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"What colour are my eyes?”

Such Awkward Questions


Blue like the color of the sky you so love. Blue like the ocean that soothes my soul. The blue that haunts my dreams is the same blue that is such a vision when I wake. Because of you, everything is blue. 

You’re dripping like a saturated sunrise
You’re spilling like an overflowing sink
You’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece
And now I’m tearing through the pages and the ink

Everything is blue
His pills, his hands, his jeans
And now I’m covered in the colors
Pulled apart at the seams
And it’s blue
And it’s blue

i don’t mean to be rude to the lapidot human au fics, i really don’t, but it’s like every one i’ve read has been pretty much the same thing and it’s just slightly OOC enough that i can’t work with when it’s like… idk there’s potential fun to pull out of “what if the gems were human” but a lot of it is real dull, like it’s written from a blank template where you just change the names to suit any pairing you’d like.. that’s my petty ass and this problem is exacerbated when it seems lapidot High Schoolers is most of the SU ao3 output

gravestonecemetery replied to your post:Hysteria has been alive for 5 months and 15 days….

I mean, there is the life of Happy’s that was added to his though… Having the memories of someone else’s life isn’t the same as living them. With Inky, they have the knowledge of some things, but not having the actual experience, exploring, and growing… it’s this weird thing where they’re not fully kids, but not experienced adults either IMHO. They’re a different creature altogether that’s hard to compare to other monster’s life cycles.

Imagine Jim, confident as he is, sometimes getting insecure about his weight and Spock just being like, “Nonsense, you are beautiful” and then kissing Jim everywhere and Jim laughing and saying, “You can’t possibly kiss-oh that tickles- all of me. Isn’t this illogical?” and Spock’s eyes would speckle with that devious glint of their’s and he would kiss Jim’s lips and think to him through their bond, It made you smile, therefore there is nothing illogical about it. 

I just realized something

A lot of the xmen ships are kinda like disney couples

Hannah and I

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Jean and Scott

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Kurt and Jubilee

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Hank and Alex

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Lala and Peter

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Rogue and Charles

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Bond has held too many people as they died.

He’s holding Q now, the smaller man bloodied and bruised, driven to the point where he can’t feel anything anymore, and Bond hates himself so god damn much.

The boffin had been kidnapped. Not even for his position in MI6 either, a fate all of them had accepted when signing their contracts, but simply because he had been seen entering Bond’s flat. It’s unfair that any sort of tie with him should put the people he loves in danger, and the agent is so close to leaving everyone behind. He’s a plague to those he cares about, brings nothing but destruction, and it’s simply not worth it. If he truly cared about his friends he would leave. He cares about Q above all else, and even carrying him out of the abandoned school house he had been kept in feels like a sin.

Q doesn’t die, and it’s a miracle Bond doesn’t deserve.

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I’ll Follow You Into The Dark

Prompt:  Phil and Dan are having a conversation about who would take the other’s last name if they ever got married, and the conversation ends with one of them proposing to the other.

Warnings: None. But you’ll probs die of fluffy fluff.

Word count: 1.2K

A/N: Credit to kvttvns for co-writing this on omegle. She’s super sweet. Also I may or may not have referenced Death Cab for Cutie in the title.


You: “Oh no, Bear, you’re definitely taking on my name. I’m older after all.” Phil grinned in his usual adorable, lopsided way. They had been debating for the past quarter of an hour about who would take whose last name if they ever got married. Phil had to say, Dan Lester had a ring to it.

Stranger: Dan frowned and shook his head. “No way! Dan Lester?” he wrinkled his nose and shook his head. “Now, Phil Howell on the other hand… that sounds like something!” he grinned, pouting a little up at Phil, the way he always did when he wanted something. “Aw c'mon, age doesn’t matter! And you’re not /that/ much older than me!” he insisted, crossing his arms stubbornly.

You: Phil almost cooed at how adorable Dan looked at that moment. “But Bear…” He trailed off, running his thumb along Dan’s cheekbone. “Dan Lester. You’ll be mine, and all the world would know. Now THAT would be something, don’t ya think?” He looked at him like a cute puppy through his fringe.

Stranger: Dan smiled a little under Phil’s touch, eyelids fluttering closed. He let out a soft sigh. “But what about Phil Howell? You’d be mine, and everyone would know that” he whispered, reaching up to hold his hand against his face. “That’d be just wonderful” he said softly, gently turning his head to press a soft kiss to Phil’s hand before looking up at him again.

You: "I think…“ He took a deep breath, bracing himself and cleared his throat. "Does it really matter? I mean, getting married is something sacred. Last names don’t really have such an enormous importance now, do they?” Phil said zeroing in on those eyes that almost provided him a mirror to his very soul.

