you sigh, quietly cursing at Yoongi for marking the higher parts of your neck that can’t be covered by the collar of your shirt. Surely a turtleneck would be fine, a white slim fitting, long sleeve turtleneck with navy dress pants.

Picking at it and fixing the collar of the turtleneck, you feel arms wrap around your waist, someone’s chest pressing into your back. In the full-body mirror you see the reflection of Yoongi standing behind you, his metallic hair messy, and his gaze hooded and unfocused as he examines your front profile in the mirror. A shiver races down your spine, his lips barely grazing that spot behind your ear, breath hot against your skin as you both lock gazes.

“Do you have to go?” he asks, voice low and husky, tightening his arms around you and nuzzling his face into your covered neck, “Why are you covering up too? Why not let them see?”

One hand leaves your middle to tug harshly on the neck of your top, pulling down until he can see one of his many hickies.

“Mm, why not call in, just for today,” he hums, head lowering to lave his tongue over the bruise, “Stay, please.”

You catch the strain in his soft tone, the crack at the end that has your heart breaking, how could you ever leave him alone if he’s pleading to you like that? Turning in his hold, you smile softly up at him, meeting him halfway in a slow kiss, his hands gripping at your hips to lead you back to bed. In the midst of sweet pecks and long smooches, his voice mutters sweet nothings with a smile spread across his lips.

You find yourself forgetting about work, and lose yourself in Yoongi for a second time, your clothes finding their way on the ground with his hands roaming all over your body. This time he’s languid and more lethargic, movements slow and steady, paced and gentle. His mouth is hot fire against your skin just like how you remember from last night, whispering your name as you bend and mold against him.


Where the hell are you?!”

You wince, pulling your phone away from your ear, “Chill, I’m at home… I got a little… er distracted, so if you could do me a cute little favor and fill in for my absence~”

You owe me one, and an explanation, I smell that bull crap right now,” your friend sighs as you chirp a grateful I love you.

Once the phone call is over, Yoongi’s arm around your waist pulls you close to his front, your bodies tired and spent from your early morning activities. Carefully, he brushes your hair over your shoulder before pressing his lips against the nape of your neck.

“You’re so beautiful,” he sighs, snuggling closer to you, legs tangling underneath the bed sheets that cover your bare bodies.

Your heart flutters and cheeks flare, head turning to kiss him, and eventually your whole body to face his. His fingers press gently into your hips, while yours smooth over his cheeks and dive into his mussed up grey hair. Lips parting, his wet appendage dips inside your mouth, smothering your soft moan as he tastes you once again.

“Yoongi,” you sigh, pulling away reluctantly, you let your forehead rest on his, basking in his presence and warmth. Biting your lip once he acknowledges your call, you trace one finger along his collarbone, “Your necklace… it’s gone, I noticed it earlier… does this mean…?”

He nods, leaving a small peck on the tip of your nose, “Yeah. It’s gone.”

His smile is bitter and forced, and you catch it until he covers it by nuzzling his face into your neck. You choose not to elaborate on it and stay silent, cradling his head closer to your body.

“I love you,” you whisper, but he’s already asleep to respond or hear.

The next day when you go to work, you’re expecting your friend to attack you with a bunch of questions, and she does just that once you both are on lunch break.

“You better spill those details right now,” she threatened jokingly, raising her hotdog with a glint in her eyes.

“Don’t play with your food, you child,” you scoff, laughing as she pouts and puts it down. And then you told her, starting from the date to your first time with Yoongi, how he caught you touching yourself to making love, and finally yesterday morning when he managed to persuade you to rejoin him in bed instead of going to work.

By the end of your little story time, she was clapping and squealing, “I’m so proud of you!! Damn, was he good?”

Blushing, you bite your lip and nod shyly to which she giggles.

In the midst of eating, your phone vibrates, your lock screen illuminated along with the incoming message you received. You gawk at the ID reading “Jinri”, the message below saying “Hey :) Can we meet up maybe? I have something of Yoongi’s still left at my place, and there’s no way to get a hold of him, so if you could, maybe come over and get it, that’d be great! Here’s the address: xxxx xxxx xxxx apt 12”

Totally fishy, you think dryly, wondering if maybe you should tell Yoongi instead of going yourself. Anyway, in the first place, how did she even get your cell phone number?

