when ya have to text someone bad news and you kinda slide your phone away from your body in nervous anticipation of their reply

notmylady asked:

hello dear! This is my official request for a follow-up to Bellamy's "next time" promise in ch 22 Dreams :) take your time I know you have a ton of these! As always you da best <3

This took forever and I’m sorry! This is a sequel oneshot to Dreams. [somewhat long and smutty; proceed at own risk]


At 4:35PM exactly, when all the after school club students have left and she’s only minutes away from escaping herself, Clarke pulls out her phone to text Raven.

made it through the day!!! no more ambushes!!!

Her friend texts back a few minutes later.

ur text is very chipper when u consider ur telling me u did NOT make out w/ ur v hot coworker

Clarke grimaces at her phone and slides it into her bra; her students are gone for the day, and she doesn’t have to worry about being inappropriate. She sets about tidying her classroom, putting stray wire clay clutters back in the bins of supplies, washing down the tables of students who didn’t do quite good enough jobs, covering the unused clay tightly.

She’s erasing her whiteboard, the last thing in her daily clean-up routine, when warm hands slide over her hips, and she barely manages to stifle a shriek.

Clarke slams the eraser down on the tray and whirls around. “What is wrong with you?” she demands as Bellamy smirks down at her. “You get off on scaring the crap out of me?”

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