slightly different cover

Aesthetics 3- Dream Edition

The fear of triangles

Very large cylindrical malls all slightly different but all covered in missing persons posters and full of escalators and manicure shops

A black car from the early 20th century full of kittens on the side of a sandy cliff

Imminent staircases

A ferris wheel ride with the self-proclaimed queen of america

A set of blue swinging monkey bars overtop the full side of a dam which you have to cross to reach the factory where they make bendaroos

Sliding bunnies

A field full of sunflowers until a bright blue sky in nebraska except the sunflowers are really people and they’re just waiting for the mask of darkness to turn you into a sunflower person

A field trip where you’re going to downtown portland on a bus and you park in a carpark next to the wilamette but you take a wrong turn and you accidentally go on the fremont bridge but it has no rails and you fall off but it’s ok because flying yellow carebears catch you but they decide you’re not worthy and drop you

Just falling off of bridges in cars in general

Water parks

Haunting sounds of the teletubbies themesong playing in the distance and everything is dark

Going to prom with some aliens but then you accidentally go to a baseball game from the 50s

Walking around the border of my own school watching for hours

A black duck-crow friend who abandons me when I decide to go inside because it gets too cold

A lot of laddars

Skydiving but you’re actually a plant

A carpet salesman made out of carpet

A small girl singing songs from the rainbow factory, a musical which as far as I am aware is from my babysitter’s a vampire

Fic: A Winning Streak

repeatinglitanies prompted: “Despite Librarian Belle French’s best efforts, no one ever comes in the Storybrooke Public Library. In a fit of ennui, she decides to walk its halls naked never knowing that her secret longtime crush, Mr Gold, has been spying on her the whole time.”

Rated: NC-17


Belle wanders the quiet halls of Storybrooke library with a sigh. She’s read all the books on these high shelves and although she adores the written word, reading about adventures is really not the same thing as having one, and reading about social interactions is really not the same has having a conversation. No-one has visited the library for months, and Belle is bored. She can’t leave the library during the day, not when there’s a chance some custom might come in, but she needs to find some way to liven up her working week, or she’ll go mad. She wonders what she can do to get a little thrill in the sedate, quiet library, and a small smile creeps over her face. It’s not like there’s anyone around to see her, and even if, by some miracle, someone did come in, perhaps word will get round and her visitors will increase.

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Mini Books /Mini Journals .. Recent work.

Something little .. and special ..
Tiny / little blank hand made mini books with artistically decorated hard covers .. with unique - one-of-a-kind - my own original handcrafted/decorated basrelief art .. (both front and back, each one slightly different).

Both covers are unique original pieces of art -
completely made from scratch - from polymer clay - and hand crafted with mixed media techniques - sculpting, bas-relief modelling /embossing, painting, patinating, etc. And - at the end - carefully hand grinded/sanded, and cleaned /polished.

Hand bound - coptic stitch
Hand cut /hand torn recycled paper inside.

A real pleasure to spend time creating those :)

Available for purchase in my Etsy shop.