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~ I Want to Make It Big ~

For the longest time I’ve wanted to make it big enough to earn enough money so my family and I can live a stress-free and healthy life. I know money isn’t everything and I know there are a lot of things money cannot buy. But oh my gosh would it make some things in life so much easier! Things like college tuition, debt, medical care, paper works, etc.

I’ve seem what money can do to families and what money can do to heal. Legit healing, not emotional healing because that does not work. I don’t want to see my parents suffer anymore and I don’t want to see my family struggle anymore because of money.

I always make it a point to rely less on money when I can because I want to know that I can do it but certain things you do need money to solve… Like the hole in the roof or the broken heater… It’s so hard to continue to live like this some times you know. I’m not saying I want to give up. No, never. I just wish that my hard work will pay off one day and hopefully soon…



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Love, Itself, is a Complicated Game… But are YOU ready?

The thing is we don’t know where life will take us; where we will end up… Who we will meet… And who we will spend the rest of our lives with- that is if we are lucky and fortunate enough to have such a blessing in our lifetime. Not many of us can say that we will lived a happily ever after… Not many at all…

The thing with love is the same thing; the same concept. The system: you “fall in love” , you get married , and have kids hopefully. And just hope (hope)that things don’t go bad. But what if it does, what will you do then? Be depressed and think that everyone else in the world did you wrong? No, of course not. You get up; you fight. You fight for yourself. You fight for what you believe in and you win. If you haven’t won, well then the game isn’t over yet.

   Love is tough and guys are tough and so are girls. Why do we work so hard? Or do we work hard enough? These are the questions you need to ask yourself first before anything. Before you love someone. What are you in it for? What are you in it for in LIFE itself. …… I want to find that first. I want to say that I know what I want and I want to get it. I’ve been finding myself closer and closer; each and every step of the way by myself . Because I WORKED. Because I did it when everyone else left. I did it and I worked hard to earn it. Do you have that goal?

    Why are you living? If you are living for your loved ones, I support you all the way. But if you are in high school and maybe even in college- who are you? Do you know yourself and what YOU want in anything - in a guy? My advice is to figure that out for yourself and then head into something you are ready for. Remember : You don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Just keep moving and do what makes YOU happy…



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~ Graduation ~

So on June 18, 2014, I graduated high school and to be honest, to this point it still hasn’t hit me that I left. High school has been amazing for me; the four most unstable years of my teenage life and I still haven’t felt a bit of sadness yet. Maybe it is because I have no one to be upset about leaving behind because the people I still want in my life are still in my life and in the future. Or maybe it’s because I’ve grown out of the teenage years and already half way into my adult years.
I don’t know what it is but whatever the reason is I’m still happy and I know at some point in my life, I’m going to have a good cry about leaving high school but at this point, it has not hit me yet. I think it will hit me once I move out of my parents’ house or when I move to
another town from the one I live in right now. Another truth to this is that I’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time. I’ve been wanting to stop seeing the insignificant, immature people that could care less about others. I’ve seen a lot of the adult world in microscopic forms in high school. I guess the reason is that ever since I got my first real job, my first real achievement, and ever since all of the moments that marked my own independence from my family, I’ve always been ready to see what’s further down the road for me. I’ve always been so eager to graduate high school so I can start providing for my family so they don’t have to struggle anymore. Maybe that’s the reason; I’ve been ready for a while.
High school was and will always be important to me and each one of us. Just remember to cherish every moment, thank and appreciate every friend, love and care like people are your family, and learn to forgive all of those who’ve wronged you but watch your own back while you are at it. Life will bring you amazing gifts as long as you give a little back too. Good luck.

~SLife <3

~ Anonymous Judgment ~

So I always grew up with judgment around me; from my parents, from my grandparents, my family, strangers, teachers, school staff, “friends”, friends, etc. Judgment isn’t necessarily bad. There are good judgments too however today the only judgments we are bad ones .

