sliding to sochi

Missing Men in Tights…

Especially Team USA…The Fantastic Four…

Steve Holcomb

Chris Fogt

Curt Tomasevicz

Steve Langton

Sliding To Glory, Lads!


Sliding To Sochi!

One Half Of The Fantastic Four…Steven Holcomb And Steven Langton, AKA The Thing And Mister Fantastic…Begin The Slide!

In Third Baby…Let’s Up That Puppy To Gold!

Bring It Home, Baby!


The Avengers Slide To Glory!

Team USA-2…Johnny Quinn, Nick Cunningham, Dallas Robinson, And Justin Olsen…Ride To Glory As The Avengers!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Sliding To Sochi!

Curtis Tomasevicz, aka The Invisible Man And The Nebraska Wonder, Rocks!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Sliding To Sochi Gold!

Tip Of The Hat To Alexander Zubkov And Alexey Voevoda as They Slid Into Gold! Not Bad For A 39 Year Old Pilot Who First Slid At The Olympics In 1990!

Way To Go, Bro!


Skiing To Sochi!

Bode Miller Came In Eighth In Alpine Skiing! Still, He’s Phenomenal On The Slopes In Skill And In His skin-Tight Speed Suit!

Stay Focused, Cowboy!


The Fantast Four!

Getting Ready To Slide, Baby!

Bring It On, Baby!


Sliding To Sochi Bronze!

The Fantastic Four Slid Into Bronze!

Way To Go, Bros!