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Kalagang #06

1x07 WWN Double-D?

YES! We are now here at one of Kalagang’s iconic moments – cafe in the rain and rooftop of the temple. *scream of joy* In this episode, Kala visits Ganesha’s temple after her reunion with naked-again Wolfgang to get some kind of guidance.

Kala: From the day I decided to marry Rajan, you have been sending me…visions. […] But then, you sent me a vision of a man…with a large…trunk? A very large trunk.

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I just wanted to put this GIF cause this scene gets me every single time.

Kala: I am a little more than confused. But I trust you, Ganesha. So I know there must be some meaning to all of this that I cannot see. And I wish to see. I wish to understand. So help me, Ganesha. Help me see what it is I must do.

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When I first watched this episode and the camera started to move around Kala, I was like ‘Is Wolfgang gonna appear? Is he gonna appear? Is he? please come out, Wolfie. I know you want to.’ and when I saw his silhouette behind Kala, I screamed with joy.

Anyway, before Wolfgang says gods don’t give shit about people (I wrote why he says that in this post), although the image of him is too blurry to see his face I get this feeling that he’s been listening to her quite intently; he just seems very amused by Kala.

Wolfgang: I speak from experience.

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Look. RAIN! Kala is now in Wolfgang’s world. I like how Kala’s expression changes; so hopeful with her hands put together for prayer but as soon as she hears Wolfgang’s voice and finds out she’s standing in a rain she’s like ‘oh, great…him again. I know I asked for some guidance, but not like this’.

Also I found it interesting that Wolfgang chose to stay outside of the cafe when it’s obviously pouring down. Maybe it is simply to give cinematographic contrast between Kala and Wolfgang’s world. But I’d like to believe that Wolfgang loves rain. Besides, it’s so like him – maybe Wolfgang was enjoying his coffee outside the cafe when it started raining, but then he’s kinda lazy to go back inside so he thinks ‘fuck it, I’ll just get wet’.

Wolfgang: [Why won’t you just leave me alone?] I tried. Believe me I try not to think of you, but every time it brings me straight to you.

I have nothing to say but MELTED. This is the first time Wolfgang has ever felt something totally different to someone, and even though a part of him is afraid to explore that feeling, it doesn’t stop him from being honest with Kala – with himself. He doesn’t hesitate to tell Kala how he feels or thinks about her. No lies, no secrets, no sugarcoating. Only the truth.

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It may be because Wolfgang is very straightforward person, but I also think he is taking a risk in his own way to figure out what it is – this mysterious, unsolved yet unavoidable strong connection to a woman who clearly is an opposite of him. And that’s what makes Kala more drawn into him.

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Wolfgang: *tap* *tap*

Seriously, he needs to stop with whole tapping on things. It makes me want to jump into his arms and cling onto him – which I can’t. Anyway, I would say this tapping is different from the previous one. Because the one he did on in Kala’s bedroom was closer to seducing her. This time, however, Wolfgang seems more careful and polite when he gestures the chair next to him, asking her to sit down. Like he’s not trying to seduce her or anything. Right now, he just wants to talk to her; he wants to get to know her.

Wolfgang: It’s nice here. Weather’s shit in Berlin.

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That smile. THAT FREAKING SMILE. OH MY GOD, ENOUGH, MAX RIEMELT! I mean, the camera is not even facing them and that little smile on his face while he’s looking at Kala/Tina; it’s just killing me and giving me life at the same time. How is this even possible? I’ll tell you, because it’s MAX RIEMELT we’re talking about.

Kala: It rains like this in Bombay, but it’s not so cold there.

Who doesn’t love this moment between Wolfgang and Kala. Wolfgang, again, does not hesitate when it comes to Kala. When she shivers with cold, he immediately tries to warm her. I actually thought he was going to put his jacket on her – but no, this guy decides to use his HANDS instead! Sharing body temperature with her, WHOO-HOO! EVEN BETTER! LOL.

OK, my initial thought of Kala’s reaction was – she doesn’t feel comfortable; which is completely understandable. I mean, after all, they’ve just met. They are technically still strangers to one another. Not to mention she is engaged to Rajan.

But then, I realized it’s the first time Kala and Wolfgang touch each other! So I’m guessing when Wolfgang touched her, she was more surprised by how real that felt. Although he actually exists somewhere in Berlin, to Kala, Wolfgang is a man who exists in her head. And vice versa. Thus, neither of them would have ever expected this kind of sensation when they touched each other.

I’m not sure if Wolfgang pulled away because he felt that same kind of surprised feeling as Kala. To me, it felt like he pulled away because he thought Kala seemed uncomfortable with him touching her. Which apparently shows how much Wolfgang cares for Kala – he doesn’t want to push her or do anything that will make her uncomfortable. 

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Awkward moment. Kala’s expression right there – Kala has a strong moral compass, and right now she’s having mixed feelings because she didn’t hate when Wolfgang touched her. And that feeling has quickly turned into a guilt. She hates feeling guilty. She hates being the bad person. She looks down at her hand where the wedding ring is still on her finger, trying to remind herself she’s still engaged to Rajan – that she can’t betray him; logic comes into her mind telling her what she’s doing in this moment with another man is not right.

Kala: [So tell me…does he ever help?] What? [Your god.] Of course. [How?] I asked him to stop my wedding, and he did. [You think he stopped your wedding?]

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However, Kala can’t help but feel emotionally free and honest when she’s with Wolfgang. Can you imagine her telling things like ‘I prayed to Ganesha to stop my wedding cause I don’t actually love Rajan’ to others like her parents? her sister? her friends? or to Rajan? I seriously doubt it.  

The whole connection between Kala and Wolfgang is emotion-driven. Whereas the relationship between Kala and Rajan is closer to logic-driven; when Kala thinks of Rajan she basically lists all the reasons why marrying him is the right thing such as he’s handsome, he’s smart, he’s rich, he’s the perfect-husband-type, etc. If Kala and Rajan’s relationship was emotion-driven, she would have simply said ‘because I love him’.

