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got any easter fics besides the few in the tags

Easter SurpriseA fluffy little thing about a ester egg hunt Dan has Planned for Phil.

Easter Baking - Dan and Phil make out for nearly 2 hours while waiting for the Easter nests to chill.

Eastery AssistantWhile Phil is filming his Easter video, he calls for Dan to be his “Eastery” assistant. But when he enters the screen and doesn’t answer Phil, Phil gets worried.

He Must’ve Forgot to Close His Door (ao3) - The room is dim, Dan is drunk, he’s got lipstick in his hand, and Phil is sat beside him, nearly in his lap. What is he supposed to do?

Easter Candy - Dan and Phil take their son Noah to an Easter egg hunt for the first time, and aren’t surprised when at the end of the day, he has a tummy ache from eating all of his candy. Plus, a kickthestickz appearance.

Easter SundayRather than planning a flashy day out for Easter, Dan and Phil put on an egg hunt for their daughter at home.

It Was The Easter BunnyParent!Phan at Easter.

To Be or Bonnet to BeWhen Dan hears about the Easter bonnet competition at Jonathan’s school he is quick to get involved. Jonathan is a little hesitant, and Phil just wants them both to be happy.

The only thing I’ll let slide on our Easter Sunday There was an Easter tradition in the Dan and Phil household, and that was that neither of them where allowed to do anything on Easter Sunday. No filming, no editing, no fancy business emails. This day let them relax from the stresses of life. The only thing they were allowed to do was sit in their pyjamas and watch TV shows or anime all day, it was special. It was sacred, to them anyway.


Slide to the side Sunday– trying to keep my husband entertained at the store he’s aptly named, “Home Hell” while snagging some new decorations and a 🌲


Bob’s Burgers is back, with “Sliding Bobs,” Sunday at 7:30/6:30 on FOX!


While visiting the doctor Bob gets tranquilized and wakes up with a robotic mustache.

Officer Robo-Stache from “Sliding Bobs” airing Sunday, September 27th

MCM Wrap Up

My 3:51 finish time was the fastest of this year’s 4 marathons and good enough to earn 200th place of 1,590 athletes in my age group.  I’m happy about that because I wasn’t quite ready to admit that I’m too old to hit 4 hours. Losing 10-12 lbs and the overcast sky helped a lot.

In my experience there’s a point at around 13-14 miles when fatigue starts to set in and outcome of the race largely depends on the decision I make then. On good days, I’m able to convince myself to rally and actually pick up the pace until I at least hit 20 miles.  On other days I lose the mental game, start playing it safe and my pace starts to slide immediately.  On Sunday I was able rally until mile 20.  I actually convince myself that running faster is somehow physically more efficient and less taxing than running slower. 

I think the key to a really great race (for me) is to find a way to hang tough for the last 6 miles as well.  Of course almost everyone who’s ever run a marathon has said the same thing right?  

Physically, everything held up pretty well during the race - I made an effort to hydrate as much as I could and drank 2-3 cups of Gatorade at every opportunity and ate gel every 45 minutes.  My only complaint is (really) sore feet.  I’m going to try a new pair of shoes but I suspect the real culprit is more likely to be PF.