slight tmi

When a person just finds out about Shadowhunters and says it's a 'new' show.
  • Person: Hey, check out this new show I found! It's called 'Shadowhunters'!
  • Me: *externally* Oh, cool! What's it about?
Forget the World

Malec fluff post-CoHF

Cassandra Clare owns these characters, not me (unfortunately), and I’d like to thank allexandergideon for helping me edit this :)

Send me an ask if you have any comments/prompts/suggestions!
Magnus stumbles into the kitchen, bleary-eyed from summoning a particularly difficult demon the day before, to see Alec standing at the coffee machine in just his boxers and one of Magnus’s robes, a concentrated look on his face and his hair going a few hundred different directions. Magnus still can’t believe that Alec is actually here after the events of the past few weeks. Alec’s entire demeanor has changed since they got back from Idris- he no longer looks at Magnus’s sofa like it might bite him if he sits down wrong- and Alec’s obvious ease in Magnus’s loft makes Magnus’s breath catch in his throat.
Alec twists away from the coffee machine when he hears Magnus bump in to a wall, and Alec smiles softly at him, a smile that reaches his eyes and softens their normally steely blue. Instead of saying anything, Magnus wraps Alec in his arms and buries his face in Alec’s neck, letting Alec run his hands up and down Magnus’s back and kiss his jawline.
Alec hears a muffled “I love you” from the vicinity of his shoulder and huffs out a laugh, the corners of his mouth turning up slightly, and disentangles himself from Magnus so that he can kiss him, soft and slow and chaste, before whispering an “I love you” back against his lips. That earns him a blinding, if haphazard, smile from Magnus, and he returns the look before turning back to the coffee maker. Magnus, like usual, rests his chin on Alec’s shoulder and threads his hands under Alec’s arms so that he can hug him from behind.
“You know, I was thinking,” Alec muses. Magnus nods his head- or tries to, but he ends up knocking his head against Alec’s, much to the amusement of Chairman Meow, who has taken up residence on top of the coffee maker. Alec stifles a laugh and grabs two mugs from the cabinet while Magnus glares at Chairman, blue fire sparking across the table. “I was thinking, there has to be somewhere in the world you haven’t been, right? You can’t possibly have seen everything. So, um-” Alec stops his slightly mumbled speech to turn to face his boyfriend, “I think that, well, we should go. Somewhere. Somewhere you’ve never been. So we can make new memories.” The “so you have something to remember me by when I’m gone” is unspoken, but Magnus can feel the weight of it behind Alec’s words.
“You know,” Magnus says slowly, “I agree with you.” Alec’s eyes widen slightly, and Magnus melts inwardly, honored that he can see Alec’s raw emotions like this. “I told you that I want to share my life with you, and I mean it. And that includes all of it- not just my past, but my future too.” He pulls away slightly so that he can reach a hand up to brush Alec’s cheek, and Alec leans in to the touch.
Alec may be getting used to Magnus’s little romantic speeches, but he is still surprised by how vulnerable Magnus has been since the demon dimension. That notebook…he had read it in his spare moments, had gobbled it up as if he needed it to live, and had emerged from his reading spree more in love with Magnus than ever. That said, he still had some questions about Magnus’s past, but for now, he grabs their coffee and pads over to the sofa, waiting for Magnus to follow.
Magnus collapses onto the sofa and pulls Alec down next to him, levitating both coffees and settling them softly on the coffee table before shifting so that Alec’s head rests just below his clavicle. Alec tilts his head back slightly to look up at Magnus’s cat eyes, which are catching the dim morning light filtering through the window and glittering like golden fire, and reaches across his chest to take Magnus’s hand.
“I’ll go anywhere for you, you know that,” Alec says, looking like a very sleepy but very content cat. Magnus scoffs.
“I did gather that after you followed me to my father’s demon dimension,” he drawls, but his tone is light. “I don’t know if ever thanked you for that.”
Alec shifts so he can look down at Magnus; his eyes look very young yet very pained. “It was terrifying, not knowing if you were alive or dead.” He puts his head back down on Magnus’s chest, letting Magnus tangle his hands in Alec’s hair, and rubs Magnus’s sternum softly with his thumb.
“But I’m here now,” Magnus whispers against the top of Alec’s head. They lie contentedly on the sofa for a few minutes, ensconced in the warmth of the sun and each other, before Alec sits up. Magnus pauses, wondering if he did something wrong, but one look at Alec’s face tells him otherwise.
“So.” The word comes out in a drawl, and Magnus spares a moment to run over his mental list of Things Alec Lightwood Might Be Mad About but comes up empty.“You wanted to be a cactus, huh?” Alec finally asks, his tone teasing but his eyes bright. Magnus rolls his eyes and tightens his arms around his boyfriend.
“It was not my finest moment, Alec,” Magnus sighs. “I was heartbroken and very, very drunk. Or so Catarina says,” he amends quickly. Alec just laughs.
“Do you have any other drunken tendencies I should know about?” he says before burying his face in Magnus’s robe and shaking slightly from suppressed laughter.
“Of course not!” Magnus exclaims indignantly. “I am always completely refined when drunk!” He considers this blatant lie for a moment before deflating slightly. “Well, there was one incident in Tokyo in the early 1900’s…”
- - - - - - - - - -
When they finally drag themselves off the couch, the sun had already set behind the city skyline and a soft blue fire was glowing in the fireplace. They had spent all day talking, and Magnus had let his guard down enough to tell Alec about his mother and the Silent Brothers who helped him when he was young. Alec knew how much that mean to him.
There would always be more stories to tell, but for now, it was enough.

