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based on “Cartier” by Bazzi

warning: smutty as hell. like, incredibly smutty. it’s 2.8k of filthy smut and dirty talk.

You fiddled with the gold Cartier bracelet on your left wrist as you pretended to listen to the person you were in a conversation with. Some up-and-coming artist Andrew was looking to sign was innocently chatting you up, clearly unaware that you were here with Shawn, who you could practically smell the jealousy radiating off of.

His eyes burned into your skin across the dimly lit room, mentally undressing you from where he was standing. It was another one of those fancy-people-parties that you hated going to, but Shawn wanted you there and insisted that you dress up for him.

He refused to share you with anyone, even if it was just some oblivious guy being friendly, and grew selfish when it came to your attention. You loved it. Your eyes flickered up from the piece of jewelry on your wrist, meeting Shawn’s hungry gaze in the candlelit room. You felt a familiar ache between your thighs, growing impatient and desperately craving his touch.

“I’m sorry, I’ve gotta go,” you said flatly to the young man beside you, making a beeline for the curly-haired boy by the bar. You were barely able to reach him before his hands grabbed a hold of your face and he leaned down, encapsulating you in a passionate kiss. You felt his tongue graze against your pout, pulling away as you slightly opened your mouth. His perfect teeth tugged at your bottom lip, releasing it as his hands snaked into yours.

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Blow Out the Candle

Originally posted by harrysimpact

I was having problems with uploading, but I think I figured it all out. I decided to reupload this one, so hopefully everything is working now! Love you all very much, and thank you. xx - L

Y/N stresses over making Harry’s birthday memorable, but doesn’t realize all he needs is her mouth.

Warnings: smut & daddy kink

Word Count: 2,164

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Testing Theories - Smut

Originally posted by wydobrien

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 1,067
AN: Sorry I’ve been MIA, I got sick last week at a show and I haven’t felt great since. It’s your typical stuffy nose, coughing, sneezing cold but it’s kicking my ass. I’m sorry this is short, I just needed a little Stiles PWP. Also, the above GIF makes me want to straddle him and push his shirt up and rub his back cause fuck man, he looks so tense I hate it.

Special thanks to @writing-obrien as usual and also to @sarcasticallystilinski​! She read this for me when I was afraid it didn’t make sense cause my brain was all fuzzy. xoxo

There was this small moment in the mornings, right before Stiles would wake up, that was your favorite. He looked so innocent and boyish while he slept, his face peaceful, without the usual worry lines creasing his forehead. You liked to watch him snore quietly, his mouth partially opened, face dusted with moles and slight stubble. He was a beautiful looking guy, and you knew you were lucky to call him yours.

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anonymous asked:

idea: waking up with him on his birthday being all cute and sleepy and cuddly and wishing him a happy birthday and him not wanting to leave the bed because he has everything he wants here with him already

You watched his chest gently rise and fall, the hairs littering his chest a dark contrast to his pale skin. Your droopy eyes couldn’t look away, couldn’t stop staring at the slight stubble that adorned his chin. The same stubble that burned between your thighs the night before.

You grinned at the thought.

Rolling into his side, you clambered onto his chest, sitting on his lower stomach in only his shirt as you rubbed your hands up and down the warm expanse of his chest. 

“Rise and shine, birthday boy,” you lazily sang, peppering his bristled face with sweet kisses as he stirred and his eyes fluttered open. 

A lazy grin overtook his pink lips, eyes fluttering open and he wrapped his strong arms around you, holding you to his chest. 

“Hmm, good morning, baby girl,” Shawn rasped, hand teasingly groping your ass and you giggled into his neck, nipping at his soft skin and he growled out playfully.

“You’re a man, now… my man,” you spoke suggestively, your lips breezing over his and Shawn squinted at you.

“Thought I was always your man?”

“Yeah, well, now you’re officially a man.”

Shawn pressed his lips to yours, hand on the back of your head to keep you kissing him as he slipped his tongue passed your lips. He flipped you both over, laying on top of you and between your legs.

