i just printed the handout of tomorrow’s introduction to research methods and statistics lecture because our professor told us to do so but it’s 40 pages because the professor gave each slide a seperate page, while he also said ‘print double-sided to save paper uwu’…. how about you put multiple slides on one page?? im???


The Dark Hunter had materialized on some alien world… Spawning herself through a small wormhole… Damn it. After her defeat on Phaze, and the destruction of that world…. It had taken her far too much time to reform… And even still, her strength was slow to return to her. Had there not been other planets like Phaze; Worlds corrupted before her creation… She would have been gone for good.

And here she was, weaker than she wanted to be… And facing her. Samus… The original…  She forced herself to her feet. Just her luck she’d run into this particular human. They were fated to continue this, weren’t they? To constantly run into and fight each other. In her current state, Dark Samus knew how this would end. She’d be forced to reform and it would just end the same way…

But that didn’t stop her from raising her arm cannon and aiming it at the blonde.

“I see you escaped the destruction of my home.”


evelynatthecircus replied to your post:gileonnen replied to your post: hate you both,…

It’s important to plant your paddle firmly and then slide the boat gently by it

remember the whole ten minutes earlier when I was GLAD you had come back from being somewhere without internet for three weeks. I’m not glad now. I’m furious and I hate you and you are the worst friend anyone has ever had ever.

tell me more, though, I don’t know much about kayaking