Spooky Converted Church Complete With Graveyard Up For Sale As Family Home

House-hunters with a taste for all things ghoulish have a rare chance to make their home in a Gothic church, which has its very own graveyard in the garden. The Grade II listed building, on the market for £450,000, has kept the original stained glass windows, elaborate octagonal church tower and even the ornate altar – now in the kitchen. In the garden there is the occassional gravestone, although prospective buyers are assured visiting mourners are rare. Inside the Lincolnshire property there are three bedrooms tucked under arching beams, a spiral staircase and original flooring.

Home Sweet Home

The untouched exterior of the church. (SWNS)

Source: SWNS

Private Property

Home-hunters after their own Gothic residence will be impressed by the Old Church House. (SWNS)

Source: SWNS

Under The Arch

The stones of the imposing lychgate were laid more than a century and a half ago. (SWNS)

Source: SWNS

Watchful Eyes

Carved angels and stained glass figures overlook the kitchen. (SWNS)

Source: SWNS

Bath And Beams

There are even original features in the house’s bathrooms. (SWNS)

Source: SWNS

Below The Beams

One bedroom has impressive oak beams and a colourful stained glass window. (SWNS)

Source: SWNS

What’s Cooking?

The original tessellated tile floor remains in the kitchen. (SWNS)

Source: SWNS

Make An Entrance

Chandeliers and stone carvings decorate the hall. (SWNS)

Source: SWNS

Living Area

The large living room has beams and exposed brickwork. (SWNS)

Source: SWNS

Stained Glass

There are original stained glass windows throughout the Gothic building. (SWNS)

Source: SWNS

Period Features

Every room has plenty of impressive features. (SWNS)

Source: SWNS

Kyemah McEntyre, Teen Who Designed Her Own Prom Dress, Was the Brains Behind the Best BET Awards Red Carpet Gown

Left, Naturi Naughton in the dress Kyemah McEntyre designed for her. Photo: Getty Images; Right, McEntyre in her prom dress. Photo: @KyetheCreator/Instagram

Remember Kyemah McEntyre? She’s the high school student who designed her own prom dress and subsequently captured the Internet’s attention with her fierceness. And while you might not know her name now, it’ll surely be a household one in no time at all. Naturi Naughton asked the teenager to make a similar creation to wear on the BET Awards red carpet Sunday. 

Naughton, a former member of the girl band 3LW, went for a Nubian Queen look in an trumpet flare dress with tribal patterns. The tangerine orange color popped against her skin and accented with red, yellow, and green throughout the bodice’s ethic decorations. The actress, who’s currently on the show Power, kept her accessories simple with just a pair of circular gold earrings to let the powerful piece speak for itself. The 18-year-old designed it, while the same seamstress who made McEntyre’s dress, Markell, brought the sketch to life. 

The pair became connected through their shared hometown, East Orange, New Jersey. “Naturi, you continue to inspire people like me, especially in your hometown,” McEntyre shared on Instagram alongside a photo of Naughton wearing the gown. “Thanks for helping me build my foundation and giving back to the community. Naturi Naughton YOU ARE THE BEST! Thank you again for giving me the chance to continue to break the internet!” 

McEntyre originally shot to fame for her similar-looking dress. Hers, instead was red with darker colors in the familiar pattern. The cut was also different, with long sleeves and big bell skirt. “This is for always being labeled as, “ugly” or “angry”. Thank God, stereotypes are just opinions,” she captioned an image of herself wearing the design. The dress turned out to be such a success, she was crowned prom queen. “The most creative people are the ones who step out of their comfort zone and take advantage of the world around them. My abilities as an artist allows me to experience the benefits that versatility fosters,” she added. “Being exposed to all kinds of people and cultures is the muse for my artwork. I am an aspiring artist who is very passionate about the connection between art and the world.” 

In the fall, McEntyre will start studying at Parson’s The New School for Design (you can help her with tuition at gofundme.com) and before even beginning her freshman year, she’s accomplished something most graduates only dream of. This girl’s going places. 

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19 Genius Ways To Upcycle Your Child’s Plastic Dinosaur Collection

Dinosaurs will forever be in fashion. Jurassic Park made them ultra cool back in the early 90s and today they’re just as awesome. Plus, they have a great many uses… 

Turn Them Into Drawer Handles

A little spray paint and a spot of DIY and you’ve got yourself one epic desk. [Photo: Apartment Therapy]

Add Them To Your Terrarium

Who said plants were boring? [Photo: Yellow Brick Home]

Fashion Them Into A Coat Rack

This is one upcycling idea guaranteed to jazz up your dingy hallway. [Photo: Etsy]

Make Them Magnets

Never has a fridge looked so terrifyingly brilliant. [Photo: Yellow Brick Home]

Go For A Garland

Who needs fabric bunting when you can make this gender neutral garland? [Photo: DIY Candy]

Stick Them To A Mirror

If you’re up for something a bit quirky, we love this fun idea. [Photo: Etsy]

Use Them As Planters

Let’s be honest, these look WAY more exciting than regular plant pots. [Photo: Off Beat Home]

