a/n: i’ve been having trouble writing anything lately so i asked slightestwind​ for a prompt and she said “werewolf!kurt going down on bp!blaine” so i tried it as a writing exercise. i just tried to free-write and not continuously look back at what i was writing, so here it is. unbeta’d and almost 1500 words. 
warnings: boypussy, werewolf!kurt, knotting, werewolf!kurt going down on blaine and fucking him in wolf form

Blaine loves it when Kurt gets back from his runs. He’s had the house prepared for hours – towels by the front door to wipe Kurt’s muddy paws, a snack sitting ready in the kitchen because Kurt is always starving once he shifts back, and the bathroom all set to start a bath for the two of them so Kurt can relax his sore muscles.

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Fic: In My Bones

Length: 4,121

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Kurt is the alpha of his pack of werewolves and lord of his woodland hall. Little does he expect his life to change in the form of a terrified and scrawny runaway wolf. For the Klaine Bingo prompt “mates.”

Warnings: D/s mostly based around alpha/omega bond, briefest mention of murder.

AO3 | Sequel

Before it all started, Kurt used to love the chilly descent into fall, the shortening days and increase in opportunities to dress in as many layers as possible. He was cold-blooded, and relished the turning of the seasons and the arrival of winter.

But that was before he had been integrated into the pack. Before his father had announced him as his successor. Before his first turning.

Now, the arrival of November means chopping wood and salting meat and digging up the last vegetables for the winter, preparing the huge wooden hall where the pack resides for the certain snowstorms and freezing drafts that ravage the area come December. It means less woodland animals around to hunt, less berries on the trees, fewer trips to the town on the far side of the forest. Now fall means long, gruelling days and a chill settling deep in his bones.

The first morning arrives when Kurt wakes up and there is snow outside the window. He pulls on a pair of thick hide leggings and fur-lined coat and goes out to start the day.

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Fic: "Honesty and Trust Are Sins (In This Business), Dear"

Rating: T

Word Count: 25,000

Genre/Tags: Fluff, Angst, Romance, Different First Meeting, Alternate Universe: Celebrities, Political talk-show host!Kurt, Broadway Baby!Blaine

Warnings: This is a future fic so Kurt is a little bit more… abrasive? His job is to grill politicians and actors until they break or embarrass themselves basically. Also this doesn’t actually contain that much political talk, so no worries there.

Summary: “Blaine Anderson. America’s sweetheart, they call him the new Gene Kelly.” […]“A musical brat who thinks of himself as an activist. How cute.”

“How long are you planning on being a smartass?” Puck teased, smirking. “I need to know whether to schedule him for next week or next month.”[…]

“Next week. I need to ruin him before his name reaches my circles.”

Basically I watch too much Real Time with Bill Maher and the Daily Show.

A/N: *heavy breathing* after a few months of work it is finally done!

Other than an extra scene that will be added later (separately), it is now COMPLETE!

Read on AO3! 

Based on 5x16 Tested spoilers. When Blaine starts gaining weight, he doesn’t know what to do. MPREG.

I need to stop eating so many sweets, Blaine tells himself as he shimmies out of yet another pair of pants. Several discarded pairs of multicolored jeans lay strewn around the room and he knows that if Kurt comes home to this mess, he’s gonna be pissed. Yet, Blaine can’t find it within himself to care. Nothing is going right for him that day and he’s tired, annoyed, and most of all, hungry, but he’s really not in the mood to even deal with food right now. Because nothing fits.

Ever since he moved to New York, Blaine’s found himself becoming lax in a bunch of things: exercise, healthy eating, etc. Now he’s got the pudge to prove it and it’s all sitting on his belly, his puffed out, slightly squishy belly. Disgust mars his face as he throws himself backward on the bed, pants off and arms cast out to the side as he stares up at the ceiling. He feels fat and unattractive and all he wants to do is curl up in a ball and sleep.

But he can’t because he and Kurt have a date tonight. If only he can find something that fits before Kurt gets home.

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belated birthday drabble for Ann :) ♥

Kurt huffs out a short sigh, letting his eyes sweep over the kitchen counter, and the mess he’s managed to make in the last thirty minutes. Broken egg shells, spatters of liquid chocolate and dough everywhere. One quick glance at the wall clock tells him he’s still very much in time.

Letting out a small yawn, Kurt digs into the soft butter with a tablespoon, swipes it onto a pastry brush and begins greasing the cake pan.

Another yawn. Kurt groans softly, eyes burning from overwhelming tiredness.

He pictures Blaine right now, still snuggled up in their bed, breath deep and calm, body warm.

The corners of Kurt’s lips curl into a smile, and he reaches for the bowl with the dark brown cake batter now. Carefully he fills the cake pan with it, mouth watering when the sweet, rich scent of chocolate reaches up his nostrils.

Just when he’s about to put the cake into the oven, Kurt can hear the soft noise of feet padding over the wooden floor.

