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I had this fifth grade teacher who I swear was a pedophile. He would slide his hand up girls backs when he helped them and he'd always touch our thighs. He was obsessed with yoga too and when he 'helped' us do the position correctly he'd always touch us suggestively. It was weird.

I hear sirens, maybe?

Jhope with a transboy boyfriend

  • Lemme say this. You talking about supportive. This man will care for you, love you, and accept you before, through, and after the change.
  • Will love the hell out of you regardless
  • C U D D L E S
  • 24/7 he wants cuddles
  • Whether its in the car, sitting on a park bench, in the studio, in the dorms, you name it. This man has his hand on some part of you, whether its your ass, the small of your back, your shoulder, your arm.
  • He would move his hand from the top of your back to the bottom to tease you
  • His fingers lightly dancing on your skin until he reaches your ass and grabs it.
  • “This is mine babyboy. All mine. I cant wait until we are home tonight. Im gonna fuck you so well”
  • Dirty stuff👏👏😏
  • A tease
  • You guys could be making out and he will slide his hand up your thigh then grasp your member, then would get up and act like nothing happened. Leaving you hard for him, which makes you beg, WHICH HE LOVES
  • He would randomly through out the day if he was in a teasing mood whisper dirty things into your ear wherever you were.
  • This one time you were helping jin cook dinner and he came over behind you. He grinded up on you then whispered “daddy needs your help baby boy”. Of course jin said “boi if you dont get your nasty self out of the kitchen and the food. Uh bye”
  • You were so embarrassed but jhope just chuckled and slapped your ass before walking away
  • In all seriousness though, he will love and accept you through think and thin. I can see him being the spouse that will be so loving and tender to the next moment having you pinned up against the wall making out
  • He will make sure that wherever you are, you are comfortable.
  • If you are with the boys and are scared. He will take you to his room and yall lay down for a few
  • Once you explain what you are feeling, he will reassure you that not only he loves and accepts you but the boys love and accept you for who you are
  • A/n: please, please correct me if i messed up with the pronouns. I sincerely apologize if i did

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Headcannons for going on movie date with johnny?

A/N: SO I’m back guys. I had so much work this week for school, because we missed allll last week and had to make it up. But anyways! Thanks for those who sent in requests you are such doll babies <3

- I think Johnny would so excited like awww he’d be thinking about movies he’d know you would like

- He asks Dally for a bunch of tips that he ends up not taking

-”Just slide your hand down her-”

“Geez Dally! Nevermind!” lol

- He’d been saving up to take you out

- lowkey Dallas would drop in a couple dollars when he wasn’t looking

-he talked about it for daaaayyys like the boys were so happy to see him happy and excited again but golly did he gush

- He’s so nervous when he gets to your door

-But you had seen him walk up through your window that overlooked the front of the house and you bound down the stairs and threw the door open before he could turn around and leave

- he holds your hand the entire way to the theater

-if you guys saw a horror movie, aww you guys would be so cute

- after the first couple times you got scared, he just raised the arm rest and pulled you into his arms

-mentally fist pumps at how smooth he is

- though he’s normally so jumpy, he actually doesn’t get scared, like at all

- he loved feeling like the protector for once and always insists on watching horror movies

- one time the boys decided to crash your date and they all attended the same movie

- The boys spent a majority of the time cooing at Johnny, which made him blush

- he apologized for their behavior extensively, though you found it funny

- he plays with your fingers during the movie

-Dallas just watches you two, he’ll occasionally go mess with another girl, but he’d sit behind you and just watch your dynamic together

-Two Bit gushes at the two of you so much

-When you go to get more popcorn, Dallas follow closely behind so if a guy flirts with you, they already know that you associate closely with Dallas.


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Yoongi is suddenly pulled from sleep by a pair of small, cold hands sliding up his shirt. His first reaction, of course, is to pull away with a groan. Once his eyes are semi adjusted to the darkness, he turns to you with a scowl.

“What the hell, ___” he mutters.

“I miss you,” you whisper, scooting closer to him and cuddling into his chest. You once again slip your hands under his shirt in an attempt to warm them. He hisses a curse and pulls away again.

“You miss me? Seriously?” Now he’s fully awake, and more upset.

“Baby I just,” you trail off and just turn your head down to look at his chest. “I’m sorry.”

Truth is even you don’t know why you miss him either, considering he’s right next to you. But you woke up suddenly, wanting to be close to him and wanting him to cuddle with you. You didn’t think twice before waking him up but now you feel guilt. He has been working very hard the last few days, which means he must be extremely tired. You pout and turn back to your side- your back to him- and close your eyes. You would see him tomorrow anyway, fully alert.

You lie there for a couple minutes before you hear a sigh and the bed creaks. Arms wrap around your waist and drag you backwards against his chest. Yoongi wraps you in a full body hug, legs wrapped around yours.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you, I’m sorry,” he whispers into your ear and your lip wobbles.

You untangle yourself from him and turn so that you can face him. You take in his features, slightly puffy from sleep, and smile. He smiles back then with a hand on each side of your face, pulls you in for a soft kiss. When he pulls away, he places a kiss on each of your cheeks and your nose before pulling you close to him again.

You fall back asleep surrounded by Yoongi.

Another thing that gives me heartburn when I think about it:

-Sherlock’s eyes going softly closed and all the tension draining out of his shoulders, leaning down into it, when John kisses him for the first time.

BTS’ Erogenous Zones/How To Turn Them On (Based on Astrology)

✨ An erogenous zone is an area of the body with heightened sensitivity, that can cause arousal when stimulated. Sun, moon, mars, and venus signs can all be taken in account when trying to figure out someone’s sweet spots. Let’s look into BTS’ charts to figure out what really makes them tick ✨

{warning: long post, many gifs and pictures, mature content, and large amounts of bts body worship ahead}

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every other reaper: You know, my lady… with all due respect, we feel as though you give Kravitz and his friends….. special treatment

The Raven Queen: That is such bullshit. Now, if you excuse me, I have a wedding to officiate; Kravitz, my best reaper, is getting married and he deserves nothing less than to have a literal goddess officiate his wedding


Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Taehyung

Rating: 18+ (explicit sex, biting / growling / thigh riding / overstimulation - ENJOY)

Word Count: 3,557

Summary: Taehyung is your biggest competition in the workplace. Everything he does just makes you want to scream. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @rudeboywonho , as part of your week of pain fun. 

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