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Look you guys I don’t mean to be rude but you have all been doing a FREAKING TERRIBLE JOB of referring to the price increases, coverage losses, and other failures that will fall out from this as “Trumpcare”.

Like, you think it’s a coincidence that they named it the AHCA? It’s a deliberate attempt to hijack the “people actually like the ACA when you call it that”. So don’t let them steal that: “Trumpcare, which is tearing down huge amounts of the ACA, was just shoved through by a slim majority of House Republicans.”

#FBF Flashback to Eminem aka, The Real Slim Shady performing at House of Blues in 1999. | Photo by: Kelly Swift

Eminem hit the music scene in 1999 with his album, The Slim Shady LP. His following album, The Marshall Mathers LP, became the fastest-selling solo album in the United States history!

A Slim Sleepover

It had been a few days since Sasha underwent a magical procedure that made his body thinner and taller. He was still ‘testing’ the look out to see whether or not he would keep his new body type. A short while back, he’d allegedly agreed to babysit someone while her father attended to other matters.

While Sasha worked on stuff in the kitchen, a more long-term guest of his was dry-mopping in the living room. Jamie, a teenage Native American girl who fell down Mt. Ebott around the same time as Sasha, was staying with the Kozlovs for the time until she could locate family of her own. She felt helping the family giving her shelter maintain said shelter was the least she could do. And she expected a quiet day…


raison d’être: Walking Dead BTS

Plot: Zombie Apocalypse!AU 

Ships: Jungkook x Reader, Jimin x Reader 

Author’s Note: I will try to improve the details throughout the story~! 

“Just run past them,” You mumbled to yourself, “That way you won’t have to waste any bullets,” You took a deep breath before scurrying past the limping figures, not daring to take your eyes off of them. It was when you finally tore your eyes away that you saw another one limping towards you. “Shit,” You mumbled under your breath.

You dove behind a car, cocking your gun just in case you couldn’t hide. Closing your eyes, you held your breath as you heard its feet shuffling past the car you hid behind. Please don’t notice, please don’t notice. When you thought the distance between you and it was far enough, it didn’t take long for you to be sprinting at full speed to the house at the end of the block.

The door silently closed behind you, making you raise your guard for any infected that were helplessly wandering around the house. When you didn’t hear any shuffling footsteps or things clattering, it was safe for you to place your gun back in its holster.

“Give me something,” You said to yourself as you looked through the cabinets and drawers, hoping that not everything was taken. There was a slim chance that the house had anything at all, considering how much they’re ransacked these days. You plopped yourself on the couch, closing your eyes for a couple of minutes.

Buzz, buzz, buzz.

You opened your eyes after the third vibration. Was that a text message? You quickly sat up, looking around the living room for the phone. In the corner of your eye, you saw a screen with blinking notifications sitting on the night stand next to the couch. You grabbed it hastily, reading the

texts on the screen.

‘Get out’

‘Right now’

‘Or else you’ll die’

Your brows furrowed together as you unlocked the screen. Is this meant for me? It took you a few minutes before replying.

You watched as they began to type, the text bubble with the trailing dots appearing on the screen. For some reason a sigh of relief escaped your lips. It’s been a long time since you communicated with anyone.

‘Do you hear that?’

‘The sound of your screams when walkers tear your flesh apart and eat you alive?’

‘You can stop it if you choose to get your ass out of there right now before they catch you’

‘Where would I go?’

‘Run into the woods. Keep moving north until you see a road that leads to higher ground.’

’Stay there for a few days and stay low so none of them see you.’

‘Why are you helping me?’

‘Who are you?’

It was like they hesitated for a moment.

‘Shut the fuck up and get moving.’

You were about to turn off the phone when you saw the trailing dots again. You were waiting for it to send, but the dots disappeared.

You shoved the phone in your pocket, swinging your backpack over your shoulders as you stood in front of the door. You were terrified of what was out there. Especially since it was 4 AM, and the sun hadn’t even begin to rise yet. During this time, those things were active. It was then that you realized that you didn’t have to listen to whoever warned you. It was ok if you stayed inside the house, right?

It was like your body had a mind of its own when you realized you had opened the front door. Your subconscious screaming, You are going to follow the instructions you were given, you little shit.

As quietly and quickly as possible, you made your way towards the forest. Thankfully, you had not come across any infected limping their way towards you to get a taste of the flesh they hungered so much for. You used the compass on the phone to go north, hoping that it was leading you in the right direction. “There it is,” You sighed and started walking up the winding road. You chose to camp out behind a group of trees, where you could see a good view of the lower road while being well hidden.

