slim chips

First Time Smoking

“Are you joking y/n?”

Dylan gave you a teasing laughing and placed his hand on top of your head. He looked over at Eric who was equality as amused, if not more. You rolled your eyes and took Dylan’s hands off of you.

“C'mon I want to try it. You two are the only ones that I trust.”

The boys gave eachother exchanging looks and Eric let out a small sigh, still smiling a bit.

“Can you ask your brother for some?”

“I mean I could. But he could be a dick at times so who knows. I’ll let you know y/n.”

“Thank youu!”

You gave Dylan a big hug as well as Eric. Dylan closed his locker behind him and gave you a small wave while you and Eric walked to the class you both shared.

After class you and Eric walked to the cafeteria and spotted Dylan sitting in a far back table. You slowly approached the big grinned boy. Eric gave him a confused smile.

“Happy to see me dollface”

You laughed at Eric’s comment towards Dylan and sat down at the table. Dylan rolled his eyes and began to look at you with an excited expression.

“So when do you wanna feel high.”

“He is going to give it too you?”

You said this almost too excitedly which cause both boys to get out a small laugh and roll their eyes. The boys looked at eachother and mudt have had the same idea because next thing you know they were mocking how eager you were.

“Can you both just shut up and tell me.”

“Yea he is going to let me have some. Just gotta grab it whenever, pretty much. But we can’t smoke at my house, atleast one of my parents are always there.”

“My parents are out for the weekend so you two can come over tomorrow and we can toke.”

“Awesome reb !”


You knocked on Eric’s front door and felt your heart race. You have been over his house before and Dylan was already there. But this time is different. Dylan opened the door and gave you a big hug.

“Hey loser.”

“Hey dweeb. Where’s Eric?”

“Oh he is downstairs. You ready? We bought a shit ton of fucking snacks for you.”

“Why do I need a shit ton of snack?”

Dylan just laugh at how naive you were and lead you down the stairs to the sound of a movie beginning and a sight of bags of chips and slim jims, candy, soda and a few drinks. You just looked back at Dylan.

“Is there going to be a party or some shit.”

“Nah just us.”

He jumped on the couch amd got hit by Eric for doing so. Eric got up from his sit and pulled you into a hug.

“Are you sure you wanna smoke y/n? You never brought up smoking before.”

“I’ll be fine Reb. I just want to try it.”

“Well alright.”

An hour later and a bunch of coughs, mainly from you, you felt really giggley. The boys were still a bit level headed but you were so gone. Almost everything made you laugh. The boys thought it was hilarious and tried to find the stupidest things to make you laugh. Even their stupid “jo mama” jokes made you almost cry.

Eric put on some music and you grabbed his hand to try to dance. You ended up stumbling backwards and falling onto Dylan’s lap. He started to laugh to hide his awkwardness. He slowly removed you from being on top of him.

“Yea… I think you need to lay down.”

Eric gave Dylan a blanket to wrap you in. Eric took a sit and let you rest your head on his lap while Dylan sat on the other side which you took the opportunity to put your legs on his lap. A few more jokes passed by and sooner or later you began to crash. You grew very quite much like a sleepy child and began to eat the table of food.

355- Roost

Flying Type: Charm. Replenish your energy with this simple sleep sachet. Please keep in mind, that I am new to sachets, and so this is pretty experimental, so feel free (as always) to change things to suit your needs. If you find something that works better for you, I’d like to hear. There’s always room to improve!

What You’ll Need~

  • Field thistle down (the soft white stuff attached to the seed)
  • 2 willow leaves
  • 1 vanilla bean/1-2 drops of vanilla extract
  • 1-2 sprigs of lavender
  • 1 small piece of amethyst
  • 1 pale blue pouch or bag


  1. Assemble ingredients, and put them into the sachet. Honestly, the amount you put in depends on size, but the numbers given above are just what I personally think.
  2. Whisper to the sachet, “It’s time to rest and reenergize, until once again it’s time to rise.”
  3. Put it under your pillow or near you when you’re ready to sleep.


  • Milkweed down is a suitable replacement for that of thistle.
  • I’ve heard that when putting crystals into sachets you should use the slim chips, which makes sense, so if you do put your sachet under your pillow it won’t be so lumpy.