Mountain of the Witches

“Return, and when thou comest to the north angle of the house, cry aloud three times and say, ‘The mountain of the Fenian women and the sky over it is all on fire.’ ”

And she did so.

When the witches inside heard the call, a great and terrible cry broke from their lips, and they rushed forth with wild lamentations and shrieks, and fled away to Slievenamon, where was their chief abode. -The Horned Women

To the mountains the witches go, It is where their great Sabbat is held within a ring of snags and a tree of the world in the center.

Hags of every age, every gender, of every land gather here: not time, nor distance, nor heritage shall stop them.

It is a place of devils, fairies, gods, familiar spirits, and the dead. A place of power and magic beneath the silver-lined moon. An eternal fire is kept lit as a welcoming beacon for the hags in flight.

They come on brooms, spoons, yarrow, stangs, bones, sieves, and even people; screaming and fighting as they are ridden. Soaring into a night sky aligned with twinkling, jeweled stars, witches follow the moon, symbol of a witch queen calling out to them.

The Sabbat awaits to fill the eve with the most wicked of events. A night of pure ecstasy and rebellion.

So go witches, you must fly to be with your brothers and sisters, both of blood and spirit. The meeting is about to begin. For before the twilight peaks, we shall rise.

Why is the mountain a source of power for the witches’ meeting? The mountain is a place of magic. Its a place of fairy power, where the earth rises to the sky so that witches can fly with ease. The mountains were said to be a place where the devil could rest in ease, a place he is quite fond of.

Its a place of spirits and of the otherworld, where one must be wary of being stolen by the old spirits of the mountain.

“Did I not counsel you never to betray our secret to anyone?” gently chided the youth. “If my mother sees us now she will separate us immediately. This mountain is our abode; my mother will be here directly, and woe to us if she catch sight of us.”

The poor girl was terrified at these words, grieving bitterly that no sooner had she found her husband than she must lose him again. The Dew-son pitied her, gave her a light blow and changed her into an apple, which he put upon a shelf. Shrieking loudly, the witch flew down from the mountain, crying that she could smell human flesh and that human flesh she must have. -The Horse Dew and the Witch

This place of power and secrets is where the witches gather to take heed in their meetings. Atop hallowed grounds filled with bones of the dead and fairy gold. Where they know the spirits can escape into this world.

For whether the moon is silver-lined or eclipsed in shadows, the Sabbat is waiting for you.