With Wolfgang, Kala becomes totally herself. She doesn’t have to think about social standards, people’s expectations, or anything that keeps her from being true to herself. Wolfgang shows her that it is okay to let her emotions out; it’s okay to follow what her heart desires. Besides, after all, they are sensates – they are destined to be connected in emotional level.

Wolfgang: So you think our connection is a kind of miracle?

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Wolfgang is not the kind of guy who believes in fate, gods, fairy-tales (obviously), happily-ever-afters, or miracles. But we know that he may be once believed in those things so that he could live a life in which he’s not a monster anymore…even after he’s given up on miracles, deep down there’s a part of him that still wants to believe in them. Now, he’s asking Kala if their connection is a kind of miracle. I think he secretly wants her to say ‘yes’ – maybe he’s been waiting for someone to come up to him and say ‘miracle does happen’ because he still wants that life; a life where he can put his past behind and have his happily-ever-after. Maybe with Kala.

Kala: If I were trying to describe this feeling – the sensation of experiencing the warmth of the sun, the smell of jasmine and marigold…while at the same time being soaked by a downpour at an outdoor cafe…the taste of strong coffee still in my mouth…

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Did anybody notice a slight parallel between this scene and the one where Kala’s mother talks about kissing her husband (1x05)? Here’s the quote:

Priya: The truth is, for the longest time, I thought kissing is as eating a kebab, because whenever I would kiss, all I would taste was spices and garlic on his lips.

In my mind, I was screaming like ‘oh my God, she’s thinking about kissing him right now! and she hasn’t even kissed him yet! oh God! HELP!’ 

Kala: I would say that the word ‘miracle’ sounds particularly appropriate. Wouldn’t you?

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At that moment, Wolfgang seems sort of relieved to hear that word ‘miracle’ coming out from Kala’s mouth; but at the same time, he looks as if he’s in big trouble. Like he’s thinking to himself ‘oh fuck, I’m falling head over heels for this girl, aren’t I?’ AND THE WAY HE’S LOOKING AT HER IS JUST SO HOT.

Moreover, I like how they show Kala’s face in the rain and Wolfgang’s face in the sun. Kala who represents fire is feeling every raindrops, while Wolfgang who represents water is experiencing warmth of the sun – SYMBOLISM. It gives that feeling of…Kala and Wolfgang have completely stepped into each other’s world – like each person’s presence has soaked into one another; now they’re of one mind (like Kala’s vow in her wedding).

Kala: For me, science is another language we use to talk about the same miracles that faith talks about. [But…one language makes sense, one doesn’t] Sense? What, like quantum physics? Like a particle that can be here and not here?

Later, Kala talks about her childhood; why she likes festivals, and how she became a believer. I love how Kala is confident…so sure of herself when she talks about her love for science and her faith; and how Wolfgang is simply just amused by every word, every thought that’s coming out of her.

Then, as Kala talks about force of gravity, they both start looking at each other’s lips. HOTNESS OVERLOAD ALREADY. I CAN’T TAKE IT!

Kala: Or sense like gravity? A force that no one knows why exists. Only that if didn’t exist…if there wasn’t this mysterious attraction…this pull between objects…then none of this would exist either.

This whole description or explanation about gravity just matches perfectly with Kalagang’s relationship. It’s something beyond their comprehensions and they don’t know why this connection exists, and yet, they can’t seem to find a way to end this. They don’t want to end it, because this connection somehow makes them feel more alive than ever. What they feel for each other is the most real thing they’ve ever felt.

Wolfgang: Thank God for gravity. [Exactly]

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I mean what more can we say, other than, THANK GOD FOR GRAVITY?

Wolfgang: I’ve been thinking I want to get out of Berlin for a little while. I need to take a trip. [Where?] India.

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(Thank you anon for reminding me of this scene! I totally forgot!) Here, Wolfgang is ready to meet Kala in person. And it’s not just because of mere curiosity or sexual attraction; it’s because he truly thinks she is the one! Also, we can see there’s a bit of hope in his eyes – that maybe she is the second chance of life Wolfgang had prayed for.

Just a reminder, Wolfgang has met Kala less than five times, had conversation with her for less than an hour in total, their kiss was cockblocked by Felix, and she lives in a different country. But none of those are going to stop Wolfgang from–

OoooOh….never mind…#SaveFelix

In honor of eremin month, let’s go back to basics and back to canon for a second. Let’s talk about interaction/contact between Eren and Armin. 

Specifically Chapter 85, Page 6: 

As we all know with this rather intimate panel, Armin has been “brought back” to Eren. Overcome with emotion, Eren embraces him. Let’s note that it’s the first time we see the protagonist initiate a hug. Following the hug, Armin seems to be jarred by the entire experience. He does not know what warranted the hug - rather what he did to deserve the affections since the last time they spoke. Hence, why we see him blush - but immediately return the sentiment. 

He was so willing to return it in kind - most likely because it’s Eren and Eren has earned the license pull him into hugs without receiving express permission. 

So going back into the archives, let’s rewind back to chapter 34, Page 1:

Again, there is a slight parallel here. Armin had secured Eren in his lap and is holding onto him for dear life. Eren awakes shortly thereafter, not really coherent due to his state after being pulled from the titan. He doesn’t know what happened to Annie - he may not even know exactly where he is right now. Despite this, he seems to accept the fact that it’s Armin’s arms that he’s in - and doesn’t question it. We can see above that after he comes to, he rests his head on Armin’s shoulder. He’s comfortable enough to ease and relax into Armin. 

They both allow each other to be close because it’s familiar and it’s comfortable. It’s a hallmark of their experience with one another. 

Their Intimacy is canon and is an interesting facet of their relationship to explore.  

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I see the smile of Hide in the art of Ishida, just in the right side. Paralelo a la V grabada en el antebrazo de Ken, está girada. 👀

You’re right Anon, there is a slight parallel with the hand that reaches out to Kaneki and Kaneki smiling into it, and the scene where Hide himself reaches out to Kaneki in the midst of his Kakuja form. 