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Blaine’s a Skank. Kurt is McKinley’s bad seed. Their first “date,” however, doesn’t quite go as expected by anyone.

a/n: basically, ann and I got to talking about skank!blaine/badboy!kurt and agreed it was something that needed to be done. that’s it. ao3

warning for (implied underage) smoking, implied underage drinking, mention/description of a past experience with homophobic harassment & the lingering effects of such; no sexy stuff this time, I’m sorry

“He’s so into you, Andy.”

“For the last time, don’t call me that,” Blaine groans, tipping his head back against one of the metal support beams underneath the bleachers. “It’s a fucking stupid nickname.”

“I think it fits,” Quinn says after taking a drag from her cigarette. Blaine eyes it with a mixture of envy and disdain; he’s trying to quit by graduation next year, but it doesn’t really do much for him when he spends almost all of his time around someone who still smokes.

“Yeah, maybe if I was some idiotic goody two-shoes.” Quinn side-eyes him.

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Thought I’d post my Klaine Book Project contribution too. :) Thanks to the mindblowingly talented writing by Ann (slightestwind), I give you Blaine blabbering around Kurt after Blackbird, struggling to fulfil the best friendly duty of comforting him when he’s just realized he has feelings for him…feelings more than friendship… LOVE FEELINGS. ^^

slightestwind  asked:

dunno if you were asking for prompts for that meme but ELEVEN AND NINETEEN FOR KLAINE OH MY GODDDDDDD


Bonus for skank!kurt and nerd!blaine au, number 11

“We’re locked in.”

“Shit,” Kurt swears. 

Blaine pushes up his glasses and looks around the janitor’s closet nervously. He’s locked in a small room with skank Kurt Hummel and he’s never felt his heart beat so quickly in his life. Kurt is still trying to turn the handle on the door and he can still hear Quinn snickering outside. 

“Open the god damn door, Q!” says Kurt, pounding on it. 

“Sorry, Sweet Cheeks, that door ain’t opening until you and loverboy get it on,” says Quinn. “Everyone can see that the walking calculator has a thing for you, K. And I know you have a thing for short guys in glasses so I’m going to save you two a lot of time and give you permission to tear each other’s clothes off in the safety of a cliche broom closet. You’ll thank me one day.” 


“I’ll be back in say, an hour? I’m sure you’ll be decent by then. Bye!” 

“I’m going to fucking kill her,” Kurt says under his breath. 

“I’m sorry,” says Blaine in a small voice. 

Kurt looks over to him, face suddenly softening. “Uh. It’s not your fault. I’m - well. She -” 

“What she said - I’m sorry if you think it’s weird,” says Blaine. “That I, uh, I guess I haven’t been…subtle….” Blaine feels his face grow hot. 

Kurt raises his eyebrow. Blaine has always liked the delicate silver ring in it. “Well shit, I guess what she said is right.” A grin overcomes his face. “Why don’t we get out of here and maybe make out somewhere a bit more private, then?”

Blaine lets out a squeak. “I - what?”

“I mean, that is if you want to. Because let me tell you, I totally want to.” 

Kurt Hummel is saying he wants to make out with him. 

He’d be crazy to say no, obviously, and that’s not factoring in the huge crush he’s had on him since he moved to Lima. 

It turns out when they think together, they can get out of the janitor’s closet in five minutes. Then they can get to Kurt’s house in ten. 

It’s a very interesting afternoon. 

Fic: You've Got My Head Spinning (Klaine; NC-17)

Title: You’ve Got My Head Spinning
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4200
Warnings: daddy!kink, infantilism, diapering, frottage, rimming, anal sex
Summary: Next part of this verse. Blaine and Kurt are in a 24/7 Daddy/baby relationship, and tonight after his bath, Kurt wants special time with his Daddy.
A/N: Please read the warnings. This involves consensual sex between Kurt and Blaine who are in a 24/7 infantilism relationship. If that is not your type of thing… please skip over. Thank you to slightestwind for all the encouragement along the way and looking it over for me. And alittledizzy for reading it over in advance, too. ♥ (Yes, I keep stealing lyrics from ‘All of Me’ for these titles.)

On AO3

Bath time is one of Blaine’s favorite times. Sometimes he joins Kurt in the tub, but tonight he’s kneeling on the rug, watching Kurt play with his family of rubber ducks. 

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Fic: “Sweet Plans”

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 1300

Genre/tags: Fluff, pure absolute unadulterated fluff. Alternate meeting.


“Please tell me you’re kidding.”

Blaine scrunches his nose up apologetically. “I’m desperate, here, okay! I just need a reas-”

“Blaine,” Santana hisses as he starts taking a few steps forward. She grabs his arm. “Are you seriously going to do this? Are you really going to stoop that damn low, Anderson?”

“…Maybe? Look, I’ll just ask! No harm done!”

The look she gives him then is one of pure judgement. “You’re gonna make us look like tourists! You hate looking like a tourist, Ohio boy, I know you!”

Blaine winces with an awkward laugh.

“I have to do this,” He tells her resolutely with a nod. “I have to ask him to take our picture in front of my own work place.”

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