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Something Serious

Guys, I tend to avoid posting about politics, but this is, at least, politic-adjacent. 

The shooting in South Texas was a tragedy. Everyone, at least, can agree on that. Some people say it’s a sign that America needs more gun control, while some vehemently disagree. 

No matter which side of that argument you’re on, please don’t belittle or attack the victim’s faith in your reasons. I keep seeing posts saying “If prayer worked, this wouldn’t have happened.” 

And that isn’t defending the victims. That isn’t fighting for their death to not be in vain. 

It’s one thing to argue that people should be doing more than just praying, but I’m begging you, don’t tell people to stop praying. Don’t try to shame people for sending messages of support to those who clearly need it. 

For the surviving members of that Church, they need those prayers. 

I understand that this is complicated. Every shooting makes people on both sides of the gun-control issue louder and more desperate. 

But in the midst of all that, I’m asking you all to take a step back and respect the victims’ faith. If you can’t make your argument without mocking the victims’ beliefs, ask yourself who you’re fighting for.

From the prompt “Person A always wears sunglasses so Person B has never seen their eyes. Finally, A takes off their glasses and B is so flustered and shocked that they just stare into A’s eyes for the rest of the day” by @otpprompts

They had already been working together for a couple weeks and Steve had never taken his sunglasses off once. Not once. Danny couldn’t figure out what that was about. Sure, it was Hawaii and the sun was always shining, and Danny understood the importance of always being protected. But they spent a really long time indoors; interviewing witnesses, at HQ, going over evidence and writing reports. He’d wear them even at night! It just didn’t make sense. There’s no way the glasses weren’t making it harder for Steve to see when they were indoors, but he still stubbornly kept them on. Of course Danny could’ve just asked why that was, but for some reason he couldn’t bring himself to do it. To be honest, it had started driving Danny out of his mind. Not only because he was insanely curious about the reason, but because he just wanted to see the damned eyes. He had never realized it before, but it was weird never seeing someone’s eyes. It was like something was missing, like he couldn’t get the whole of Steve without seeing the color of his eyes, the shape. And god, he just needed it. He needed to see those eyes. But the stupid sunglasses were there. They were always there.

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Prairie Lullaby Chapter 18

Prairie Lullaby Chapter 18

CS 19th Century Historical Western AU Fic 18/?

Rating: M

I always feel a little apologetic when I post a chapter for this story, as I tend to have such long gaps between updates.  Plus I get such lovely messages and reviews and it’s wonderful to know how many people are thinking about it or discovering it for the first time when I’m trying to get the next chapter written.  Know that I’m always working on it, piece by piece and it’s never forgotten. 

Also, I realise that I am posting this in the middle of the night for most of you, but I wanted to get it out there :D

In a bid to secure a more settled life for herself and her son, Emma Swan travels to Kansas as the mail-order bride of Liam Jones. Her dreams of a peaceful life are shattered when she finds herself married to his brother Killian, a man who appears to offer her anything but the quiet life she’d dreamed of. Where will this not-so-happy-ending take them?

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Emma woke up and the full weight of what had happened the night before immediately pressed against her. She had left Henry, abandoned him when he most needed her and panic flared up inside her like someone had struck a tinder box inside her chest.

Somewhere in the back of her mind was an awareness that when she had fallen asleep, Killian had been with her.  But this return to the real world, the one in which Henry was sick and she was responsible for him, meant giving up any chance to enjoy the dream-like memories of the night before.

Throwing off the quilt, Emma stepped quickly through the door of the bedroom anxious to find out what condition Henry was in.  

It had never seemed quite so far from her bed to his before, certainly not in this tiny cabin.  Yet Emma stopped, short, when she realised the scene before her was far from anything she had expected to find.

Henry was asleep and quite clearly still breathing, the wheeze in his chest audible as it rose and fell rhythmically.  But he was not alone in the bed, and, next to him, Emma could clearly discern the sprawled out form of Killian Jones.

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Lock Down

It happened in a mere matter of seconds. Everything was going exceptionally smooth one second, the beat of Kiss You ringing through the arena as the boys sang their lyrics. Fans screamed excitedly as they witnessed their five boys act like the idiots they claimed to be onstage. Thousands of voices sang their lyrics back to them, and a buzz of adrenaline coursed through the boys’ veins. Entertaining was what they were meant to do. But it was all changed in a second.

Suddenly, the excited screams turned into ones of terror. Thousands of bodies fled the best they could from their seats in search of some sort of shelter. Security guards swooped in, quickly escorting the boys off the stage. Dropping of microphones echoed through the arena, offering a screeching noise with their impact. Gun shots pierced holes into everyone’s ears.

“No!” Harry yelled as he fought against the security guard. “The fans! We can’t leave our girls!”

“Harry! We have to keep moving,” Paul, amongst the security guards, pushed the boys through the barrier between the stage and backstage. “Our job is to keep you boys safe. I’m sorry, but being out there with the fans puts your safety in jeopardy.

“They’re our fans, Paul! They wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for us, dammit!”

