slightly missed the point there

Got my Deaf tattoos today!

Red/Blue because of colors in the audiology booths. Bit of humor - don’t bother with the hearing tester thingies, cause they won’t work. They’ll be a lot more noticeable when I get my next haircut. 

My Deaf identity tattoo - based from the “straight beak” story in Deaf culture. (Yes, the the top of the beak is slightly curved, but you’re missing the point here) Took a second picture in the mirror because the close-up looks a bit funky. The head is a bit poofier than normal, because it’s a North American kingfisher, and those feathers are normally raised. 

remember when it was the best sleep he’d had in a very long time?

remember when he wanted to cook her breakfast?

remember the allusive but satisfying smile?

remember THE HANDS?

remember the hair fixing?

remember “a bit of heartbreak and a touch of self-loathing”?

remember “who Tinkerbell said I was destined to be with. I should have listened to that stupid fairy”?

remember THE NOSE KISS?

remember “are you really that much of a pessimist?”

remember her opening up about the book

remember “you’re not the Evil Queen anymore”?

remember “I’d be happy to have more than a conversation”?

remember “Regina, let me help”?

remember “this cannot happen a second time” AND THEN IT DID?

remember him backing her against the wall, THE SMILES, that kiss, more hands, THE LIFT and the squeak at the end?


and I’m probably (definitely) never getting over it