Jughead & Reader: No Turning Back

Summary: You’re an aspiring chef/baker so you make a lot of food for your friends. One day Jughead tries something you made and completely falls for you.

Requested by: anonymous

Listen to: Stay Young, Go Dancing - Death Cab For Cutie

“Ta-da,” Jughead said with a slight hint of sarcasm and over-confidence as he set the pan on the counter that contained something that used to resemble pizza. 

Archie raised his eyebrows. “What is this?” He asked his friend as he took off the oven mittens and tossed them on the island. 

Jughead looked a little surprised by Archie’s tone. “I mean, it’s not Pizza Hut or anything but it looks fine.” He shrugged as he sat down next to you. 

You couldn’t stifle a laugh. “Jughead, that’s not the color pizza should be,” you pointed out. 

He served himself a piece and took a bite after blowing on it to cool it down. “It’s… fine,” he said, obviously disappointed that he couldn’t even manage to cook pizza the right way. 

“Alright, everyone out,” you said as you stood up. You grabbed the pizza pan and set it on another counter to give yourself some space. 

“What are you doing?” Veronica asked as she pushed herself away from the wall. “Are you going to order real food?” She gave Jughead a pointed look and he huffed. 

You laughed. “I’m going to cook real food,” you said. “And I need space to do that.”

Jughead sat up straight. “You cook?” He asked. 

Archie gave him a look and shook his head. “Seriously, man, where have you been?”

Betty giggled. “Come on. Let’s give her some space to work her magic.” She grabbed Jughead’s arm and pulled him out of the kitchen as Veronica and Archie followed. 

You set to work.

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Spicy Nick Day Submission!!

(kinda ends w/ “spicy Judy” too) 

insp by: anon

Nick and Judy taking the train to work at 5:30 am

Nick: *turns on phone*

Judy: *sees a selfie of the two of them as his lock screen*

Judy: Is that.. you and me?

Nick: *covering slight embarrassment w/ sarcasm* No its just two mammals that look exactly like us wearing our clothes

Judy: *snatches phone and opens it* Is your home screen different now too? 

Nick: *reaches for the phone, smirking* Maybeee…

Judy: *holds phone away from herself and Nick, giggling*

*loud moaning sounds fill the train car, turning heads from every direction*

Judy: *stares in shock at the moving images on the phone, not realizing everyone else can hear*

*”oh yeah, Mr. Predator!* 

Nick: *lunges for phone and turns off the screen but the sounds continue.*

*In the effort the phone falls on the floor and Nick grabs it, as the explicit sounds continue. The swiftness makes it dance back and forth between Nicks paws until he finally catches it in the air.*

*Stretch my BUNNY PUSSss-!”*

Nick: *throws phone out a cracked-open window in a panic*

Judy: *covers mouth in shock*

Nick: …


Others on the train:

Nick: …

Judy: What… was..

Nick: *avoids eye contact from anyone* How much longer until our stop?

Judy: um… a few minutes?

Nick: Great…

Judy: …uh huh..

Nick: …

Judy: *whispering* So is that like your-     thing…? The um Bunn-

Nick: please don’t. do. this. now.

Judy: Yeah, um. Sure- Right. 




Judy: But, why did she look… like, you know..    me?

Nick: That looked nothing like you.

Judy: Well she had a police hat on..


Judy: and handcuffs

Nick: That’s not-    That was just a blue hat.

Judy: …But it said ZPD


Judy: and she was leaned over a cop ca-

Nick: Oh look! Our stop. Let’s Go.

Judy: *laughs while watching Nick bolt out of the doors* 

Sure thing, “Mr. Predator.”

She's Like The Wind - Part Two

Summary: You have been blind for over 10 years. During the apocalypse, you use your utmost strength in order to survive while also fending off your mixed feelings for the big bad leader of your community, the Sanctuary.

Pairings: Negan x Blind Reader

Warnings: language. violence.

Note: the wives are in this chapter for like a second. but just fyi, they are very ooc for story purposes.

Both you and Jesse stood there in silence as Negan approached the scene. You heard Dwight chuckle lightly under his breath, and you knew that he was heavily debating about ratting on your best friend. Negan’s heavy footsteps ceased and you could guess that he was now only a few feet in front of you and Jesse. You swore that you could practically feel him smirking at the both of you.

“How are my two best guards doing on this fantastic damn day?” Negan’s voice blurted out, and you could sense a slight sarcasm in his careless tone.

“We’re doing fine, thank you.” You immediately spoke up in response with a firm tone. You knew that Jesse was scared, and that any response from him at the moment would be incomprehensible.

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Never Enough Part 5

Summary: You are half angel, Stiles being that part of your anchor, and half siren, Isaac being that part of your anchor. You aren’t entirely sure what’s going between you and either one of the boys, but you are hellbent on finding out. Not only that, but you’re here to kick some ass. 

Ship: Stiles Stilinski x Fem!Reader x Isaac Lahey 

Warnings: fluff, angst, swearing, blood, fighting etc. 

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Notes: None of these gifs are mine, credit to owners! (Y/F/D)- means your favorite drink. 

Your P.O.V

I stood tall, back almost completely erect. My face was stone cold, placid. But I had every right to have it that way. I was filled with hundreds, if not thousands of questions. The white light and prestige​ gates had to have been the gates to heaven. I don’t know how I knew but I believe, wholeheartedly, that Erica was okay. In fact, I think she’s more than okay. Something within me knew that that place was the definition of justice, of what’s right and good in this world. Most humans pray their whole lives to even get a taste of what I felt not too long ago. Hell, I’ll come back again, I just know it. The wind outside picked up slightly, swirling under the tuff of my wings. My skin prickled and shivered at the cold contact. Being two separate creatures was a rather interesting debockle. No matter which one I am, my senses have heightened to the point that I could tell there were discreet​ differences between the two. When the cold cool air hit my body, goosebumps cascaded across my skin. The wind has been my friend, especially tonight; my first angel shifting. 

Our goal for tonight was to catch Boyd and Cora, or, at least contain them someway. I want to use my powers to help them, to help Scott, to do something. But I don’t know how to control them yet. It was like I was a baby all over again. I had to learn how to do everything all over. Which totally blows. Not to mention, I’ve got nobody to teach me how to do any of this shit. I lean against the railing, sighing through my nose. All of a sudden, a phone went off from inside Derek’s apartment. Stiles’ phone, to be exact. I’d know it anywhere. His main ringtone was the star wars theme for god-sake. When he picks it up, I tune into the voice on the other line. Perks of being an angel, I guess. When I heard the voice, my heart dropped. It’s Lydia. “Stiles, I found another body at the pool!!” Her voice was scared, desperate. When I look back at him, his eyes are no longer on me, as if they never were. It took one phone call for everything to go back to the way things were. I was more than surprised that she had his number. She knew he’d come after her. Even when she didn’t love him. 

The second Stiles heard Lydia’s voice, he was a goner. It was as if nothing mattered to him anymore. Nobody else meant anything to him except for her. He reluctantly hangs up the phone, hastily grabbing his jacket before looking at Scott with pleading eyes. “I’ve got to go help Lydia! She’s found another body.” Scott looks back at me with sad eyes. Yet again, Stiles has run back to Lydia, not daring to look or care about anyone that wasn’t her. I was always the second best to anything. To him. Scott, my non-biological brother glanced at me first. A mix of disappointment and sadness. The disappointment geared towards Stiles. He then looked back at Stiles, nodding. “Yeah, make sure she’s okay.” I wanted, more than anything, to yell at Scott. To tell him to not let Stiles go, to get him to open his eyes. I wanted to scream at Stiles for being the oblivious prick that he was. For breaking my heart over and over again. But I didn’t. I suppress it, like usual. It was the right thing to do, after all. 

Though Stiles was waiting for Scott’s okay, he was more than ready to book it out of the apartment. The second he got the green light, he ran out the door, not even bothering to look back at us. It was as if, what I thought was something between us, ended up being nothing. Stiles stormed out the apartment in a hasty rush. Slamming the door, I jump at the sound, not enough that anyone would notice. Except, someone did notice. Two someones actually. Them being, Scott and Isaac. Scott huffed, somewhat frustrated. “Okay so, here’s the plan-” After that moment, I tuned out, not wanting to listen anymore. My eyes lingered to the door that Stiles left out of. Though I was aggravated with him beyond repair, I felt lonely, a pull of sadness. It must’ve been the anchor thing. God, I thought having an anchor would be a good thing but now I just throw myself into a fire. Not only that, I’m pissed at myself. I promised myself one thing when I was younger. Don’t let a boy control your life or the outcome of things. Don’t let a boy change you. And look at me now. I’m practically puddy within that boys hands. 

Isaac’s P.O.V

I watched (Y/n)’s beautiful eyes linger at the door. The one Stiles left momentarily from. I was starting to put the pieces together. Stiles was, despite my opinion of him, (Y/n)’s angel anchor. They were bound together, as was I to her. But then again, I didn’t like to share. Not that that’s what was happening. I’m just selfish. But there was something more between (Y/n) and Stiles, well, just (Y/n) towards Stiles. It was pretty obvious that she felt something for him. Whether is was a crush, friendship or love, it was something. If her personality didn’t say it, her heartbeat did. Though I didn’t like the confirmation of her feelings, the fact that she liked me too, in that way, made me feel better. She hadn’t verbally said it, but I believed it. When I looked back at her, she had a sad expression, a broken one. Once her eyes met mine, she flashed her purple siren eyes at me before smiling. She was dressed from head to toe in feather and goddess like beauty. But her eyes spoke words to me. Her eyes were mine. God, those beautiful siren eyes. 

(Y/n)’s P.O.V

Scott clears his throat, drawing my attention away from Isaac. “How are you getting to the school?” I look between the boys, smirking back at my wings. “I’ve got a few ideas.” I wink back at Isaac before turning over my shoulder to the railing. Though my heart is in my throat, I don’t hesitate to jump into the sky, grinning from ear to ear. Flying is an odd thing. Being able to fly yourself is an even stranger concept. But there I was, gliding through the sky. As I flew, my thoughts got lost within the wind and clouds. All of which led back to Stiles. He was more than willing to leave us, leave me behind. Only, to find, Lydia. It was so painful to watch the cycle. He’d trail after her like a lost puppy, complain to me, I’d console him and then the second she’d give him attention, he’d be right back where he started. She never cared about Stiles. To her, he was just another dumb fly on a wall of teenage boys that “loved” her. It made me sick. Like the others boys that trailed after her, Stiles was willing to do anything for her. But then again, none of this was new information. 

(Y/n), move on, already?! My subconscious seemed to scream. I knew it was right. Following through though, would be difficult. When I got to the high school, I made my way over to Isaac and Scott. “Okay, (Y/n) and Isaac. You push them into the school, from there, Derek and I will take ‘em down to the boiler room.” We nod in agreement before breaking off. I walk side by side with Isaac, standing at our position. We wait in silence, using our advanced hearing to tune in to the sounds around us. The silence was broken by Isaac’s lovely voice. “Are you okay, (Y/n)?” When I look back at him, I realize his eyes are full of sympathy, of love. Though I ache for Stiles, my angel side anyways, aches for him, my siren side, however, aches for Isaac. I am overcome by the urge to hug him, and I do. When I pull back I muttered, almost inaudible. “Thank you..” He gives me a confused glance. “For what?” Isaac asks. I shake my head, sighing happily. “For being here. You didn’t leave. Thank you for that.” 

I’m sure he doesn’t know what I mean but from what I can tell from his facial expression, my proclamation proves me otherwise. Before he can speak up, two low growls erupt from over the hill, not far from our stand-point. “They’re here.” I muttered before tightening my grip, prepared to fight. I shoot up into the cold air and twirl around the back of them. Using my wings, I extend my hands out far apart, the big feathers copy the movement before I slam them together. The wave being so strong, it toppled over, not only Boyd and Cora, but Isaac as well. Before I can apologize to him, he’s up on his feet, pushing them towards the school entrance. He winks at me from below, showing that he’s alright. It relives me greatly. Slipping in through one of the already opened windows, I barricade the top floor so they don’t break through. Our goal was to get them trapped down in the boiler room, after all. Once they were there, they could wait out their blood-lust until the morning. It was the safest and smartest plan. When they came down the corridor on the second floor, I flapped my wings, showing dominance over them before letting out a beam of light I didn’t know I had kept in. 

Boyd and Cora hissed and growled in pain, scurrying back into the darkness of the corridors. Scott and Isaac soon ran after them, Derek not too far behind. As they made their way down the stairs towards the boiler room, Isaac’s gaze on me lingered slightly before following Scott. His eyes, he did it again. I felt it, a flutter. God, damn it! I had to stop this feeling. They were toying with my emotions. I didn’t know if it was my siren heart, leaping to him, or my heart; my actual heart. I head downstairs and stand by the door of the boiler room, Isaac by my side. Scott and Derek shut the door with a loud rumble. “We did it.” Scott muttered, almost surprised. Derek nodded, just as shocked as Scott. It made sense though. Things in Beacon Hills were never easy, after-all. Scott smiles up at me, a genuine smile. I’m about to meet him halfway when I stop abruptly. A wave of sadness hits me like a typhoon. I hold onto the railing of the staircase, fearfully that I will fall. Isaac is at my aid almost immediately. “(Y/n), what’s wrong?” 