Though I would probably benefit from pointing out the obvious, that in that scene Hide reaches for Kaneki’s shoulder whereas in the art it’s his cheek that is being caressed. If the Hide big twist with Hide is his association with V though, then this hand, it’s gentle caress and Kaneki’s comfort by it all makes sense with what Hide is to Kaneki’s character.

Hide is of course a person that Kaneki enjoyed the company of, but as Kaneki fell deeper and deeper into the ghoul world Hide became much more than that. He was a symbol of his former humanity, that uncomplicated existence that he had back then where there were indeed sad and tragic things about his life but Kaneki was able to live without confronting them instead staying on the fringe of society with Hide’s company alone. 

Kaneki himself doesn’t even talk that favorably of the way he was back then. He did not belong with society, and therefore his place of belonging was relegated to Hide. Kaneki even says that what binds himself to ghouls is that they are both of them isolated from society. 

However just because Kaneki has experienced this isolation does not mean he is above wanting this same kind of acceptance from the majority of the people in society. The way he uses Hide, and the way he uses other people as an extension is just proof of that. What Kaneki seeks ultimately at the moment is not transcendence of who he is, or figuring out his own existence, but rather a person to belong with. 

Therefore it has been offered in the past that because of this lack of priorities, Kaneki is not really rebelling about the cage itself around society, but rather simply trying to protect the people who are close around him. 

Which also means that Kaneki despite labeling himself an outsider, might fit into the system much more than he thinks. There are a couple of hints of this in canon. The first is that Haise despite his own tumultuous existence managed to flourish well in the CCG.

Not only did he receive an Osthmanthus award the highest honor, but in three short years he climbed to the rank of Associate Special Class, which is the second highest rank available. 

Fura observes that Arima and Haise are both similiar, they both accept missions from above without hesitation or question. The CCG also was designed in part to emulate a family after analyzing Kaneki’s brain, because this route would make him more stable and therefore more productive. 

In short, Kaneki is not really as much of an outsider as he claimed. He fit in well and even flourished within the CCG. He made friends, family, and while he was still Haise he thought his entire past was worth giving up for these connections, this stability.

Kaneki in a way can be embraced by the system too and comforted by it. Perhaps that is a temptation he faces. Why rebel against the cage which is causing him so much pain to the point of his tears turning to black when he could simply be embraced again by it instead? 

In that way it too could connect to Hide. If Hide is the symbol of Kaneki’s comfortable life, of his life where he never needed to question himself and merely relied on Hide’s emotional intelligence than Hide’s connection to V would make sense. It would be a final temptation that has always lingered in the back of Kaneki’s mind, if he were accepted by society if there was a place for him, a place of comfort would he really fight against it? If he could simply go back to the days when it was both him and Hide, would he be able to leave everything else behind? 

Even if his journey was full of suffering aren’t some good things worth leaving the comort, warmth and eternal safety of his egg? This too in a way reflects the Haise dilemna all over again. In leaving the scary parts of his past behind, Kaneki inevitably left the beautiful ones too. 

Who Saw This Coming?

I should have seen this coming, and when the teasers for the latest installment came out for the Epic Winter, I had very strong… I mean very strong suspicions that this is how it would turn out. Before then? Nope, not at all, ever… I mean I should have, and I’m kind of kicking myself, because I really, really should have. I know my fairy tales… at least I thought I knew my Fairy Tales from reading them to watching them so I really should have put two and two together. Though for those of us who didn’t see it coming, no one could blame you, I mean Rosabella Beauty hasn’t exactly been… on the forefront all that much save for a few small clips here and there.

Here’s where it gets clever however, because their story could be seen as a kind of parallel to the original, different setting and all that yes, but same outcome, and same general type of ending. I mean I’d like to think the storytellers and the directors of the show pulled a fast one on us ever since last season with the Dragon Games and all that, but good grief it makes so much sense. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Beauty and the Beast story line or for those of you who have a bit of a foggy memory allow me to draw on the parallels… because I can.

So in the original story, the prince was visited by a visitor who requested some aid in a task. Of course the prince full of pride and of himself denied that visitor and became cursed to become well… a beast. In the movie it’s much the same, except in a different manner, the Ice King comes along for a visit, requests Daring to do a task,  he of course refuses… and starts to become cursed, before turning into a full grown beast, it’s not like he hadn’t been given a chance or 3.

Now of course the journey the two take is very different of course, between the original and this version. Regardless they both embark on a different type of journey to learn humility, care, and selflessness. Daring takes his through the course of this current season of the show or what have you, and much like Belle in the original story, Rosabella helps Daring find himself and who he was meant to be, and in the term of Cognitive Functions, she helped him see past the surface of Se and Ti and to look further into himself to find the person he was meant to be.

Much like in the original where it was the selfless act and the realization of himself and learning humility that allowed the beast to become his human self again (duh). The same thing happens in a different way here with Daring as he offers for the sake of everyone to take upon himself the servitude of 200-400 years that Faybelle Thorn had so foolishly just about thrown herself into… thus breaking that contract, and helping not only Faybelle but everyone else, and naturally it is through this act that he once again becomes human.

I honestly think we should have suspected that Charming wasn’t part of Apple Whites story due to the kind of character he has or in this case had… however… however, I don’t think the developers and writers of the show had realized it as early on, and just allowed the story to grow to where it took this path. I would have loved to have been in the writing room when all of this went down, because how early did the realize they were going to take this path? Was it Way to Wonderland? or was it Dragon Games? Maybe somewhere in between? Or did they plan this all from the beginning? It just makes so much sense, and brings about so much speculation where I’d have ample material to do videos talking about it… whether I do them or not is a different story, but still… smooth move creators, smooth move.

