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When It Falls Part II ( continued from here )

          She stared wide-eyed at the robots, at what Altas had set up around the tournament to protect people. Yet, here they stood with guns trained on her. Livia ducked down just in time to feel a bullet graze over her arm and was immensely grateful for her aura. There were five, but each second wasted fighting and not moving forward  was a second that something could happen at home. Only five, from everything the blonde could see, not enough that they could trap her there with numbers, she could find a way to make an opening and run instead of fight. 

        More bullets began to fly and she twirled her weapon to deflect as many as possible. Aura was a valuable resource and even the most minuscule hit was a waste of it. Livia drew up from within herself more lightning, enough to be able to hopefully at least short out the machines. Blue electricity cracked and flashed through the air, arcing between the five, and looked like it would at least be enough to buy her time to quickly finish them with a few quick jabs from her polearm. Much as she wanted to simply run and hurry, Livia knew that simply leaving them to potentially hurt a civilian was even worse than wasting a few seconds. The task complete, Livia turned to continue her sprint. 

         The entire world had fallen to little more than a blurred mess. A swirling mass of black, white, and red– Oh so much red. Red and screaming. The screams of the terrified people far off toward downtown Vale and the unerring screeching of the flock of Griffons that had grown bold enough to dive down to pluck new victims in their talons. The archer fired off two arrows from her bow, needing to rely more on her quiver than her power stores if she was to make it home with enough energy left to fight. 

         But she was no longer the scared little girl she was on that painful day. She was smarter, stronger. Ozpin must have appointed her as team leader for good reason, right? Though the thought of how she had so coldly abandoned the twins and  Pasque made her stomach drop. Please let them be okay. 

          However, after a few more arrows knocked more Grimm from the sky, she continued. Livia’s heart sank, but the need to get home, to get to her family, was growing so strong in her that it felt it would burst out. Something wasn’t right. She could not place just what, but something felt off the closer she got to the little shop along the river. Livia shook the feeling and focused on getting there, biting back the burning in her legs from her long run

         Her stomach felt like it would do flips by the time she finally got to the river, to where the stores and buildings became so familiar they were practically a part of her, and the sight even this far from home still made her draw in a pained gasp. Even this far from downtown Vale, the Grimm has struck hard. From land, from sky, even from the water now that the city’s defenses had been overrun. Streaks of blood painting building tops, spatters across the ground, and drag marks going in toward the river the closer it got to the sea. 

            Livia’s pace slowed the closer she got to the shop and her feet came to a dead stop when she was only a few buildings away. The window her parents put so much love into hand-painting to draw in customers had been shattered, glass littering the street at the storefront and, upon closer inspection, more glass was just inside the store. 

           It was like she wasn’t breathing, wasn’t fully existing in the moment, as Livia’s expression dropped, almost glassing over as she approached. 

           They were okay still, they had to be. Maybe the shop just got a little messed up in the panic? It had to be the case. With soft, tentative steps, she walked passed the shattered-out window, a hand mechanically reaching for the key to the shop and tested  the lock. Unlocked. And she stepped inside to get a better look.

           It was a mess. The store looked ransacked, displays broken open and the contents removed with haste, tables turned onto their sides and arranged in a line— A barricade? Her feet came to a pause as she looked at the claw marks on the surface of the tables and her breath was sucked out from her lungs. They were here. They fought here.  

           She walked about more, stumbling somewhat in the darkness over debris from the displays of her parents’ store and stopped cold when she heard a wet sound underfoot. Upon glancing down, she saw a dark puddle and could make out a scroll laying nearby. Livia knelt down beside the puddle, pulling out her own scroll for light as she picked up the one on the ground and felt sick. In the dim illumination, her fingertips were red. And, even through the cracks on the screen, she easily identified this new scroll as her brother’s— The background was the same picture of roses he had set before the accident years prior, the only major thing on the home screen a large, easy to tap without missing, microphone app that gave Rhoa access to all of his scroll’s functions.

            Though, there was a notice on his scroll that he had an unsent message. Her hands shook as she opened it and saw that there was a video waiting to load into the chat he had set with her. 

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got any easter fics besides the few in the tags

Easter SurpriseA fluffy little thing about a ester egg hunt Dan has Planned for Phil.

Easter Baking - Dan and Phil make out for nearly 2 hours while waiting for the Easter nests to chill.

Eastery AssistantWhile Phil is filming his Easter video, he calls for Dan to be his “Eastery” assistant. But when he enters the screen and doesn’t answer Phil, Phil gets worried.

He Must’ve Forgot to Close His Door (ao3) - The room is dim, Dan is drunk, he’s got lipstick in his hand, and Phil is sat beside him, nearly in his lap. What is he supposed to do?

Easter Candy - Dan and Phil take their son Noah to an Easter egg hunt for the first time, and aren’t surprised when at the end of the day, he has a tummy ache from eating all of his candy. Plus, a kickthestickz appearance.

Easter SundayRather than planning a flashy day out for Easter, Dan and Phil put on an egg hunt for their daughter at home.

It Was The Easter BunnyParent!Phan at Easter.

To Be or Bonnet to BeWhen Dan hears about the Easter bonnet competition at Jonathan’s school he is quick to get involved. Jonathan is a little hesitant, and Phil just wants them both to be happy.

The only thing I’ll let slide on our Easter Sunday There was an Easter tradition in the Dan and Phil household, and that was that neither of them where allowed to do anything on Easter Sunday. No filming, no editing, no fancy business emails. This day let them relax from the stresses of life. The only thing they were allowed to do was sit in their pyjamas and watch TV shows or anime all day, it was special. It was sacred, to them anyway.


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