You laid your back on the soft grass as you looked through the numerous branches and leaves to see the starry night sky. It had been awhile since you could look up at the stars, and not be fighting off any infected.

“Has is already been half a year?” You whispered to yourself, “Half a year since the world went to hell..”

You shoved your hands into your coat pockets as you stared through the glass. A pair of Jordan 8’s were being worn by a mannequin, and you couldn’t help but think that your friend must want these so bad.

“Excuse me, how much are those Jordans?” You asked the cashier once you walked in. “You’re actually lucky Miss,” He smiles, “They’re $80.” You smiled back at him, “How much were they before?” He took a moment to think, “$160 I think. But because it’s Christmas, everyone goes crazy over sales.” You nodded, “I’ll take them,”

“Thank you!” You said to the cashier before turning to walk to the door, “Miss!” You turned back to face him, “Merry Christmas,” He said after hesitating, “Merry Christmas to you too.”

As you walked out onto the busy street of people walking back and forth with bags full of presents, something white fell on the box of shoes inside the bag. You looked up, your lips curving into a huge grin, “It’s snowing..”

You were then interrupted by the sound of your ringtone going off, “Hello?” You greeted. “Yah! Where are you, Y/n?” Your mom practically yelled, “Calm down! I’m on my way home,” She sighed over the phone, “Ok, hurry up. Our guests are almost here.” You nodded, “Bye, Mom.” After you hung up, you quickly made your way through the crowd.

A familiar laugh was ringing throughout the house when you closed the door behind you. “Just in time,” You smiled as a group of kids turned their heads towards you, “Y/n!” They screamed before running towards you. “Is that for me?” One of them said pointing to the bag, “This? It’s actually for—“

Ding dong.

You turned your head to the door and opened it, seeing unfamiliar faces staring back at you. “Who is it?” Your mother said as she stepped behind you to see, “Mrs. Park! I’m so glad you came,” Your mother greeted as she let them in. “Y/n this is Mrs. Park and her family,” You smiled and bowed, “It’s nice to meet you.” She did the same and scanned over your features, “My older son couldn’t make it today,” She said, “He was needed at work, and I’m sure you might’ve like him.” You laughed, “Yeah, Christmas shopping gets pretty hectic.”

You sat down on the couch next to the boy who came a couple hours ago. He was watching TV in front of the fireplace with the little kids. “You like cartoons too?” You said as he glanced at you, “Yeah, my older brother got me into them.” You nodded and looked at the kids, “Oh my God, they’re opening presents without you?” You raised your voice, making them immediately stand up and bolt for the dining room. You heard him chuckle before you looked at him, “Do you mind if I change the channel?” He merely shook his head, “Nah, I was getting tired of it anyways,”

You picked up the remote and changed it to the news. “Good luck to all the folks out there,” The newsman said, “I suggest you stay wherever you are instead of leaving. Men have been reported to have inappropriate behavior tonight,” You chuckled to yourself, “Too many people getting shit faced drunk tonight,” The boy raised his eyebrows and turned to you, “I’m Jihyun,” He smiled, “You are?” You smiled back, about to reply when you heard a scream come from the TV.

A news lady had been bitten by some stranger when you turned to look at the screen. “Christina are you alright?” The newsman said. She dropped her mic which must’ve caused feedback because the newsman flinched. She was now being strangled, the blood from her neck gushing out like crazy while the man tore off a piece of her flesh. The high pitched scream coming from her as blood and saliva dripped down his chin. He looked into the camera, his eyes bloodshot and skin pale. The camera must have been shut down because the main newsman took over, “Please standby, and stay indoors people.”

Jihyun exchanged glances with you, both of you at a loss for words. You looked at the dining table, realizing that your family members were no longer laughing and opening presents but were now staring at the TV. The smiles wiped off their faces, instead being replaced by horrified looks. A silence took over until you heard the sound of someone trying to get inside through the front door. You stood up, silently making your way to the door. It took everything you had to not flinch when the door started to move violently. But when you looked through the peephole, you couldn’t help but scream.