Turn A Diplodocus Into A Loo Roll Holder

This is one way to jazz up your bathroom. [Photo: The Chic Site]

Give Them An Ornamental Status

A little lick of paint and you’ve got yourself some brilliant shelf liners. [Photo: Etsy]

DIY Yourself A Dinosaur Necklace

A brilliant gift idea, if we do say so ourselves. [Photo: Made From Pinterest]

Turn Them Into Cup Handles

Definitely a different look for your kitchen. [Photo: White Lights On Wednesday]

Cram Them Into A Transparent Box

That’s one way to decorate your lounge. [Photo: eBay]

Make Yourself Some Great Place Holders

Ideal for weddings. [Photo: Pinterest]

Use One As A Ringholder

We reckon this fella would look lovely on your dressing table. [Photo: Safari]

Make This Badass Toothbrush Holder

All you need to do is drill a hole through the middle of the toy. [Photo: Pinterest]

Get All Arty And Make This Wall Hanging

Whoever said dinosaurs can’t look artistic? [Photo: Etsy]

Make Yourself These Epic Napkin Rings

Makes napkins WAY more modern. [Photo: Hannah Kate Flora]

DIY Yourself A Dino Serving Dish

We could see this becoming the new cake stand. [Photo: Three Little Monkeys Studio]

Create Some Excellent Jar Toppers

Suddenly jam jars are everything. [Photo: Pinterest]


We began Black History Month examining the sometimes thin line between multicultural marketing and the exploitation of ‘blackness’.

What does ‪#‎BrandingBlack‬ mean to individuals, companies and communities and how can we keep the conversation going for the rest of the year?

See the Alexander Wang T-Shirts You Can’t Buy Anywhere
All the Wang models got custom airbrushed boardwalk T-shirts.

[oh you mean, the reasonably priced tshirts that Black/Brown have been doing for literally decades? yo, hope this starts a real conversation because im kind of tired of nonBlack repackaging Black/Brown culture for easy consumption. this is what erasure looks like, ppl. this is watered down basic bullshit. now all the airbrushed shirts Black kids got as kids at malls/parties/from family friends are being sold by a nonBlack designer for a mostly white audience. how many Black/Brown ppl are even in the slideshow?! this is sad and disturbing.]

We Ripped These Pictures Of Celebrities In Half So Now It Looks Like They’re Divorced 

Celebrity breakups can be heartbreaking, but they’re also easy to write about and guaranteed to get a decent number of pageviews. Fortunately for sites like ours, they’re often as easy as just taking a photo of a celebrity couple and tearing it in half to make it look like they got divorced!


All the best Pres. Obama & Joe Biden memes floating around the internet right now

Instagram and Twitter are full of President Obama and Joe Biden memes right now, so we’ve rounded ‘em up.

A tribute

Thank you, Internet, for creating these #JoeBama memes. It’s a bromance we’ll never forget.

Source: sheknows

Nerf guns

Source: sheknows

Mocking Bill

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Violent behavior

Source: sheknows

Last-minute candidates

Source: sheknows

Biden’s speech

Source: sheknows

Wi-fi prank

Source: sheknows

Don’t leave, Joe

Source: sheknows

Smile and wave

Source: sheknows

Take the seasoning

Source: sheknows


Source: sheknows

Stand back, Barack

Source: sheknows

Loyal Joe

Source: sheknows

Tiny hands burn

Source: sheknows

Fake birth certificate

Source: sheknows

What’s the password?

Source: sheknows

Take the towels, Joe

Source: sheknows

Joe’s fear of spiders

Source: sheknows

Just stop, Joe

Source: sheknows

Calm down, Joe

Source: sheknows

This seat taken?

Source: sheknows

Subtitles prank

Source: sheknows

David S. Pumpkins

Source: sheknows

A cookie for Joe

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And a bonus meme

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The Grammys stage wasn’t the only place today’s hottest artists expressed themselves. There was plenty of provocative spectacle on the red carpet as well—though, to be honest, it’s a little hard to care about it all after Kendrick Lamar’s performance.

1.) Lady Gaga

Even before her musical tribute to David Bowie, Lady Gaga was already honoring the late Ziggy Stardust with this glam creation from Marc Jacobs. Its electric-blue shade, pointed shoulders, and bold slit easily evoked Bowie’s outré, alien sensuality, and it would definitely be something we’d be talking about more if we weren’t too busy ruminating on Kendrick Lamar’s performance still.

2.) Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift took an unexpected risk with this belly-baring bandeau and it paid off as easily one of the night’s most daring moments—you know, next to Kendrick Lamar taking the stage shackled in chains for a rendition of “The Blacker The Berry,” a declaration of black pride poignantly juxtaposed against a statement about America’s disproportionate number of black prisoners. Meanwhile, Swift juxtaposed her crop top with a high-waisted skirt, and that was also worth discussing today, we guess.

Sorry, but did you even see Kendrick Lamar? Here, just watch it. Then we’ll get back to the clothes.