There was a voice inside my head. No, no, no, no, no, no. Please, don’t let it be her.. Don’t let her be dead.. That voice, I knew that voice. Stiles’ voice. He talked to me- no, prayed to me before. His voice was broken, choppy. (Y/n), angel.. I-It’s Heather.. They killed her.. T-They killed Heather.. My eyes went wide as I listened intently. Scott grabbed my face with his hands, rubbing his hands up in down in a soothing manor. “(Y/n), what’s wrong?! Talk to me?! Please..” Though I didn’t know Heather, and I knew about Stiles’ attempts to seduce her, small tears fell from my eyes. Of course, it made me angry, no- pissed, that Stiles tried to do that but I’d have to tell him about my feelings for him to understand why I was mad. And I didn’t want to do that. I didn’t weep for her, I wept for the loss of a friend. Losing someone so close to you once, hurts like a bitch. When I spoke, my voice was shaky. “S-Stiles, h-he found Heather.. S-She’s dead.. They have her body in the morgue..” The moment the words fell from my lips, the room went quiet. And, to my surprise, Isaac was the first to speak. “Go to him. He needs you right now. You are his angel anchor, after-all. We’ve got everything tied up here. Go.” I glance back at Derek and Scott, looking for some sign to tell me not to. But I do not find it. In fact, Scott nods, wholeheartedly. 

“Go, comfort him. I’ll meet you there, okay?” I nod, hastily. When I look back at Isaac, I don’t want to leave him, not one bit. But his facial expression eases my mind, in more ways than one. “Go, we’ve got things handled over here.” I pull him into a tight hug, whispering. “Thank you.” Once I pull away, I shoot up to the sky, flying as fast as I could. I was beyond thankful to have the darkness and time on my side. I’m sure it was way past midnight, due to the sun not rising yet. There was no way anyone was out at this obscene time. I didn’t realize how fast I was going until I ended up at the hospital. Plopping down softly on the grass, hiding behind the bushes, I push my wings back. It gets easier each time I do it. When I walk up to the hospital gate, I already know where Stiles is. It took me less than two minutes to reach the hospital and find his room. When I barge into the coroners office, Stiles and Mrs. Mccall stand across the room from me with long sad faces. When Stiles’ eyes fall on me, I swear I heard my heart broke. 

His eyes were red and puffy, due to the crying. Stiles’ jacket was drenched with snot and tears, probably from wiping them away so aggressively. I take a step forward, voice soft and smooth. “I heard you-” Before I could finish, his warm body collided with mine. It was a rough hug, but a hug none the less. He cried, no- sobbed openly. His tears drenched my shoulder, but I didn’t mind. He needed me, and I was there for him. A part of me, the dark part, wanted to say, ‘Where’s your precious, Lydia? Shouldn’t she be the one comforting you? Where is she? Not here, obviously? Why?! Because she doesn’t care about you the way I do.’ But I don’t. I’m not sure what stops me from just screaming it at the top of my lungs. Maybe it was too heartless, morally wrong, or the fact that my kinder side was stronger than my dark side. I ran my hand up and down his neck, occasionally running my fingers through his hair. An action he adored and brought him great comfort. He pulled himself closer to me, nuzzling his face within the crook of my neck. 

Stiles wrapped his arms around my waist. The more he cried, the closer I brought his body to mine, if that were even possible. Though my wings were not visibly showing, mentally, I had them wrapped around Stiles. The longer he held me, the quieter he got. His breathing even seemed to slow down. Though I was almost always frustrated with him, Stiles didn’t deserve this. Losing another person that meant a lot to him. Not only that, this girl, Heather, was one of his only friends when his mother was alive. She was one of the last memories, one of the last connections that he had left that was tethered towards his mother. With Heather gone, he didn’t have many left to hold onto. I’m not sure how long we were standing there. I could probably tell you, well, my angel part could. I, however, couldn’t. Nor did I really care. Once Stiles stopped crying, he laced his fingers in mine, looking between Mrs. Mccall and I. Something has brought him back to the now. The time for grieving isn’t now. He seemed to say with his eyes. The next thing that left his mouth seemed to shock me to the core. “The attacks that are happening aren’t because of Boyd and Cora. They didn’t do this.” 

Before Mrs. Mccall asked, I did. “Than who did this? And why did they do this?” Not once letting go of my hand, he pulled me over towards a body, not Heather’s, thank god, but another body. Stiles moved his other hand in a while motion. “These are too precise to be werewolf killings. These killing were done as a ritual. They were all virgins. All sacrifices.” I look between the bodies, letting the puzzle piece click within my head. It all made sense. There’s no way this was a werewolf killing. Werewolves, as proven before by evidence, are messy killers. This wasn’t messy. This was strategical, not one thing was out of place. Mrs. Mccall asked, completely enveloped within the topic. “Than who did it?” He pulled me closer to him, probably because it was comforting. “I think it was a Dark Druid.” After that, I had to practically drag Stiles home. While he was in the car, completely asleep due to crying, I called his dad to confirm that Heather was one of the killings. I also told him that Stiles knew and that I would be with him if he needed anything. 

As I pulled up to the Stilinski’s house, I unbuckled both mine and Stiles’ seat belts. I carried Stiles, wedding stile, into his house, resting him on the couch not too far from the front door. It wasn’t much of a surprise that I could do something like that, considering I was already incredibly strong, and let alone my angel powers, carrying Stiles was a walk in the park. I place a blanket gently over his body. The second the fabric hit him, he seemed to mold into it, curling himself up into a tight ball. For the first time in forever, Stiles looked small, so innocent compared to everything around him. I sat down on the chair across from him, leaning forward, I press the edge of my elbows to my knee-caps, sighing through my mouth. Pushing myself up and out of the chair, I made my way over to the kitchen. I was in dire need of some coffee or something. When I return, to my surprise, there is a new body in the room. One I didn’t quite recognize. “My god, you must be (Y/n). Stiles talks so highly of you. And now I see why.” I look her up and down, taking a step forward. And then it hits me. That’s Heather. “Heather, right?” 

Her nodding was the only confirmation I needed. “You’re a lot prettier than Stiles gives you credit for.” She tells me. I brush away her compliment. “Thanks. I’m sorry this happened to you.” Heather shrugs, her eyes lingering on Stiles’ body. “He’s a great guy. I’m gonna miss him..” I nod, taking another step toward her. When she looks up at me, it’s full of fear. “Where do I go now?” I give her my hand with a smile. She takes it, hesitantly. “You’re going home. To heaven.” All of a sudden, a bright light seeps through the kitchen from the refrigerator. It’s odd where doors to heaven show up. Especially when they’re accurate. I mean, I always thought the fridge was a heavenly thing, ya know? So, to me, it made sense. When I look back at Stiles, I almost stop to let him say a proper goodbye but I knew that wasn’t wise. Though I didn’t know much about heaven or these powers, deep down, I knew there was a slim chance, a small window of passing through the gates. When I open the door, the majestic and wholesome light I saw and felt before seeped into the small kitchenette. Stay here. A voice seemed to call to me. 

And I listened, without a doubt in my mind. Heather walked in, letting go of my hand. She turned over her shoulder, smiling. “Thank you.” I nod, kindly before shutting the fridge door. When I step away, I feel exhausted, completely and utterly drained. Coffee, yes, I need coffee. Making my way back into the living room, Stiles lays in the same place he was before. I plop down onto the chair across from him, sipping as much of the hot liquid as I could. But no matter how much I drank, I ended up clocking out not too long after. The next morning, I awake earlier than intended. But at this point, I didn’t care. I refill my useless coffee and make another cup, not for myself, but for Scott. He said he was coming, after-all. I fix my hair as the lovely smell of caffeine filled the room. When I walk back into the living room, my eyes fly over to the front door. Scott stumbles in moments later, a bag of bagels in one hand and his jacket in the other. He smiles at me before setting the bagels down on the table. “Hey.” He says, I give him the extra coffee that I made. “Thank you.” I nod, smiling as I sat down. “Yeah, no problem. How’d everything go afterwards?” 

His warm puppy dog smile seemed to vanish almost immediately. “Do you know our English teacher? I don’t remember her name, but apparently she was down in the boiler room, grabbing paper-work when we pushed Boyd and Cora down there-” I was about to say something when he continued, completely cutting me off, and not in a rude way. “And no, she didn’t die or get hurt. Derek was there to stop them. He’s taking care of her right now. But it was crazy. He ran in there without a seconds thought. It was pretty incredible, actually.” I watch Scott’s facial expression. Whether he said it aloud or not, I could tell he wanted to be like Derek in many ways. He aspired to be that brave, even if it put him in the face of danger, he wanted to help in every way that he could. That was one of the many things I love about Scott. He was a great guy. I stand up, looking out of the window. “I’m glad she’s okay. That could have gone a lot worse.” I felt his eyes on me. “(Y/n), have you been here all night? Did you get any sleep?” 

When I look back at him, I give him the look he most likely suspected. “Of course I was here all night. Who else would be? Definitely not Lydia. And no, I didn’t sleep much last night. I don’t usually sleep, so that’s not much of a surprise.” He sighs, running his hands through his hair as he stands next to me. “(Y/n), you can’t do this to yourself. I love Stiles like a brother but this is ridiculous. He doesn’t even notice how obvious it is. It’s so painful to watch. And though I don’t want to admit it, Lydia doesn’t love him. Not the way you do, anyways. And I don’t know how to help you. I want to tell you to move on but that’s hard enough as is.” I turn back to him nodding in determination. “You’re right, Scott. You’re right. I’m not going to sit around here waiting for him to finally open his eyes and see me. I’m gonna be his-” I pause, nodding in confirmation. “H-His friend.” Scott opens his arms out and I hug him tightly. “Thank you, Scott. Thanks for everything.” He giggles into my neck. “No problem. You’re my sister, after-all.” 

A few days later..

Stiles has gotten better since the news of Heather’s death. He’s coping a lot better than I thought he would. Of course, like I suspected, it was rough for him to lose one of his oldest friends. But instead of crying, he used his grieving as an advantage. Instead, he uses his spare time to research the resent attacks. We haven’t found much since the virgin sacrifices. I’ve stayed to help Stiles and Scott with researching but tonight was the first time in what feels like forever since I’ve been able to leave and have a day for myself. That morning, I showered and got dressed in something other than borrowed flannel shirts. Giving my outfit a once over, I nod happily. I sported black skinny jeans, converse, a Metallica shirt and a dark jean jacket. I looked great. I felt great, better than I have in a long time. Grabbing my keys, phone and wallet, I made my way over to my happy place; the local bookstore/coffee shop. Well, I shouldn’t exactly say local because it wasn’t. The store itself was in between Beacon Hills High and Devenford Prep. It was on the outer-banks of Beacon Hills itself. I loved going there, more than anyone. 

It was the one place that brought me great comfort when times got rough. When I entered the building, I was immediately enveloped with the smell of warm coffee. God, I loved that smell. Not only that, but the essence of tea and beans hit my nose, as well. The Saturday daylight shown through the crystallized windows, crashing onto my face with powerful warmth. I practically skip over to my favorite section, glancing over the new books they’ve added to the shelf. Rolling up my sleeves, I scan my long fingers over the spines of books that surround me. I could literally spend hours at a book store. Hell, I didn’t even need to read any of the books, just being around them gave me a sense of comfort, ya know? When I find the book I’m looking for, I nearly jump with joy. It was on the highest shelf. I could reach it, with a lot of effort, I could reach it. Though I am very tall, I struggle to get the book that I’m looking for. I grunt in frustration before I notice I’m being watched. 

Glancing around the room, I notice a pair of light but deep hazel eyes watching me intently. Watching me struggle, I should say. She was beyond beautiful, ungodly so. With ombre hair that trailed down her shoulders, a grey v-neck dress that ended a few inches below her butt. She had dark red converse like mine, torn and tattered all around it. To top it all off, she sported a cut off tan crop-top like jacket. It was thin, not enough to bring her a well needed amount of warmth. But I suppose the sunlight does just fine. Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit. A hot girl is watching me, right now! A hot girl is watching me attempt to grab a book, right now! I look like a fucking idiot! Fuck. The second our eyes meet, I nearly shit myself and look away. Just stare at the wall, stare at the books, stare at anything that isn’t her. My eyes however, do not listen. In a matter of seconds, they linger back to the enchanting woman a few feet away from me, her eyes still boring into the side of my head. Fuck, she’s watching me. (Y/n), you’re hot?! Why are you freaking out, just talk to her?! 

I breath in, turning on my suave persona. When I look back at her, I glance her up and down in a flirty manor. “Didn’t your mama ever tell you it’s rude to stare?” I say, jokingly. She looks at me, somewhat startled that I spoke up but in no time she retrieves herself and smiles. “What can I say-” Eyeing my ass with a smirk. “I’ve got a great view from where I’m standing.” Holy fuck-a-moly. Automatically, I flush ruby red. I walk forward, towards the coffee line. “You’re sitting. Not standing.” When I retaliate, she scoffs playfully. “Oh!-” She clutches her chest like she has been mortally wounded. “Dear me! I have made a dreadful mistake! What ever will I do?” Her beautiful voice is drip with a gorgeous sense of sarcasm that made my skin sprinkle with goosebumps. I snort, smiling slightly, not enough so that you can see my teeth but enough you’d know I was smiling. I look back at her from the coffee line, still sparking casually flirty conversation. “You never gave me your name?” She leaned forward on the table, fixing her glasses so they weren’t on the edge of her nose, her boobs pressed together. My eyes shamelessly glance down at them once or twice. 

“You never asked.” She said before winking at me. That little shit. This time I genuinely smile back at her, she smiles at me in return. Another voice said from behind me. “Uhh- Ma’am? You’re next.” When I turn around the barista smiles up at me, her eyes shifting from me and the gorgeous girl I was talking to moments ago. “What can I get for you, sweetheart?” The barista was a short older woman with bright grey hair and a smile that made you want to smile. I keep glancing back at the gorgeous girl who’s name I still do not know before looking back at the barista, sheepishly. “Uhh, can I have a (Y/F/D). Thank you.” When I finish paying, the barista handing me my drink whispered softly. “She’s cute. Good luck!” I thank her before turning over my shoulder to look for her. When my gaze doesn’t find her, I can’t help but feel a little sad. And then, everything changed when a voice spoke from behind me. Her voice, to be exact. “You wouldn’t happen to be looking for little ‘ol me, would ya?” 

