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joseph is little spoon end of story. also caesar kisses both joseph's hands, then his lips, every time he leaves or they go to bed, etc etc etc


Caesar, the hopeless romantic. Joseph thinks he’s just being a show off, even mocking him for acting all embarrassing. “I’m not like those girls you romance, who do you think I am? Uhh? U tryna start shit?” but inside, his heart actually beats faster than ever when Caesar uses his charms to doblegate him.


        The red arrow of the speedometer tempted her as it pushed just over ninety, her foot growing heavier and heavier against the gas just to see if she could. Go further, drive faster, think less. Her own personal mantra repeated over and over in her head yet no matter how fast she tore down the empty highway, he was still there. He sat nestled in the back of her mind, almost taunting her, and her mantra only grew louder. 

       Go further, drive faster, think less. 

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we need to talk about the way matt removes that chair like it has personally offended his butt