The woman looked up, for a brief moment she stopped fumbling with the door to look through the peephole from the other side. Her eyes were bloodshot just like the man from TV, and you could practically smell the rotting flesh from the other side of the door. You stepped away, realizing she had seen you. The door shook more violently this time, and it was then that you realized that more of her friends must have been right behind her. “Don’t make a sound,” You said as quietly as possible and grabbed Jihyun’s wrist to get him off the couch. You heard him gulp as he followed you to the dining room. “What’s going on?” Mrs. Park whispered, “When I say go, everyone run out the back door, ok?” You said. Your guests nodded, getting up silently as snarls and growling became louder by the minute. The lock was about to give in at any second, and when you heard the door burst open you yelled as loud as you could, “GO!”

You dragged Jihyun out the back door of your backyard, following your mother as she headed for the streets. “Wait where’s my parents?” Jihyun yelled, “I don’t know—“ A loud shriek was heard and you looked forward, a familiar face being surrounded by those crazy looking people. “Mom!” Jihyun yelled as he ran towards her. “Jihyun!” You said firmly and tried your best to drag him away from her, “We have to go!” His eyes looked as if they were about to break, “We can’t just leave her!” You shook your head and pushed him towards your mother and the others, “Go! I’ll catch up!” He grabbed your arm, “No! What the hell?! You’ll die!” You pulled your arm away from him, “Just get the fuck out of here already! We’ll follow!”

You ran towards Mrs. Park, grabbing her hand and helping her up before running your ass off. A crowd of abnormal people only feet away from you two as you ran. Mr. Park was in front of you, and you could tell he was not moving in a fast enough pace. “You have to go faster!” You yelled. You could tell he was trying, but there was no way that he could outrun them. You passed him, and you could already feel Mrs. Park resisting you as you tried to drag her along. “My husband!” She cried, “Wait we have to—“ A cry of pain echoed through your ears as you looked back. The crowd was gathering around Mr. Park, but you knew you couldn’t save him now. It was like you were watching him in slow motion as teeth sunk into his skin. The blood already gushing out as they ate him alive. She tore away from your grasp as she ran towards the crowd, making you stop and try to grab her.

“Get away from my husband you freaks!” She said and started pushing them away. “NO!” You screamed as one of them started getting dangerously close to her. The hot wax at the back of your throat forming as tears threatened to fall. You tried to grab her, but they had already beat you to it. “Run!” She cried, “Protect my son!” It took all of you to not stay, but when you saw a pair of bloodshot eyes meet yours you knew it was time to go. “Dammit!” You cursed and ran again, “I’m sorry Jihyun..”

You looked forward, trying your best not to look at the people who were begging for your help. “Please, help me!” You bit your lip as you tried your best to not fall apart, “You’ll burn in hell for this!” She screamed. You almost tripped when you heard a gunshot go off, and you only hoped that whoever fired it was the Army. You picked up your pace, screaming when you saw another group of them coming out of an alleyway. “No, no, no, no,” You whispered as you ran into the middle of the road. You ran down the road, seeing the back of a car driving at full speed in front of you. “HEY!” You yelled, “Let me join you!” They were your last hope to be the fastest way out of here. Behind you was the end, no more cars speeding their way out of the driveway to get out of the neighborhood. It was just you, and a rather large group of monsters following, trailing behind. It made you burst into tears when they sped up, not letting you catch up to them. “Please don’t leave me here!” You cried, and kept running, “I don’t want to die!” But you knew they weren’t going to stop, and when you saw them turn the corner your last hope had left you.

When you looked back you were outnumbered. There were too many of them to count, and they were catching up to you. When you looked forward, a bright light started shining with only one thing on your mind, “You’ll burn in hell for this!”

Your eyes opened, and you realized a dampness on your cheeks. Tears.. You sighed before wiping them off. The time read 10:41 AM, and when you looked down at the lower road you could see a hoard occupying it to the fullest. You laid on your stomach, watching as they headed west. You lowered your head when you saw one of them look up, and you could only pray that they didn’t catch you. When you looked at the start of the winding road, you silently thanked God that none of them decided to go on it.

It took a couple of hours for the hoard to completely pass by. They came from the direction of the neighborhood you were just in, and whoever warned you was right. You picked up the phone, and started to type.

‘Thank you.’

You watched as the trailing dots appeared again.


‘Wait!’ You almost yelled aloud.


‘How did you know?’

The dots didn’t appear until a couple minutes later.

‘Cuz I’m a genius.’

‘Stop fucking around’

‘That’s as much as you’ll get girlie.’

You sighed, knowing the question was a dead end.


‘What now?’

‘I..’ You hesitated,

‘I don’t know where to go.’