“How about we just stay in bed all day and have lots of birthday sex?” Shawn suggested, patting your ass cheeks like they were a pair of drums and you hummed at his words. 

“As amazing as that sounds, we’re not lucky enough to have a whole day to fuck,” you pouted, leaning up to peck at his lips before he bit your nose playfully.

He grunted at you, “yeah, you’re right.”

You pouted out your lips, gentle fingers twirling around his curls and he hummed sleepily, holding you tighter in his arms. 

“You’re so warm and comfy. Let’s just cancel our plans. I don’t need to go out for my birthday, I got your sexy ass in my bed, that’s all I want,” Shawn teased, a lopsided grin tugging on the corners of his mouth and you kissed him. 

“Try telling that to the boys,” you noted, watching as he struggled to reopen his eyes. 

Shawn shrugged, “they can still go out, I’m good right here with my baby.” 

Hi, I’m Tom

[Reader’s POV]

     Today was quiet in your small apartment, quieter than normal. It was nice for once because your mind had a break. Quiet time wasn’t your normal day to day routine. Work tended to be loud and have you taking a pain med after the first few hours. You were home doing paperwork in the kitchen. The light above you bright enough to see all the writing.

“How am I going to finish all these before he comes home?” you mutter to yourself looking at the pile of paperwork. The size of the stack making you doubt yourself. 

   The red pen glided against the paper quickly. Your eyes darting over towards the clock on the microwave. Sighing you set the pen aside realizing you have to get ready. Looking up due to your phone ringing. The sound of the chair scooting backward stings your ears. A shiver runs down your spine from the cold tile sending a sensation through your feet. Grabbing your phone you press the green button flashing on the screen.

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mine || dylan o'brien

word count: 4113

warnings: fluff

prompt: based on this song

author’s note: Y/D/N = Your Daughter’s Name, Y/S/N = Your Son’s Name (not my gif)


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Benefits - Tom Holland imagine

Title: Benefits
Pairing: Tom Holland x fem!reader.
Synopsis: You and Tom spend the night together after his clever idea of a friendship with benefits, but he leaves, and you’re left just a little heartbroken.
Word Count: 6k
Warning: 18+, this does include smut. However, it’ll still make sense without it so I’ve put stars at the start and the end of the smut, so for those who want to avoid it, you can scroll past it. This includes a whole lot of angst and swearing too.
A/N: Another collab with Nat (@peterfuckinparker) bc she’s my angel.

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Play Nice | Johnny

Summary: John deserves a treat for being a good boy, right?

Genre: Smut

Character(s): Johnny Seo, Reader

Word Count: 1.8k

Warnings: Face Fucking, John being the soft dom that he is (w/ consent)

     Johnny never begs, it takes a lot to get him to that point. But even when he does it’s never blatant, never as degrading as when he coerces you into it. You’ve been working hard to get him there though, depriving him of your touch and giving him only a enough to hold him over. Never branching from a kiss and you know it’s killing him. He’s minutes from bursting at the seams and you’re well aware that every innocent touch launches him into a frenzy. He’s not stupid either, he knows exactly what you’re playing at.

You’re in the kitchen fixing yourself your nightly cup of tea. Pressing your cold palms to the sides of the cup to heat your hands while the tea bag steeps. You’re completely in your own head, soaking in the final few hours of the weekend. You register his hands snaking around your waist pulling you from your daydream, his arms squeeze you tight against his frame. The feeling of his lips against your neck has the heat from your palms spreading through the rest of your limbs. Truthfully, the torture you’re attempting to put him through isn’t easy for you either. He’s no stranger to this game and has no problem taunting you right back.

“Baby, come to bed,” he whispers in your ear as he splays his fingers across your abdomen, sneaking his middle finger under the hem of your panties. His soft lips graze over your shoulder and his slight stubble prickles your skin. Goosebumps cover your arms and he notices immediately, smirking at your reaction. His intentions are clear when he nips at the spot he knows you love, doing every trick he knows in the book to get you right where he wants you. Your resolve will fade if you don’t act fast.