“Some of them are just little girls!” Niall argued alongside Harry, but by the time they had, the guards were already pushing their forms through a door, darkness engulfing them. They all tumbled to the floor before a flashlight was thrown at Liam’s feet. With shaky hands, Liam managed to pick it up.

“Please, Paul,” Harry tried one last time as another security guard gripped the wood of the door. “Protect our girls.”

Paul nodded. “We’ll try our best, Harry. Now do not under any circumstances turn the light on. It’ll give away your location. Only use the flashlight if it’s an absolute necessity. And please, boys, stay safe.”

All the boys nodded, words hard to come by in a situation like this. And soon, darkness fully engulfed them once the door was entirely shut. It was near silent, the only sounds being heavy breathing and nervous gulps. Chaos could still be heard from the outside, frantic beatings of hearts pounded in the boys’ ears. Gun shots still sounded, and each time they did, Niall would flinch as the sobs wracked his body, his mind picturing one of their fans being affected by the gunshot, and that was something he couldn’t bear. Silent tears streamed down Harry’s face as he stared straight in front of me, knees bent to his chest. Liam couldn’t control the shaking that encompassed his body, bottom lip trembling with the threat to cry. Louis’s head stayed safely tucked into his knees, arms wrapped around it. They were scared, so desperately scared emotions were unable to be reigned in. And Zayn stared into the midst of the darkness, face void of any emotions.

“Why us?” Niall suddenly whispered, voice filled with rasp and pain as he cried out. “What could we have possibly done to deserve this?”

“I don’t know, Niall, I don’t know,” Harry’s voice cracked with the emotion swelling in his body. The tears couldn’t be stopped. And every time a shot sounded, his eyes would squeeze shot, heart wrenching with the jeopardized safety of others. “We haven’t done anything to deserve this.”

“People hate us for living our dreams. They hate us enough to attempt to put our lives as well as the fans’ in danger,” Liam’s voice trembled. The closet was still pitch black, voices the only things resonating through. “It’s not fair.”

“No,” Louis piped in, voice muffled by his knee. “It’s not. But I never thought someone would go this far.”

Zayn was silent. Words seemed an impossibility to him in the moment. 

Suddenly, another gun shot sounded and the terrified screams that followed. But one scream was different, and as the boys heard it, they couldn’t help but feel absolute pain and misery for they knew what that scream meant. A fan was shot.


You didn’t understand. This was supposed to be the best moment of your life, but instead, the terror and fear built inside you made this the worst experience definable. Your heart pounded against your chest as you frantically searched for your best friend, her figure managing to sneak past you during the chaos. But every time you heard the tragic noise of a gun shot, you ducked to to the floor, scared of the outcome.

Screams echoed through your skull, so different to the scream once before. It took a second for the entire atmosphere to change entirely. A second for your whole life to change.

Your body continued to whip around, and as you did so, your breath was caught in your lungs, an instant lump forming in your throat. Turning around, you came face-to-face with a pistol gun, a twenty year old looking boy smiling over at you evilly.

“Please,” you cried, unable to stop the tears falling from your eyes. “Don’t shoot me.”

“Where are your boys now, sweetheart?” Was the only thing he said before the trigger was pulled and darkness surrounded you.


So here it is. I’m a bit nervous about posting this one, because it’s slightly different from all my other one shots. Give me some feedback in my ask! And if you want me to write a sequel, put that in my ask as well!

Just so you all know, requests are now open. Feel free to stop by my ask to give me any requests. But remember, I don’t do any personal one shots or boyxboy ones. 

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a little riarkle oneshot, my first writing ever.  i am slightly nervous to post this as i don’t blog much about gmw, but i fell in love with this pairing and couldn’t help myself. @riarklefanfiction

based on the prompt, screw you!” 

high school was coming to a close.  abigail adams high school had done its job, and it was time for a new chapter in riley matthews’ life.  on this particular rainy friday night, one week before graduation, the brunette took some time to sit in the bay window by herself and reflect.  with some comfy pj pants on and a hot chocolate in hand, riley looked back on her high school career.

in the past four years, she had gotten taller, smarter, and stronger.  her friendships, especially with ms. maya peaches hart had never faltered.  of course there were boys, and stress, and more problems life threw their way, but maya truly was riley’s extraordinary relationship.  maya’s artistic endeavors inspired riley to pursue something near and dear to her heart, which was writing.  riley’s interest in literature and poetry grew along maya’s talent with a paint brush.  numerous weekends were spent exploring new york city and finding inspiration for each other’s work.  the boys in their lives often added to it as well.  

speaking of boys, one other best friend had been on riley’s mind as of late. from freshman to senior year, her turtleneck-loving, intuitive, loyal farkle minkus had stolen the young girl’s heart.  he grew up right in front of her eyes, and the days of looking down at him when he talked were long gone. farkle was riley’s constant.  he made her want to raise her level.  they studied together, discussed books and movies, and encouraged each other to do whatever they wanted to do.  through his own relationships, young love, and heartbreak, riley was at the genius’ side.  she offered him advice, supported him in his decisions, and never even attempted to tell the oblivious boy how she really felt.

riley couldn’t remember a life without farkle by her side, and going away to school without him or maya scared her to pieces.  maya was on her way to ucla and vowed to facetime and call her friends every chance she got. luckily farkle was only a train ride away, as the boy genius was on his way to princeton and riley was going to nyu.

caught up in her thoughts, riley didn’t hear a knock on the bay window.  the man of the hour was hunched over out in the cold, looking through her window with a confused smile on his face.  he knocked again, slightly louder this time. she reached over, careful not to tip over her hot chocolate, and unlocked the window.