And there she was, standing right before me. God, if I thought she was beautiful before she looked purely heavenly only a few inches from me. I took a step forward, towering over her before sighing. “Maybe, maybe not? My big question though is, what does a girl have to do to get your name?” She inches toward me, smirking as she eyes me up and down. A challenge she is more than willing to accept. When she talks, her breath is coated with coffee, the good kind. I breath in as much as I can, biting my lip to hold back a moan. “The bigger question is, what are you willing to do to find out what it is?” God, this woman is gonna be the death of me. I inch forward a little more, our faces centimeters apart. “I’m willing to do a lot to find out something so simple, like a name. But you, my dear, are all talk. Are you willing to get your hands dirty?” I wait for her comeback but when doesn’t respond, I start to get scared, nervous. Turning over her shoulder, she walks towards the front door, looking back at me with a smirk before saying seductively. “Aren’t you coming? You still want to know my name, right? I’ve got some very naughty things on my mind.” 

My jaw hits the floor the second she leaves the establishment. Her hips move from side to side and I nearly die. I check my heart-rate on my neck, breathing heavily through my mouth before I ran out after her. This was my first step to moving on, and, for the first time in a long time, I didn’t think about Stiles or Isaac. I thought about myself and how much fun I was going to have with my mystery girl. 

(I hope you liked it! If you want me to continue it, comment below or in through my inbox for your suggestions! Tell me what you think!!)

New In Town

First time meeting Jax :)

Originally posted by gifsofanarchy

You’d moved to Charming 3 days ago, all the way from England. At the age of 18, you’d finally had enough of the same shit and the same people and decided to find a small apartment, pack whatever you could into a suitcase, and fly to the little town to start fresh.

Walking down the row of shops, you saw a row of bikes lined up across the street. Around 10 men, all in leather jackets marked with some sort of logo, stood huddled across the street. You could feel the authority radiating off them, whether they were supposed to have power or not.

Trying to stop your staring, you looked in front as you got closer to being level with the men. You felt eyes looking at you. You knew you had quite a good figure, your jeans hugging your legs, showcasing your curves, so you were used to getting some attention. You looked over, catching the eyes of the youngish looking man in the middle of the group. The man next to him was still talking but he wasn’t paying attention.

You felt a blush rushing to your cheeks, he was gorgeous. His broad shoulders, his slicked back blonde hair, his toned arms. You could’ve made a bullet pointed list of every beautiful feature he had. He had a small smirk on his lips, displaying his confidence. You looked down in front of you, smiling slightly to yourself.

After buying a few essentials from one of the corner shops, you thank the cashier and step out, coming face to face with the blonde lad from earlier.

“Hello darlin’.” He spoke, giving you a lopsided grin. You felt your legs go to jelly, but you tried to act as confident as possible.

“Hello, can I help you?” You mentally gave yourself a pat on the back for not choking on your words. His smirk was back.

“Well I was going to ask if you were new here, but judging by your accent, I’ve got my answer.” He looked you up and down slightly, “And what a lovely accent it is.”

You rolled your eyes subconsciously, not being able to control the smile on your lips.

“Thank you, how kind of you to say.” You replied, a slight hint of playful sarcasm present. You turned to walk slightly, him matching your steps. You looked over his shoulder, seeing his friends all looking in your direction.

“Your entourage seem lost without their leader.”

Grinning again, he turned around, waving sarcastically at his friends.

“I don’t think it’s me they’re looking at, darlin’.” He lit up a cigarette, taking a drag.

You blushed again, laughing slightly.

“What are you guys anyway? Some sort of club?” You enquired, hoping you didn’t sound too nosey. He looked at you, tilting his head slightly, his beautiful smile still on his lips.

“We’re part of an MC, Sons of Anarchy. I’m surprised you haven’t heard of us. People round here like to talk.” You explained that you’d only moved a few days ago, and that gossiping neighbours weren’t your kind of company. Reaching the end of the street, he turned to face you, making you stop in your tracks.

“Well if you’d like to get to know a bit more about us, about me,” he grinned cheekily, “come to our clubhouse tonight. You can tell me all about what kind of company is your kind.”

Licking your bottom lip, and looking into this mysterious man’s blue eyes, you found yourself agreeing. He put his hand out to take yours, kissing it softly on the top. You laughed, rolling your eyes again.

“I’m Jax, by the way.”

A/N - My first SOA imagine! Thought it would make sense to start with a “meeting for the first time” kind of thing, just to get the ball rolling. I’ll be writing one shots/imagines for all of the boys of SAMCRO, so feel free to request! Hope you liked x

Blood, Sweat, & Tears - Final (1/2)

The Calm Before The Storm 

Since the smut would make this about as long as the first part, I decided to split it in half, don’t worry though the smut part is a little less than half way done so you babes won’t have to wait too long🖤

Genre; Fluff with mentions of smut

Length; 1,300+ words

Originally posted by fawnave

Jin’s P.O.V.

As he quietly snuck back into the room toting a tray of freshly cut fruit and a warm cup of hibiscus herbal tea, a bright smile slowly painted across his face as you stirred- slowly awaking from your long nap. 

Strutting over to you and setting the tray down on his night stand, Jin took a seat on the edge of the bed beside you. Gently he rubbed the bruised flesh on your bum and thighs, smirking as his mind suddenly flooded with the gorgeous sounds of your wrecked voice. 

“Wake up babygirl..” He cooed in a hushed tone, massaging you tenderly, “You need to eat something sweet pea.” 

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Draco x Reader Smut- Tear Me Apart (part 3)

Part One  /  Part Two  / Part Four

Writer’s Note: I’m so sorry about the super long delay with part three, but college is taking over my life and I can barely find any time to write!
- Word Count: 2,357 words.
- Warning: sex scene, swearing, teasing. 

(y/n)= your name   ///  (y/h)= your house

                        .          .          .          .          .          .          .

After Draco’s outroar last night, you got out of your bed with sleepless eyes. You couldn’t sleep a single second after what he had said to you- “ next time, tell me that you’re a whore…” How could he be this horrible to you? All you wanted to do was to comfort him after his unusual outburst of emotion in front of the door to your common room. Your prediction is that he didn’t feel like a Malfoy by expressing his emotion to you. 

The usual Malfoy act- don’t show any emotion or feelings except for distaste.

After putting on a fresh pair of clothes and sorting yourself out you proceed to stomp to the Great Hall to get some breakfast. Today you have planned to do a lot of homework and studying to try to get last night out of your mind. What happened last night is unbelievable; the night changed so quickly from one mood to another.Today is a fresh day, a chance to be productive and possibly hangout with Hermione in the library. You have noticed that, lately, Hermione has been going to the library a lot more than usual, and she goes to the library every single day during normal school days. This Christmas holiday she goes to the library for the whole day, only leaving to get some food and to use the bathroom. Harry and Ron visit Hermione at the library sometimes but they’re not too big on doing all-nighters there every single night. It would be a great advantage for you to actually make friends with Hermione as she will be able to motivate you and help you out if needed. 

While making your way to the Great Hall for breakfast, you noticed that all the (y/h) students were looking at you. The word probably got around that Draco was inside the common room last night. Someone must have walked passed the door and started the gossip. Great. Now that practically everyone that stayed at Hogwarts knows that you had an argument with Draco last night, you won’t be able to avoid questions. Hopefully, you will be able to avoid Draco at all costs.

At last, you have made it to the Great Hall where you saw Draco sitting at the Slytherin table,eating pancakes with syrup and a cup of coffee. You rushed to the (y/h) instantly so as to make sure Draco doesn’t notice you. You kept your head low and your eating pace at a steady speed. You managed to eat 2 waffles, a piece of a brownie, and you drank a cupful of pumpkin juice. Still keeping your head low, you marched out of the Hall as quickly as possible. You could feel the whole of the Hall looking at you- the walls, the students, the Christmas decorations were watching your every move. As soon as you made it out of the door you abruptly turned towards the library, where you have previously planned to spend the whole day. You need to practice herbology a lot as this was your weakest class out of all. You had a long day ahead of you and you didn’t need Draco at this moment. You really need to focus. 

                          .          .          .          .          .          .          .
                                                 (2 hours later)

The workload was becoming extremely overwhelming- herbology homework, potions homework, transfiguration homework, and so much more…. You decided to focus mostly on past exam questions and creating posters with the knowledge bit of each class. Why is this so time consuming? You wondered about how Hermione manages to do this every single day! She must have some special Muggle tricks that help her finish all these tasks. She always managed to be so prepared for every class. You dearly hoped to see Hermione coming into the library soon because you really needed some expert help without having to go to Snape. Hermione just knows the answer to every single question, to every single class. She has a lot of practice with Harry and Ron since they always ask her for help with work. 

Anyway, after another three hours you began to feel fatigued from all the work.  You didn’t see anyone so far today; you didn’t see your best friend, Hermione, Neville or Draco. At least once a day you saw all of these people. Maybe this was all for the better; getting some time for self-growth is good. Taking care of your own education is always a good idea, especially when you’re falling behind in practically every class. Draco was completely out of your mind for the past five hours. Just as soon as you were packing up all of your books to go to the Great Hall for dinner, you saw the Golden Trio pacing past the library in a hurry. Strange. They usually paced to the library. Maybe they’re just hungry and hope to make it to the Great Hall for dinner before everyone else.

Steadily, you made your way towards the Hall ignoring the fact that you just saw the popular Gryffindor trio running for their lives. As always, Draco was already in his usual Slytherin seat, eating very little comparing to his usual feast. Maybe, just maybe, he felt guilty for saying what he said the previous night. You made your way towards the (y/h) table, making sure you weren’t in direct sight of Draco. You were doing so well today. Draco crept up into your life without any warning, trying to make himself important in your life. He got the wrong person. 

“Hey, (y/n)! Could you help me with the potions homework?” one of your potions class mates called out to you as soon as you reached your seat at the table. Being the kind person that you are, you couldn’t just ignore the person. He was literally right there waiting for you to come over. Obediently, you walked over to George Ryan, the most popular guy in your year. He came second after Harry of course, but he was more popular than Draco. This was your chance to make Draco jealous since he’s being taking in every single one of your steps. Its not like you even cared what Draco thought or felt. He’s the one that hurt you. 

“Hey George! What do you need help with?” you startled him with one of your overly-practiced Hollywood smiles just in case Draco was actually watching you. George looked straight into your eyes and smiled right back at you. You really did hope that Draco was watching you because the thing you were about to do was risky and definitely not an action that you would do on a normal day. All of a sudden, you bent over on the table, pretending to take a better look at the question George was pointing to in the textbook. Draco was on the table behind you, facing your purposefully pushed out bum. You were wearing a red plaid skirt, alongside a white blouse and black thigh high socks: a typical school girl outfit. After smiling, giggling, and bending even further, you heard a grunt from behind you paired with the sound of crashing cutlery on the wooden table. Attempting to ignore the abrupt noise, you continued to explain to George what you have learned literally 15 minutes ago. A further 10 minutes passed by of explaining in detail the uses of snake fangs. You said goodbye to George and made your way back to the seat where your bag was sitting on. At last, you had some break time to eat and gain energy for another 4 hours in the library. 


                             .          .          .          .          .          .          . 

                                                (4 hours later)

Finally, you have finished your study session for the day. It felt good to actually take some time out of your holiday and focus on class work. After such a long day you deserved a long warm bath in the prefects’ bathroom. You weren’t a prefect but half of the school wasn’t even at Hogwarts which automatically gave you the right to use the school’s luxuries. You made your way down the stone corridors towards the luxurious prefects’ bathroom. You couldn’t wait to take a dip in the water and just relax all of your muscles. Just as you walked into the bathroom you realised what a huge mistake you have made- the one and only Draco Malfoy was taking a bubble bath by himself. Swiftly, you turned around, reaching out for the handle to the door instantaneously however, as you were doing so, Malfoy’s voice bounced off every wall. Goddamn it. 

“You’re not a prefect. You shouldn’t be here.” his voice was stern but had a slight hint of sarcasm in it. 

“I was hoping on taking a peaceful bath, Malfoy, but now I obviously can’t or I might catch something from you.” Draco looked you up and down, snickered, and proceeded to splash you with the bubbly water. What a prick. His hand movement had so much force in it that it managed to completely and utterly drench your whole outfit. Your now-wet blouse exposed your lacy white bra. Damn it. Draco smirked at you, well, your bra and continued to splash you until you had no other option than to take off all of your clothes and wait until they dried up. You forgot to take your wand with you when you were preparing to go and study this morning. What a mistake. You couldn’t even dry your clothes instantly without a wand. You were helpless. 

And with Draco. 

“You know, you might as well take that bath while you’re here.” Malfoy continued his humorous remarks right up until you walked over to the edge of the bath. 

“Go on then, take it off. Don’t be shy, I’ve already seen you naked once.” at this he winked at you and flashed you with one of his undeniably beautiful smiles which emphasize his jaw line even more than usual. His smirk. That goddamn smirk. Its hypnotizing. To be honest, you wouldn’t mind experiencing the event that happened two nights ago. You missed Draco’s body and his voice in your ear… how could someone like Draco Malfoy have you hooked? 

You proceeded to take off your clothes, one by one, slowly. To your surprise, Draco began breathing deeply with every inch you shifted your clothes. When you were down to your panties and bra, he licked his lower lip seductively, clearly desiring the feeling of your lips on his. 

Panties down. 

Bra off. 