Last night, I recieved an anonymous message and the person said I had a bad attitude because of what I write but that person said something more than that . It sounds like something someone who had something personal against me would say to me . It sounds like the same person has been sending me these bad messages but whether it is true or not, I disabled the anonymous messaging option .

I disabled it because I know what I am and who I am , if someone wishes to tell otherwise then they shouldn’t be afraid of showing their identity . I really don’t ask for trouble ; I want people to feel good about themselves without being judged for who they are unless they had done immoral things or unkind acts and need to be disciplined .

No one deserves to hear these words .


~ The First Betrayal… ~

    So let’s call this friend of mine, Nancy. When I first moved to another town in 6th grade, I met my two new best friends here. We shared almost everything together. We spent a lot of time together (Nancy & I; our other best friend, Linc, couldn’t hang out with us that often) and we told each other everything. At least that’s what I thought… Turns out Nancy was talking behind everyone’s back this whole time. She called us bad names, she spilled so many secrets of ours, and the thing was she didn’t care about much but herself. I wonder to this day how she is doing with her new life somewhere else. I just could never figure out why she did it and felt no mercy, you know? I doubt anyone had betrayed her before and definitely I’m not sure if I did either. I always respected her enough to tell her whenever we had a problem but I guess it wasn’t the same from the other side. After awhile, Nancy and I stopped being friends in 8th grade and moved on to high school without ever talking to each other again. Do I miss her? No, but I do wish her the best that she treats other people right after that. Our whole group of friends turned against her so I hoped she learned.

    Nancy was my first best friend that ever betrayed me and after that a new cycle of betrayal began… I learned that even the closest people to you can betray you. Take my cousins as examples. The thing is you can’t learn to treat others bad even if they did you wrong. What do you gain from it? Revenge? No, you gain shame. Revenge won’t hurt them as much as it will hurt you. Why put so much effort into destroying something you dislike or hate when you can spend it moving on happily with new friends and new memories? Hatred is not worth it and I learned the best way. We will have many “Nancy’s” in our lives but we have to use good judgment and not do anything stupid. I hope my Nancy does well as much as I hope you let your Nancy’s go…

~SLife ♡

~ Welcome to the Babysitting World, SLife… ~

I met my boss at a local YMCA and I was volunteering at the babysitting section like I did every summer since 2011. In the childcare room, there was the childcare taker (Mrs. L), me, and the adorable minions. I took care of most of the children and played with them. They were such angels! They were so well-mannered with the exceptions of a few haha… I loved them all equally of course.

  As I was volunteering one day, one of the moms came to pick up their kids and she decided to talk to me. She asked me if I was a volunteer here and if I was interested in babysitting her two kids and of course I was thrilled because of two reasons. I love babysitting and playing with children because they are so innocent and genuine. Second, I needed the money xD So I told her that I would love to babysit them and we went over the necessities another day and guess what ? I got the job !

  I learned so much about caring for two tiny human beings that I, one day, might even want to own a childcare center myself ! It’s the genuine and cute smile on these kids’ faces that makes me want to help them become great and inspirational adults when they grow older. It just all starts at a young age…

~SLife ♡
My new website ! ! !

Hey subbies ! Check out my new website that I had just created yesterday ! I hope you like it and make sure you visit it each week because there will be new blog posts on my Youtube, Family, Friendship, Work, Romance, Eventful Events, & etc lifestyles ! I’m sure you will love it ! You can even fan mail me there ! I made sure my subbies gets the best because of your increasing support on my Youtube Channel ! I love you all ! Stay updated !

So I got a question from a subbie but they want to keep their identity a secret so I will respect that...

The question they wanted me to answer is:

If you were a crayon , what color would you be ?

I would say baby pink like a rosey pink . Why ? Well, it can symbolize love . It can also symbolize health and luck since it is in the red family (In China, red means good fortune and wealth :D) . Since it is in the red family , I like to think of it as something to do with blood and to me , blood means strength . The more you have it , the stronger you are . Also , I love the rosey pink colored roses . They are so beautiful to me .

And I know what you are thinking . That is quite an answer haha but you asked for it so I’m going to give you my 100% !