You turn in his arms and lean back a bit, creating he space you need in order to regain your composure. Both of his hands grip your ass and he presses your hips into his, successfully lifting you from the ground enough to have you on your toes. “John, I have studying to catch up on before bed,” you place your cup of tea on the counter to the left as you attempt to wiggle from his grip.

His index finger presses just below your chin to lift your eyes to his. Removing his other hand from your behind as well to slides it under your shirt brushing over your spine. You push at his chest which proves futile as he’s solid in his spot. “Please,” he rests his forehead on yours as he pleads. “God, baby I need you,” he closes his eyes. John is visibly holding himself back. As much as you want to keep your plan going, you feel awful about it. He’s tense, sexually frustrated, and being so good at respecting your wishes. He deserves a little treat.

“Baby,” you sigh. Sliding your hands down his chest over his t-shirt, stopping at the waistband of his sweatpants. You watch your hands as you fiddle with the drawstrings.

He releases you from the cage of his arms and steps back still holding your waist. Drinking in your body before him. He loves you like this, wearing only an oversized t-shirt and a pair of underwear. He smiles wide, attempting to be as cute as he can to convince you. Pouting obnoxiously, he rests his cheeks in his palms and wiggles his shoulders. He really is far too cute for his own good, he knows it too. Your cheeks flush and it’s tough to hold back your smile.

“What do you want,” you keen, dropping your arms to your sides. You want him just as bad, if not more.

“Your mouth,” he gives you the sweetest puppy eyes he can manage, maintaining his innocent act for as long as he can. “Please, I promise I’ll play nice.”

You bite back a whine at the thought, he knows how much you love sucking him off. It always gets you too worked up and leads to something more. “Bedroom,” you mumble, turning around the corner to make your way down the hall. Johnny slaps your ass in the process making you yelp.

“You’re so good to me, angel,” he mutters into your hair as he pulls your hips into him, grinding his hard member into your ass. You bite your lip at the feeling, clearing your throat to hide the moan on the tip of your tongue. You’ve only just walked through the bedroom door and the tension is thick.

“Sit,” you gesture towards the edge of the bed. He does as he’s told and sits before you, hands gliding up the backs of your thighs as you stand between his legs. He cranes his head back to watch your face. They follow you as you drop to your knees below him, hands gripping his thighs to brace yourself. As much as you’d like to make this painful for him, you don’t want to draw this out to avoid inadvertently punishing yourself too. So you quickly get to the point.

Hooking your fingers around the waistband of his sweats and pulling down, you watch his muscles flex as he lifts his hips to help you remove the fabric stretching around the bulge of his dick. Of course he isn’t wearing underwear either and you’re met with his cock bouncing up to tap his lower abdomen. The tip is flushed and the vein along the underside of his shaft is prominent. He tilts his head to study your face, his demeanor seems to change when he notices how hungry you look. “Baby, I know you want it,” he grumbles from above you, he sounds almost angry that you’d try and hide your desperation from him. “I bet you’re soaked and I’ve barely touched you,” he strokes his thumb over your cheek.

“I thought you were gonna be nice,” you whine and jut out your bottom lip in faux disappointment. Reaching out to wrap your fingers around the base of his shaft you smile when he hisses. Before he can respond you tighten your grip, leaning forward and letting your tongue fall from your lips to bounce his tip on the muscle. He’s watching you intently, focusing on your eyes and how they flutter closed when you get the first taste of him.

He brushes the hair from your forehead, “having fun, baby?” He taunts, smirking at the sight before him.

You nod in response and close your mouth around his head with a hum. You know he never meant it when he said he’d play nice, he never goes easy on you. You’re just waiting for him to snap.

Johnny’s hand at the back of your head pushes down. “You can do better than that,” he scolds, forcing you to take as much as you can. You’re nearly deepthroating him before you pull away. “You okay?” he asks, checking up on you like he always does. You nod while catching your breath, already leaning in for more. “Good girl,” he sighs as he thrusts upwards into your mouth, testing how far you’ll let him go. When you don’t protest he fucks up into your mouth a bit harder moaning in the process, relishing in the feeling of you gagging around him. He hits the back of your throat and you choke, pulling a growl from his lips. The tears pooling at the brim of your eyes spill over, streaming down your face. He pulls you up to look at you, his hand is still resting at the back of your head and you lean into his palm, gasping for air as you swallow the spit gathered in your cheeks. He smiles fondly, pride washing over him. He can’t hide how much he loves taking over.