Completely naked. Exposed. Open book. That’s what you were at this very moment. As soon as Draco saw your bare body he grinned so widely that he had to cover his smile with his vein-covered hand. His arms were toned clearly indicating the many hours he put into working out. It really wouldn’t be so bad if you let yourself go for just one more time, would it? Draco fucking Malfoy was under your spell; he clearly wanted you as much as you wanted him. Suggestively, you stepped into the bubble bath where Draco could barely contain himself. You enjoyed the effect you had on him. Just as you sat down next to Draco, he took hold of your face, pulling you towards him. His lips moved in a chaotic rhythm. He was hungry for your lips and your body. You followed his routine: two slow passionate kisses, four quick and desperate kisses, followed by a collision of tongues. This type of closeness was very enjoyable for the both of you, however you both wanted more than just a steamy makeout in the prefects’ bathroom. Instantly, Draco pulled you by your waist and onto his lap. 

“I fucking hate you.” Draco breathed out as you began to suck on his soft spot right under his ear. What you were doing right now was surely going to leave a visible mark on Draco. You got the feeling that he didn’t want it to be there as he attempted to push you away so as to stop you from making the love bite even more vibrant. Too bad. This brand-new dominance over Draco made you feel a lot more daring and confident. In consequence, you decided to place yourself in direct access for Draco so you could ride him and dominate him even more. Surprised, Draco got the hint and pushed his hips up to ease you into the sensation of having him inside of you. He felt so good. He filled you up completely and hit your g-spot with every single dip you took. Your moans echoed across the room, sound waves crashing onto the historical walls. This was ultimate bliss. Feeling Draco inside of you and touching you felt so heavenly; you could spend your entire holiday like this. This was the best gift you could ever receive in your entire lifetime. It wasn’t even Christmas Day yet. 

You raised yourself and dipped again at a faster pace now. You and Draco were both out of breath by now, both of you definitely coming close to your climaxes. After some more moaning, riding and biting, your vocals spread across the room as Draco filled you with complete ecstasy and warmth. Your forehead rested against the nook of Draco’s neck as you rode out both of your climax to a calm. Both your breathes were broken and hasty, in need of more oxygen. Soon enough, Draco pulled out of you and laid his head against your wet body.

“I still fucking hate you (y/n).” 

Draco placed you on the seat next to him and stood up to get out and towel himself dry. You turned to look at him and see what he was going to do next. He noticed you looking, winked at you, gathered his clothes and strode towards the big wooden door. 

“See you next time, beautiful.” he whispered as he was walking out of the door. Just before he left, he peaked his head through the space in the door and sent you kiss in a mocking manner. 

The door closed. The footsteps faded. 

Draco Malfoy was your guilty pleasure. 

Destruction from Habits (M)

Originally posted by chimchams

Jungkook x reader x Jimin
Word count: 7.3k
Angst, romance, smut
For @inktae

A/N: so you guys might have noticed I haven’t been postin’ but that’s because I was working on this, so enjoy!


During the season of winter hid the warmth of the sun as it tries to claw its way through the clouds after the showers of rain or the coldness from the breeze. The tips of your noses turned a vibrant pink when you stayed outside for too long and your fingers attached to your hands numbing from the lack of blood rush. It was around the time of year where you could wear your sweaters and stylish boots without having to feel hot and exhausted from the sun’s ray of heat or use up to three fluffy blankets to cover yourself from the cold. Family time was important, spending days ranging to talking about life or folk talks from long ago.

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LaSalle’s Confession

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns)

Title: LaSalle’s Confession

Characters: LaSalle x Reader, Loretta, Sebastian, and Pride

Word Count: 1,149

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3 (This was a separate request, but it made a great part two to Damn It, NO!)

This was requested by Anon: LaSalle x reader where you take a bullet for him and the reader almost doesn’t survive but when the reader wakes up after surgery LaSalle and you get like together as a couple and confess that they’re in love with each other

After you were in the ambulance, LaSalle bolted to his truck so he could follow the emergency vehicle.  He knew you were in better hands now, but he wasn’t sure if you were still going to make it or not.

As LaSalle was following the emergency vehicle, he dialed up Pride on his phone.  “Hey King,” LaSalle greeted in the calmest voice he could muster.  The sirens in front of him didn’t help his situation either.  

“LaSalle what’s goin’ on,” Pride asked urgently.  “Is everythin’ alright?”

“Not exactly,” LaSalle stated flatly.  “Those guys at the warehouse shot at us.  We took ‘em all out, but [Y/N] got shot in the shoulder.  I’m behind the ambulance that’s escortin’ her to the hospital.  I called to letcha know what happened and that there’s bodies for ya at the warehouse.  The fourth guy is still missin’.  He wasn’t even there.”

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Empress Part 2

Summary: You’re apart of the one-hundred and you’re really bad ass. People you don’t agree with start to put themselves in charge. You, however, have a different set of plans. 

Ship: Bellamy Blake x Fem!Reader

Warnings: fluff, angst, flirting, swearing, MENTIONS OF PHYSICAL ABUSE, etc. 

Tagging: @kiralivelove @thalia-prior-of-ravenclaw

Your P.O.V

I rest my hand on the dirt, muttering a prayer that Vera use to sing to me. Clarke stood over me, weeping. The moment we got here, Clarke and I became mutual friends. I was always there if she needed a shoulder to cry on. I stood up, glancing at her. “I’m sorry about Wells. I didn’t know him very well, but he was a good guy.” She cried, but smiled. “Yeah, he was a good guy. H-He took the blame for my father’s death.. He even forgave me for how I had treated him..” I put my arm out for her to take. She embraces me, whole heartedly before releasing.

Bellamy enters a few seconds later. Clarke wipes away her tears. “I’m sorry about Wells.” His voice came out as genuine. Which was odd to me? She thanked him and then walked back into the camp. I followed her, making eye contact with Bellamy. My heart skipped. It was a strange feeling. Not exactly unpleasant, just unusual. Maybe it was because his gaze was intimidating? Yeah, that had to be it.. I shake the thought out of my head. Clarke and I head back to the tents. I walk into mine, plopping down to sharpen my knives. After I’m done, I make my way out to hunt. Out of the corner of my eye, Bellamy seethed with anger. I could tell this bothered Bellamy greatly. But I didn’t care. We need food.

Third P.O.V

Clarke ran into Bellamy’s ten, huffing.”Where’s (Y/n)?!” He shrugged, even though he knew quite well. He worried about her. “Hunting, why?” She shoved a knife into his hand. “What is this?” Finn comes in seconds later. “That is the knife that killed Wells-” She turned it over to show him the embroidered side. Murphy. His eyes went wide. “Do you know for sure?” Clarke was too deep in her grieving state. Blaming. That’s all she wanted to do. And Murphy was the perfect target to direct her pain. She didn’t bother to listen to Bellamy’s reasoning. “He needs to pay for what he’s done-” Before Bellamy could intervene, Clarke stormed out of his tent, barreling towards Murphy. 

She pushed him, hard. Tears threatening at her eyes as she cried out. “YOU KILLED HIM, YOU BASTARD!” He rolled his eyes, scoffing. “What’re you talking about princess?” She threw the knife at his feet. “This is your knife, found by Wells’ body!! With his blood on it!” People began to form up against him. “Woah, guys- I didn’t-” But before he could continue, they started to shout. “HANG HIM!” Another voice tags along as the crowd forms. “HANG HIM! HANG HIM!” They start to chant in terrifying unison. Murphy looked at Bellamy with a pleading expression. “Bell, I didn’t kill him-” All of a sudden, he was grabbed by a group of guys who already begun to bind his wrists. The poor boy kicked and screamed, practically begging for dear life. Clarke gasps and watches in horror. “BELLAMY! YOU HAVE TO STOP THEM!” 

He turns over his shoulder, gawking before glaring down at her. “THIS IS ON YOU, CLARKE! IF YOU HADN’T KEPT YOUR MOUTH SHUT, THIS WOULDN’T’VE HAPPENED!” He stalks away from her, looking up at Murphy, who begged from above. “Please, Bellamy! You have to believe me! I didn’t kill him!!” Before he could finish, Bellamy kicked the chair from under his feet. Murphy coughed and spurred, blood rushing to his face. The kids cheer, maliciously. All of a sudden, a dark mass jumped from the trees, causing the kids to gasp. As it reached the ground, an arrow ripped through Murphy’s binds. His body falls into the arms of the stranger. Murphy looked up to see.. “(Y/n)?” He questions. She unties his wrists, taking off the noose. When she stands up, the kids fall silent. “Are you okay, Murphy?” He nods his head. 

She then turns her gaze back to the crowd. “What is the meaning of this?” The 100 kids can’t help but quiver and cower at her tone and stature. An unknown voice yelled from deep within the crowd. “Murphy killed Wells!” A few voices speak up in unison. “Justice!” She growls back at them. “Justice?! This is not justice?! It wasn’t Murphy. He wasn’t guarding last night.” Bellamy questions with a bite. “How do you know that?” She scoffs, looking him up and down. “A queen always keeps track of her people.” He rolls his eyes. Soon enough, tension began to rise. It was thick. Nobody knew of who’s identity of Wells’ killer. Then, a small voice spoke up.. Charlotte. “I did it! I killed Wells!” 

Everyone’s eyes went wide. With lightning like speed, Bellamy took Charlotte to his tent for interrogation. Finn, Clarke and (Y/N) followed his tail. “Why’d you kill him, Charlotte?!” He asked, kneeling down to face her. “You told me to slay my demons-” Clarke eyed him, suspiciously. “What does she mean, Bellamy?” His hair tousled as it shook. “She must’ve misunderstood. She was having nightmares and I told her to slay them. To be strong.” Muphy yelled from outside the tent. “HAND HER OVER BELLAMY!” Finn shook his head, pacing. “She’s just a kid.” (Y/n) glare down at her. “She’s old enough to know what she was straight up murder.” Clarke nodded, fuming at her. “You’re right. You killed a boy, Charlotte. You took his life! YOU KILLED HIM!” 

Your P.O.V

She choked back her tears, trying oh so desperately not to cry. Clarke continued to scowl down at her as she sniffled. Bellamy looked between the two of us with pleading eyes. I sigh. “She needs to be punished-” Bells eyes went wide, only to be silenced by my hand. “But I do not think death is the answer. Why spill more than we need to?” He breaths a sigh of relief. “We sneak her out of the camp.” Finn suggested, with hope in his eyes. I look to Bellamy and Clarke. “Take her and go.” Clarke looks back at me, with pleading eyes. “Come with us. You know the woods better than anyone.” I wait for Bellamy to speak up and stop me but I am not his concern right now. Our quarrel is not now. 

They need me and arrogance won’t help our case. Instead, Finn nudges my arm, nodding with determination. “Go, I’ll distract them.” I nod, sneaking out of the tent before we bolt away from the camp. Murphy and his followers trail not too far behind us, shouting tauntingly. “CHARLOTTE! WE’RE COMING FOR YOU!” All of a sudden, the little girl took off in the opposite direction, yelling out. “MURPHY! I’M OVER HERE!” Clarke’s eyes went wide. “Charlotte! Shut up!” She hissed as Bellamy bolted to catch her, covering her cries, now muffled. But being sneaky and small, she got out of his grasp and ran again. She stops at a drop off, tears in her eyes. “I’m sorry..” Bellamy stood in front to protect her from Murphy and his followers. 

“Give us the girl, Bellamy.” Clarke and I stood in front, growling at them. “It doesn’t have to be this way.” Clarke tries to reason, quietly. Before either of us could comprehend the situation, one of Murphy’s guys wrapped a knife around her neck while Murphy put a knife to my neck. I watched Bellamy tense up, his guard still on Charlotte. She tried to push against his insanely strong grip. “Bellamy, let me go! I can’t let them kill Clarke and (Y/n)! I’m not worth it!” I growl back at Bellamy. “Don’t let her go, Bell.” He nodded, however, Charlotte looked between us, crying. “I’m sorry.” And then, she did something I wasn’t prepared for. She jumped. 

Right off the cliff. Bellamy and Clarke cried out, lunging forward to grab her. But it was too late. I lean against the railing, shocked. She just jumped into the chasm. Bellamy got up faster than I thought humanly possible the stalked over to Murphy, who was just as shocked. He punched him, repetitively. After a minute, Clarke pulled Bellamy off him. “We can’t kill him!!” He looks at her with wide eyes, like she had grown a third head. “Are you serious, Clarke?! What do you suppose we do then?!” He shouted back at her. Before she could speak, I stood up, wrapping my hand around Murphy’s neck, slamming him against the tree. “We banish him.” I growl, lowly. I throw him to the ground, stalking back to camp. Bellamy, hot on my tale. “It’s not your fault..” I say to him before heading up to the drop-ship. Little did I know, his eyes followed me all the way. 

It had been a few days since the incident with Charlotte and everyone has been on edge. Murphy no longer lurks around the camp and it seems to calm them. Bellamy continues to bark orders at people, as if they were his dogs. But their real loyalties resided with me. I help as much as I can, which, to everyone, seems enough. Clarke and Finn left not too long ago to go get some more supplies. I sent the rest of evening restocking the medical bay. I don’t know what time it is before I head out but it must’ve been late considering that it was pitch black out. All of a sudden, a massive crash came a few miles ahead of the camp. Everyone got out of their tents to see what the ruckus was. 

I look over my shoulder to find a girl, almost naked, latched onto Bellamy’s arm. For some reason, in that moment, I felt nauseous and mad. Why was I mad? Bellamy can do what he wants? However, I tear my gaze away, ignoring my emotions as I grabbed my weapons. On instinct, as if he knew, he chased after me. “No.” Still shirtless, he sticks his chiseled arm out in front of me. “We can wait until the morning.” I wanted to fight back but I just couldn’t. For some reason, I don’t know whether I was too tired or too mentally drained, in that moment, I couldn’t fight back. However, I didn’t trust his motives. “Fine.” I say, he eyes me, not trusting me either. A mutual distrust. I head back to my tent. That night, I didn’t sleep at all. But then again, I usually don’t. Considering my past. 