It screams trickery all over it, there was something up, but you didn’t care and went ahead yourself. There’s a part of you that sets up alarms thinking about sending Yoongi to his very pretty ex-girlfriend’s apartment, being alone with her in her place behind closed doors. You remember the first time you saw her, at the park when Yoongi approached her to have a little talk. Was not a very nice feeling, you thought with a frown as you make your way down the hallway of Jinri’s apartment complex.

You come face to face with the nameplate beside the intimidating wooden door of Jinri’s front door, a big fat 12 engraved into the plate of metal. Your fist meets the wooden structure to knock, but the force opens the already cracked door. Blinking, you peer inside the apartment, wondering if it was alright for you to enter without permission.

That’s when you heard it. A voice. It wasn’t Jinri’s, it was a man’s voice though not clear enough for you to tell whose.

Deciding to step inside, you mutter a soft apology, taking off your heels and treading deeper into the nicely decorated apartment. The walls are charcoal with white furnishings, white couches and glass tables, white picture frames and glass chandeliers.

“-I can’t do this to her.”

You freeze, recognizing the voice to be coming from the bedroom. Dread fills you up to the brim as you step closer to the ajar door, light spilling into the dark hallway from the room. That’s Yoongi, it’s no doubt your boyfriend is in there with who you assume is Jinri.

“But you made a promise Min Yoongi, a bet, a challenge, an exchange,” Jinri’s voice speaks up, confident and smooth with a hint of amusement in her tone, “If you got the girl to fall in love with you and fuck her, then freedom was yours - you have to leave her, break her in the end.”

“Did you not say in the beginning - oh so confidently - that she’d be an easy fuck, that you’d be free in no time?”

“Yeah, that’s before I fell—”

What bullshit this is, you think bitterly, wondering if you were the star of a cliche drama. Shoving the door open, you catch the narrowed eyes and nasty smirk of Jinri’s before focusing on the guilt and shock on Yoongi’s face. You’re not having any of it when he gapes and tries to excuse himself but you heard it, you heard the truth about your relationship.

Of course. That’s how life was. You knew from the start, that it was weird how Yoongi would pick someone like you over another when he could literally have any girl he wanted.

“So this is all a lie? You never liked me, you’ve been using me?”

You laugh bitterly, holding your hand up to stop him from interrupting you. Your eyes sting, tears welling up as you try to blink them back. The world was falling at your feet, but you couldn’t just break down right in front of the enemy.

“Congratulations Min Yoongi, you won, you tricked a naive little virgin girl such as myself, fucked me and made me fall for you.. Congratulations on freeing yourself, you fucking asshole.”
“Now that you’ve gotten what you wanted, leave me alone, don’t ever show up in front of me ever again… you can go fuck yourself, Min Yoongi.”

With one last look, you manage a dry smile before running out, snatching your heels along the way.

“What can I say, it was quite a sight to see the one and only player Min Yoongi fall in love for the first time with the girl he’ll inevitably break the heart of and leave. Grade A+ acting Suga,” Jinri shrugs nonchalantly, stopping Yoongi before he can go chasing after you, “Face it, the second you messed with me, your fate was sealed.”

With a snap of her fingers, he feels his body become light, a chain appearing around his neck, this time with a watch attached to it. He lands on all fours, body now the same metallic feline he was when he was first cursed.

“You didn’t think I’d actually let you go free after what you did to me, did you?” she giggles, bending down to caress the smooth metal of the watch connected to his chain. He hisses however and smacks her hand away, claws peeking out of his paws threateningly. Clicking her tongue, she snatches him by the fold of tough skin on the back of his neck, yanking him up until he was eye-level with her.

“You knew all this time then huh, you planned this out, you never planned for me to be free,” he growled, glaring at her, “You told her to meet you, so she could deliberately hear about the plan.. You fucking bitch.”