‘You honestly think that’s my problem?’

‘Hey you took the time to save my ass’

‘I know you care’

‘What if I was feeling nice for a couple of minutes huh?’

‘Well, I hope you’re still feeling nice.’

You were about to give up when he didn’t answer ten minutes later. But then you heard a slight buzz.

‘No one is safe.’

‘Not even me, so if you’re thinking that you can escape from all this shit you’re wrong.’

’Yeah I took the time to save you but don’t think for a second that I’d save you again.’

‘Remember, it’s every man for himself.’

You scoffed.

‘Ok asshole.’

‘I was doing a favor for both of us.’

‘Good luck trying to find someone like me out there. Wherever the hell you are anyway.’

You stood up, turning off the phone when you felt a vibration.


‘What the hell do you want?’

‘Don’t be a dumbass and go in opposite of the hoard. You’ll be glad you did.’

‘So now you’re trying to help me?’

‘Take it or not.’

You hesitated to question them, but they were right about the hoard. They could be right again.

‘Where are you leading me?’

’You are in no position to ask that.’

‘Then how the fuck am I supposed to know you aren’t trolling me?’

‘Just trust me.’

’Fool me once, shame on you.’

You shoved the phone in your pocket, gathering your stuff before walking down the hill. You took a deep breath as you stood at the end of the road. “What crazy shit have I gotten myself into now?”

—End Prologue—


Syn Free Chicken Nuggets.

- Diced chicken
- Smash
- Parika
- Garlic salt
- 1 egg
- Fry Light

Preheat your oven (I set mine to 200.)

Mix smash, paprika and garlic salt in a bowl together.

Meanwhile beat the egg in a separate bowl.

Dip the chicken pieces into the egg and then into the smash mix making sure they’re fully coated.

Spray a baking tray with fry light, set all the nuggets out and cook for 20/30 minutes.

These were so quick and easy and absolutely delicious! As the mother of a chicken nugget obsessed 2 year old, I can say that these will definitely be a family favourite in our house! 😁

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm in first course of architecture in Spain, and we have to project a thin house between two other buildings (5 meters wide). Can you post some other projects like this? Thanks and nice blog!

¡Gracias y muchos saludos a mis seguidores en la Madre Patria!

Here are some examples:

Garden and House Ryue Nishizawa

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5SOS Imagine: That Boy (Michael)

Description: Y/N’s parents have never been very fond of that Clifford boy that she had taken a liking to and had forbid her to see him, but once they plan a weekend away for their anniversary, there’s not much they can do to keep her away from him.

  • 2400 words
  • 11982 characters

“Okay sweetie, do you have your bags packed to go stay with Macy?” My mom asks putting her large suitcase next to the door.

I nod my head and give her a small smile, “Yea, I’m going to go over later, when she gets back from practice.”

“Okay, you behave. I don’t want any calls saying you’ve gotten in trouble. And if I find out you were with that Clifford boy, you won’t leave your room until your 30.” She says sternly.

“I know, I know. Don’t worry about me Mom. You and Dad just go and have fun on your trip.” I say with a smile. I really can’t believe I’ve pulled off acting so well. Maybe I should be an actress?

“Okay, lets go! I don’t want to get into any traffic on the way, so we have to leave now.” My dad says rushing down the stairs.

“Bye honey, we’ll see you in three days!” My mom says as I hug them both.

After I close the door and hear their car leave, I scroll through my contacts and call Macy. It rings a few times before she finally answers, “Hey! My parents just left! Your going to cover for me right? And your mom?” I ask.

“Yea, but the only reason my mom is doing this is because she thinks your planning something special for them when they get back, for their anniversary. She doesn’t know what your really doing.” She replies sounding annoyed.

“Good, she’d tell them if she knew.” I state.

“You shouldn’t be doing this. Did Michael tell you to? Is he making you do this Y/N?” She asks and it sounds like she’s beginning to panic a little.

“No, no no, it was my idea. He’s not how you think he is, I swear. I wish you would just trust me and give him a chance.”

“I trust you, but it’s just that he’s so much older, and he doesn’t really have that good of a past Y/N.” She replies.

“He’s not that much older. He’s 23. That’s only six years. And he doesn’t do those things anymore. He’s changed, just give him a chance please” I pleaded to her.

“Fine, but if he does anything or tries to get you to do anything that you don’t want to do-” I cut her off, “Macy. I’ll be fine.”

