prompt from another “au prompt post” that I’m filling: i’m a horror game developer and you’re well known for playing my game and your face looks really stupid when you scream” au

Let’s ignore the fact that I know nothing about video games and also played around with the prompt a little bit. 

Official Summary
: Kurt and Artie design a series of video games and Blaine and Sam have a Youtube channel where they film themselves playing video games; Kurt stumbles across a video of Blaine playing his game late one night. 

Kurt stumbles across his videos one night when he can’t sleep, head buzzing, too full of coding and ideas for his next game.

He can’t sleep, but he doesn’t trust his brain to actually work right now, so instead he starts looking on Youtube for videos. Obviously. He looks up trailers for upcoming video games then gets sucked into watching people play games and their reactions. He’s always loved watching people play games, may it be with a split screen or just their audio over the full screen of the game.

Well. Not always. Just since Finn Hudson became his step brother and forced him to play a video game one day and he discovered he had a knack for them.

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as the winter winds litter london with lonely hearts, oh the warmth in your eyes swept me into your arms

quick sketch of winter boyfriends (which, hey, slightestwind actually requested). drew this quickly mostly for psa reasons, to let y'all know that i’ll just be posting art (& answering questions) on this blog now, & using theseheartsadore as a personal blog. all the art i’ve moved onto this blog is tagged “art rebagel”, so feel free to blacklist that if you don’t want it clogging your dash :)

AU: Kurt is a kindergarten teacher and Blaine’s daughter brings him and her father into a slightly awkward situation when Blaine comes to pick her up.

Kurt/Blaine, G, fluff

“So, everyone who is already finished with their drawing can hand it to me and we’re gonna put it up on the wall here,” Kurt says to the group of children who are gathered around the small table, a big smile on his face.

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Fic: First Gentleman Material

Summary: Blaine Anderson is the most powerful man in America; the freaking President of the United States. He can’t, however, get a boyfriend to save his life

Thank you to slightestwind for reading this over for me! ♥︎

Also read it here

Blaine Anderson is the most powerful man in America; the freaking President of the United States.

Even so, he still can’t get a date.

That might be going a bit too far. He probably could get a date if he asked someone. He’d doubt that a guy would realistically say no to him. Well, maybe if he was Republican. The issue was that he didn’t have someone he really wanted to ask out.

It’s not even about finding just a random Joe to go out to dinner with or hook up – it’s about finding a good match. It’s about finding a good…oh god. He hates to say it this way, but it’s about finding a good husband. A man that could take being the First Gentleman and, most importantly, someone he could fall in love with.

So far, that hasn’t happened.

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another 5x16 reaction because that ep just won’t leave me alone:

Kurt continues his Sunday morning workout routine and Blaine decides he should join in. Includes push-up kisses. ao3

Sunday morning comes quickly now that they’ve worked out their problems for the most part. Blaine slips out of bed early and stares at himself in the mirror that stands in the corner of Kurt’s room, turning to his side to see if anything has changed even though he only just started the crazy routine they’ve put themselves on a few days ago.

“You look hot,” Kurt mumbles, pulling the blanket tighter around himself like he always does as he’s just waking up, as if he wants nothing more than to curl up and go on sleeping forever. “Come back to bed.”

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Ann prompted: early klaine + kurt confessing he wants to bottom

happy belated birthday my angel, i love you lots *mwah* ♥♥♥

NC-17 (just to be sure bc a bit of frotting and orgasms and talk about putting things in kurt’s butthole)

“I think about you every time I touch myself.”

It’s a rash comment, whispered in the heat of the moment as their lips and bodies are pressing against each other. However, for Kurt, Blaine’s words are enough to startle him.

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ok so i kind of self-prompted this on twitter and then a lot of people were supportive so uh yeah: stepbrothers au ~gif~ and suddenly kurt finds himself straddling blaine and oh damn theyre both turned on whatever to do (nc-17)

Kurt is woken up on Saturday morning by a pillow to the face.

Blaine,” he groans, rolling over and pulling the covers up over his head. “Go ‘way. ‘M trying to sleep.”

He’s answered by another whack, on the exposed back of his head, and rolls over with a frustrated huff, glaring up at his stepbrother. “Why are you even in here?”

“Mom and Burt are out and I’m bored. I was thinking we could make pancakes for breakfast together, c’mon.”

Kurt sighs and looks toward his alarm clock. It’s nearly nine thirty am, so he may as well get up. Damn Blaine for being a morning person.

“Come on, I’m hungry!” Blaine hits him with the pillow again.

“You are a child, Blaine,” Kurt says, sitting up. “You know what?”

Blaine’s eager expression instantly morphs into one of apprehension. “What?”

Kurt grins and whacks him right back with his own pillow.

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Blaine’s a Skank. Kurt is McKinley’s bad seed. Their first “date,” however, doesn’t quite go as expected by anyone.

a/n: basically, ann and I got to talking about skank!blaine/badboy!kurt and agreed it was something that needed to be done. that’s it. ao3

warning for (implied underage) smoking, implied underage drinking, mention/description of a past experience with homophobic harassment & the lingering effects of such; no sexy stuff this time, I’m sorry

“He’s so into you, Andy.”

“For the last time, don’t call me that,” Blaine groans, tipping his head back against one of the metal support beams underneath the bleachers. “It’s a fucking stupid nickname.”

“I think it fits,” Quinn says after taking a drag from her cigarette. Blaine eyes it with a mixture of envy and disdain; he’s trying to quit by graduation next year, but it doesn’t really do much for him when he spends almost all of his time around someone who still smokes.

“Yeah, maybe if I was some idiotic goody two-shoes.” Quinn side-eyes him.

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