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Slikour onLife Gets a Facelift

Slikour onLife Gets a Facelift

Image: – The new-look Slikour onLife home page

Slikour’s online hip hop site gets a fresh new look

Skwatta Kamp graduate, Siay ‘Slikour’ Metane, has over the past two years been a driving force in hip hop online through his website, Slikour onLife. Now with a new day comes a new-look website. On 4 May, the website relaunched with a new look. The facelift Slikour onLifesports a…

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Whether Blacks Are Fools Or Not Debate Continues...

I just got a BBM text from one of the Hip Hop Headz Africa family member who raised a valuable point about this nationwide debate. Since I love to share, read his text below.

“A few years back, 2008 if my memory serves me well Bill Crosby did a speech that raised similar issues to those of Slikour’s ‘Blacks r Fools’ song and he was scorned and all. which highlights how The Black Nation is so sensitive to any "self deprecating” but true observations.

Ignorance or denial that is viewed as self-hate or regressive action will not give us an progression, its a pity that Slikour’s songs will not reach the masses and make the impact he may desire. True artists go against the grain and for having 'balls’ I commend Slikour. Song title aside, tell me if he isn’t making valid statement/s?

disclaimer: I’m no agent of Slikour I’m just Dokotela Non-Conformist Maseko.“

We posted the song before so what’s your comment?

Murdered on your own sh!t

Ever since the song “Renegade” by Jay-Z featuring Eminem and the eternal “Ether” by Nas to Jay-Z hip hop coined the phrase “Murdered on your own shit”. Some MCs just come in YOUR song and take all the shine. Some of the songs below are not saying the other artists are weak rather the murderer just had deadlier artillery. Internationally songs have been compiled and now I bring you the SA version.

Ladies and fellas, here is my top 15 murderers. 

Special Mention : Tuks feat Notshi - Game Over part 2

Killer : Notshi

On this Lemonka mixtapee exclusive, Tuks brings fire with the opening two verses and Notshi seeing this, the kid brought brim stones! Notshi is an artist to look out for in 2012 and his feature on Tswa Daar going viral this pint sized  spitter will be a problem

Number 15 : JR feat Towdeemac - Gata le Nna

Killer : Towdeemac 

Easily one of JR’s biggest songs in his career to date, he has two verses in the song but Short Madala floors it with a killer Motswako flow on the third. Towdeemac literally stepped up and stomped the beat to rubble.

Number 14 : Teargas feat HHP & Pro - Goodfellas

Killer : Pro

Coupled with a Mafia inspired music video, Teargas enlist HHP and PRO not knowing the number 1 Soweto boy will turn Scarface on the track and body the song!

 Number 13 : Kwesta feat Proverb, Flabba, N'veigh and Red Button - Sharp Fede Remix

Killer : N'veigh

Firstly all verses were on point, Flabba being his comical self but 7:30 takes this one but the string of punchlines he laced on the joint. Who can forget, “You rap at the back of the car, your sound is exhausted”

Number 12 : Freestyle on Hip Hop Powernights Reason and Nick Explicit

Killer : Nick Explicit

What you get when you put a legendary DJ, two freestyle champs on one of the biggest hip hop shows? Killer  freestyles all night! The line that caused homicide was “I’m like Proverb behind the wheel, I won’t stop til I get a hit” just after the accident the Verb was involved in.

Number 11 : Selwyn feat Amu & Proverb - Attention

Killer : Proverb

I personally believe it’s dangerous to have a prolific spitter of Proverb’s calibre take the first verse, not only did he murk it but cremated the song!

Number 10 : Ras feat Flex Boogie -The Get Up

Killer : Flex Boogie

Mr Anderson holds down the first verse magnificently. A dope song all round but Flex was just too supreme. “Live by two phrases, F*ck you pay me*

Number 9 : Tumi feat Reason - Another Summer without Sun

Killer : Reason

Some might say not quite but Reason’s verse is outstanding. One of the best I’ve ever had him spit and one of thee most realest verses. Ousting Tumi is a great feat and with the lines "I wanna be the first real emcee to have an M3” and “Be on some Idi Amin sh!t killing cats for thinking I’m weak” just oust Tumi’s killer verse.

Number 8 : Shuga Smackz feat Slikour & Tido - Never baimele

Killer : Slikour

The beat, LAWWWD! Fantum Slikour gets the first and honestly set the bar out of the world. Flow, vernacular punches he just went crazy with this one

Number 7 : Selwyn feat MB and Teepee - We Hot You Not

Killer : MB

Mr Lacoste on his “Formula” album recruits East Rand spitter MB. MB goes in crazy like an escaped lunatic and only word fit for his spotlight stealing verse is AWE!

Number 6 : HHP feat Slikour & Selwyn - On our own (Remix)

Killer : Selwyn

This was really a veterans track. I chose the remix because it had more people. Slikour’s verse is heartfelt but Selwyn had a verse that made you stand up and listen carefully to Mr Ngwenya. The whole industry heard this

Number 5 : Octave Couplet feat Slikour, JR & Maggz - You Can (Remix)

Killer : Maggz

JR intros the murderer Maggz perfectly with the line “Magazine wa moshini!” Maggz verse is smooth, sublime, relaxed, flow so exquisite, pumchlines dangerous, Mr Magubane took over the whole song with his monster of a verse in second

Number 4 : HHP feat Khuli Chana - Danger 

Killer : Khuli Chana

“Sweeter than juice tsa morobele” Khuli starts off this song and as much as the message is filled throughout the song he just flaunts it on the first verse. 

*Other cases are Bang featured by AKA*

Number 3 : N'veigh feat AKA,Shuga Smacks, Blaklez, Flex Boogie and Sizwe Dhlomo

Killer : Sizwe Dhlomo

You saying isn’t he the MTV VJ, YFM DJ and business man? Yes he is, on this remix he revived his former rap persona Scatterbrain and murks it dead dead dead! 

Number 2 : Zubz feat Tumi, Mawe-2, Proverb, Golden Shovel, H2O and Kaydo - Heavy 8

Killer : Golden Shovel

“I’m known to overheat any area my palms can reach” DONE! Golden Shovel, a prolific rhyme spitter from the oh-so-sick clique Optical Ill delivers one of thee most dopest 8 bars ever put on wax. Everyone brought their A game, mesmerizing and eternally memorable quotes but Shovel though…

Poll track : pH introduces Reason, Ill Skills, Hyphen, Mothipa, and AKA - F.U.1.2 (Coz we want to)

Killer : ?????

You choose…

And the number 1 is…AKA feat Tumi, Amu & HHP - Victory Lap (Remix)

Killer : Tumi

LAWWWD! Tumi’s verse is intangible perfection! Tumi bossed the flow, rhyme pattern and scheme, punchlines absolutely magnificent! T from the V papa!

*other cases are are Success featured by L-Tido*

Hip hop is growing, features are becoming imminent more than necessary thus everyone is bringing their A game for every 16 which in turn is a positive upward spike for the culture. If we all go in to murder the verse, the quality rises. 

Case closed.



Thanx to my mans SLIKOUR that we got to experience these two drunkees…lol! JR’s still my boy… anyway… heres my opinion… They shud get more drunk when they record albums so that we can have better content on trax cuz I dont feel most of what they recently released… I for one knows that JR is beast on concepts and joint..but he dun lost it somewhere… Well, bottoms up gentlemen … I see you Gobbs!!