slightly awful

fantasy book with witches and wizards and magical people but all magic has a price, like

main character, in awe and slightly terrified: what did you have to give up to be able to control storms with your mind?

powerful enchanter, fighting back tears as they pull down the hood of their cloak to reveal a knotted oily mess: my beautiful luscious hair….no matter how many times i wash or brush it, it always looks like this

main character: [horrified gasp]

my least favorite thing is where I don’t intentionally procrastinate and instead just suddenly find out that I totally didn’t do the thing and it is now too late

I hate that thing


Rhett using Link to steady himself


I used to have a different style but it looked horrible so I made up a different style for when I post stuff. I’ve always hated doing realistic stuff though. I used to tell my art teacher that if I wanted to look at something realistic then I would take a picture because I was awful at it.

Jeff Sessions thinks pot is only “slightly less awful” than heroin. He’s completely wrong.

When it comes to drug use, Attorney General Jeff Sessions thinks marijuana dependency is only “slightly less awful” than heroin dependency.During a speech in Richmond, Virginia, to an audience of federal, state and local law enforcement on Wednesday, Sessions — the highest legal authority in the United States — said that he rejects “the idea that America will be a better place if marijuana is sold in every corner store.”  Read more. (3/15/2017 3:30 PM)

If Hillary becomes President the white feminism will literally make me want to individually pluck every strand of hair from my body one by one. That’s how uncomfortable listening to people will get once white women have a reason to screech hysterically about how now there’s victory for women everywhere just because it’s a woman that makes all the decisions at the expense of Women of Color around the world and even here in our own country. Yay politics and American Imperialism but at least a woman is doing it amirite?? Whoo feminism! Pink drones for the air strikes and burning bras on the White House lawn. We did it!!

Peter Maximoff and Kurt Wagner: Why They’d be CUTE AS HELL Together

Ok, ok, I realize it’s a rarepair.  But hear me out.

  • Kurt’s teleportation is a really good counter to Peter’s speed.  Like, Peter can go as fast as he wants but Kurt’s just gonna be gone before he gets there.  They would have epic games of tag.  New students would watch in slightly concerned awe, especially when Peter manages to grab Kurt’s tail just before he teleports to the roof.  Charles is impressed because Kurt’s teleporting reflexes have never been better and someone Peter is managing to go even faster???
  • Kurt’s first introduction to American music was some earsplitting metal that Scott was listening to while working on his motorcycle and having an Angstfest.  Peter reassures him that there is much better music out there and they spend a whole day just going through Peter’s collection of records and tapes.
  • They watch soccer together.  Kurt’s way more into it than Peter (Alles für Deutschland!  Alles für Deutschland!) but Peter enjoys rooting for the opposing and/or losing team just to bug Kurt.  They both shit all over England, much to Charles’ disappointment.
  • Peter, rebel that he is, goes up to Canada to steal contraband Kinder Eggs for Kurt because a) it’s Kurt’s favorite candy and b) it’s a chocolate egg with a surprise toy inside how cool is that what asshole made these illegal in America.
  • Look they’d just be really cute ok.
  • Also
  • We could call the ship nightsilver

The way he looks at Isak.
He’s just like…wow……I’ve been pining for this boy for so long, and here he is, here I am in his kitchen, he’s right in front of me………
The way he scans his whole face, the way his mouth opens slightly in awe….okay…i’m done…slowly crawling into my grave….

(✿ ♥‿♥)(✿ ♥‿♥)(✿ ♥‿♥)(✿ ♥‿♥)(✿ ♥‿♥)(✿ ♥‿♥)(✿ ♥‿♥)(✿ ♥‿♥)(✿ ♥‿♥)

Origins, Part 1

Author’s notes: This work largely consists of my headcanons and is sprinkled with actual canon lore. Don’t take it at its exact word for what happens in the Overwatch universe since Blizzard left it vague enough for our interpretation. Not sure how many parts this will be but this is definitely only part 1. I do not own any part of Blizzard or its many franchises or characters.

Edit: had to go back and fix my accents. Sorry my French is awful.