If only she knew how it really was. Every single time Michael and I start to get too heated he either stops us or something else does.

“Okay. Promise you’ll call me if anything bad happens.” I roll my eyes at the thought of Michael putting me in danger. That would never happen. When he’s around he always makes sure I’m safe.

“I promise.”

“Okay, I’ll talk to you later then.” She replies and I can practically see the weary look on her face.

“Bye Macy” I say before hanging up.

I sit myself on the couch turning on a movie. Michael should be here in a few hours.

All of a sudden my eyes shoot open, looking around to see where I am. I don’t even remember falling asleep, but I was having a horrible nightmare. It seemed so real, but I knew it wasn’t because the chance of walkers from The Walking Dead surrounding my house were slim to none.

I nearly have a heart attack when I hear a loud knock at the door. Looking at the time I notice its already 9 o’clock. That must be Michael.

He smiles at me when I open the door.

“Hey babe.” He says kissing me and stepping inside.

“Hey, you can go put your bag in my room if you want. I’ll make us some tea.” He nods and walks upstairs, leaving me to make the tea.

I had just gotten out two cups when someone’s hands land on my hips. I gasp and jump a little, making him chuckle.

“Why are you so jumpy baby?” He asks pressing a kiss to my shoulder.

“I fell asleep before you got here and had a bad dream. You scared me half to death when you knocked on the door.” I reply turning to face him.

“Aw, I’m sorry. I’m here now though, I’ll protect you.” He says quietly.

“I know you will.” I say pulling him closer to me by the bottom of his shirt.

He leans down pressing his warm lips to mine. Our lips work together softly and I slide my hands under his shirt just a little, feeling his muscular stomach. Just as his tongue slips out to ask for entrance, the kettle sounds, making me giggle as he groans.

After drinking our tea and talking for a while, I start feeling sleepy, again. Michael notices me yawning and stands up, offering his hand. I give him a smile and take his hand, walking upstairs to my room. I brush my teeth and change into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Climbing into bed, I watch as Michael walks into the bathroom, getting ready for bed as well.

He walks out in pajamas making me laugh.

“What?” He asks confused.

“Come on Mike, I know you wear your boxers to sleep in. I didn’t even know you owned sleepwear” I giggled.

“I don’t want you to be uncomfortable..” He replies giving me a weird look. “Don’t be ridiculous Michael. Take off your clothes and get in bed.” I say seriously. After a second we both laugh at how my demand sounded.

He walks closer to the bed pulling off his shirt. Damn him, he just had to look all sexy when he did it. Grabbing it from the back of his neck to pull it over his head. After sliding off his pants he half smirks at me. “If I get in bed your not going to attack me, are you?”

I give him a confused look before he continues, “You’ve got that look in your eyes, like a hungry lion.”

My cheeks turn bright red as I cover my face with my hands. He laughs loudly, pulling the blankets back and crawling in beside me.

“Just kidding babe. Come on, cuddle with me” he says pulling my arm as he lays down.

I scoot a bit closer and lay next to him. After talking for a bit we whisper our goodnight’s, falling asleep in each others arms, legs tangled together and my face buried in his chest.


When I wake up, I feel around for Michael, but he’s not there. I look over to where he was previously laying and see a small piece of paper on the pillow.

‘Good morning beautiful. Sorry I wasn’t there when you woke up, I had to go to work. I’ll be back later today, I’m gonna see if I can get off a little earlier than usual, maybe we can do something tonight? Anyways, I hope you have a good day and I’ll see you soon.’

I folded the note and placed it on my nightstand beside my bed. I sat in bed for a while, thinking about what we could do when he got back. I didn’t want to just sit here and watch tv all day, not while Michael’s here anyways. I do have a plan for later tonight. I’m not a virgin, but Michael and I have never been intimate before. That was going to change tonight though. My parents aren’t due home until late tomorrow night, so now seems like a good time.


I basically did nothing all day as I waited for Michael to come back. When he arrived he greeted me with a kiss, then he continued to get cleaned up after a day at the body shop. He was a mechanic, and his clothes often ended up covered in grease stains.

“Hey, I was thinking maybe we could go to JT’s tonight?” I ask once Michael re-enters the kitchen.

JT’s is a bar and grill but it’s really just a tiny bar with a couple of pool tables. It’s also quiet most of the time, only a few different groups of friends really hang out there. Which includes Michael and his crew. He’s been wanting me to meet his friends but I was too nervous before. I don’t know what’s different now, but I just really want to meet them.