My nightmares were worse than ever. Though, I know I won’t see…him here, it doesn’t stop me from worrying me any less. In fact, it builds up my already horrible paranoia. The next morning, I got dressed, glancing over my scars and bruises that he left on me. I cover them up before heading out. I was happy to have the weather on my side, it not being too cold or too hot outside. As I headed out, Octavia stopped me, asking. “Have you seen, Bellamy?” That bastard. “No, but I think I know where he went.” She catches my drift, rolling her eyes. “He left, didn’t he?” I nodded. “I figured he’d pull a stunt like this.” Octavia and I have grown quite close since we arrived on earth. She’s great, funny and smart, a warrior. Though I met her a long time ago, well, she met my eyes, not me. It was nice to get to know her, face to face. I grab my equipment and head out to hunt. I make my way towards the water. 

As I pass a cave, I swear I hear a stick crack from behind me. Turning my head over my shoulder to see what it was. Nothing. I grip my knife tighter, wary. Then, someone put their hand over my mouth.The hand was big, meaty and calloused. Definitely male. My screams being only muffles now. Grabbing my shoulder with exceptional power, he turned me over to face him. I stop fighting against his grip, scanning him up and down, looking for a sign of weakness. A flaw to win in this fight. But then, everything goes still. It was as if his eyes spoke for me. Be quiet. We both look around the corner to see a group of men dressed just like the guy in front of me, run past us. They spoke in a harsh, unknown language before making their way past us and out of sight. My heart was thumping. I’d never seen people on the ground, and up so close. I knew we weren’t alone. But then it hit me. He was one of them as well. We look back at each other. Male. Definitely a guy. He’s tall, I would say 6′2. Toned with deep blue eyes and dirty blonde hair, tousled and messy. 

He was gorgeous, beyond so. Sporting dark fur and wool, baggy pants and a few shirts with a big brown jacket. A mask covered the lower part of his face. He motioned to the hand that covered my mouth. It was as if he was non-verbally saying that he was going to remove it. Maybe hoping that I didn’t scream or cry for help. He let go of me, warily, waiting for me to attack. I don’t, which confuses him. “Why did you save me?” I ask, curiously. Though my heart beat is practically out of my chest, my voice is strong, steady. He doesn’t answer me. However, his eyes trial up and down my body, almost scanning me. His confused expression was as if I wasn’t what he expected. For some reason, I felt awkward- tense under his gaze. I have the pure audacity to pry once more. “What’s your name?” He continues to ignore me. My brows furrow as my gaze travels down to his stomach. Blood

“Woah! What happened?!” He follows my eyes trying to cover it up with his hand. I take a step forward, touching the outline. He jumps back, grabbing my hand, roughly. I flinch at the contact, it brought back a horrible memory that made my skin crawl. I grit my teeth. Suppress it, (Y/n). I think to myself before growling up at him. “Either you let me fix that, or I can hand your ass to you on a silver plater?! You’re choice.” He ponders my words for a second, though he knows he has no other choice. Letting go of my arm, we walk further into the cave to find a bed and casual homely attire. This was his home. He watches my eyes scan the room with curiosity. When I look back at him, I can’t help but think that he is just as intrigued and curious about me as I am about him. He groans in pain as he sits on the bed, I can’t help but flinch at the thought of what pain he could be in. I pull out my mobile nursing equipment before sitting on the bed next to him. His feet dangle at the edge as he props himself up with his elbows, groaning again. 

With one hand, I push him down flat on the bed. He growls in discomfort, glaring up at me. “What?” I ask, innocently. It takes him a few seconds to realize that I he has to be shirtless for me to have enough access to the wound. He looked wary, not just because I could be a threat, but he looked almost nervous about the whole endeavor. As if this were the first taste of any sort of intimacy he’s ever had in his life. Slowly but surely, I help him out of his shirt to reveal his washboard abs and a stab wound. Though I was suppose to focus on his wound, my eyes subconsciously continued to travel to his pelvis. I’d also be lying if I said his grunts of pain weren’t sexy. After stitching him up, I clean the outside of the wound with a cold towel. I don’t feel his gaze on me until I’ve finished sealing it completely. His ocean blue eyes boring into the side of my head. I start to put the equipment away, hoping to distract myself with something other than his eyes. He grabs my arm, not as hard as last time but enough pressure to show me that he didn’t want to be left alone. “Dimitri..” He said, softly, almost inaudible. Almost. “What?” I questioned, knowing I’d heard it clearly but secretly egging him on to say it again. 

“Dimitri. That tis my name.” Jaw tight as he sat up. Though he was only sitting, he was now towering over me. If I thought he was beautiful before, he sure looked gorgeous now, especially this close to me. “Dimitri.. It’s nice to meet you.” My voice came out a lot shaker than intended.Which was odd, considering I usually have a strong voice. I cough, clearing my throat. “I should get going-” I stand up, turning over my shoulder only to be held back. He tugged my wrist, gently. A feeling that I quite enjoyed. And, for some odd reason, when I looked into his eyes, not for a second did I doubt the inability to leave this place. “Will I see you again?” For some odd reason, I felt a pull, a strong tug, to see him again. I wanted to get to know more of him and I knew by the way he was acting, he wanted to get to know, or understand me as well. We were both aliens to one another, aching to understand one another. My mind ran with how sudden and wrong this was. I shouldn’t do this. He could be the enemy. I shouldn’t. But then again, when have I ever gone by the rules? My mouth was moving before my mind. “I’ll be here tomorrow.” A promise. One I had to keep. 

He nodded, eyeing me with pure fascination. Something I did not too long ago. For some reason, I felt in my gut that he wouldn’t go after me. Not when I just saved his life. That would be stupid. As I head back to camp, I thought to myself. I shouldn’t be meeting with the enemy. Was he even the enemy? I just assumed. But then again, he did save my life. That has to count as something, right? I head back with half of the rashen’s I intended to catch. I drop the food off and almost run right into Octavia. “(Y/n)! Glad I found you. We need your help.” I pear over her shoulder to see Clarke and Finn holding someone up. Just when this day couldn’t get any weirder. “This is Raven, Finn’s-” Clarke pauses, pain in her eyes. Oh, fuck. I take Raven’s weight. “Go set up. I can carry her in.” I say to Clarke. She nods, thankful for the distraction. I smile down at Raven. “You’ll be fine, hun.” I help her into one of the medbays, glaring up at Finn. He looks down, ashamed. 

I’m smart enough to know that Clarke and Finn had a thing. And here his girlfriend was, half dead in front of us. Finn held her hand, not daring to look up at my hard gaze, probably scared I’ll kill him where he stood, and he was right. When I look away, I swear I see him relax a little. “Raven, honey. I’m gonna stitch you up, okay? This is gonna hurt.” She nods, growling back with determination. “Do it.” I pour some alcohol on the wound, she hisses before biting her lip. The moment I finish stitching her up, she sighs in relief. Clarke comes in a few seconds later, avoiding Finn’s heavy gaze. She motioned for me to follow her, I do. I close the tarp, following her down the drop-ship steps. Clarke begins, her voice full of frustration. “Bellamy jacked Raven’s radio. It’s our only means of communication with the ark.” 

I nodded, hesitantly. I, like many others, wanted nothing to do with the Ark. But deep down, I knew we needed them. Their resources, anyway. “Okay, let’s get a search team and scout the area.” Bellamy came up to me as we left, trailing behind. He looked ashamed, sad. Though, I knew why he really threw the radio away. He killed Jaha in attempts to save his sister. I understood that desperation. The way he walked around me made me think I was ashamed or angry with him. The rest of our group scattered to look around. The second I’m in the clear, I talk lowly. “I know why you did it.” Bellamy looked at me with hope and confusion. “What?” I press on. “You killed Jaha to protect your sister. And getting rid of that radio means that you live another day.” 

He stopped dead in his tracks, petrified. “How’d you know about that?” He asks, threateningly. Bellamy towered over me, trying to be scary. It didn’t work, though his gaze made my heart race. I press my hand on his chest, smirking as I push past him. “I know everything, Bellamy Blake.” He looks at me over his shoulder, not satisfied with my answer. I continue. “I heard that it happened when they tried taking me from my cell.” He sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. “Don’t worry. Your secrets safe with me. But Octavia’s gonna know, eventually. You should start practicing your apology speech.” He looks like he wants to say something but before he can, a voice not too far away yells. 

“I FOUND IT!!” We rush back to camp. I follow, going my own pace. As we make our way back, I can’t help but look for Dimitri. A small part of me wanted to see him again. Maybe because he was considered to be a bad boy and a bit of a mystery to me. I mean, he is a grounder. I’m not suppose to talk to them, or even know about them. But then again, when have I ever followed the rules. And truth be told, whether I saw him or not, I knew he was watching. I slow down, in no need to rush. “C’mon, hurry up, princess!” Bellamy yells from outside the gate. I walk past him, scoffing. “I’m an empress. Get it right.” Swiveling my hips as I walk past him. I could feel plenty of eyes on me, especially Bellamy’s. The next day, I head out at the same time to hunt, well, to meet Dimitri. I arrive early, hiding behind the cave wall. 

Dimitri’s P.O.V

I sneak out of the city, staying close to the walls. They’ve become my best friend during my secret excursions. Every step I take is with delicate meaning. Once I get to the outskirts of the city, I run to meet (Y/n). I couldn’t stop thinking about her. She was strong, tough as nails. Beautiful, gorgeous even. Though I’ve only met her once, there was something enticing about her. I take off my scarf and head into the cave. I look around for her, almost desperate. Nothing. All of a sudden, I’m flipped around and tossed to the ground. Groaning in pain, I lifted my head up to see (Y/n) smirking down at me. Her waist sat right above my pelvis. I gulp, nervously. When she spoke, I swore I shivered. “You’re gonna have to be faster than that.” She pulls herself off me, giving me a hand up. 

I grab it, smirking. She pulls me up but I’m fast to slam her against the wall, placing her hands above her head. “You sure about that?” I ask, towering over her. I let go of her hands, walking away as I take off my jacket. It being suddenly very hot in the cave. She smiles, an action I’m sure she isn’t use to doing. “So, tell me about yourself, Dimitri?” I organize my bookshelf, nervously. “I live in a village not far from here. What about you, (Y/n) of Skikru?” She smiles again, I’m sure at the name. I could get use to seeing that smile. Dimitri, you’re flirting with the enemy. A voice in my head whispers. I ignore it and listen intently to (Y/n). “I”m from space.” I question, sitting down. “What is it like out there? In space, I mean?” She sits down next to me, pondering. She scrunches her nose in a cute way as she thinks before speaking. 

“Beautiful, but, extremely cold and lonely. We’ve been up in space for a long time. That’s all anyone knew. But the view of earth was extraordinary.” I watched her face as she spoke. And then, a thought hit me. My place. My secret place. She had to see it. I grab her hand, excitedly. “Come with me.” At first she wobbles on her feet before meeting my pace, tuning in like I thought she would. “Dimitri, where are we going?” Instead of answering, I smile down at her before nudging her to look up. She does so, gasping. Her face lit up. An image that would be etched within my brain forever. I lean into her, memorizing her facial features. “You saw everything from space. I wanted to show you my point of view.” She doesn’t say anything, all too captivated. (Y/n) then looked down before meeting my gaze. “Why didn’t you kill me when you had the chance? Why do you trust me?” I smirk, blushing slightly. “Why do you trust me?” 

She scoffed, folding her arms, defiantly. “I asked you first.” I sigh, defeated. “I have been watching over you and your people since you have arrived. At first, I thought you to be potential enemies. But all I can see now is a bunch of delinquent kids, scared and unsure. In a world they do not understand. And then I saw you-” I hesitate but recover. “I saw you hunting, sacrificing yourself for- Charlotte, I believe.” She winces at the memory of her. Guilt washing over me, I knew what it was like for someone to pour salt into an open wound. “My apologies. But I noticed how protective you are with the kids and your clan. All you wanted to do was protect them. That’s why I didn’t kill you.” She fiddles with her hands, almost like she was nervous. An emotion, I could tell, she liked to suppress and rarely broadcast. 

(Y/n) stood up straighter, as if she was trying to compose herself. “Thank you.” I can’t help but laugh at her adorable discomfort. “You look like you’re going to hurl. Deep breaths. Nobody is watching you. You can relax. You always seem rather tense. Why is that?” I ponder. She stops, her smile completely wiped clean from her face, as if it was never there. “I have my reasons.-” (Y/n) pauses, moving her eyes back and forth, conflicted. There was a pull, a need to tell me, someone, anyone for that matter. I didn’t pry as she continued. “Maybe one day I’ll tell you about them.” I nod, understandingly. I was in no rush for her to learn about my secrets. And neither was she. Lord knows we both have things to hide. Things we’re probably not proud of. We chat for a little longer, well, I wouldn’t exactly call it chatting. It was more of witty remarks and quick playful banter. It was casual, very comfortable. 

But then, the worst part came. Saying goodbye. It was my least favorite part. I hold onto her arm, with a pleading expression. “Will I see you again?” She smirks, eyeing me happily. “Tomorrow, same time.” (Y/n) winked at me, leaving me speechless, flustered and on the tip of my toes, wanting more. What a tease. I thought to myself as I headed home, a smile plastered on my  face. There was something enticing about her. That pull made me want to see her all the time. She was strong, wise and beautiful. Not to mention a sarcastic smart-ass. (Y/n) gave me quite a hard time and I loved it. We met up at the same time and place for the next couple of days. We’d talk for an hour or two before heading back to our second lives. It was kind of like Romeo & Juliet, a story that (Y/n) told me about. We lived two completely different lives but when we were together, we were able to be ourselves, live freely. 