“Seems like you do have a brain after all Suga darling,” She tilts her head over slightly, smiling sweetly as she lets his given - by you - name roll off her tongue casually, “You know… It could have been any other woman and the same thing would have happened.”
He shakes his head vigorously, narrowing his eyes at her, squirming around when she digs her nails into his skin, “No it couldn’t have, because she’s one of a kind, there’s no one else in this world who could take her place. And it fucking hurts me that this is how it ends.”
Jinri whistles, smirking as she drops him, the feline part of him automatically twisting to land on all fours safely, “Wow, look how whipped you gotten ever since you met her.”
“Don’t you think, this is what you get for playing with the heart of a witch?” she sighs, as she snaps her fingers and he’s back to human form with the chain still around his neck. He hurriedly pulls on his clothes, shoving his feet through the legs of his jeans and slipping on his shirt, pausing when she leans over to tap on the clock connected to his necklace, the object glowing for a brief second until it disintegrates.
“Your time is ticking Min Yoongi, why don’t you make your last hour of living worth it?”

He snorts, crossing his arms over his chest haughtily, “And what’s to happen once I disappear? Hell? Heaven? A mere dark void?”
Shaking her head, she takes a seat on her bed while chirping brightly, “Oh no, you’re going to be a lovely wisp trapped in a jar stored on a shelf alongside the rest of the collection of souls.”
Collection? Wow how many other men played you, you must be a really gullible witch to actually think that a man who seems interested would want you for more than just your body,” he snaps back icily, shoving on his shoes.

Her eyes narrow at him, frowning at his counter, “Shut up, you better take this chance I’m giving you to say goodbye to her, afterall, you won’t be able to see her again.”

And he does, slipping on the rest of his clothes before he’s out the door in a heartbeat and on his way to your place.


You’re curled up on the bed sobbing, body quivering as you blow your nose into the softness of a square of tissue. What the hell were you thinking? Did you really think it to be possible that someone like Yoongi would actually fall for someone like you? For someone like him to even approach you, it had be a part of some sort of fucked up bet. And to know that after all this time he was to throw it all away, not returning your love and breaking your heart. It’s no wonder he was spacing out a lot, it’s no wonder he never said I love you back when you said it, it’s also no wonder the guilt and despair that’s waging a war all over his expression when he lets the emotions slip out accidentally.

Now you know what heartbreak is like, your chest tightening painfully, crushed and torn while endless cries and wails tumble from your mouth. All the times you’ve had to awkwardly comfort a crying friend who got her heart broken, you never really understood the pain they went through, so how the hell were you supposed to handle your first, for pretty much everything?

Yoongi would never hurt you, you laugh dryly, remembering your anxious thoughts before he made love to you. Or maybe he was just fucking you, you thought it was love, but it was just him trying to earn his freedom..

The doorbell chimed and you already knew who it was and chose to ignore it. The ringing turned desperate, you just imagine him jamming the doorbell, finger vibrating over the button before he got tired and began pounding his fists on the door.

“Just hear me out (Y/n)!”

You eventually peel yourself off the bed, slowly trudging towards the front door, each step is heavy as you wipe your face vigorously. Resting your back against the door, you slide down until you’re seated on the ground.

“What else is there for you to say?”

On the other side of the door, Yoongi feels his heart skip at the sound of your voice, resting his hands and forehead on the door. “There’s a lot of things I have to say… you didn’t even let me finish what I was about to say back there…”

“Yes it’s true that in the beginning this was all a game, Jinri was supposed to be a hook up, turns out she was a witch and when I hurt her she– well you know turned me into a cat… and when I transformed for the first time back into a human and she brought up that exchange, I was desperate and had no feelings for you at the time…”

Letting out a shaky breath, he closed his eyes, picturing you on the other side, devastated and in tears when he took your heart and played with it just like he did with Jinri.

“I’m sorry.”

You scoff, laughing dryly at his apology, “Is that really all you can say? Do you really think I’d take you back after you totally used me?”

“It was only like that in the beginning,” he sighs, chest tightening, “That’s before I fell for you, I wasn’t lying when I said you were different from all the other women I’ve been with, please trust me when I say I love you, fuck I’ve never felt like this before… my heart feels like it’s about to explode around you, I feel like I’m in heaven with you, none of those women gave me that feeling, they were just stupid hook ups. I’m not going to stand here and lie saying I never played them, when I probably broke most of their hearts… But yours, I never wanted to break.”