“I’m okay, keep going,” you insist. Wiping the stream of tears, and wrapping your hand around his cock to pump him slow. Only pausing to catch your breath before you wrap your lips around him once again.

He sucks in a sharp breath through his teeth, groaning at the feeling of you circling your tongue around his leaking tip. “Tap my thigh when you need air,” he commands. Wrapping his hand around the nape of your neck and pushing his cock down your throat. The second his tip brushes the back of your throat you gag and the sensation coaxes a moan from his lips. Your nails dig into his thigh when you take all of him on. “Fuck- you’re killing me,” he growls, pulling your head up a bit and thrusting back in. You moan around him, loving the feeling of giving him total control.

It doesn’t take long until he’s fucking your face shamelessly, not holding an ounce of his strength back. You throat is aching, your cheeks are stained with tears, and you’re drooling. His moans are getting louder and higher pitched while his hips stutter every so often. You haven’t asked for a break just yet and breathing through your nose is getting a bit difficult. However, he’s far too close for you to tap out now. Johnny has both hands on the back of your head, groaning and swearing in unison with every lift of his hips. “Where do you want me to cum, baby?” he husks, as he begins lifting your head off of him so you can speak. You tighten your lips around him and take him deeper, doing everything you can to communicate exactly where you’d like him to cum. His final few thrusts are rough, almost painful and his hot cum is shooting down your throat. The guttural moan that passes his lips is like music to your ears and you’re whining at the sound of your name on his tongue.

When he’s finished you keep sucking, but not for long. He pulls you off of him, “you’re really trying to kill me, huh?” He laughs, his voice hoarse and his breathing heavy.

You wipe your mouth with the back of your hand as you swallow the final drops of his cum. “I’d say you’re trying to kill me,” you rasp, wiping the tears from the corners of your eyes. “You owe me,” you stand up in front of him, brushing your fingers through the hair falling into his eyes.

“Anything you want,” he coos, wrapping his arms around your waist, resting his chin on your stomach as he looks up at you.

“Let me think about it then,” you muse, if it’s anything he’s willing to give you, you’ll save it for another time. You play with the hairs at the nape of his neck and lean down to place a sweet kiss to his lips. “I’m showering, get some sleep,” you mumble against his mouth before placing a soft kiss to his forehead as you ruffle his hair.

“You sure you don’t want me to come?” He asks, standing and walking behind you as you grab a towel from the bathroom closet. His eyes follow the curve of your back as you remove your shirt.

“You already did,” you joke as you close the bathroom door behind you and lock it. Just before you turn the shower on you hear him collapse on the bed with an exasperated groan.

Dad to Be / Spencer Reid

Spencer Reid enjoys a quiet morning with his pregnant wife.

Drabble request #’s 8, 9, and 17 from this prompt list. I hope you like it!

Spencer couldn’t help but grin as he looked at you that morning. You were still sound asleep, your hair tangled and your mouth slightly open as soft snores escaped from you. The jumper you wore had ridden up and exposed your slightly protruding belly, a reminder that his son was just months away from being born. He’d always heard about the way pregnant women seemed to radiate a certain kind of beauty and he saw it clearly in you.

He stayed like that for a while as he took you in. Never had he imagined he’d ever get to this point, married to the love of his life and waiting to become a father. It filled him with a sense of joy and excitement knowing that soon he’d have someone else who he’d devote his life to alongside you. Eventually he felt the need to get up and get dressed, stumbling over his own feet to get to the closet.

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itsbeenawhile7  asked:

Early S7: Mulder is inspired by playoff season, and takes Scully on a second, even more UST-filled baseball-themed date.

pg13 // season 7 // baseball date 2.0

A baseball date with Fox Mulder is the last thing Dana Scully thought she would ever call her favorite very early or very late birthday present, but so it was. She can’t think of anything better to be doing, two years later, in the height of playoff season, than to go on a second baseball date with her very own Fox Mantle.