Mise-en-abîme- Chekov x Reader

A/N: Goddamnit I hate the fact I’m fond of this trope (slight mythology parallels, Chill older brother!Kirk-not yet but there will be, all of it). But the tag needs more fics and here, have one and have a long-ass one :) Also enjoy my philoso-babble at the start, let’s hope I can bullshit my exams this well. Um yeah, it’s gonna parallel Psyche and Cupid, take your feelings and run. Translations are ripped from google translate (sorry).

Part 1 of 5

It is known to all who study Earth History, that the within study of the Western World; religious beliefs have shifted from that of the Polytheistic to the Monotheistic. Evidence of which can be traced from the study of literature of antiquity.

Yet above all, it should be noted that humanity worships love. This notion is to be found within the basis of all major Earth religions (see Chapter 3 for further elaboration). The fixation with the idea that we are not wholly alone in the world and are destined for an inextricable connection. Platonic or erotic. Romantic or eternal. Whether this love transcends class, race, gender, species or divine nature; it is to the discretion of the individual and society for whom these texts resonates with.

The Mise-en-abîme- a dream within a dream, a story within a story that parallels the key narrative- of the tale of Eros & Psyche is a notable example. Found within Apuleius’ Metamorphoses, it remains a prime example of an allegory and, of humanity’s ability to relate to the transcendent concern of obstacles to love. Yet it is worth noting that in this instance, it is the woman who is undertaking the physically perilous trials of love as opposed to the literary trope of the “knight in shining armour”. This trope itself; resulting in the hyper-masculinity of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, was resurrected in Walter Scott’s 1820 novel: Ivanhoe. This courtly love, while catering to conservative Victorian sensibilities as a departure from the seemingly-libertine nature of Byron strains of writing, do not remain eternal and do not truly represent human nature when it concerns love. Humanity is ultimately drawn to those tales of Eros and Psyche, Persephone and Hades, Achilles and Patroclus: reiterations of which are implanted within our minds from our childhood fairytales of forbidden love. It is emphasised by the novels of our youth, then cultivated in the next generation; as we from our deathbeds, spin a final enchanting tale for our grandchildren.

-An Extract from M Reyes, The Human Story: A study of societal perceptions of fictional and non-fictional literature. Required reading for graduate-level Earth History cadets.

“You’re ensign [y/n]?” You stood nervously, fiddling with the sleeve of the blue uniform you’d spent a childhood dreaming of as you roped poor elder and younger siblings into playing ‘diseased- patient-on-an-away mission’ while yourself played the Starship Captain or the Science Officer or the Chief of Medical interchangeably. However it was most frequently the role of Science Officer that you played as your friends’ defeated Klingon warbirds. The bridge of the Enterprise, fuck that, just to be part of the Enterprise crew was notoriously difficult. But apparently your ability to bullshit was sufficient.

That was a bit of an understatement, you would fight anyone, tooth and nail to get here.

But Captain Kirk continued to stare at you evenly, observing his PADD with your details before him. He smiled encouragingly as you confirmed your details, impressed with your exam scores. Well he should be, you spent night after caffeine-fuelled night studying chemical formulae and the biology of various planets. You stretched, using textbooks to lift your leg in the splits as you revised nineteenth-century authors and their works. You memorised mathematical equations, an old-fashioned marker correcting integrals on the bathroom mirror. You were discouraged as a precocious nine year-old for aiming too high, the Enterprise only accepted the best they had told you, and you re-tied the ribbons adorning your pig-tails and said “fucking watch me”.

Your eyes now began to observe the brilliant array of personnel aboard the bridge, lingering briefly on an ensign about your age at the helm, before once again attempting (and failing) to make eye contact with Captain Kirk.

“You specialise in scientific research? That’s cool-“ Kirk looked up, pointing at your diploma displayed on-screen in his lap.

“Jim, no one says ‘cool’ anymore,” You recognised the quiet sass to come from the Lieutenant Uhura, and you suppressed a snigger. This crew was practically legend, everyone in the Academy talked about the gorgeous Captain Kirk and his equally as talented crew, navigating deep space, surviving John Harrison and Romulins and Klingons.

“Aye captain,” You nodded, holding your hands behind your back to calm your nerves, appearing to be brave. “I took a double degree, majors in Xenobiology and Xenoarchaeology-“

“It also says you took courses in Creative Writing and Earth History?” Kirk raised a brow in amusement, smile playing on your lips. From the corner of your eyes you sensed both men at the helm turning to face Kirk’s command chair. This time you took a proper look at the boy about your age, dark-blond curls adorable messed as he offered you a shy, reassuring smile. Navigator, his position must be navigator. Why else could he be seated at that position with such authority?

“I like too many things?” You replied unsurely with an uncomfortable grin. Your eyes instead met the smiling boy’s as he held back a quiet laugh, tilting his head down at a reproving glance from his companion. Kirk laughed in delight at your cheek and stood, shaking your hand. He congratulated you and with a rather brutal clap of your shoulder, told you that you’d love shadowing Dr McCoy for the first few weeks. The doctor in question seemed to perpetually wear a frown, but with a terse smile he led you to the turbolift to what you knew would be the med bay. Glass panels slid before your eyes, taking one last look of a bridge that you hardly dared believe you would see again. You bid a quiet farewell to the polished surfaces and the efficient crew as sliding doors silently slid before your eyes. The pristine-white panels, chrome detailing reflecting artificial light and a crew who were easily the best in Starfleet. You felt a slight lurch as the lift began it’s descent to a wholly new world below the bridge, one far more chaotic and experimental than the necessary control of the navigators and linguists and commanders above.

The likelihood was that unless you rapidly ascended the ranks or, someone managed to get severely pissed-off enough with Commander Spock to murder him, you wouldn’t be seeing the Bridge anytime soon. It was a nice dream, a sweet dream to be remembered when the hours spent staring at data got far too much. Or perhaps it was more convenient to imagine the Bridge as Doctor McCoy grumbled on and on about how a single hole in the hull of the ship could boil everyone’s blood to-

Well, you didn’t like to dwell on it. The next five years were going to be absolute  fun.

