slightly confusing to strangers

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"There is much to be learned from beasts." {hi it's nice to finally meet you}

Dedric lifted his stare to the stranger with a slightly confused expression and a lifted brow. “Hm?” His head tilts from side to side. “I guess… Probably depends on the kind of beast you’re trying to learn from… or about.” He said with a light shrug.

(loosely inspired by a conversation nikorys​ and I had last night)

Erik huffs his agitation as he shoves open the door of the apartment building, frowning heavily at the city street before him. He shoves a hand into the pocket of his brown leather jacket as he slouches down the steps of the stoop, sulking. Perhaps you ought to wait outside, Charles had projected to him, giving away nothing with the idle smile he gave to him. I think you’ll only exacerbate the situation.

Well, it’s hardly Erik’s fault that this particular recruit’s father had some very ill choices in the opinions he chose to express about mutants and their abilities. And Charles is ever so fond of letting Erik demonstrate his gift as an example to the skeptical - the butcher knife sitting on the kitchen counter had seemed a logical choice, being so close at hand, right? He huffs again, adjusting his hat and crossing his arms, left little choice but to wait for Charles. At least Manhattan is a fairly short jaunt down from Westchester. They’ll be home by suppertime, especially at the rate this particular meeting seems to be going.

Erik paces a bit as he lets his mind wander, recalling the chess game they’d abandoned last night and will resume again this evening, forming up a plan of action for the rook he’s currently left abandoned mid-field. He’s pulled suddenly from the reprieve as a flurry of motion catches his eye - someone very petite running full speed out of the alley to the left, rapid click of stilettos accompanying. Erik stares at the girl, surprised, but it’s absolutely nothing compared to his utter shock when the girl takes hold of his hand and interlaces their fingers, not even breaking speed as she attempts to pull him along. Erik gives a startled shout as he’s dragged two paces before he collects his wits enough to dig in his heels, whirling the girl around. She stares up at him with shocked, dark eyes. “Illya, what are you doing?” she demands, voice lightly accented. “We’ve got to– oh. Oh, my god.”

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Forsaking the Stars. Ch 16

Ten years after Weirdmeggedon: After all these years, one would think Mabel would have learned to look with her eyes, not her hands. But what trouble ever came from touching a statue?

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Mabel shivered against the cold and fumbled around for her blankets, intending to get at least a few more minutes of blissful sleep. When her fingers hit dirt not her sheets, Mabel’s eyes snapped open, startled to realize that she wasn’t in her bed. Her panic at not being anywhere familiar was delayed by the eeriness of her surroundings, and the fact that she had no idea how she’d gotten there.

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