sliding to sochi


Friday Frolics: Sliding To Sochi!

Bobsleigh Is One Of My Favorite Sports To Watch In The Winter. It’s A Thrill Watching A Two-Man Or A Four-Man Sled Whizz By You On An Iced Track At Breath-Taking Speeds!

Still More Thrilling Is Watching The Lycra-Clad Crew Push The Sled For Close To 50 Meters From A Standing Start On The Ice Track And Then Jump Into The Sled In Rhythm With Each Other! It’s Truly Artistry Of The Athlete In Execution!

These Sports Studs And Men In Tight Uniforms Are Fast, Fit, And Focused! There Are Several Teams To Watch In Sochi: Team USA, Team GB, Team Canada, And Team Germany. Another Favorite Is Team Australia Looking Mighty Fine In Their Tight Gold And Green Uniforms.

One Standout Is Bruce Tasker Of Team GB! He Is A Great Brakeman, And Is He Ever…

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Monday In Skin-Tight Uniforms

From Sliding To Sochi Through Sliding To World Cups To Sliding To PyeongChang…

Woof, Baby!

Missing Men in Tights…

Especially Team USA…The Fantastic Four…

Steve Holcomb

Chris Fogt

Curt Tomasevicz

Steve Langton

Sliding To Glory, Lads!


Army Sliders!

They May Not Have Medaled, But Nick Cunningham And Dallas Robinson Made The US Army Proud!

Real Team Work!!!

They Need To Get A Room, Too!

Show Me The Love!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Sliding To Sochi!

One Half Of The Fantastic Four…Steven Holcomb And Steven Langton, AKA The Thing And Mister Fantastic…Begin The Slide!

In Third Baby…Let’s Up That Puppy To Gold!

Bring It Home, Baby!


Sliding To Sochi Disappointment!

John Daly Had Good Runs As Evident Here Until Today, When He Screwed Up His Start!

Dig Deep Down, MF, Find It In You (It’s There), And Come Back A Winner, Tiger!


More Friday Frolics With Team GB!

Hot Damn, Baby! Cannot Get Enough Of Betty’s Men In Tight Uniforms!

Sliding To Sochi For Queen And Country!

Bring It On, Baby!


Sliding To Sochi:

Sliding With Team USA 2, Justin Olsen will Go For Another Olympic Gold!

The Kid Can Rock The Sled And The Lycra!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Sliding To Sochi!

John Jackson, The Pilot For Team GB1, Is Ready, Set, And About To Slide To Sochi!

Hot Damn, Baby!


Sliding To Sochi!

Let The Countdown Begin!

Sexy Men In Tight Uniforms!

Ride ‘Em, Cowboy!

Sex On A Stick, Baby!


Diving To Sochi???

There Are some Sports That Should Be In Both Olympic Games!!

Tom Daley Epitomizes The Olympic Spirit!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Sochi Sliders!

Can’t Beat The Sights At Sochi With Cory Butner, Christopher Fogt, And Heath Spence.

Sexy As Hell, Baby! 


Sliding to Sochi!

Here’s To Team Canada Surpassing Their Superior Performances At Past Olympics And Other Tourneys!

Just Love That Canadian Bacon! Their Sausages Are Tasty, Too!

Sexy as Hell, Baby!