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The Right Side

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Fluff (something I never thought I would write); No song inspiration

Originally posted by captaincentenarian

The nervous butterflies had long since gone as you tossed and turned in bed, trying without success to find a comfortable position. Bucky snored softly beside you, enjoying his peaceful slumber. Tonight was officially the first night you and Bucky were sleeping together since you’d moved in. You envisioned being wrapped in his arms, snuggling the night away. However, as soon as the two of you climbed into bed and Bucky wrapped him arms around you, you knew you wouldn’t find rest. The hard metal under your side felt like it was digging into you. You shifted, attempting to find a better fit, but that made it worse.

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A few hours from now Phil tweets. 

He’s doing a live show. We scramble from our seats to watch. 

He has his hair in a messy quiff. He’s wearing his new wide framed glasses. He’s also wearing Dan’s eclipse sweatshirt: “It was comfy, I’d say good job Mr. Howell” a wink. 

He has a slight stubble and he keeps smirking at something off frame. It’s Dan. We know it is and when he shifts on the couch we also know that he’s only wearing pants under the shirt.

“Ooops” A grin. “Was too comfy to change out of my ‘round the house clothes guys. Sorry for that cheeky thigh”

A side glance, another smirk.

Kitchen Counter x Ashton Irwin

Word Count: 

Requested: Yes

Warnings: SMUT, Dominant!Ash

Much love…

“Ash, what are you doing,” you muttered as he pressed your body against the wall, catching you completely off guard.

 "(Y/N), just relax, the shops will still be there when you finish. You never take that long anyway,“ he muttered, his eyes locking with your own. 

You nodded slowly as he gripped onto your hips, his lips pressing roughly along your jawline, "Hm, I knew you wouldn’t complain,” he smirked, his lips quickly returning to you warm skin, “You never do." 

His movements were so natural, though nothing about it ever felt rehearsed. The man knew what he was doing but you weren’t making a protest. 

Ashton had always managed to get what he wanted from you. It didn’t take much though as you acted on his every whim, always trying to please him first. He never failed to make sure that you were satisfied too though, that was evident. He was a clear dominant but he wasn’t anything close to sadistic. 

Even so, your plans for an afternoon of shopping with a promise from Ashton to visit your favorite bookstore with the cafe was clearly being put on hold as Ashton continued with his actions. 

"Where do you think I should have my way with you today? I haven’t fucked you in the kitchen in ages,” he purred, “And it looks like we cleaned up just for the occasion,” he continued, dragging you by the hand through the entryway. “Up on the counter,” he demanded, “And how about we take these off,” Ashton offered, pulling at the fabric of your jeans. 

As you slipped off your pants, his eyes roamed your body. He knew your body better than his own and far better than you had. It took a bit of time for you to be comfortable with how possessive Ashton was with you but you grown to thrive on it; in moments like this, his actions seemed only proper. 

“And to think you wore those pretty little panties, it’s a shame that they’ll have to go as well, Beautiful,” he continued, snapping the slim waistband back against your skin. He was so cocky when it came to sex. The sweet and cuddly Ashton you’d fell in love with seemed to be replaced in his hunger. He was raw and needy yet he didn’t want that to be evident. It was masked by his slick demands and sort of unconventional loving that left you buckling at your knees. Nodding, you pulled down the delicate fabric down without hesitation. Ashton had placed a sort of fear in you but you loved it and he knew it. You knew he would never hurt you in the slightest but you still felt small as he took over any balance of power. 

“What a beautiful girl, and she listens so well,” he smirked as he grabbed your hips, “You love when I praise you too,” he continued as he picked up the panties you’d been wearing, “And you’re already wet Baby,” he confirmed, stuffing the fabric into his pocket. 

You were a bit confused as Ashton still remained fully clothed whereas you were left in your top alone, “Ash why are you still dressed?" 

"Oh, I thought you understood why I wanted you in the kitchen. I know how much you hate when I eat in other rooms,” he replied smoothly.