All those days (Y/n) and I spent together, we taught each other many incredible things. I learned about literature, stories, tales, and all sorts of things. I taught her more about the land and harmony between people and animals. When we are reincarnated, we transform and are reborn. I felt like I could really be myself around her. But deep down I knew my life and what I wanted were two very different worlds. I can’t help but think about what could happen with (Y/n). But it was all a lot bigger than the both of us. I had duties- responsibilities to live up to. And I was scared that (Y/n) wouldn’t be apart of that life. Of that world. But maybe, just maybe, that was a good thing. 

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Tükörsima (Part 2)

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Genre: Romance, Angst
Pairing: Guardian!Yoongi x You
Word Count: 6.4k
Date Posted: 04-29-17

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Yoongi is a guardian of a mortal soul that he has cared about for more than a hundred of years. He makes his way to protect this soul even within the lies he spat and secrets he kept.

Parts: 1, 2

Tükörsima (adj.) lit. “as smooth as the surface of the mirror”; describes a still water which has unbroken surface, neither by wind nor by some object or animal

The Silent Room was visited by a lot of guardians. The room was almost full—almost every guardian was there. The couches were all occupied by them. Some were at the tables near the library. In some way, guardians looked like mortals, in groups and casually talking around with their voices that resonated and were welcomed by the ears as sounds of pleasant chatters. Everything echoed inside the room: the heels of the shoes, the small voices, and spontaneous laughter. The place was more than anything a mortal could have imagined, every corner of the room was classy and grand as if everything was kissed by the gods. The touches of real gold on the furniture were truly appealing to the eye. There was somehow a sort of light that looked like the mortals had in their world, the Sun. A world that was just a portal away.

The light reflected the golds of the beauteously settled furniture. It was refreshing to see a light in their world which was why the room was never empty. The guardians’ appreciation toward the only light they had resulted to them worshipping the gods, but Yoongi never did and he never will. Living around in their world as one of the pioneers, he found the deities cruel. They were cruel because of what he had done to him. He had wondered if ever, in his world, he was the only one punished by the gods. He wanted to think that he wasn’t alone, that many of his kind had felt what he had felt. It was selfish but at some point, he wanted to think of his life that way—that everyone felt what he had felt.

Yoongi heaved a sigh as he tried to pick another book after finishing the book a while ago. His conversation with Hoseok back then made him very concerned. He knew the younger guardian was right and lying to you was wrong, but at the same time, he couldn’t help it. The only thing he knew that would protect you from everything was to lie. He thought that maybe if he chose to keep his lips sealed during those times you questioned him, he wouldn’t feel his conscience niggling at him.

He licked his lips and instead of finding a book, he sat on one of those chairs by the side. He wanted someone to talk to but he didn’t know where Hoseok was. He had scanned the room but then, he was nowhere to be found. The guardians were walking pass by him which made him wonder why among them, he only knew few. He crossed his legs and looked around, trying to think about you. He rested his elbow on the table and cupped his chin with his hand. He thought about not keeping the words he said—that he’d visit you in your world every now and then but he knew that would be cruel.

“You look knackered,” a guardian who appeared beside him said. “May I?” he asked as he slightly pulled a chair from the table.

Yoongi nodded to Taehyung. Taehyung was a new guardian who had known a lot about their world even though he’d only been around for four years. He was probably the newest ones around. Unlike most guardians, Taehyung was once a human and someone who was turned into a guardian the day after his death. That only means: one, he might have done something truly cruel in his life as a mortal and two, he might have dealt with the gods on the day of his death.

Yoongi never talked to him much, however. It was because Taehyung seemed to be too much for him to like. He seemed too outgoing and it made Yoongi feel uneasy. Yoongi never liked those kinds of people. Being close to them would only lead him to questioning their actions even more. He decided to keep his guards up and tried to be kind to Taehyung who sat next to him as soon as he approved.

Taehyung placed the book he was holding on the table in front of them. He opened it and tried to read but looked at Yoongi who he felt was staring at him. As soon as he caught Yoongi’s eyes, he looked away. It made him smirk shortly. He stopped reading the book, leaving it spread open, and started talking to the older guardian seated next to him.

The younger guardian looked at Yoongi with those glistening eyes of his. “You seem to be thinking too much so I thought maybe I could join you here and at least talk to you…”

He narrowed his eyes to Taehyung, deciphering his motives. “What is it that you want?”

Taehyung inhaled sharply and somewhat tilted his head to the side. “That’s indeed too straightforward of you,” he smiled with his eyes, “but don’t worry I’m just here to make you feel better, I guess.”

Those moves, Yoongi thought. Those moves only made him question him more. He was too suspicious for his liking. Yoongi inhaled with his mouth through gritted teeth while examining the guardian in front of him. There was something about Taehyung that he didn’t like, whether it was his aura or just his personality, Yoongi didn’t like what he was feeling. More than anything else, Taehyung’s aura lingered even though he was no longer looking at him. It made him shiver but of course, it didn’t show. Taehyung crossed his legs and gave Yoongi another smile. The younger ones placed his hands on his knee and looked at the sword on Yoongi’s side.

The stare Taehyung gave made Yoongi protective of his sword. He put his left hand on its hilt. Narrowing his eyes into slits, he stared at Taehyung.

“That’s an interesting sword,” Taehyung said with honest interest. “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything. I was just looking at it, as you may see. It’s just fascinating to see that you’re the only one with a sword here. Are there some kind of knight within a group of guardians?”

Yoongi swallowed, still determining the guardian’s plans but he couldn’t think of anything.

Taehyung wanted to hear from Yoongi about his sword but it seemed that he had no plans to tell stories to him. Forcing a smile, Taehyung averted his gaze from the sword to the older guardian’s eyes. The way Taehyung looked at him somehow made him shiver again. Taehyung’s stare was showing danger but Yoongi ignored it. He didn’t want trouble especially with someone who just became a guardian. Yoongi thought that he was more than that—that he’d been in this place for a hundred of years and he wouldn’t bark back to a dog who barked at the wrong tree.

“I’m sorry,” Taehyung said, his tone touched with sarcasm and slight viciousness. He made a sly smirk in front of Yoongi, as if trying to challenge him. “Maybe the thing about that,” he said sharply, “that sword, is very, very private. I shouldn’t have opened it up. Don’t worry, I won’t ask about it anymore.”

Abruptly, Yoongi thought of just leaving but he wanted to be polite… somehow. He slightly moved his jaw to the right. Uneasy wasn’t the right word to describe what he was feeling right now. He was a bit frightened about what would happen next. He knew that Taehyung was planning something. Yoongi could feel it. No one. No one would go to him and just sit and ask him about how he was feeling. No one would, except the only person he could talk to.

Taehyung looked for a bookmark from his white coat, placed it in between the pages of the book, and closed it. He looked at Yoongi again, the same eyes he used a while ago—dark, dangerous, and enigmatic. He gave him a smile that only made Yoongi even more suspicious of his actions.

“I believe that the gold touches of your coat means something,” Taehyung remarked, continuing the topic.

Wanting to laugh, Yoongi gave him a small smirk. He scoffed, “You have great observation skills. I’d give you that.”

As if the words that came out from Yoongi’s mouth didn’t bother him, Taehyung continued, “I believe, too, however, that you wouldn’t say anything to me—about the gold touches and everything else. Am I that untrustworthy? Couldn’t blame you, though, I’ve only talked to you for a short while.”

Yoongi let out a breath and a sly smirk. Raising a brow, he said, “It’s a good thing you know that.” He stood up and held the hilt of his sword. “I’ll be going, then. This conversation seems to be too off and not something that shall be continued.”

He turned the heel of his shoe and walked away but before he could even go further, Taehyung spoke, “Be careful seeing your soul.”

It made Yoongi look back to Taehyung. He received a mocking smirk from the new guardian. Taehyung seemed to be pleased with Yoongi’s reaction. “Looks like I got your attention there,” he voiced. “Don’t worry, though, I know nothing. I thought those words would get you interested and they did,” he waved his hand, “bye.”

With his own feet dragging him away from the area, Yoongi looked away and continued walking away from the guardian. He was getting too distracted due to the meaningless conversation he had. Holding the hilt of sword tightly, although he wanted to tell himself that he knew better, he couldn’t believe that such conversation would drive him this crazy. He was worried about you. A sigh escaped his mouth as he left the Silent Room and the cold, dark world welcomed him. He created a portal to the mortals’ world and went to you.

Today was a long day for you. Work was starting be too much for you to handle. Throughout the day, you were wearing a sweater to hide the scar on your arm. It was a good thing that it was raining all day and none of your co-workers questioned your outfit. You knew you couldn’t hide it forever but you didn’t want to reveal it to the world now. For a minute, you thought that you didn’t want to be ashamed of the scar. One of the reasons was because you thought that your scar was able to find him.

Last night. You couldn’t forget about every moment. It was overwhelming. You couldn’t believe that you just saw an angel in front of you. The visions you were having about the accident that happened six years ago were real. When the time stopped when you were being rushed to the emergency room and saw him… those were real—not just visions but moments. Those were pieces of your life. He was a part of your life.

Curiosity hit you while you were in the bus. Although it was raining hard and it was noisy, you couldn’t help but think of Yoongi. He told you he was going to come to you even though you don’t hurt yourself, even though you didn’t need him. You exhaled deeply as you lean the side of your head on the window. You watch as the raindrops creep their ways down. Somehow, the rain calmed you. The raindrops distracted you from thinking too much—the view outside distracted you.

People were walking with umbrellas on their heads. Some were running to head under the sheds. A few didn’t mind the rain much. Some people could be seen from the glasses of the stores. Some were holding a cup of coffee, reading a book, having a conversation, and some were blankly staring outside, just like you. The pavements, sidewalks, and roads were wet from the rain but they were beautiful. Simple things can be beautiful and you enjoyed simplicity. You enjoyed the minimalism and the very small thing about beauty.

You arrived home with your clothes a bit wet from the rain. You took off your shoes as soon as you arrived and closed the wooden door. The whole apartment looked so dark so you switched on the lights of your small space. You walked to your living room and almost had a heart attack from seeing Yoongi just appear right in front of you.

“Oh my God!” you exclaimed with your eyes closed tightly. You put your hand on your chest and breathed loudly. “What the hell was that?”

“What the hell was what?” he asked with his head slightly titled to his side.

“You just scared the shit out of me. Don’t just appear in front of me,” you told him with a very serious tone and your hands doing incomprehensive motions because of the fright. You put your hand on your forehead and said, “Don’t do that. Ever.”

He smiled at your reaction as if he expected this from you. His smile was somewhat sincere. His teeth were showing and that was enough to tell you the sincerity he felt at the moment. For some reasons, you could read him even for just a while—even within just a small action. You didn’t know how much a smile had affected you. It was different when it came from him. You looked at him from head to toe and you realized something.

You raised a brow at him and asked, “So you guys change clothes?”

He snickered. “We don’t. I just did.”


“To walk freely into your world and blend in with mortals like you,” he said.

Oddly, he did look like someone from your world—a mortal. It suited him. He looked like a rich businessman who succeeded in life at such an early age. You wanted to laugh at the thought. He was wearing an outfit that looked quite semi-formal: a black shirt, a long gray coat, black slacks and dress shoes.

“You have those clothes in your world?” you asked him, pointing at the entire outfit.

He shook his head. “No, of course we don’t. I came across a small store and took some clothes.”

You immediately shook your head after hearing him. “No,” you said sternly, “you do not steal clothes from a store!”

“There were no people aro—”

“It doesn’t matter!” you cut him off. “You can’t just take their clothes just because you want to; you have to pay for those!” You looked at him but he just shrugged. “You are unbelievable. Where did you change your clothes by the way?”

He pointed at your back which made you look on your shoulder. “Right,” you said in disbelief as soon as you realized he pointed the door behind you, “in my room.” You looked at him right after a sigh. He looked at you with a blank expression. You didn’t know why but you stared at him.

No actions happened between the two of you as soon as you looked at him. He caught your eyes but looked away swiftly. You saw him swallow which made you look away. You thought that he was uncomfortable with the look you gave. Before anything could even happen, you decided to just move back because of the awkwardness. You wanted to ask if he wanted anything—coffee, tea, water or just what you could give, but you weren’t sure if he eats or drinks.

A hand gripped your arm while you were so busy thinking. Trying to look into your mind for words, you couldn’t help but to stay plainly quiet. He rolled the sleeve of your sweater and you knew what he was going to do. He was checking the scar.

From your arm, his hand went to your wrist and examined your scar. His eyes were looking down on your scar and you couldn’t help but to look at him. Somehow, everything about him felt so familiar to you—as if you had seen him before, even way before the accident. He lifted up his eyes and looked at you.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything to lessen the visibility of the scar,” he said sincerely and rolled your sleeve to your wrist. “Seems like you’ll be wearing sweaters and long-sleeved clothing for a couple more months?”

His grip weakened and let go of your arm.

You wanted to ask him how he got here even though you didn’t hurt yourself the way you did just so you could summon him before. You wanted to smile because he did came back, just like what he told you before he left your room. Once again, you focused at his dark brown eyes, unknowingly thinking that maybe each time you look into those, time would stop. You looked into those eyes only to find out that time didn’t stop as you expected it to be. Yoongi was thinking about your thoughts—about why you were looking at him as if you were trying to find out something.

“Time isn’t stopping,” you expressed. “Doesn’t it stop when we catch each other’s eyes?”

He smirked. “Time stops,” he said, everything stopped and the ticking of your wall clock from his back that you could slightly see stopped, “when I want it to.” He looked away, put his hand inside the pocket of his black slacks, and everything started to move again. “So that’s why you’re trying to find out?”

You shook your head. “Not just that. I want to know more, of course.”

