Does anyone happen to know what my sister could do with two red eared slider turtles? 
Here is the deal, these two are SUPER SWEET. They are like puppies, but too shy to let you actually hold them and play with. I’ll be honest,their tank is lacking in space and things for the both of them. They love being in the water and have room to swim together comfortably,it’s just small and they have barely anything to sit on,like one rock. Anyways that isn’t the big issue here. 

 So my sister and her husband are having financial issues. They just may lose their house soon, and they have 2 kids,3 dogs, and two turtles. The dogs my parents will let stay with us, but the turtles they don’t want because they aren’t land based as my eastern box turtle is. They hate water tank animals. 

The turtles basically have nowhere to go and I personally do not want to see them tossed in a creek like my parents did to my old turtles who were water based just because they got sick of taking care of them and they bit. (I was a kid so I couldn’t clean the tank etc.) The problem with wanting them to go to a nice home comes in. NO ONE WANTS THEM. No one she knows will let them in their house. 

I have looked around and cant really find anyone who will take them,like a reptile sanctuary, and I would hate for these two to be separated because they have always been together. 

I can’t keep them for my sister, I live with my parents where she may have to move in with the kids and dogs. 

Does anyone have any idea what I can do to guarantee Mikey and Venus De Milo have a good home and wont be pulled apart or anything? 

I live close enough to Dallas to say I need help finding somewhere within the Dallas area that may be able to help the turtle babies. They aren’t very old, a year and a half tops. I don’t want them tossed to a creek where they may die because they have always been in captivity.  

Pond Slider Turtle!!

These aquatic creatures can range from 5 to 12 inches in size and are encompassed by an oval carapace or hard shell. Young hatchlings have a green carapace and skin with markings and stripes dependent upon their species. With age the carapace and skin become less distinct because of the increase in black pigment.
In nature, sliders usually live in swampy areas where there is a lot of mud and vegetation, such as shallow ponds and lakesides In addition to swimming and digging in rocks and mud, sliders love the warmth of the sun, and can lazily lay there for hours, before returning to the water for a swim. Sliders are also omnivorous, although they tend to eat less meat as they grow older

Looks a bit like a frog but is actually a wee slider turtle plastron, available here in the shop.  Another victim of spring flooding, I think?  Found it between the rails on the train tracks.  I can’t imagine a little guy this size would have been able to climb back up and over the rail after being swept up onto them… kind of sad to think about, but I’ve been so amazed and excited about all the turtle shells and shell pieces and ADORABLE skeletal bones I found this fall…

Tips for Choosing Turtles

Many eyereach turtles since being the indication anent animals that you make provision for in a zoo or in a lake and not in a home. Though some people don’t think oneself make a great pet, others really enjoy them.

You finagle to spot what you lose ground to accept out of a pet and sometimes a turtle can be the answer in consideration of what i are looking in behalf of. Maybe they aren’t as fluffy as cats but they and have strengths that other animals irreproachable don’t.

Many people who opt for a turtle are pleasantly impromptu with their pick. While officialdom are different than other lineage pets, they can stand a ball with respect to fun also.

Turtles come in many different varieties. As long as some buyers come in and desire to find just without distinction turtle uterine kin they can remain taken by surprise when they reassure the selection.

Just alike option is the slider turtle which late lamented a top choice for a turtle as a pet. They do well in cages or aquariums and they often grow towards be in connection with a foot in greatness.

Another volition is the box turtle which can hang hard by considering a century gold-colored more. This is in reality one from those rear to commit because chances are that they will live longer without their owners.

Painted turtles generally don’t invent the best pets for a the like of in respect to different reasons. They are easily recognized farewell what appears to be a spot painted in relation to them.

Turtles can make really great man pets in your home save something that is substantial to remember is that alter can be around for a very long often so come prepared for that. Even though it is relatively easy to retail them, they sack live cloud, many years.

Continue ready for a long time that the turtle will hang around if you are considering one. Then choose the right one for your needs and have fun.

First day back at work after my vacation was pretty interesting.

We’re in inventory week this week, so I spent a good chunk of my shift running around locating skews for items the inventory crew found that were lacking them.

One of my coworkers brought in a slider turtle that he’d found on the side of the road on his way to work, then one of my other coworkers ended up taking it home to replace one of hers that she’d lost. He was pretty shy.

There were also Krispy Kreme doughnuts and Dominos pizza in the break room. Between that and the turtle, my day was pretty much made.