“Mr Chekov, I understand you are as of now, off duty.” It was more of a statement than a question, but Chekov nodded anyway at Spock, acknowledging the Vulcan as he vacated his post for the next shift. He couldn’t quite place the name of the particular Lieutenant in question, but he gave a cheery greeting anyway before walking over to Spock.

It was always ‘do this, Mr Chekov’ and ‘don’t press that, Mr Chekov’ and his absolute favourite:

“Kirk, doesn’t the lad look adorable?” Scotty would pull the engineering goggles off his head and ruffle his curls with no small amount of pride, “he’s going to be a bit of a heartbreaker when he grows up, just watch,” and of course, Captain Kirk would reply with:

“Curls get the girls, Mr Chekov- or really, anyone.” With a snide grin and a wink, attempting to set him up with crewmates about his age, or attempting to teach him how to flirt-

He was never following that particular piece of advice ever again, not if he wanted to remain alive for the next five years.

“Yes, Commander?”

“Mr Chekov, would you mind delivering this PADD to Doctor McCoy and his assistant-“

“Ze new ensign?” Chekov interrupted Spock, a little excited. It had been nearly three months since they’d left Yorktown and he hadn’t even had an opportunity to greet her, let alone get her name. In his mind she was just fleeting glimpses of a short, blue hemline and snippets of laughter and conversation. Always rapid-paced and always intelligent. She was the embodiment of excitement and passion, finishing her lunch in the mess hall before bidding her friends goodbye and returning back into her lab. Their shifts never aligned, he ran regular daytime shifts while it seemed she worked irregular in the laboratory as she seemed to enjoy, spending the rest of her time either observing Doctor McCoy or watching some old earth film in the recreation hall.

“Yes, ensign [y/n].” Spock confirmed. Chekov felt his pulse begin to quicken a little, the barest hint of perspiration forming at his temple. He was nervous now, why was he nervous? “Mr Chekov, are you well?”

“Eh-ah… yes, sir.” He was sure he’d more-or-less snatched the PADD from the Vulcan, raising a brow in silent question before turning away.

The brief trip to Medical Bay was boringly familiar, most people retreating to private time within their rooms for showers and calls home. He had hoped no one noticed his slight nerves, after two months of only seeing part of her, he would be able to address her directly. That was new.

And also somewhat terrifying.

He could do this. After all, he was seventeen when he first came aboard the Enterprise, surely talking to a girl was easier.

“Chekov! Spock told me he’d be sending you down,” Bones turned the corner, exiting a small room. His eyes were first drawn to a slumped figure, seated upon a stool as she had evidently grown tired of waiting for the computer to analyse the unknown samples, “that the PADD?”

“Yes sir,” Chekov handed the PADD over as they both stood over the young ensign’s shoulder. Chekov found her slow breaths enchanting as her chest rose and fell in the rhythm of sleep. Her hair gently cascaded from a ponytail, fanned over the stainless steel bench, her elegant head resting upon her forearm in what he could only guess was a terribly uncomfortable position. “Ees she asleep, sir?”

“[Y/n]? She’s been down here for three days, only left to grab food from the mess hall.” Bones shook his head in consternation. “She’s an absolute sweetheart- got all the work done- but gone and burned herself out. She sleeps deeper than a comatose patient, knocked over some equipment earlier and she didn’t even make a peep.”

“Reelly, sir?” Chekov was interested more with the gentle flutter of eyelashes against her warm cheek and the slight shadow they cast. She looked so wholly at peace, so different to the literal ball of energy who would bump into him in corridors, attempting to find a colleague in order to corroborate her hypothesis. What clever mind lay asleep there? “она хорошенькая,” He stopped himself before he could continue, noticing the incredibly satisfied smirk on Bones’ face.

“She got you all hot and flustered now?” He whispered in amusement, “I have no idea bout what you said-“

“I said-“

“Whatever it is, don’t be mean to the poor kid, you’ve no idea how many loops she’s flown through to get here,” Chekov nodded at Bones’ warning, brushing a strand of hair away from her serene face.

“нет, I don’t theenk I ewer could,” Chekov’s reply was mostly to himself, quiet and delivered with a small smile on his face. No, he never would.


She’s pretty

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Any thoughts on Hiccup's armor? I was thinking about how it's pretty much like a motorcycle armor, viking version. And didn't he go with black leather and the skull to match Toothless and make them a team more than anything? It's just so personalized... maybe another reason Hiccup made it like that is that if he crashed down and they found bits of the armor, they'd recognize it and know it was him. Like when Stoick finds the helmetO_O

Hiccup’s armor is something else! I totally agree with your commentary on it being like Vikingly “motorcycle” armor (it’s how DeBlois describes it, after all), being personalized, and being designed to match his bud Toothless.

The increased personalization is especially really evident if you observe the chronological development of Hiccup’s flight gear.

The first How to Train Your Dragon movie shows that Hiccup’s flight gear - and Toothless’ tail - are not elaborately decorated, finely finessed items, but creations focused on practicality. In each scene of “See You Tomorrow,” you see Hiccup little bit little modifying his flight gear in order to enhance its functionality.

First making something that will keep him hooked in the saddle.

And then straps across his shoulder.

And then shoulder pads to make the now-common crash landings a little less painful.

Hiccup develops the saddle and the flight suit thus in tandem, each working to fit with the other and make for successful flight. Even at this point in the process, you can see elements of Hiccup’s garb mirroring Toothless. After all, saddle and flight gear are both created for the same purpose and are meant to be worn together. Hiccup and Toothless are already a team, albeit just a new one, and you can already see that budding in the initial design. It’s simple, but it’s there, a symbolic correlation to the start of their friendship.

Once functionality and practicality are accomplished, you see Hiccup’s developments on his flight clothing hone in on other particulars. You see him consider aerodynamics more, plus other tweaks… different stirrups in the saddle to accommodate his peg leg… and that aesthetic self-expression. That design to visually unite himself and Toothless even more.