Deciding to ignore your statement, he looked around your small apartment. For a while, you were embarrassed. Your apartment wasn’t anything extravagant. It was simple and totally obvious that it was affordable. Everything was just alright; it was nothing more and nothing less. He eventually saw piano settled next to your window. You smiled when you saw his gaze stopped by your piano. Your piano was the only attractive thing inside your apartment and every time someone noticed it, you felt happy.

“Do you play?” you asked when he walked towards it. You followed his steps and went beside him.

He didn’t answer your question instead he suddenly sat on the stool in front of the piano. He pushed the fallboard of the piano open and looked at the keys. He snickered lightly as he realized something. Just like how I thought you’d be, he thought for a short while. He carefully slid his fingers on the surface of the piano keys, not letting it escape a sound.

He looked at you. “Seems like you play often,” he said as if he was so sure of his statement.

You shrugged with your forehead furrowed. “How can you tell?”

He raised his finger. “No dust,” he said succinctly. “Do you mind if I play?”

The corner of your lips suddenly curled upwards, forming a small smirk. You titled your head slightly to the left. “I don’t mind. Not at all,” you said truthfully as you took a chair from the side since it would be awkward if the both of you would share the piano seat.

He started playing and you couldn’t help but to feel so happy at the moment. You only played for yourself. You didn’t want it to mean like he was playing for you, but somehow, you wanted to think that he was. It’s been years since you heard someone play piano right beside you. At the moment, you felt like the two of you were the only people in the world. The scenery of him playing piano was so familiar.

Living in this world had made you realize that finding happiness was the most difficult thing to do other than finding the purpose of your life. Happiness was something you wanted to feel every time the clock ticks to the right. You wanted to feel it from the tip of your fingers to your heart.

Each key he pressed rang into your eyes and for a moment, you could see everything glowing around you. His playing was making you feel things—nostalgia, a hint of hopelessness, and happiness all at the same time. He kept playing and you didn’t want him to stop. You just wanted him to keep playing as if it’s been so many years since the last time he played. You wanted him to pour everything he had left through playing the piano right in front of you.

The rain played with him. You always thought that playing the piano while it was raining gave you unexplainable feelings and you thought right. There was something about rain that made you feel relaxed. There was something about how the raindrops meet the concrete ground. There was something about how the raindrops meet their way from the heavens to the land. There was something about how they meet your world and you just felt like they were accompaniments to the piano—to the music.

Suddenly, a ray of bright light invaded your eyesight. It was too bright which made you close your eyes. You didn’t know where it was coming from but then voices and photos appeared. You didn’t know if they were just visions from your mind or if you were seeing them right now although it was impossible. You closed your eyes tightly when a sharp pain was built inside your head. You wanted it to stop but you didn’t know how. The pain didn’t leave; it remained inside—piecing you. You wanted to let out a scream but you couldn’t open your mouth to say anything. Flashbacks were flashing but they were unfamiliar.

A memory. A piece of memory was showing.

You could see Yoongi playing piano and you were beside him—sharing the stool with him. From your perspective, you were leaning on his shoulder and your hand was playing with his hair. He was playing the piano with a smile on his face. His lips were moving. He was talking to you but you couldn’t hear his voice. He laughed as soon as he finished his statement. From his hair, your hand dropped to his shoulder. It made him look at you. He took your other hand and kissed the back of it. The corners of his lips went upward and he smiled wider than before.

Someone spoke and you heard its voice. You didn’t know where it was from but it didn’t seem to distract Yoongi. He was still looking at you as if you were the one speaking. The voice was sweet and you knew you had heard it somewhere. The voice said the lines: “You’re playing a lot better than me now.”

A stronger ache was felt in your brain when you tried to think of the voice from the flashbacks but as soon as you realized it, your breathing stopped, and everything went back to the way it was before. You were at your seat and Yoongi was right in front of you, holding both of your shoulders—asking if you were alright in a very worried tone. You closed your eyes and thought about the voice that kept ringing inside your head. It was yours. You were sure of it. Although the tone was sweet, you heard it and it was as familiar as yours. There were too many questions but you let them go. You were unsure of it yourself and you didn’t know if Yoongi knew anything about those flashbacks you were having. They weren’t even yours.

With a faint smile forming on your lips, you raised your hand and said, “I’m alright.”

A sigh of relief escaped his mouth. With shaky hands on your shoulders, he closed his eyes tightly. He couldn’t let go of your shoulders because he could still feel that you were hurting. Guardians feel those kind of things—those emotions that conveyed the souls’ sadness, pain, regret, animosity, and the only best thing among these, happiness. His knees were so weak to the point that he was about to kneel when he couldn’t wake your senses up.

“What happened?” he asked with his voice trembling. “What did you see?”

You shook your head as you tried to remind yourself. “They were flashbacks but I know they’re not a part of my memory. It just… the person wasn’t me,” and you were there, you thought but you didn’t have the courage to spit it out. You thought it wasn’t the right time. You wanted to question why he was there. Gripping your knee tightly while seated, you wanted to ask him but you wanted to ask the right questions at the right time. The images of the flashbacks were sad and as if they were asking to be reminded—to be told to someone.

Yoongi swallowed when he still felt your pain inside of his chest. He didn’t want this feeling. He never did. “You don’t have to tell me everything. You can ask me questions if you want. If the people in those images—in those flashbacks—were anyone familiar to you, you can tell me and I’ll find a way to figure things out,” he said quickly. “You don’t have to say whatever it is, whatever it is that felt so sad, but you should be honest with what you are feeling. Y/N, humans feel sadness and that’s…” Something he felt too.

His voice faded away because he thought to himself that he was being absurd. He was being a hypocrite by telling you that you should be honest when he, himself, couldn’t be honest with you. He stopped halfway with his words but you didn’t force him to speak.

Everything turned quiet after that. No one dared to speak. The breaths left your lips loudly and you couldn’t help thinking about the images, the voices, and everything else that happened. You wanted to find out things quickly but you didn’t want to mess anything up. It was weird—the vision was odd. It was as though you knew it but it wasn’t part of your life which made you think, what if it’s the life you had in your past life? You thought it made sense, that you made sense, but just like what you’ve told yourself, you didn’t want to mess things up.

Collecting yourself, you stood up, and went to your apartment’s entrance.

“Do you want to join me outside?” you asked him.

You picked up the pair of shoes you took off when you entered. You sat on the floor and wore them although they were wet and needed to at least be wiped. You heard his shoes click on the tiles of your floor and he was just at your back. Somehow, at this point, you could feel him right behind you, looking at your figure from behind.

“I would love to,” he simply said, took an umbrella from the side, and headed to your door.

His answer made you stop from tying your shoelace. It made you smile.

As soon as you locked the door, the both of you stepped away. You realized it wasn’t raining anymore and it was a relief that you would be able to take a walk without getting damp from the raindrops. The roads and sidewalks remained wet as you expected them to be.

The both of you were walking next to each other yet no one was speaking. As you passed by different stores and different people, no one spoke. The steps of the two pairs of feet were walking slowly. He was following the way you walked. He was just beside you, quietly following you as you lead the way. The both of you stopped as soon as you arrived in front of a pedestrian lane. You waited until the traffic sign turn red and walked across the road.

“Why did you bring an umbrella?” you questioned, pointing the umbrella he had on his right hand. “Can angels like you predict the weather?”

Yoongi shook his head. “Just in case.”

You put your hands inside your pockets and looked at him. “Do you want some ice cream?” you asked and pointed at the popular ice cream store in front of you both. “Oh, wait! Wait, sorry I didn’t ask. Do you know what an ice cream is?”

He laughed at the question. A genuine laugh was heard from him and by that, you knew he wasn’t making fun of you. “Right, okay. Treat me as someone who hasn’t stepped into this world before,” he answered you sarcastically.

Copying your action, he brushed off his coats from his side, put his hands inside his pockets, and he smirked. You rolled your eyes in defeat and went inside the store, ordered two of the same flavor, and went back to the sidewalk as soon as you got the ice creams.

“In a very cold weather, you chose to buy ice cream,” he commented as soon as the both of you left the store. “An ice cream in strawberry flavor,” he scoffed. “Very nice.”

You shrugged, not minding his comments. “Yeah, I don’t care,” you told him. “I’ve lived enough to instruct myself the things I should buy and you’re not in the position to tell me about ice cream.”

For a short time, Yoongi found you adorable and he didn’t even mind it. He was honest about what he felt for a moment. He looked at you as if he was looking at someone he had known so much before. The reason why he didn’t call your name more often was because of that—because he talked to you as if you were someone he had known so much before.

“While we’re walking, do you mind if I ask you questions?” you asked with your voice quite hushed while eating your ice cream.

He looked at you ridiculously and was a bit amazed that you were taking in the coldness of the ice cream with no problem. Letting a smile form on his lips, he shook his head and said, “I don’t mind. Ask what you want to ask.”

“Do people see you?” you continued, still with the same tone, wanting to laugh at yourself for not asking it beforehand, before leaving your place. You even lowered your voice and said, “Because, you see, I don’t want to look like an idiot and look like someone who’s talking to uhm, no one.”

“Don’t even bother worrying,” he reassured. “People can see me but there’s a thing about guardians—well, angels, as you say so.”

You stopped licking your ice cream. You looked up to face him. “There’s what?”

The both of you continued walking while having the conversation. People passed by and they weren’t looking at you suspiciously for talking which meant one thing: he can be seen by people. As soon as you felt the “realness” of his remarks, you listened to him.

Angels are meant to be forgotten,” he said as he stopped walking. He looked down to take a glance of your eyes that were full of curiosity. “We aren’t meant to be remarkable. We just pass by. For example, I went to a store and buy something, the cashier, saleslady, or anyone in that place wouldn’t remember me, even if I were to visit that place every day. We’re just someone you pass by on the streets or sidewalks—you know we’re there but you wouldn’t remember us eventually.”

You tilted your head, taking in the information. Licking the ice cream one more time, you asked, “Why can I remember you then?”

The question somehow almost made Yoongi stop. He ignored your question and walked towards the bench on the sidewalk. He slung the wooden handle of the umbrella on the thin armrest of the bench. You followed him and sat beside him. The distance between the two of you was just right. It was a decent margin.

You looked at him, still finding an answer from your question a while ago.

“You’re different,” he answered succinctly.

He crossed his legs, making him look like what he looked like—a city guy, a businessman who had succeeded in such young age. His jaw slightly moved to the side which made him look a bit pissed from the question, so instead of speaking, you decided to keep yourself quiet. You didn’t know a question like that would upset him.

The train of your thoughts stopped when he spoke.

“Why aren’t you speaking?” His tone was somehow gentle like someone who wanted to hear your voice. He looked down to see your face, only to find out you weren’t looking at him. You looked fragile and totally vulnerable, as if you’d flinch in one touch.

As if curiosity was a part of you, you started asking questions. “What if they take photos of you? Well, can you guys be seen in cameras? Do you know what a camera is?”

Yoongi couldn’t help but to chuckle with what you had asked. He folded his arm beneath another and licked his ice cream. “Yes, I do know what a camera is. A camera is used to capture photos. And to answer your second question, yes, we can be seen in cameras, in fact, we can get captured by them, too. To answer your first question, we actually cause a disinterest to mortals. If they take a photo of me randomly for some reason, they’d delete it after a minute or two as if they suddenly lost their interest. Taking a video of us is pretty much the same.”

Every word he said escaped with carefulness, as though he was cautious of the words to speak. The motions of his hands were also beautiful like he was trying to envelop you into the discussion. His eyes were looking at the people passing by, studying them while answering your questions. You almost jumped on your seat when he suddenly looked at you. He looked into your eyes as if he was curious of you, as if he wanted something from you. Before you could even react, he averted his gaze to somewhere else in front of the both of you.

He cleared his throat. “Humans are amazing and blessed.”

You smiled but for a moment, you wanted to sigh. Being alive in this world was amazing and frightening as well. Life wasn’t always as it seemed. It was hard to live. It was hard to find out why you’re living. It’s hard to find out the purpose of your life. It was hard to find happiness. It was also hard to escape the pressure and expectations added on your shoulders every day.

Leaning his back against the bench, he threw his head back with his eyes closed. The scoop of strawberry ice cream was melting and slowly slid down from the top to the tip of cone, dripping against his fingers. He kept his eyes closed; hearing his surroundings and you watched him as he breathe.

“Humans are lucky.” He sighed. “You get to see the light of the Sun, the brush of the wind against your skin, and feel water… experience the rain and snow.”

He opened his eyes as he looked at the clouded skies above him. He had never experienced this much in this world as his life as a guardian. The birds flew together which made him ache for something. He wanted to live like a mortal, as a mortal. He wanted to breathe as freely as a human.

You smiled at him faintly, eating the small piece of the ice cream cone left. Although you weren’t close to him, you had the urge to hold the hand resting on his knee. You placed your hand on top his hand which made him look at you with the eyes that could see through you—the eyes that always looked at you as if he had known you since the day you were born.

“We’ll experience the rain and snow together,” you told him with confidence that you’ll be with him when the rain drops from the sky and when the snowflakes kiss the ground. “Will you be with me?”

His jaw slightly dropped with your suggestions. His eyes fluttered when he looked into yours. He was almost lost inside of you. He never dropped his gaze. He let himself be lost inside of yours. You breathed heavily as soon as his eyes caught yours. You felt that his hand wasn’t pulling away from yours, so you kept it there.

Slowly, the raindrops started to fall and you couldn’t help but to smile genuinely. Yoongi smiled as well, showing his teeth. Before another one drop, he caught your eyes. You looked into his and you wanted to see through him. You wanted him to be transparent with his emotions. One’s transparency will help you discover emotions someone else was feeling—so you wouldn’t just focus on yours and feel what was inside of them.

Even before a word slip from your mouth, he spoke, “Don’t break eye contact.”

