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it’s your favorite son

i blame @goldkirk for introducing me to the angst that is thinking about jim kirk while listening to favorite son by green day

Only Slightly Stabbed

Not my favourite thing that I’ve written, but I have been away for a week with no signal so I suppose I should post something! (Also, not a request)

Summary: OUAT Peter Pan x Reader. You are kidnapped by pirates and Peter, Felix and the Lost Boys come to save you. The blood loss and the magic used to heal you do take affect though, and you’re disorientated to say the least as Pan and Felix try to look after you.

Word Count: 1,130 Words


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so here’s something that approximately no one asked for, my classical book collection. also can we just excuse the lighting in my room and the general shittiness of my camera? thanks. anyway, my books! i’m a first year classics student at uni and have been a general lover of myth for years but i don’t have that much of a collection. these are just some books i used to broaden my love of classics (the mini perseus statue is from florence and is my pride and joy only when i was moving out of home he got dropped and his sword broke off so now it looks like he took off medusa’s head with sheer force)

firstly, the left is roman, then homer, then alexander the great, then general greek stuff. the books stacked up top are my slightly damaged favourites, since i purchased most of these from second hand stores. the others i either bought in italy (alexander the great, the iliad and the odyssey, the odyssey, and ancient greece in fifty lives) or at my uni’s bookstore (hadrian and dynasty). the books that aren’t pictured because i am currently using them for uni or because they don’t really fit are my books on ancient egypt (cleopatra, myths and legends of ancient egypt, cleopatra: a life), my books on ancient greece (myths and legends of ancient greece, metamorphosis, theogony) and then a few renaissance books that aren’t about classics, obviously (the medici, the prince, lucrezia borgia, the artist the philosopher and the warrior, the life and death of cesare borgia)


roman social history is actually something i purchased for my second trimester course on roman history and i haven’t actually read entirely through it, only because it is so dense and detailed, but it is so perfect if you’re interested in the roman republic or need to research certain aspects of roman life.

dynasty is quite possibly one of my favourites which is surprising because it’s about augustus and his family, and if you have been around me for a while you would know how much i hate augustus and everything he stands for. it’s about the house of caesar so it covers augustus, tiberius, calligula, claudius, and nero. it’s beautiful and witty and so d r y.

hadrian is a book i legitimately can not talk about without crying because i love it so much. hadrian is my favourite emperor and i get so Extra whenever i talk about him. ur girl went to the pantheon and started crying. anyway, this book is so great and paints an amazing picture of the cocky, slightly arrogant hadrian as a young man, moving through to his adulthood as a greek loving gay who preferred travelling and hating on celts than actually being the emperor.

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anonymous asked:

*smol crow sprinkles confetti on your head whilst a mirror ball start spinning on the ceiling because smol crow thinks that you spin them right round like a record*

*smol crow makes weird noises* Another lonely night, atare at the TV screen. I don’t know what to do, I need a rendezvous. Computer love, Computer love. I call this number, for a data date. I don’t know what to do, I need a rendezvous.             

I am… just slightly getting concerned about my favourite little crow.