I have been listening to this all day. It’s amazing, it really is, I wasn’t sure he could live up to his ‘music that makes you feel fucking incredible hype’ but he really has. I think it may be the best song he’s ever written, at the very least it’s now my new favourite.

I know it’s my new favourite because after listening to slide all day, all other Calvin Harris tracks suddenly feel dated and of their time because it’s just so fresh. It’s like this track is him opening a new door into another musical direction and I’m so ready to find out what else is on the other side of this door, and while I’m waiting to find out I’ll be listening to slide on repeat.


Frank Ocean added an annotation to Slide’s page on Genius, breaking down a lyric off of his verse.

“Boy With A Pipe” is a painting by Pablo Picasso, which was painted in 1905 during his Rose Period. The oil on canvas painting shows a Parisian boy holding a pipe in his left hand. “Boy With A Pipe” sold for a record-breaking $104.2 million.