You know what I would love to see Josh and Jen do during Mockingjay Part Two promotion?

Lace fingers. They came so close to doing so multiple times during the part one promotion, and it looked like they were desperate for that intimate kind of contact.

And I think it would be such a beautiful moment, such a simple and yet deeply affectionate gesture, that we would all just fall over ourselves with glee. 

Like, I know there are tons of other things that we are all dying to see happen, but that to me would signify an inconspicuous yet obvious signal that yes, they belong to each other and only each other.

Someone needs to make it happen.

honestly i’ve never seen anyone w nipples like mine. they’re very small and when they’re erect they dont like… protrude out i seriously don’t know if i’ll be able to breastfeed i just don’t know 

Confession (slightly TMI):

I bought some batteries yesterday. The first battery I pulled out of the pack didn’t work at all, and another only slightly worked. So obviously I’m returning them… But first I found a couple that *did* work and used them once anyway, because I was already horny and fuck if I was going to stop in the middle or something.

I don’t feel bad. I almost feel like I should feel bad–if anything, I *know* I should have spend the extra $4 to get duracell instead of the store brand–but I do not in fact feel bad. 

Today, has been a good day.
Chaz picked up on the fact that I was starting to get really down, so he got me to cut his hair this morning, which always cheers me up, and then we cracked open the emergency funds jar and went to the pool club, played a couple of games of pool, he had a pint and I stole a mouthful, it was so good, id forgotten what real beer tastes like :’) and then we both had chips and hugged and laughed and it was like a impromptu date, it was lovely.
By the time it came to walking home I was in agony, cause we’d been out and on our feet all day but we stopped about a million times and chaz even carried me a little bit :)
Then we came home, snuggled on the sofa for an hour or so while I recovered and then we played fifa, then he cooked us both a curry and then I got a backrub with proper massage oils and everything followed by the most tender gentle sex I think I’ve ever had, he stroked my face and looked into my eyes and kissed me and ooooft.

I needed everything about today. I feel better now. Knackered tho, its only half ten and I’m about ready for bed!!
I also need to learn that doing the sex, as much as it seems like a good idea at the time, probably isnt worth the pelvic pain that I suffer for the next day or so :(
A girl has needs tho, and now I have the ok from the dr, and its only affecting me and not little man at all, I cant help caving every so often, I went almost 2 months without a singular orgasm while I was on pelvic rest you know!!