“He is flying too low!” A cry in French was barely heard over the plane splitting the air. A tall couple walked hand in hand down the runway, jet black hair and rapid French shared between them.

“That is just Lena, she knows what she is doing.” Glistening white teeth shone between the dark beard as the man spoke through his laughter. “She is the most talented pilot you’ll ever meet, kind too, not as cocky as some of these other young fliers.” The woman looked up to see admiration framing the sun-kissed face.

“Should I be jealous of this Lena?” A soft joking elbow met the man’s rib and he chuckled even more. Raising the woman’s hand to his mouth, he tickled whiskers across her knuckles.

“No, but I might have to be.” His grin widened as confusion masked the pale face of his bride. Screeching tires signaled the plane’s descent and soldiers closed in to aid the pilot.

“Gérard!” Cried the young pilot as she ran from the craft, leaping into the man’s arms. He released his wife’s hand to catch the small pilot. She dropped from his height, nearly a full foot taller than him, excitement bubbling over in her eyes. “I didn’t think you’d be back so soon?”

“Well, I promised to show Amélie the facility before the end of my holiday.” He gestured to the tall woman beside him, switching tongues to match the English the young girl spoke. This woman in every way complimented the man’s looks. Where he was broad in the shoulders, she was narrow in the waist. Her hair was long and tied back in a pony tail, where his was scruffy and short, outlining his whole face. Where he showed some firm musculature, she was long and lithe. Lena noted that they should probably be on some fashion runway, not clodding around the dirty runway amongst soldiers and machines. She looked the woman up and down before extending a hand.

“Lena Oxton, at your service, love.” She beamed a smile as the woman took her hand like royalty, squeezing her fingers in a brief handshake.

“Amélie Lacroix.” A heavy French accent spilled from her lips as she smiled back at the girl. Lena’s heart skipped a few beats before she regained her charming facade.

“You here to join Overwatch, Amélie?” She prodded hopefully.

“Non, I believe Gérard is simply showing me off.” Looking up to the man, mirth bubbling in her eyes.

“Can’t really blame him.” Lena shook her head and winked before turning her attention. “You coming to the meeting then?”

“What meeting?” Gérard’s dark eyebrows met in a firm line.

“Winston’s called a meeting, yeah? Somethin’ about some super secret project you blokes were workin’ on before you left.”

“Oh!” He looked between the two women before agreeing, “Yes, I will be there. I’ll have to gather a few things before we speak though…” He scratched at his chin, eyes lost in thought.

“Better get to it, love. Meet you there then?” The question was directed at Amélie.

“I do not believe I am allowed to go anywhere without him.” She shrugged as if this was a burden. “Security and whatnot.”

“Ah, ouí, she will be there.” Gérard snapped out of his thoughts to answer the waiting girl. She smiled even wider and trotted off down the runway.

“Better get to it then.” Amélie repeated in French, elbowing the man once more. They chuckled and followed the path of the girl.

Amélie entered the meeting room alone, Gérard giving her concise directions from his lab where she “lacked the proper security clearance to enter” according to the soldiers standing guard. Lena leaned back in her chair, feet propped on the table, a folded paper in her hands. Amélie snuck up on the girl and plucked the paper plane from her hands.

“Avion en papier? You are a walking cliché, chérie.” Lena tipped her chair back too far, causing her to over correct and slam the chair down on all fours. She managed enough dignity to look offended as Amélie let the small craft soar across the long room. The nose of the plane crashed into the massive shoulder of the ape pinning pictures and talking points to a cork board. Winston turned, gently lifting the paper from the floor and looked pointedly at Lena.

“A paper airplane, seriously, Lena?” The gravelly scold caused Amélie to burst into laughter.

“It wasn’t me!” Lena’s voice shot up an octave in defense, but she couldn’t fight the contagious laughter for very long. Winston sauntered across the room, extending a paw to the woman.

“You must be Amélie.” She squeezed two of his fingers, finding the paw much too large to accept the same way she had accepted Lena’s.