Creative customization in a way begins when Gobber hands Hiccup a new tail for Toothless at the end of the first movie, this tail being red with a skull on it. It’s like a flag rather than just a mechanical part. And from here on out, Hiccup’s flight gear takes off and becomes converted into the artistic, expressive armor seen in How to Train Your Dragon 2.

Dawn of the Dragon Racers reveals some of the intermediary stages taken to transition from the mere functional flight suit gear of the first movie into the “motorcycle” leather of the second.

The same practical elements like shoulder pads and other body protection, a connecting harness, and a belt can be seen between this design and the flight suit from the first movie. No need to change what works. However, it’s far more stylized. That strap on his left shoulder is quite snazzy. It looks like he’s plopped on a compass on his left forearm, too. Then the main tunic is starting to look like the scales of a dragon - not to mention it’s exact same reddish brown leather as Toothless’ saddle. And if that’s not enough personalization and “matching” with his dragon, Hiccup has a symbol of a Night Fury on his right shoulder. It’s not the same design seen in the twenty-year-old’s armor, but it is a symbol for Toothless. The half-red tail makes it obvious even if one did not recognize the symbol from Hiccup’s shield in Defenders of Berk.

It’s becoming far more protective in nature due to the thicker leather covering his entire torso, giving us that motorcycle impression. It’s becoming more artistic and individualized, seen in the symbols and hip design. And it’s mirroring Toothless more and more through the dragon scale appearance, its color, and its obvious use of insignias.

Then comes the crazy outfit of the second movie. Oh my gods is that customization and self-expression and wearing his love for his dragons all over him.

What do we all have now?

Artistically speaking, the breastplate itself is a lot sleeker than what we see in Dawn of the Dragon Racer. The shoulder strap and its claps are more intricate, we now have a collar to protect his neck, and the parts of the outfit as a whole fit together better.

Hiccup’s symbol on his right shoulder has changed. So has Toothless’ tail - it’s not the same as what Gobber gave Hiccup back at the end of the first movie. However, now Hiccup and Toothless mirror each other with the exact same symbol, Hiccup on his right arm, Toothless on his left tail fin. Hiccup’s skull is red, whereas the outline of Toothless’ skull is red. This is a very intentional artistic match. Hiccup and Toothless don’t just have a similar design on them - it’s the same one.

The leather dragon scale tunic is still brown, but the shoulder pads and armor itself are now black. This matches Toothless closely between the dragon’s brown saddle but overall black shade. I would even say the texture on the breastplate itself is a closer match to the majority of Toothless’ sleek body. Thus, both boy and dragon have the same color coordination: black with highlights of red and brown. The only difference is that you can still see the green in Hiccup’s pants and long-sleeved shirt, but those are the parts of his outfit that would vary day per day when he got up and dressed. The flight suit itself matches Toothless soundly.

The helmet is where it screams “Night Fury” the most. We have the same spiky ridges going down the center of Hiccup’s forehead just as we see along Toothless’ spine. The little splotch of brown looks a bit saddle-like. Hiccup’s mask is very obviously a mimic of his Night Fury.

Oh right, and trying to be able to - you know - fly in your own armor might be a slight indication of paralleling a dragon.

The team is more visibly synchronized through their matched clothing and improved flight gear than they were in the first movie. It’s just like the fact they’re more emotionally synchronized, too. Hiccup and Toothless are bonded even moreso than when they were teens. And so as that relationship grows and they come to understand each other more, so also do their visual designs increasingly parallel the other, too.

So here we have an incredibly intricate flight suit that improves upon protection (breast plate over shoulder pads), aesthetics (symbols and sleek asymmetry as versus practical straps), belts strapped into place by the brown tunic (as versus the unsecured everyday belt he wore), and its correlation to his dragon (color, textures, and the like).

Hiccup is personalizing his flight gear and armor very much since it looks like absolutely nothing the other Vikings wear. It’s his own, and it’s designed to match Toothless. What a punk. I don’t think he has any worries about being identified when he is lost or perhaps crashed - Hiccup, while he can consider precautions and think about potential dangers, is not necessarily an individual who prepares for the worst. He tends to act without some important considerations crossing his mind time to time. Undeniably the young man has designed his armor over the years to match his dragon, though, and I think that is the forefront of his thoughts when constructing his gear.

And through this growth of Hiccup, his experimentations, and his developing bond with Toothless, we can actually connect the dots between this

and this.

508: Not had time at all today to blog, but wanted to say a few things!

Seems a bit trivial to talk about a tv show given whats going on in the world but this is what this blog is for, and I need a distraction before bed to take my mind of things.

This wont be too long hopefully!

I really enjoyed last nights ep, it had drama, highs/lows, pace, comedy and emotion. I need to rewatch it because my internet was freezing this morning and It was harder to watch due to that but I was still entertained the whole time.

Few comments on the last scene:

1) If the weird ass stepford wives music hadn’t been playing, what Fitz was saying wouldn’t have sounded half as creepy.

2) Olivia’s confusion and disorientation made it all seem a little more eery

3) Saw some comments briefly about it being a slight parallel to 218 when she was in the hospital bed and fitz hugged her, really like that parallel.

4) I understand Fitz’s motives somewhat. With her in the WH she is much more protected, especially with a detail. She is safer from the likes of Rowan and Human Vibrator

5) Olivia now has to live her sentence out in the crown jewel of the american prison system. Fitz has served, and is still serving his.

6) Fitz did come across a little weird and controlling (Tony plays him so well) and I was a little freaked out by it but I really do think the music changed how I interpreted it. Olivia has always controlled the pace and direction of their relationship and Fitz took control.

7) I dont think this is over between them and words will be said, but I think Fitz is so willing and committed to Liv and to working with her on their problems than losing her altogether. Olivia had resigned herself to this.

8) Finally, i’ve watched that scene two or three times and it doesn’t bother me AS much as it first did, although I know some people are already jumping of the Olitz ship (ridiculous sorry) because of it. I am genuinely excited to see what comes of this.

