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Hey I have a question: why do americans call everything by a brand name?

Because over here, we use the category of the thing to address it. I know americans do that too, but you guys do do the brand thing way more often than I’m used to. In my experience, people address the thing with the brand name only if the thing is (almost) only sold by that single brand and thus known by that name. So my only theory rn is that americans tend to see the biggest brand and then categorise all other products in the same category as being off-brand. 

Example of the difference:

American: Coca cola / pepsi, can be shortened to ‘coke’. “Can I get a coke please?”

Over here: Cola. “Can I get cola please?”

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The boys taking you over seas on a holiday blurb. :) <3

-listen he was broke af bc he kept spending all his money on slim jims so you guys would get dirt cheap plane tickets to canada
-you’d do a lot of hiking and he’d nearly piss his pants the first time he saw a bear
-he’d not have a clue what poutine was but he’d still order it and he’d be like “this is literally just french fries but wrong” but he’d still like it
-you’d go to a hockey game and eric would get sooo cocky when u guys got on the kiss cam and lean in and give u a really cute kiss
-you’d stay in this tiny ass hotel room but it’d have a good view of the mountains and you’d be like “eric come look” and he’d be like “we have those in colorado”
-but he’d loosen up and let u tackle him on the bed and u guys would watch weird canadian tv
-was slightly more fiscally responsible than eric
-so u guys would go to london!!
-he’d literally stare at big ben for so long and you literally wouldn’t get it you’d be like “dylan it’s a clock” & he’d be like “appreciate the history you ignorant american”
-you guys would go on the london eye and he’d kinda just sit back and watch you as your jaw dropped looking at the view of london
-you’d go to a pub and realize you were old enough to drink in england and be like hueheueheh
-so u guys would stumble back to the hotel room totally drunk and just cuddle 4 awhile bc u guys were so cute that’s what u did while drunk
-would buy the dumbest, cheesiest souvenirs ever