“And you must be Winston.” He smiled, then searched the room briefly.

“Where is Gérard?”

“Had to grab a few things, love. Sounded surprised about the meeting.” Lena responded and Winston nodded.

“Oh! I forgot he was on vacation! I’m so sorry, Amélie.” The gorilla somehow looked small as he apologized.

“Non non, no need, mon ami. He promised to show me as much of his work as possible.” She smiled, shaking her hand.

“Good.” Winston breathed a sigh of relief and returned to his task of pinning up his presentation.

“Bet that’s a pain.” Lena pondered, head resting on her arms as she looked to Amélie. She tilted her head in response, prompting the girl to proceed. “Havin’ to keep half your life secret.”

“Ah. Yes. I am sure it is, but I knew what I was getting when I fell for him.” She nodded solemnly, echoes of some ancient fights stirring in her head.

“Lucky bloke.” Lena said quietly, softly shaking her head into her elbows.

“Gérard warned me I should be careful of you.” A smile danced in her lips.

“What did he say?” Lena sat up suddenly.

“Not much.” She chuckled as she baited the girl on. Lena narrowed her eyes, catching on to the game quickly.

“Désolé, désolé. Sorry I am late.” Gérard interrupted, carrying a file and a few rolled up poster-sized papers.

“Gérard! Glad you could make it!” Winston beamed from the front of the room, ushering the man to his side with the wave of his arm. He smiled, brushed a quick kiss on the top of Amélie’s head and rushed to the cork board. He emptied the contents of his hands onto the table and examined Winston’s papers. They nodded a few times and Winston helped Gérard unfurl one of his rolls. The page revealed blueprints of some sort of craft. Gérard spoke first.

“We present to you, the Slipstream!”

JB Imagine - Getting ready

You were stood in your bedroom, adding the final touches to your outfit and makeup. You and JB were going to an awards show and, naturally, you wanted everything to look perfect. JB had arrived half an hour ago just as you had been putting on your dress and was waiting for you downstairs.
“(Y/N)! Jagiya, how much longer is this going to take?” He shouted up to you, his patience wearing thin.
“One second, Jaebum-ah,” you replied, slipping into your heels. When you opened the door, JB tutted while saying, “Took you long enough babe.” As he was still downstairs he was yet to see you in your outfit. You were wearing a black, floor-length dress and that had a slit going up the left leg. As you slowly walked down the stairs, Jaebum’s attention switched to you and the beauty radiating from you. His mouth was slightly open in awe and you laughed at his adorable reaction.
“Wow, you look…amazing.” When you had reached him, he held your hand and spun you around, admiring the view. He had all of a sudden gained a hungry look in his eyes as he looked at the dress hugging your curves, accentuating your body and making you giggle again at how he responded to seeing you.
“You know, if you keep looking at me like that we won’t even make it to a bed,” you said winking at your boyfriend.
“Well maybe that’s the point.”
“Aish, don’t get any ideas, Jaebummie,” you hit him gently in the chest, “It took me long enough to get ready so I’m not wasting all that time without even going to this awards show.”
“Fine, let’s go. But when we get back you won’t be wearing that dress for very long.” This awards show was going to drag.

A/N - Sorry for this one being a little short, I didn’t have as much time to get this one done but I hope you enjoyed nonetheless. Also, send a request for a scenario, imagine or reaction with the boy(s) of your choice!

Les Jacobs who’s terrified of going over to Brooklyn at first after hearing about it from the other newsies.
Les who’s slightly in awe of the kid (not much older or bigger than him) who is in charge of a whole city.
Les getting really shy around Spot not because he’s scared of him, but because his words don’t seem to work right around him.
Les having a huge puppy crush on Spot for a long time.
(Spot knowing but wanting to spare his feelings so he just tries to be a good role model for the kid.)
Les going over to Brooklyn fairly often as he gets older and being taught how to play chess and run a city.
Les taking over for Spot when he decides it’s time to turn the reigns over.
Les being the charismatic leader Jack was along with the one who demanded immediate respect like Spot.
Les Jacobs and Spot Conlon