In general this scene leaves me feeling a mixture of things and I can’t fully explain but ye I am hoping and praying they’ll be ok.

The Pentagon Scene:

This is all I have to say

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Kerry and Tony are truly phenomenal together and that whole scene was insane. The fact we understood exactly what was being said just from their faces and a bit of lip reading is testament to them. I know I hate on Shonda a shit load, but the decision to put the music over that scene was pretty great…. and what a song choice.

side note: is the fact that Mellie actually forged Fitz’s signature, which is treason, just going to be ignored? Surely Fitz can’t let that slide… I should asking questions.


Quinn telling Marcus to go faster killed me. Marcus bro you got to keep up!

Huck telling Joke he’s on his own - YES MY FRIEND.

Case of the week was good, It was interesting and I wasn’t bored by it. When Fitz dropped that little comment about the drone when they shook hands. I was like

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Thats my man. He said it with so much poise and swag and used that sexy ass voice of his. Im proud of my bae.

David and Liz

Rosen is funny as shit but this is just weird as fuck. My heart literally hurts for Susan, she is such a good person, she doesnt deserve this. She can keep her wine coolers.

Abby and Olivia

Frigging love this sisterhood. Yes they have done shit to each other in the past but when it comes to it they gladiate for each other and they are each others person over a cliff. Liv chilling with her shoes off in Abby’s office, glass of vino in hand, uchhhhh I love it. Up until Fitz found out, Olivia had psyched herself up to believe that once he knows thats it for them and she wasn’t ready to lose that. She was hanging onto those last moments with him. Props to Abby for ratting out Cyrus, that man is a dog with a fucking huge bone and needs to be tamed. No doubt Liv knows that anyway, but hey, sisterhood looking out for each other. It was so nice to see Olivia releasing her burdens on other people and actually communicating her fears, especially with a girl friend.

I really wish she would do it with Fitz more but she has done and she will continue to get better at doing so. There has already been so much growth for her in many aspects this season and her expressing her fears and is one of them.  

But ye this Abby/Liv scene had me in my feels.

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When he found out Liv was involved he was like a little kid. I swear down that man doesn’t learn a frigging lesson, his power trip is going to send him to his grave. Wasn’t here for him this episode at all and was kinda like


I do not understand how Olivia, after everything he has done to her, is so ready to believe him so quickly. Maybe I am missing something, do tell me if I am?

The choice of song in the Rowan/Liv scene was again fantastic. Shonda knows how to pick and chose music for the right moments.

I know Rowan has exerted so much control over Olivia’s life to the point where her life becomes foreign without his presence, but really, if that man was buried tomorrow, are people telling me Olivia would be devastated? Seriously she wanted him put away for life so he could rot in prison with all the blood on his hands. Why have a constant worry that he may escape or come find her when he is out, why not just let him die? For fucks sake you had a man hunt on him last season and now you don’t want him to be killed.

Maybe I need to be a little more complex with my thinking on this one from Olivia’s emotional stand point but this just really fucks with me and I do feel Rowan’s presence is a way to make fish lips sightly relevant.

The beginning of the bunker scene, you can hear Olivia explain to Fitz that her dad was going to die or get killed in jail so she released him….. BUT WHY?! I do need help on this one? anyone?!


The 20 seconds you were on the screen was enough and it was once again a pleasure not having grace our screens.

Random Thoughts:

–> Jake you’re boring and grow more irrelevant each week.

–> Olitz being the power couple they are hosting guests, and Olivia charming – everyone. My babies, I love you so much.

–>Prayers for Susan Ross, she is such a babe.

Fitz telling Cyrus to bring Olivia “home” to the Residence. My fanfic feellllsssss.

I may have missed something, so this is just my general feelings about it from one watch and what stood out to me.

Now I will finish off with gifs from Olitz in bed (credit @bananadome​) because the way Fitz/Tony looks at Kerry/Olivia has me all in my feels. That little nose stroke, the gentle goodnight kisses. Tony’s abs and Kerry’s flawless natural beauty. These people will kill me.

Like Uncle, Like Niche: Rucaya and Eric/Rachel/Jack

Remember how Michael Jacobs once said that Riley is more like Eric than Cory?


This is about to get complicated, but hear me out.

In terms of BMW-analog assumptions, most people came into the show with the assumption that:

Riley = Cory
Maya = Shawn
Lucas = Topanga
Farkle = joke character who’s there for comic relief (like Minkus)

That’s the impression we’re given in the pilot, anyway. It’s never explicitly stated that Lucas “is” Topanga, but that’s the assumption we were primed to make based on Cory saying that Riley “is [him].” Later on we learn that Farkle isn’t just LIKE Minkus, he IS a Minkus. Isn’t it interesting that they left his status as a biological legacy character out of the pilot? And that it didn’t come up until later, in GM Maya’s Mother? It’s like they didn’t want us to think it was a big deal…but it kinda is. Anyway, I digress.

So, there was NEVER a Cory/Topanga/Shawn triangle on BMW, not really. There were a few moments where you thought, “oh hey…maybe?” But no. Noooo no no. Not a thing.

But on GMW, turns out the “Shawn” and the “Topanga” DO have feelings for each other. But they can’t exactly parallel the REAL Shawn and Topanga because well…that never happened.

When it comes to the Rucaya triangle, the truer character parallels are:

Riley = Eric
Maya = Jack
Lucas = Rachel
(Farkle = non-issue, no parallel)

Eric is the goofball weirdo. Jack is the cool guy. Their friendship dynamic is similar to Riley and Maya in a few ways, but that’s the big one. Both Eric and Jack are attracted to Rachel from day one. They meet her completely at random in the hallway of their apartment building as she’s leaving her boyfriend. (Later on it’s kinda implied that she and the boyfriend came to Philadelphia from Texas although it’s never explicitly stated to my knowledge.) She immediately becomes their roommate.

