You know what I want? Hartley Rathaway.
I want him as a regular on The Flash, and a guest star on Legends of Tomorrow. On The Flash, he gets his own arc, grows as a person, and provides lots of great sciency input (you know, like the stuff they were expecting from HR). On Legends, he teams up with Len and Sara to form The Gay Squad. They walk in formation and kick ass.

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I don't know if you've already made this or not but laxus's reaction when he first realizes he has a crush and what he does about it :D thanks!!


When he starts having feelings:

“Why do I feel like this? It feels weird, and I don’t like it. Goodbye cruel world”

Raijinshuu at Laxus whenever his crush walks into the room:

“I don’t have a crush on them…. Is it really that obvious?”

How he confesses:

Spotify Editors' Picks for New Music Friday - Calvin Harris x Frank Ocean x Migos - "Slide"

… At this point in Calvin Harris’ storied career, it is irrefutable he has an intrinsic gift for piecing together top-tier compositions of music that not only get you moving on the dance floor, but speak directly to your soul as well. Although the Scottish DJ-producer has long proven himself as an innovative force in the world of electronic dance music, today his winning streak continues with the release of his latest collaboration, “Slide." 

The 33-year-old’s impeccable ear for music pairings, combined with astute timing, has brought together a relatively unlikely collaboration intro fruition, enlisting the first official offering from elusive singer Frank Ocean since 2016’s Endless and Blonde alongside the recent chart-topping ambassadors of culture, Migos, with each trading vocals over a sultry happy-go-lucky groove. 

Taking to Twitter, Harris declared, "All my songs in 2017 have been sonically designed to make you feel f***ing incredible,” an objective he’s well on his way to achieving as exemplified by his new surefire masterpiece. With a lone piano intro developing into a beat comprised of infectious handclaps and bursts of echoing electronic-tinged seasoning, the song features drippy vocals masterfully treated to inspire a bit of a spiritual experience for those looking to get lost in the lavish and lustful vibe Harris is curating. 

All in all, this track definitely hits the spot and hopefully will encourage future collaboration possibilities for these three.

-Billboard, 2/24/17 [x]


Slide Reaction