Whistling For His Love on Flickr.

I awoke lost and alone in the forest, dark and quiet except for a light shimmering in the distance. I followed a path that seemed to lead me towards it, stepping gently in my bare feet across the dirt and gravel ground. As I approached a clearing in the path, I noticed the light did not eminate from one source, but all and everything around me glowed with a warm embrace. Happy and content, I found a rock to sit upon by the flowing river. My eyes gazed across the land where I sat and joy filled my heart. I began whistling a tune in hopes it would help my love find me. I know one day the time will come and we will be together once more but till then, I will sit on my rock by the flowing stream in the warm forest and whistle a tune for my love


View on black. It really brings this particular shot to life

A little ghost story for all my Sunday Slider friends. HSS!

know the light by pixelmama on Flickr.


You’re frozen when your heart’s not open by pixelmama
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