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gem surprise
camp sir
scorn leo
sag nefarious
captain corn


Pairing: Luke & Y/N 

Words: 1200+

Warning: This is smut, read with caution. 

Mornings with Luke would be magical 

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Hi, Honey

“Honey, I just left a silly voicemail on your phone, please don’t listen to it,” Bitty says on the other line, his voice stuffy like he’s been crying. “Delete it.”

“Wait, what? Bits. What’s wrong?

Jack’s heart is racing as he slides into his car, phone pressed hard against his ear. His shirt is damp from the rain, making it stick to his skin. He’s cold all over, from the worry or the weather he doesn’t know. There’d been… what, ten missed calls from Bitty? More?

“… Jack, I… I…,” Bitty starts, long stretches of silence between the words. “… Can we talk?”

Jack’s stomach nearly drops through the floor. He knows what those words mean, said them himself, before, once. Hearing them tumble out of Bitty’s mouth in a rush sets Jack’s whole world off balance. His head feels dizzy, and his throat is tightening up like he might cry, or puke. Outside, the rain beats heavy against his car, and there’s a thunder clap in the distance that rattles his bones.

“Yeah. Yes,” Jack forces out, his mouth dry.

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my boyfriend told me a story about his brother and sister, who are both in high school

she is a huuuge hamilton fan and makes her younger brother listen to the soundtrack every single day on the way to school. he does not like this at all, but

he went to his law and justice class and realized he had to do a presentation about a famous lawyer from history, and he hadn’t prepared anything. so he quickly made a google slides presentation on his phone about alexander hamilton, using knowledge solely from the musical, and aced the project.

Missed Calls
  • Missed Calls
  • Mac Miller
  • Blue Slide Park

Mac Miller - Missed Calls

“Said baby I got missed calls and e-mails, all going into details about how you just not happy, and you think you gotta leave so go, go.I’ll be fine on my own, own. Said baby I got missed calls and e-mails, all going into details about how you used to love me, I keep changing like the leaves, hell go, go. You’ll be fine on your own, own”