“I know after all that mess back there, you can’t forgive me, but I’m so sorry and I love you, please know that.”

His eyes glaze over with tears, opening them slightly, through the blur of the tears he can fairly make out the disappearance of his shoes. Not just his shoes, he no longer had feet, his ankles already starting to disintegrate. His breath hitched, eyes widening before he desperately knocked on the door.

“Let me in (Y/n)! There’s not much time left, I need to see you just once more!”

Glancing down, he sucks in a sharp breath, up to his thighs already having already disappeared.

“Y-Yoongi… I don’t know I–”

“I’m disappearing!” he snaps, jiggling the doorknob furiously, the tips of his fingers beginning to fade away, “Open this damn door (Y/n)!”

You fling it open after much hesitation and can’t suppress the gasp that escapes you when Yoongi’s already faded from his waist down. Eyes widening, you gape at the absence of his lower body, flickering between his slowly disintegrating body to his sad eyes and guilt-ridden smile.

“Yoongi… what…?”

Relief washed over the desperation on his expression as he spread his arms apart. You immediately fell into his arms, his warmth slowly fading away just like his arms and torso.

“I’m so sorry (Y/n),” he whispered, “I never meant to hurt you, despite the bet, I truly wanted to be with you.”

You could no longer feel the weight of his hands around you, the constricting of his arms, they were gone and you quickly took this chance to press your lips against his, desperate for the remainder of his heat, his presence until it’s gone. He’s gone.

“I love you (Y/n).”

He’s gone and you’re left all alone in the doorway of your apartment, the strength in your legs fading away, just like how Yoongi’s body did, until your knees buckled and you sat on the floor sobbing.

The end, I’m kidding there’s one more left

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Do you know if there's any plus size nymphet items for the winter? I live in the Midwest so wearing the usual stuff isn't advised in 10 below degree weather.









Socks & Tights


The bed

It’s uncomfortable to lay on my back.

When I get home, I remove my clothes and gaze at my bed. In these summer months, I will click on the ceiling fan, and fall chest-first onto the bed, arms spread. I relax. Completely.

And once my human body is relaxed, my gryphon body relaxes. My wings, no longer a heavy weight on my upright body, lay flat against my back, and I feel their wrists relax, fanning their feathers out slightly across the covers.

I’ll usually curl up with a stuffed animal to feel their fur, a comfort to me, a reminder of what it was like to play with my own tail, or embrace my kind. I don’t remember them, only sensations, smells, sounds that feel like seconds of dreams you remember when you first awaken.

When I stretch my arms, too many digits reach out. I grasp the edge of the bed, and my talons, feeling dull, sink into the soft covers. I can’t remember what my arms feel like. When I think about it, they feel cold, and I don’t know what that means. Sometimes I can see them, even just as a shade overlaid upon my human arms, ebony like the feet of a crow. I’d hope they would feel nice to touch, for the sake of my husband.

If I decide to nap, I assume my position on the left half, nuzzle my head against the pillow, and curl up on my side. This seems to be where I am most comfortable. My wings relax and stretch out, and I swear I can hear the fan rustle my feathers. My heavy tail swishes sometimes, perhaps just to feel the sensation across my legs. Sometimes it settles beside me. Sometimes it drapes over the edge of the bed.

I like to feel my talons between the sheets. Sometimes I’ll claw my hands in a crude facsimile of what they ought to be, but I never arrange them correctly. My arms will feel almost like sleeves, slim and compressed, and I can feel where they meet with the fur near my shoulders.

It is only when I close my eyes do I feel how elongated my feet are. A digitigrade stance is too painful on my human feet, but my gryphon feet are accustomed to the strength and agility it affords me. When I relax, they seem to stretch on and on, and I can no longer feel where my human feet end.

I’ve installed speakers on either side of my bed, and for my daytime naps, I’ll play sounds of the wind in the trees, and chimes stirred by phantom breezes. When at last I fall asleep, I am not human.