slim in six

Slim in 6

So I saw the advertisement on the tv ages ago and to be honest it didnt interest me due to the price.

But when I think that if I went to a gym around here for 2 weeks every day id spend around 70 pounds, I looked at the price and didnt think omg what on earth, I looked and went maybe it is worth it. This is going to allow me to work on my weight. Its going to kickstart my new life.

At the end of the day 60 pound is actually nothing when it concerns my health and future.

So on tuesday im ordering it. The first thing ive ever baught that is going to be worth. Im going to make it worth it and change my life for the better.

Is or has anyone done slim in 6?????

Who Shot Delphine?

Ok, since the chances of us finding out who shot Delphine AND that person making actual sense in the narrative are slim to none (and slim rolled out about six months ago) I have decided to make my own list of potential, totally possible suspects.

1. Donald Trump.

2. Judge Judy.

3. The girls from PTAF, because you know, there can be only one (or three) boss ass bitches.

4. Actual french jesus.

5.The inventor of kinky curly who is SO, SO UPSET with the straight hair.

6. The kool-aid man.

7. Kim Davis.

8. Pope Francis

9. Adele Dazeem