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BloodLust - II

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Genre: Drama/Supernatural

Word Count: 2606

Warnings: Mentions of blood

A day had passed since your chilling encounter with Mr Byun, and the fear he had fabricated still remained clear as day within your being. So, you weren’t exactly comfortable when you were instructed to clean his office as he watched intently from behind his desk. He had allowed you to draw back the curtains so you could work. Sunlight streamed into the room, the direct rays illuminating a rectangular patch on the stone floor, parallel to the desk. Mr Byun remained seated in the shadows, watching and waiting.

His attire was less formal than usual, black slacks paired with a dark button up which was half unbuttoned, revealing his milky chest. He clutched a glass within his slim fingers, periodically sipping the dark red liquid that filled it. His lips were stained from the wine - as they usually were - and his face was sunken, but still handsome as ever.

You were bent over on all fours, scrubbing the stone floor in silence with your head angled down, avoiding his harrowing stare. You moved along at a slow but gradual pace, tackling each section of the dusty ground one by one. Eventually, you crossed the rectangle of light that shone onto the floor, and moved into the darkness of the room.

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When You're Rich, You Sold Yourself For This

Audience: Teen and up

Relationship: OT6

Words: 8,159

Chapters: ½


Summary:  Michael Jones, a big name in both the music and film industry, spends much too much time on the internet. When he falls head over heals for his friends online, should he tell them who he is? Or keep up the charade of being a normal person?

As the light shines in Michael’s eyes and he fought to see, he fought to breathe. He screamed and screamed, as everyone around him did the same. He couldn’t believe where he was or what he was doing. He couldn’t believe this is what his life had become, that he deserved this.

He sang his lungs out, clutching his microphone stand as if it was a lover’s hand and he was dying. Their band’s logo shined in bright clear letters above their heads, strobe lights flashing, his band mates were dancing back and forth across stage as they played.  

This was his element, this was where he was meant to be.

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Pointless story time:

So I’m waiting at the bus stop, and there’s a bush, tree, thing there in full bloom–I don’t know what kind, but it has shiny dark green leaves and tiny, creamy white flowers in densely-clustered umbrels. Light, sweet scent. And this tree is absolutely humming with bees, going meticulously from tiny flower to tiny flower in the warm summer air.

When I was a kid, I would’ve been scared, but now, what with colony collapse disorder, I’m just glad to see them out and about, doing their thing. And I know that unless I do something unwise like poke them I’m unlikely to get stung–I am vastly less interesting to these bees than the tree is.

So, lacking anything much better to do while I wait for the bus, I watch them, hovering on blur-invisible wings and landing and gripping the flowers with their slim legs and sipping for just, maybe, a second–and then taking off and repeating, over and over, like a dance.

So while I’m standing there an old lady comes up and stands beside me, which is not shocking because, well, it’s a bus stop. And she stands and looks and waits and then finally, quietly, asks, “What are we looking at?”

(This impresses me a little. Most people, even if they can’t figure out what you’re watching, won’t ask for fear of looking silly.)

“Bees,” I say.

“Oh,” she says.

We watch for a couple more minutes, the bees humming and the tree heavy with fragrance and the sky blue, blue, blue.

“They are kind of interesting, aren’t they?” she says.

“Yes,” I say.

I’ve wanted to do one of these for a long time, just to give an idea of my headcanon heights/ sizes. Probably goign to do some more for the rest of the yogs,

Xephos: The second tallest of the yogs (the first being Smiffy) has an athletic build

Honeydew: Dwarf, shortest of the yogs, chubby but with upper body strength

Lalna: Average height, just above average build

Nano: Slightly taller than Honeydew (although his hat makes him look slightly taller) slim build, surprising strength…

Sjin: third tallest, slim build, slight muscle

Sips: stands slightly smaller than actual height due to slight slouch, heavy build (chub and muscle)