They start out by actively competing for her, but quickly decide that they should all be friends. It doesn’t really stick.

At one point, Rachel says that she likes Eric’s goofiness and Jack’s sensitivity, and that she wishes she could combine them into one person. SO ERIC DRESSES IN ALL BLACK AND FAKES A KIND OF A SOULFUL SENSITIVE GOTH PERSONA.

Remind you of anyone? **cough*MOROTIA*cough**

Like Uncle, like niche:

Eric, Rachel, and Jack are a lot older than these kids, of course. Rachel takes Jack down to the laundry room and pretends to seduce him before basically saying that she wants to have Eric around, not pretend-dark-Eric. Eric returns to normal.

At the end of the episode, Eric and Rachel return to the apartment to find Jack dressed in a clown costume, riding around on a tricycle. Eric exclaims, “that’s my bike!” The episode ends as Rachel takes Jack down to the laundry room, presumably for the same talk Eric got earlier although we don’t actually see it.

Jack as a clown riding Eric’s tricycle, Maya as Riley talmbout circuses:

Granted, the catalyst for Eric & Jack’s transformation is different from the catalyst for Riley & Maya’s transformation—and the resolution is different too—but the overall theme of both plots is eerily similar.

Later, Eric and Rachel play The Fiancée Game with Cory and Topanga. (They were just kinda hanging out in the student union when they got roped into playing, they weren’t a couple by any stretch.) We only see them answer one question, but Rachel knows that Eric’s favorite fish is a “Pengwin.” Because of this, an elated Eric believes he and Rachel are meant to be together, but he returns home to find Jack and Rachel kissing—she’d been comforting him after Chet’s death. (Cory and Topanga, on the other hand, miss every question. 😂)

Like Uncle, like niche again:

And there’s a slight parallel between Eric walking in on Rachel and Jack kissing and Riley overhearing Lucas and Maya’s conversation on the rooftop.

In season seven, alterna-future Rachel has moved to…Texas.

And what’s interesting about that is how much the “bad” future from the BMW S7 prank war episodes wound up coming true. Eric becomes Mr. Squirrels for real, Jack becomes an “evil businessman"…we don’t know anything about Rachel except that she and Eric are still friends and she and Jack parted ways. And obviously it’s a BIG DEAL that Eric & Jack showed up to tell Riley the story of their triangle just as the Rucaya triangle starts to go way high key.

The parallels go on and on (and I’m not going to catalog all of them here), but I think what sticks out most to me is…the blocking. As the Eric/Rachel/Jack triangle plotline goes on, Jack and Rachel are usually put next to each other, and often have furtive little moments that don’t call too much attention to themselves. They have big ones too, but the little moments happen for them in a way that they don’t really happen for Eric and Rachel, even though they have some sweet moments too.

I mean, they even pull the same kinda trick in the credit sequences:

So yeah. Obviously I think the Rucaya triangle is going to ultimately settle the same way the Eric/Rachel/Jack triangle did, with The Rachel and The Jack together. But (aside from the obvious age/developmental gap) there are some major, important differences to consider as far as how it’ll play out in the long term:

(1) Eric and Jack didn’t have nearly the friendship foundation that Riley and Maya do. They’d only known each other about a year when they met Rachel, they weren’t childhood friends willing to sacrifice their feelings in order to give the other a chance.
(2) They actively competed for Rachel’s “hand,” as it were, from the start. This is not the case with Riley and Maya. And it’s implied that Jack and Rachel’s breakup at the end of S6/beginning of S7 is primarily a result of Eric & Jack’s cavalier attitude about said competition.
(3) Jack and Rachel kissed and then kept on kissing once their moment arrived. They jumped right on in. They began officially dating almost immediately. They end up cohabitating alone almost immediately because Eric moves out. They kinda consider Eric’s feelings, but not as much as the new generation kids take each other into consideration.
(4) They didn’t have grown-up Corpanga for mentors.

And of course, even when there are strong parallels, stories on GMW never play out EXACTLY as they did on BMW, at least not in terms of those initial BMW-analog assumptions which I detailed at the beginning of this post. So even though I think the Rucaya triangle will resolve with the same pairing as the Eric/Rachel/Jack triangle in the long run, I don’t think the story is going to play out the exact same way, because the underlying relationships are different in some very crucial ways.

Finally, there’s the way Eric comes to the realization that he doesn’t really love Rachel. When Shawn asks Eric point blank why he thinks they’d make a good couple and what it is about Rachel spiritually that attracts him, all Eric can talk about is how pretty she is. He realizes that he was more into the competition than the girl herself. Obviously this differs from Rucaya in a major way because there’s never been an active competition between Riley and Maya (and the friendship between Riley/Lucas and Maya/Lucas is stronger than Eric/Rachel and Jack/Rachel), but the basic concept is that while Eric IS genuinely Rachel’s friend, his romantic feelings toward her were based entirely on aesthetics. I wonder if Riley is going to come to a similar conclusion sometime in S3—although her Lucas feels aren’t based on looks ALONE; it’s a combo of looks+idealism.

So yeah. I recommend an Eric/Rachel/Jack-based re-watch of BMW S6 & S7. Pay particular attention to the blocking in S6, and those little moments where the emotional connection between Jack and Rachel grows. It’ll make your brain crumble a bit.

Lucaya Hints Compilation Post (Updated_1)

This is a compilation of all the Lucaya hints I, and others have picked up on through out nearly two seasons. Here goes. let me know if I missed something out. (This is the updated version_1. With more observations I didn’t notice before.)

Pictures and gifs below.

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During Cory and Topanga’s high school graduation, Topanga proposed. It became a major turning point in their relationship.

Obviously, Riley and Lucas are way too young to be getting married. But, I can see Lucas telling Riley he loves her somehow at their graduation. It would be a slight parallel to Cory and Topanga’s high school graduation, as well as act as a turning point for Riley and Lucas’ relationship. Plus, Girl Meets Graduation is a finale episode, and that would be one heck of a cliffhanger.