Small raindrops remained in the air. People stopped from running to find sheds. Cars stopped from moving. Everything was put into a standstill. The grasses stopped from dancing when the wind brushed against them, so were the trees. Your jaw dropped when you knew that everything stopped. He held your hand that was once on top of his and kissed the back of it.

“I’ll be with you when it rains and I’ll be with you during the first snow,” he said, almost with the faintest tone you could hear from him. It was quiet and so was his voice. His voice was hushed which made it sound hoarse and raspy. He smirked at you and let go of your hand.

Suddenly, it started raining again. People were rushing to get under the sheds. Some had their bags on top of their heads. Some were jogging cautiously. You could see a little kid holding her mom’s pinky as she tried to catch up with her running. You now felt the raindrops that fell on your head. Some raindrops made their way from your head, down to your chin.

You wanted to shiver when the coldness hit you and the sensation went down to your spine, making you feel goosebumps. You watch Yoongi as he got up from the bench, took his umbrella from the armrest, and walked his way in front of you. The smirk on his face remained which made you chuckle lightly. He opened the umbrella and placed it above your head, hearing the raindrops against its cover.

“I’ve now experienced the rain with you.”

Negan Imagines - The Blame Part 6

Originally posted by thewalkingdead

A/N: I know it’s late for a second week in a row but this chapter was worth it. Believe me. Also thank you for all the messages about my Dad, y’all are too good to me :) Enjoy!

Catch up here (Part 1)(Part 2)(Part 3)(Part 4)(Part 5)

Overall Summary: You’re the one who accidentally led the Saviours to the group cause Negan has an interest in you. Rick’s daughter.

In this chapter: Negan has a word with you about your future

Pairing: Negan x reader, Father!Rick x Daughter!Reader

Word count: 1,442

Warnings: Explicit language, Negan being Negan, Sexual tension(?)

“Look who we found at the Hilltop.” Travis smirked at his achievement. 

“(Y/n)?” Negan’s lips twisted upwards. “Now, what were you doing at the Hilltop without Daddy?” Negan’s voice was dark and sent ripples up your spine. The whole room he was in reeked of his natural scent and the bed in the middle of the room looked heavenly considering you had your mattress taken in their last visit.

Ironic, you thought since the devil himself was standing in front of you.
“I was…I was visiting to see if you had come and rained havoc on them yet.” You had a slight hint of sarcasm in your voice. You couldn’t help it as you were nervous to be so close to the man. 

“I see. But my men got you first?” Negan asked, leaning his weight into the doorway. You bowed your head in one quick nod and then stared down at Negan’s feet. 

“Where is Daddy’O?” Negan asked you, licking his lower lips as his eyes roamed your body.

“Out, getting supplies. He should be back soon…I should too.” You swallowed nervously. Negan smirk grew into a smile as he looked between Dwight and Travis. 

“Oh sweetheart. You’re not going anywhere for a while…”

Keep reading

The Parker Twins 3: “God, You Are So Dramatic” - Peter Parker x Twinsister!Reader

Word Count: 1505 

Based off of “Total Opposites”, “Parker Twins” and “The Parker Twins 2″

Warnings: angst(?), sarcasm, slight swearing, cute siblings

Author’s Note: I brought back “mc”. #no regerts

Sorry this took me two mcfreakin months to get out, I got distracted. Let me know if you like it, feedback is appreciated :))

“Mr. Stark! Wait up!” Peter yelled after Tony, who was walking quickly towards the conference room at the Avengers base. Tony  briefly looked at him, irritation and confusion showing through his eyes.

“What do you want, Spiderling?” Tony snapped, not slowing down his pace.

“Mr. Stark, where’s my sister?” He asked, rushing in front of Tony, holding out his hands to make him stop.

Tony’s eyes met Peters. “Kid, I’m so sorry. (Y/n) was arrested-”

“What?!” Peter exclaimed, his eyes opening wide.

“She helped a fugitive in the eyes of the law-”

“Mr. Stark,” Peter interrupted, “You don’t understand! I promised (Y/n) that I would keep her safe, how am I supposed to do that if she’s in prison! Wha-What am I supposed to tell May…”

*Y/n’s Pov*

The walls seemed to be closing in as you watched the second hand on the clock tick slower and slower. The cell that General Ross put you in was extremely comfortable, especially with the cold air making you shiver. You sat against the hard metallic wall, staring at the bars blocking the window so you couldn’t escape. You had been in this so called prison for what felt like a lifetime when in reality you had probably only been in there for a few days to a week. The longer you stared at the bars, the more and more it felt like they were taunting you with the reflection of the tinted blue lights that were keeping the place dimly lit. You started to wonder where Peter was, and if he was okay. What if he was hurt? What if he hated you?

“Hey!” A man’s voice shouted, interrupting your thoughts. Your eyes drifted under the metal bars and your gaze met with a man that was in a cell across from yours.

“You okay?” The man asked, propping his hands up against the glass.

You chuckled, “I don’t know.”

The man tilted his head, “Regret what you did?”

You fumbled with your fingers, trying to find the right words to explain how you were feeling. “I don’t regret what I did, I regret hurting Peter.”

“The spider thing?”

“Yeah,” you laughed, “the spider thing. He’s my twin. And you are?”

“Sam Wilson,” The man, Sam, said while giving a comforting smile.

“I’m (Y/n) Parker. I would say nice to meet you but it-it would be nicer to meet you under better circumstances,” you joked, twirling your finger around. “Sam” laughed and nodded his head in agreement.

“You alright though, (Y/n)?”

“I-I miss my brother. Don’t get me wrong, he was a huge pain in my ass sometimes. Like, a MEGA pain- sorry, off topic,” Sam laughed again, “But I just… I hope he doesn’t hate me because of what I did.”

“Well, you are a huge pain in my ass too,” a new voice interjected. Your ears twitched at the familiar sound, and your eyes lit up once you saw the one person who somehow manages to make everything into a Star Wars reference: Peter freakin’ Parker.

“What are you-What are you doing here? Oh my god, I am so triggered right now,” you stumbled over your words, in shock that your idiotic twin somehow managed to make his way into this dump.

Peter laughed, “Tony let me come visit you, but we’ve only got five minutes to catch up.”

“Well, let me start. My time in here consists of eating, staring at the wall, and the most exciting part was when I briefly had a conversation with that guy,” you pointed towards Sam’s cell, “Sam, over there. He’s chill. Now, tell me how Mr. Spiderling has been.”

Peter cringed at the nickname, “Nothing much has happened. After the fight, I was mostly trying to heal. My eye hurts pretty bad,” he complained.

“Awe, poor Peter,” you mocked. “But, more importantly, have you talked to May?”

Peter’s smile faded and his head sunk low. He lightly tapped the glass with his foot and muttered, “Well, define talked to.”

“Talked to, as in calling her and letting her know we are alright. Even though I’m stuck in here-”

“No, I haven’t. I texted her and told her we were okay, and that it might be a while because you convinced Mr. Stark to let us go sight seeing.”

“Yeah, sounds like something I’d do,” you nodded your head in agreement and shrugged.

Peter revealed a small smile, “I missed you, (Y/n).”

“I missed you too, you mcfreakin’ idiot.”

“I never thought I’d hear you say that again,” Peter scoffed, shaking his head.

“God, you are so dramatic.”

“Man, you two are total opposites,” Sam shouted, once again giving that comforting smile.

“Yeah,” you said, your eyes meeting Peter’s. “We get that a lot.”

*a few weeks later*

“May!” Peter yelled, closing the door to the apartment in your lovely city, Queens. “I’m home!”

May jumped off the couch and gave Peter a hug. “Oh, Peter! I’ve missed you!”

“Yeah, May. I missed you too-”

“You were gone way longer than I was told,” May accused, “No calls? No texts? No emails?”

“I know, May. I know-”

“And where is your sister?!”

Peter swallowed hard, a huge lump forming in his throat. How was he supposed to tell his beloved aunt that her niece was in jail?

He took a deep breath and prepared to tell Aunt May everything. Everything.

“You might want to take a seat,” Peter started as he sat down on the couch. May stood still, watching him move his way over until she finally sat down next to him.

“Peter, what’s happening? You’re scaring me,” she said, her voice trembling. It wasn’t too hard to tell that Peter was going to say something important. He had a tell, a nervous tic. Peter would always look around the room as if he was seeing it for the first time while raising his hand and gently rubbing his neck. His eyes were a bit glassy, tears slightly forming.

“May… this is-I don’t really know how to word this,” Peter laughed nervously, resting his elbows on his knees, rapidly bouncing his leg while he stared at the floor. He brought his hands up to his face, rubbing his eyes before taking one more deep breath.

“A few months ago, something happened to me. And a few years ago, something happened to (Y/n)-”

“Y'all talking about me?” You interrupted, your head peeking out of the front door.

May looked at you with a huge grin, then back at Peter. “Well, speak of the devil,” She said, pushing herself off of the couch and briskly walking over to you.

“Sorry I’m so late to the party, but I had some stuff to take care of,” you said, stepping back into the apartment you called “home” and setting down your bags. You had missed the smell of Aunt May’s famous date loaf and the fresh laundry that had just come out of the dryer, that smelled a bit like mint and cucumber. May’s arms wrapped you, pulling you into a very tight embrace. You snuggled your head in between May’s neck, content that you were back with your family. Peter rushed to join in, and May stepped aside so that the two of you could have a moment alone.

“I’m gonna go grab some of that fresh date loaf. Don’t. Go. Anywhere,” she said slowly, making sure she got her point across. You and Peter nodded your heads, watching her walk out of the room. Peter hugged you tight, not believing that you were standing in front of him.

“How are you here?!” Peter whispered in your ear, making sure Aunt May wouldn’t hear him.

You pulled away and placed your hands on his shoulders, giving them a small shake. “It was hard… but I managed to escape,” you said in a serious tone.

“What?! How?” Peter raised his voice a little bit, looking at the kitchen to see May still slicing up a few pieces of bread.

“I’m awesome, that’s how.”

Peter was stunned. “Wha-what if Mr. Stark finds out? What if they take you back? I don’t know what I would do if you were taken away forev-”

“Brosuff, chill!” you laughed, “I may be awesome, but I’m not THAT awesome. Tony made a deal with me and let me go,” you added. “All I gotta do is become an ‘intern’ at Stark tower… or the Avengers tower, whatever it’s called now. But, you don’t have to worry. I’m not leaving anytime soon,” you smiled.

Peter smiled back, giving you one more hug. May returned with the snack, setting it down on the table near the two of you before wrapping her arms around the two of you.

“I’m glad you both are home,” she mumbled, gently rubbing the top of your heads.

“Me too.”

The group hug lasted for about five minutes, and since you were in the middle, you started to feel a bit claustrophobic.

“Hey guys, I love you but I can’t breathe.”

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Puppy Love || Daehyun

Request: Hi, can I request a scenario with BAP’s Daehyun where his girlfriend is obsessed with puppies and accidentally ignores him? Thank you 

Summary:  You’ve always been an animal person. Your boyfriend is only learning the downsides of that characteristic. 

Word Count: 1,322

A/N: Written for @soshibaby98 ! Sorry for the long wait but I hope you enjoy the scenario all the same. <3 You know how my last update I said I was dealing with shitty internet  (xx) literally after I posted that my internet dropped and this has been my first day with internet and I’m so done with NBN Australia wtf its Christmas Eve get your shit together. Anyway everything should be up soon and then I have a little sorry present for y’all when its all over.

“I should’ve known this was a bad idea…”

Daehyun huffed as he watched from the small circular table, elbows propped onto the lacquered wood as his hands cradled his chin. His eyes followed your form as you moved, slight defeat spread across his features as he did.

You laughed to yourself, a wild smile plastered across your face as you gleefully patted the small head of a Chihuahua seated in the gap between your criss-crossed legs.

“Who’s a good boy? You’re a good boy!” You cooed, scratching the underside of the dog’s jaw, its thin tail rhythmically hitting your thigh.

Daehyun found his lips pursing into a prominent pout as he watched in disgruntlement. A voice in the back of his mind taunted him, sounding too much like Youngjae.

‘It’s not gonna end well, it’ll backfire in your face.’

Daehyun sighed again, moving his hand so that he could rest his chin on his folded forearms. He should have known better.

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Drabble: Do You Want to Shut Down Your Fire?

In a time which Sasuke is co-kage to Naruto even during the technological explosion in Konoha which had taken everyone by storm. Naruto in particular enjoyed the different electronic portals he had access too. Meanwhile, Sasuke made himself aware, but never used them if he could help it.

As a result of the electronic boom, the Light Hokage took a liking to the Kindle Fire in particular as a way of reading all the documents the Kages always got sent. The only problem is Naruto never seemed to know the technical names for any of the products he used. The slightly dense man typically just summoned Sasuke, explained what he wanted to do, and the Shadow Hokage would simply hand him the proper device.

The first time that the daily drain of paperwork led to severe frustration, Naruto attempted to shut off all the technology around him and relax a moment. He held the power button down on his favorite device, which resulted in a screen to pop up stating, “Do you want to shut down your fire?”

Horrified, Naruto powered up a Rasengan strong enough to blast through both the tablet and his desk.

Having heard the ruckus, Sasuke strolled in, took a gander at the room, smirked, and asked a simple, “What happened?”

“That awful device asked if I wanted to shut down my Will of Fire! I’m Hokage! Why would I ever want to do that?!” Naruto hastily replied.

Exasperated yet amused at the blonds antics, Sasuke gave his partner a dry stare, and stated in a voice tinged with slight sarcasm, “Well Naruto, that tablet you just Rasenganed… is actually a Kindle Fire and basically it was just asking if you wanted to turn the device itself off. Not your Will of Fire.”

Embarrassed by his overreaction, Naruto let out a sheepish chuckle, walked closer to the Uchiha and held out his hand, “I’ll leave this for tomorrow. Let’s call it a day and go home for the night, babe.”