As filthy as his mouth had been, it left you nearly begging for him to use it as promised. He knew the impact his speech had on you, especially as he ran a finger along your heat, “Lean back, just watch your pretty little head,” he instructed before quickly kissing your lips. 

As you leaned back, Ash kneeled down in front of you, hooking his arms beneath your thighs. He yanked your body toward his, nearly pulling you off the marbled surface. 

“Do you want me to eat my beautiful girl out right here,” he questioned, his chin resting directly below your navel, “And don’t just nod, I need to hear that perfect little voice of yours,” he continued, awaiting your consent. 

You had to clear your throat to be able to form any sound as you glimpsed down at your honey haired boyfriend. His eyes hadn’t left your face for a moment, even as he brushed a stray curl from them. “Please Ash, can you give me your mouth?" 

"Of course I can, especially when you know to ask like that,” he groaned, holding down your hips as he pressed his tongue to your clit.

 As he lapped along the length of your slit, you couldn’t help but squirm. His slight stubble served to be an odd sensation against your smooth skin as he continued.

 "Ashton,“ you moaned as he allowed his nose to rub roughly over you clit, his tongue made languid movements against your entrance.

 Ashton pulled away for a moment, blowing cold air at your heat. It felt as though chills were climbing your spine as he did and even though your eyes had been closed, you could sense his smirk. 

 You whined as he was yet to return his attention to your core which caused him to chuckle, "Aw, what’s wrong (Y/N)? Were you getting close?" 

 "Fuck you,” you complained, hands reaching out to Ash, begging for more contact. 

 "Mm, what was that? I don’t think I heard you right Beautiful,“ he mocked, leaning on your hands as he stood up from his knees. 

 "I said ‘Fuck you,’ Ashton. You know what I said,” you spoke bitterly as he leaned down over you, pressing a finger down against your lips. 

 His head shook in disappointment, “You know I don’t like to hear you curse. I gave you a chance but now I’m not sure I should let you cum." 

 You didn’t even attempt to retort against him, Ashton always won. At this rate he wouldn’t be pleased in the slightest so you let out an exasperated sigh. "On the other hand, I love to see your face when you let go. So I’ll get you there under one condition, you’ve gotta be quiet for me, okay?" 

 "Yes Ashton,” you smiled gratefully at his offer. “Good,” he remarked, a finger unknowingly slipping into you as he kneeled down once again, this time pulling your legs over his shoulder, “You’re so responsive, this should be fun,” he insisted as another finger reached even deeper. 

 Forcing yourself to stay silent, you abruptly pressed a hand against your own mouth. Your eyes were pulled shut as Ash ran his tongue against you once more. As his fingers continued to thrust into you at a rapid pace, his lips pulled at your clit, his teeth grazing ever so lightly. Your body tensed around him confirming his thoughts, “C'mon (Y/N), you’re almost there,” he muttered against your skin. 

Your hands reached out to pull at his hair eliciting a soft moan from Ash as your fingers weaved throughout it. Your hips bucked once more as Ashton licked a last bold stripe against you preparing for your release, “Cum for me,” he urged, allowing you to let go.

 "Oh my- Ashton,“ you whimpered out as you came.

 "Fuck,” he mumbled as your body jerked, your head thrown back against the counter. Smirking against your heat, he lapped up the remainder of your release, “This is the best part,” he finished, standing back up to reveal his glistening chin.  

Ashton brought you down from the counter onto rather unstable feet, pressing your body against his. He brought his hand up toward your chin as he kissed your lips almost too softly. 

 You pulled away after a moment and poked at his chest, “You made me hit my head." 

 "Yeah but I also let you cum,” his simper feigning innocence, “I think that should make up for it.”

Field Trip-(Derek Hale)

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Characters: Scott McCall(mentioned), Boyd(mentioned), Erica Reyes, Isaac Lahey, Derek Hale and (Y/N).

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Warnings: illegal teacher x reader relationship, swearing

Word Count: 4335

Summary: (Y/N) takes a sudden liking to her new history teacher, but is it reciprocated? 

Part 2

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