the announcement of a party meant that marlene didn’t focus all day on thursday. by friday, she was doodling in her margins far more than actually paying attention to her lessons. intent on causing a reaction, she’d found something to wear that could only be classed as ‘slutty’. adjusted slightly with a quick spell, marlene briefly considered whether her clothing choice would mean she might freeze. she discarded the idea quickly - alcohol would keep her warm.

by the time her group had arrived down at the party, marlene had drunk most of what was in her hip flask. she finished it and abandoned it in the trees then accepted the padlock around her neck. she wasted no time in getting a drink and approached the first person she saw. “are you a key or a lock? this is just asking for dirty jokes really, isn’t it?”

so i just realized that i’ll never be able to escape from victuuri hell because well… these two…

are basically the same as these two…

the darker, insecure, negative-thinker who obsesses over and then accidentally catches the eye of the brighter, overly confident, positive-thinker who sparkles like crazy and is always the center of attention…

the only real difference is the age difference is swapped, but.  (well……….. and yuri is probably slightly less slutty than kisa… *coughs* then again maybe not! or maybe not for long!! … well no, yuri is def not more sexually experienced than victor - i’d assume - so THAT is different but)

also, the fact that kisa/yuri pretty much assures that yukina/victor will end up falling for him because he keeps pulling away when advances are made…  kisa/yuri finds yukina/victor so sparkly/amazing that it’s hard to be close to them…  yukina/victor is oblivious to anything but what they want… yup.


It was Max’s plan to go straight to Piper’s after work, after stopping at the liquor store of course, but after not hearing from Peter all day, she couldn’t help but worry. But her worry being confirmed was the last thing she expected. Quickly throwing on a dress and slightly less-slutty shoes, Max drove double the speed limit to the hospital, parking and rushing inside, looking around for anyone familiar in the waiting room.