slidiing door

I’ve been trying to fall asleep for the last couple of hours and just a few seconds ago I was like half asleep but woke up bc I kept getting messages. anyway, I had a dream. I dreamt that my brother was sleeping here at my house in my living room and that the back door opened and closed. Turns out it was my grandma who came in through the slidy door. The light wasn’t turning on from my phone, it wouldn’t even fully turn on at all and all of a sudden subconscious me (bc I was half asleep here and there) grabbed my pepper spray (bc I have weapons near me whoops) and went under my desk. I stayed there bc subconscious me was thinking “what if there’s a gun shot sound” (wtf??) then my phone turned on so was the light and the volume was up so the real messages going off could be heard in my dream and I was freaking out bc I thought I was gonna be caught. Anyway I’m confused and tired and idk what this is