“Whatever you want to do is fine with me” he smiles at me coming closer to put his arms around me. I wrap my arms around his waist and just stand there, hugging him.

“I wish it could be like this all the time.” I state quietly.

He leans down and places a kiss on top of my head before whispering back, “I know baby. We’ll convince your parents that I’m a good guy someday. Then we can be together without people trying to tear us apart.”

I look up to him and he leans down to kiss me softly. “I love you Michael.” I say with my eyes still closed.

I’ve never told him that before, and I don’t know if he feels the same way. He didn’t have to say it back, I just wanted him to know how I felt. His hand comes up to my face and his thumb brushes over my cheek. He pecks my lips before whispering a small ‘I love you too.’

My eyes shoot open because I honestly didn’t think he would say it back, even if he really felt that way. He’s smiling at me, which makes a huge grin form on my own lips.

“Come on, lets go get ready!” I say happily. I can’t help but feel all giddy now.

He just chuckles and follows me upstairs. The whole time we were getting ready, Michael kept whispering ‘I love you’ to me, which just made me happier.


My grip on Michael’s hand tightens a little as we walk through the door of JT’s. I’m nervous about meeting his friends, I’m scared they won’t like me or I won’t fit in with their crowd. I feel his hand squeeze mine and I look up to see him smiling at me reassuringly.

We walk over to a big pool table in the middle of the dimly lit room and I see two guys and a girl about Michael’s age look up at us.

“Hey Mike, I didn’t know you were coming out tonight.” The one with shaggy curly hair says with a confused look.

“Yea I brought someone for you guys to meet.” Michael replies smiling back to me.

“This is Y/N.” He says letting his hand leave mine and his arm go to my waist. I smile shyly at them and let out a quiet ‘hi’.

“Hello Y/N, I’m Ashton.” The boy says reaching out to shake my hand.

The other boy walks over and reaches out to shake my hand, telling me his name is Damion, and lastly the girl steps up. Instead of shaking my hand like I thought she was going to she pulls me in for a hug.

“I’m Presley! It’s really nice to meet you, Michael always talks about you!!” She says excitedly.

After getting to know them a little the boys decide to play pool and Presley takes me over to sit at the bar. She’s a really nice girl, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone more outgoing than her. She talked to me like we were best friends.

“He really likes you ya know. I wasn’t just saying that, he really talks about you nonstop.” She says with a grin.

I smile back at her and look over to where Michael is. He laughs at something Ashton says then looks up to me, sending me a wink and a smile.


“So, what do ya think about them?” Michael asks as he slips off his jacket.

“They’re really nice, I really like Presley.” I reply from beside my bed, where I’m plugging in my phone charger.

I wasn’t just saying that because they’re his friends, they were genuinely nice to me, especially Presley. I just hope they liked me too.

“They like you too.” Michael says with a smile.

It’s almost like he read my mind. He walks over to sit on the edge of my bed and pulls me over so that I’m standing in front of him. I rest my arms loosely over his shoulders and lean down to kiss him. He went to pull away and say something but I pressed my lips to his again, only rougher this time.

Just as I was about to push him down on the bed my phone started ringing. I let out a heavy sigh and looked at the caller I.d. It was my mom. Great.

“Hey Mom!” I say trying to sound at least a little happy and not annoyed.

“Hey sweetie, I was just checking in on you to make sure you’re okay.” She replies.

“I’m good, Macy and I were just about to watch a movie.” I say hoping she would hurry up with the phone call.

“Oh alright, well I’ll let you get back to that, love you”. Damn it. I actually feel guilty that she trusts me so much.

“Love you too, goodnight.” I say hanging up the phone.

I huff loudly and fall back onto my bed. Where did Michael go? I never even heard him get up. Suddenly I hear the water from my shower turn on. Perfect.

After sneaking into the bathroom, I quietly slip off my clothes. I slide open the door of my walk in shower just a little and see that he has his back towards me. I close the door as quietly as possible and step closer to him. When my hands come in contact with his back he tenses, not expecting the touch. I let my hands gently slide around him and up to his chest and I can feel him relax a little. He turns his head when I leave a lingering kiss to the back of his shoulder blade.

He turns around completely but I don’t let my arms leave him. He looks down at me for a moment, letting his eyes travel a bit.

“What are you doing?” He asks quietly, with a small smile.

“Nothing’s going to interrupt us this time.” I whisper back to him.


 Part 2