Stranger: Dan looked back up at him and smiled a little. “Guess not” he mumbled, running a hand through his hair. “I’ll still love you no matter what my, or your name is” he promised quietly. He chuckled at a sudden thought. “Hey, I’ll flip you for it” he giggled, smiling excitedly up at Phil

You: "Seriously?!“ He chuckled in surprise, looking down at his excited boyfriend. "Okay, then. Heads Dan Lester, Tails Phil Howell, okay?” He said, shaking his head and still grinning, not able to believe they were actually doing this.

Stranger: Dan grinned and nodded, getting up on his knees and grinning excitedly back at him. “Seriously!” he fished a pound coin out of his pocket, holding it out in his palm. “For whenever it happens” he whispered softly, a little pink at the idea of marrying Phil

You: "For whenever it happens", he agreed. Little did Dan know, however…

Stranger: Dan grinned and flipped the coin, catching it in his hand and covering the result up with his other hand. Looking up at Phil, he giggled softly, biting his lip. “Ready?” he asked quietly, wanting to find out together

You: "Yes.“ He said almost shyly, stroking Dan’s hand with his own and urging him to reveal the result. As he’d said before, he would be ecstatic with whatever it was.

Stranger: Dan raised his hand and revealed the shining coin. "Heads” he whispered, looking yup at Phil and giggling excitedly. “Dan Lester!” he said excitedly

You: "Oh gosh.“ He reached to hug Dan in an embrace that spoke volumes about togetherness and never letting go. "Okay, okay. Dan? I need to say something to you.” Phil unclasped himself from the hug and looked at Dan’s beautiful eyes.

Stranger: Dan hugged him close, chuckling and kissing his cheek. “I love you” he whispered, though frowned as he pulled away. Dan raised his eyebrows. “What is it Phil?” he asked nervously, pushing his hair back

You: "I uh, have been meaning to ask you for a while. Daniel James Howell.“ Phil gulped, reaching for a tiny box on his bedside table. "I…” He scrambled off the bed where they’d been previously sitting and got down on one knee on the floor. He wordlessly held up the expensive-looking box to his boyfriend.

Stranger: Dan’s eyes widened as he watched Phil grab the box. A ring? Could it be? Was he finally going to propose?“ Dan covered his mouth, eyes teary as Phil got down onto one knee. He turned bright red, staring down at the box. He dropped his hands after a few moments of silnce. He wasn’t proposing. Dan raised an eyebrow. "Um… Phil?” he asked softly, biting his lip as he looked up at him. “What’re you doing?” Traditionally, you were supposed to open the box, show the ring and ask them to marry you.

You: "I’m absolutely terrified, you have no idea, Bear.“ Phil said, his voice on the verge of shivering. "Daniel James Howell.” He opened the box, and a quaint little diamond ring peered back at him. “Will you do me the exquisite honour of marrying me?” He finally ground out the words, and looked up at Dan, almost frightened of his answer.

Stranger: Dan smiled softly down at him, letting out a sigh of relief as he finally spoke the words he’d been waiting years to hear. He looked down at him, heart swelling. “Phil.” he leaned over, tilting his face up to look at him. “Don’t be scared. Yes. Of course I’ll marry you, you spoon” he flushed red, giggling as a tear swept down his cheek. “I love you.”

Stranger: Dan smiled softly down at him, letting out a sigh of relief as he finally spoke the words he’d been waiting years to hear. He looked down at him, heart swelling. “Phil.” he leaned over, tilting his face up to look at him. “Don’t be scared. Yes. Of course I’ll marry you you spoon” he flushed red, giggling as a ter swept down his cheek. “I love you.”

You: “Really?” exclaimed Phil, his eyes filling over with tears. “Oh, Dan!” He got up and kissed him full on his mouth. He leaned away from Dan and put the sparkly jewel on his finger.

Stranger: Dan grinned against his lips, unable to stop smiling. He held him as close as he could, never wanting to let go. He gasped at the feeling of the cool metal around his finger, holding it up and smiling. “It’s beautiful” he whispered in awe

You: "As are you, Dan Lester.“ Phil tried it out for the first time when it was actually true. He felt a blossoming warmth in his chest and he giggled, carefree as a child in this moment.

Stranger: Dan blushed wildly at the new name, giggling as he pulled him close. "Not yet Romeo” he giggled, kissing any inch of Phil’s pale skin he could reach. “I love you so much.”

You: “And I, you, Bear.” Phil said lovingly, savouring up this moment. All the years of longing and desire and pure love had led up to this exact moment. He felt almost unreasonably happy for the first time in his entire life.