“riley you never lock the bay window,” farkle said as he climbed into her room, one long leg after the other.  he was wearing dark skinny jeans, a black bomber jacket, and beanie, the usual farkle attire.

“sorry farkley-”

“you’ll never stop calling me that will you?”

“no sir i believe i won’t,” riley giggled. she had a nervous smile on her face, hair half-up in a messy bun.  the sparkle in her eyes didn’t distract farkle from the wetness of them, a small tear stain lining her right cheek.  she took a sip from her mug and looked away nervously as he stared.

“why was the window closed, riley?” trying not to press too much, farkle wanted to make sure his best friend was okay.  riley, his constant, his source of happiness, his peace of mind.  he hated to see her hurt.

“it’s nothing, farkle.  i just wanted to sit and think about high school, and how we’re all going off to college next year. one of my best friends isn’t going to be there with me every step of the way, and the other, well she’s going to be in a different time zone.  what am i going to do?” a small hiccup broke the last sentence she spoke, and her lips trembled just thinking about the distance there would be between her and the people she loved.

“riley you know i’ll always be there for you.  in the cold, in the middle of a really important lecture, when i’m half asleep and can’t say intelligible words.  call me.  text me.  i’ll be on the next train to nyc and i’ll be there for you.  i love you riley, always,” barely taking a breath, the first thought riley had was that this seemed almost rehearsed coming from the handsome intellectual sitting pressed against her side.  their legs were touching, and as she looked down, she realized they had intertwined their hands, pretzeled in a knot of silent and spoken promises.

“screw you farkle,” riley breathed, the seemingly snarky words coming out in a tone of joy and bewilderment.  farkle looked confused and taken aback by this statement he did not expect to hear from his best friend.


“screw you for being the best friend a girl could ever have, and screw you for being perfect, and kind, and handsome, and considerate, and everything i could ever want in a person,” riley felt her courage growing, as she looked into farkle’s shocked ocean blue eyes.

“riley, what are you-?”

“farkle i thought i could hold this in until my dying day, or at least until we got through college, but i love you.  i love you so much it hurts.  you’re what i was thinking about when i looked back on our high school years.  you never gave up on me, except that one time with the seniors when we were freshmen and that, umm well actually we don’t talk about that,” their shared giggles, his of embarrassment, and hers of nostalgia at that awkward ninth grade memory, softened the tension that filled the air from her declaration.

“-and i realized that you were it for me farkle.  i saw how you treated isadora, a gentleman throughout your entire relationship, even when she realized she couldn’t give you what you gave her.  i saw the respect and love you showed the girlfriends you had after her.  i leaned on you in my own episodes of love and heartache, from my young and confusing escapades with lucas, to the boys i let play with my heart after that, and you were always there for me.  lucas and zay and smackle and maya are all my best friends too, but you kept me sane.  farkle i’m sorry i waited so long to tell you but the time was never right and-”

boy-genius finally interrupted her monologue, observing how it seemed as rehearsed as his earlier speech.

“riley stop.  i know you start to ramble when you get nervous so i think i should talk now if that’s alright,”  he looked in her warm brown eyes for confirmation and the girl, nervously shaking, nodded her head, a blush rising to her cheeks.

“riley i’ve loved you since the first grade.  i never stopped loving you.  of course that love has evolved and changed over the years, but it’s always been there.  i’m in love with you, and i’m pretty sure i always will be. i kind of wish you’d told me sooner, but we have all summer, and then i know we’ll be able to handle college, because well, it’s us.  it’s always been us.  i want you to know that i couldn’t picture a life without you in it and i feel the same way,” his eyes slowly drifted up to her beautiful face, and a huge, real, “riley is very happy smile” was on display, pearly whites and all.  he noticed that riley had carefully set her hot chocolate down, and before she could see the blush that was overtaking his whole face, she jumped onto him and their lips met.  they clumsily fell to the floor, laughs and smiles exchanged between kisses.  

“i wonder how long maya’s been waiting to say, ‘i told you so’ to me,” riley blurted out, an embarrassed grin flashing across her face. she had fallen on top of him, her arms around his torso, her legs tangled with his, and she hadn’t felt this full of glee in years.

“i bet the whole gang saw this coming years before either of us did,” farkle chuckled, and then the two went back to making out and all thoughts of the future and “i told you so’s” were pushed to the back of their minds.


trying out some new clothes and makeup 💕